Man gets Hair and Kidney 20 Years Apart from Same Donor

In 2019, I wrote a post about an allogeneic hair transplant success (in “humanized” mice) from South Korea. The scientists managed to do this via eliminating dendritic cells from donor hair using ultraviolet B radiation. Unfortunately, no new updates about this work potentially being done in humans has come out despite earlier optimism. Also see my 2015 post on person-to-person hair transplants.

As far back as 1999, Dr. Colin Jahoda successfully transplanted several of his scalp hairs to his wife’s arm, from which four hairs grew. This was termed to be the world’s first successful human hair transplant between people. Also note that bone marrow transplant patients can undergo an allotransplant of hair from the same bone marrow donor.

Normal organ transplants from a donor to a recipient require the lifelong use of immune suppressants, which can cause many side effects. However, when it comes to allogeneic hair transplants, some scientists think that they can be done without the need for immunosuppressants in the future. i.e., hair is not the same as other organs. This would eliminate the biggest problem with autologous hair transplants: insufficient donor hair to cover up the entire bald region of the scalp.

Man gets Hair and Kidney from Another Person

Last week, a very interesting new study came out that was co-authored by Dr. Sanusi Umar (US) and Dr. Felix Mircea Popescu (Romania). It is titled: “Allogeneic Hair Transplant in a Kidney Transplant Recipient.”

Two decades ago, a now 60-year-old man received a kidney from an unrelated donor friend. Come 2022, the same man decided to get a hair transplant using donor hair from that same kidney donor friend. What a tremendous friend! The before and after results turned out great:

Person to Person Hair Transplant
Person to person hair transplant from the same donor who previously gave a kidney. Source: Dermatologic Surgery. August 1, 2023.

Note that this whole process worked because the recipient had already received a well-tolerated 2-decade–long immunosuppressant regimen in order to prevent kidney rejection. He is continuing with this regimen that consists of tacrolimus 2.5 mg/kg/d, mycophenolate mofetil 500 mg/d, and prednisone 0.5 mg/kg/d. So for the purposes of this person-to-person hair transplant, no new medications were needed.

According to the authors, additional hair transplants are planned for this patient so as to address his remaining bald areas. They will use an expanded donor hair supply by combining autologous and allogeneic grafts.

What better reason than this to wish that your friend lives for over 100 years?

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8 thoughts on “Man gets Hair and Kidney 20 Years Apart from Same Donor”

  1. I understand he was taking suppressant meds from the kidney transplant already, but then earlier on it says maybe they’re not necessary since it’s hair and not an organ. Very curious about this. I mean, can’t they test it out pretty easily? In one day you’d get 50k people willing to sign up for that. Either you need them or you don’t and if you don’t that’s a game changer.

    I do believe donor hair is the big issue. Many that are balding on top are also very thin on the sides. I guess it would be great it the could pay people to donate their hair (you’d get a ton signing up for that too) and could somehow put it on ice (yes, I know how ridiculous I’m sounding here) until someone was ready for the HT. Obviously, it’s not that easy but a guy can dream, right?

    Sigh me up. I’ll take 10k grafts spread out over 2-3 procedures. Just make sure all the hair is the same color lol

    1. Per the Korean work, you need to eliminate dendritic cells and it works (in mice for now). Jahoda’s work was yet another strategy, albeit only a one off between two humans that entailed 4 hairs grown!

      1. Right. It would be nice to see that expanded. I agree, four hairs isn’t getting me excited just yet but it has potential. And it’s something more…I don’t know. Realistic? Instead of magic serum, I mean. They know how to do a successful HT – just need the donor hair. Donate it or clone it. Heck, I’ll take cat hair at this point lol

  2. My hope is a hairtransplantation from my mother or hair cloning.
    Why does it take so long to begin clinical studies in human? I would try a hairtransplantation from my mothers hair but no one in Germany would try it.
    Do you know a surgean who would try it?
    Is there a possibility to get contact with colin jahoda?

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