Regenepure DR Shampoo

Regenepure DR Shampoo.
Regenepure DR Shampoo.

I have mentioned Nizoral a few times on this blog and even have it listed as one of the best anti-dandruff shampoos in the world. My conclusion is based on personal experience.

This Ketoconazole 1% containing shampoo has helped me more than any other product out there when it comes to combating my on-and-off itchy, dry, dandruff and dermatitis inflicted scalp.

Since I do not get excessive dandruff too frequently these days, one 7-ounce bottle of Nizoral can last me for quite a few months. I use very little of the product each time I shampoo with it since it lathers well. I rarely need to use it more than once every two weeks.

There was a time when I used it twice a week as recommended. However, sometimes I felt that my scalp was starting to become dependent on its regular usage (i.e., it was itching more than normal when I reduced usage frequency).

Besides its anti-fungal effect, Ketoconazole possibly also has anti-androgenic properties.

Regenepure DR Shampoo

However, this blog post is not about Nizoral. Rather, it is about a new potentially superior alternative called Regenepure DR. Until last year, I did not know that there was another shampoo product for sale in the US containing Ketoconazole 1%.

Then I discovered Regenepure DR and recently had a chance to try it myself. My first impression after usage was that it seemed to result in slightly silkier and smoother hair in comparison to Nizoral. The product has an average rating on Amazon of 4.4 out of 5 stars based on over 1,200 reviews. It is priced at $30 for an 8 oz bottle.

Note that there is also another product called Regenepure NT (Nourishing Treatment) that is made by the same company.

Regenepure Ingredients

Upon checking the ingredients of this product, I was impressed to see that besides Ketoconazole, this product contains Saw Palmetto Extract, Emu Oil, Caffeine, Jojoba Oil, Zinc Oxide and various B Vitamins (B3, B5, B6).

Saw palmetto has been known to counter DHT when ingested orally, and many people have tried to use it as a natural alternative to finasteride. However, saw palmetto can never be as effective as finasteride, even at very large doses. I am not sure about the usefulness of topical saw palmetto on a wet scalp, but it likely does have a mild anti-DHT effect.

Emu oil has anti-inflammatory properties based on various studies on PubMed, as does jojoba oil to a lesser extent. For self-experimenters, note that Blue emu oil from Walmart is a popular less expensive version of imported emu oil. Overall, these ingredients are far more impressive and superior in comparison to the list of mostly harsh ingredients of Nizoral. Moreover, unlike Nizoral, Regenepure DR does not contain sulfate.


While Nizoral is made by multinational behemoth Johnson & Johnson (via the McNeil Consumer Healthcare subsidiary), Regenepure is made by a small US-based company called Salonceuticals. This company specializes in a few hair loss and hair health related products and one nail related anti-fungal product.

Although I am impressed with this product, I would be more at ease if I could verify the ingredients of Regenepure DR (especially the Ketoconazole 1% quantity in each 8-ounce bottle) at a lab or via some government testing agency report.

Johnson & Johnson, due to its size, cannot avoid any mistakes in the legitimacy of its product composition and risk losing huge amounts of revenues across the company’s product lines due to bad publicity from one bad product. I am a bit more wary about products made by smaller companies. Most likely, US government regulations are strict and this product gets tested frequently.

I am, however, curious as to why more companies have not come up with a Ketoconazole containing shampoo? The market for it has to be very large, but remains dominated by one product (Nizoral)? Is it difficult to get access to Ketoconazole or difficult to add it to a shampoo? How did Salonceuticals succeed where others failed?

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  1. Hey Admin this product seems like a great alternative to Nizoral. How would one go about testing to see if it really has 1% Keto?

    1. Shane I have a half a mind to take the product to a university lab to make sure…but I am a bit busy for the next few months and this is not a pressing matter!

  2. You can reverse engineer but I would imagine that would cost a lot of money. This company Salonceuticals is reputable and I have used their hair loss products, they are all effective and worked well for me.

  3. I’m currently using Avalon Organics Shampoo and Conditioner sold at Whole Foods. It contains 70% organic content which I like [biotin, saw palmetto, wheat protein, and vitamin E] for thickness.

    I am wondering if anyone has compared these to Regenepure.

    1. That sounds like a great product Adam. I just need the Ketoconazole 1% in there too (so just two good option right now — Nizoral and Regenepure DR). If you do not have dryness, itching and flakes (i.e., dermatitis or psoriasis type symptoms), I would recommend not using a shampoo with Ketoconozale in it!

      FYI — my favorite regular shampoo is one I get from Costso called Kirkland Signature Professional Salon Formula Moisture Shampoo. It does not have Saw Palmetto. I think it uses mostly organic ingredients. I even list it on my Recommended Products page.

  4. Admin can you buy this anywhere else other than the link online in which u probided? Do they sell this at any retailers?

  5. Hey I am just curious is there any other types hair prevention. I am currently taking saw palmetto zinc and biotin. I am also using organic shampoo and conditioner. Is there any other stuff I can use for hair prevention or possibly small regrowth. For example pumpkin seed oil.

  6. Hey Edward, the only other unique product I can think that has some evidence behind it is the one made with Adenosine (see my recommend hair loss products page via the top menu).

    Maybe we will soon have a product that also has propolis in it based on the recent study on that?

    In any case, no products besides Finasteride, Minoxidil and Dutasteride can give you very good regrowth in my opinion. These shampoos and lasers, when they work, will primarily just give you thicker existing hair. Perhaps thicker existing hair is less likely to be lost to baldness so that in and of itself is a great result.

    1. The distinction between “thickening of hair” and “regrowth” has always puzzled me, and I’m never sure precisely what distinction people are trying to make.

      If it thickens existing hair, isn’t that a form of regrowth? I mean, no medication is going to create new hair, that isn’t possible (save perhaps w/stem cells). All existing products AFAIK work by, in one way or another, strengthening the follicle which leads to thicker hair.

      As someone who’s a diffuse thinner, I suppose I would just consider hair thickening “regrowth.”

  7. I’m a woman and just started using dutasterie. I’m looking forward to sharing on this forum. I am also interested in using an anti DHT shampoo but wasn’t happy with Nitzoral.

  8. Admin,

    on my Nizoral it says that its good for use only for 4 weeks after opening for the first time.
    If you’re using it only once per two weeks, then I figure you use each bottle for longer period? Do you think it’s safe?

  9. Ho Ron, that does not make sense! I am not at home to check the packaging to verify that, but why would any shampoo only last for 4 weeks after opening? Strange.

  10. Tried this product, but it seemed weaker than Nizoral and did not help my flaking much. Would be good to know if it contains real Keto or not.

  11. Hi admin. please correct the link that you said would leed to regenepure shampoo in the end of your post. this link leads to regenpure NT which is a sort of conditioner (moisturizer according to its maker”. I have purchased that product by mistake, however I am not regret for that as my hair badly dry. so please correct the link under the post and put the same link that is the blue word “regenepure dr” in the post leads to. finally it should be noted that Amazon is not authorized retailler according to Salonceuticals website on which there are three products : dr : shampoo (contains ketoconazol)
    NT : stands for norish treatment (no ketoconazol included).
    and the last is the conditioner which need to be reviewed seriously to make sure that there is some science behind it.

  12. Hi “nobody” there is no link in the last section of the post under the “Caveat” heading. Do you mean something else?

  13. In the end of your post about Regenepure dr there is this blue statement :
    “To purchase Regenepure shampoo and/on conditioner on Amazon, click on the below photos (make sure to read the reviews on there first): ”
    then there are two photos should take the reader to the shampoo or/and the conditioner .
    in fact the first photo on the left will lead to “NT” not “DR” .
    this is how I have purchased NT by mistake.

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