$120 PRP Hair Loss Sessions in Mexico

PRP Injections Hair Loss
PRP injections for hair loss.

In a recent chat during “The Bald Truth” hair loss show, a regular American participant named “Mike P” posted something very interesting: crazy cheap platelet-rich plasma (PRP) sessions in Mexico.

He travels to the country every four months to undergo this treatment. I discuss the details later in this post.

Please note that I am not encouraging this kind of cosmetic tourism to a lesser developed nation where you can easily run into unforeseen problems. Especially if things go wrong and you need emergency care or want to take a doctor to court for malpractice. You also have to add the cost of transportation and accommodation if you go to a foreign country (although a half-day road trip to Mexico is possible from the US).

However, considering the exorbitant rates that so many doctors in the US charge for PRP, Mike’s strategy has to be discussed. Especially since PRP injections are recommended at least once or twice per year for hair loss sufferers. A major long-term expense. Most US doctors seem to charge between $1,000 to $2,500 per  PRP session, but I have seen even higher numbers.

If you are a newer blog visitor, make sure to check out my numerous past posts on PRP and hair loss.

  • I used to update the worldwide PRP and hair growth study list at the bottom of this post regularly, but have neglected it in recent years.
  • PRP injection treatment variation is a very big problem. You want to make sure that you go an experienced and reputable doctor or surgeon. Usage of the correct centrifuge and correct platelet concentration levels are both of paramount importance.

Low-Cost PRP for Hair Loss in Mexico

Getting back to “Mike”, he goes to Hair Medical Restoration in Tijuana, Mexico (located right across the border from San Diego) every four months. The cost of each PRP sesssion is only $120. Even less if you have had a hair transplant at the same clinic. Mike claims to have seen very good results and considers it worth the time and expense.

This particular clinic also seems to have a second site. I e-mailed them and did not get any response. However, when I called them, they confirmed the price. The lady who answered the phone also had a very good grasp of English and seemed professional.

Hair Medical Restoration’s main hair transplant surgeon is the somewhat well known ISHRS member Dr. Jorge Cortez. He is also listed on the Hair Center Mexico website and on the Capilar Hair Center website.

Note that the PRP injections at Hair Medical Restoration are done by someone other than the surgeon per what I understood from my brief phone conversation.

The Dangers of Getting Cosmetic Surgery in Developing Nations

I have heard way too many scare stories about cosmetic surgeries and procedures gone wrong in Mexico and the lesser developed parts of South America. Just like in other developing nations (e.g., see my post on hair transplant gone wrong).

Having said that, even places in the US such as Miami in 2023 can be unsafe when it comes to cosmetic surgery. Also of note, Hair Medical Restoration’s reviews are extremely good on Google, with an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. And on Yelp, they have 4.1 out of 5 stars.

Hair Medical Mexico Reviews
Hair Medical Restoration Mexico Reviews.

In all such review sites, you should go through each reviewer’s past history to see if they seem legitimate or fake. Someone who just has one all-time review is very unreliable. At the same time, if someone is leaving bad reviews for many similar types of businesses, it is often a competitor out to demean others.

Ultimately, you are making an educated guess. On sites such as RealSelf, PRP for hair loss reviews are far superior than what we read about in hair loss forums and blogs. Doctors and clinics will obviously only share good before and after results on platforms where they are allowed to do so. And in many cases, they can also get away with fake reviews and photos.

12 thoughts on “$120 PRP Hair Loss Sessions in Mexico”

  1. If I’m going to waste my money on a treatment that doesn’t work I’ll do it in the good old USA, thank you! I actually have and while I live in San Diego and have easy access to Tijuana, I wouldn’t make the trip for PRP even at this low cost. No reason other than lack of effectiveness. If the clinic was down the street from me and still cost $120 I might consider it, still probably a waste of money based on my experience with 4 treatments by a reputable doctor over the course of a year. My guess is that the positive Real Self reviews are from females in the early stages of hair loss.

  2. Prp is a complete scam and cause a ton of irritation on scalp and made things worse. Do not do it!!! Also, I visit this website a lot. Ex aide I really appreciate the updates and the work that you put into staying on top of current and future treatments, prp is a scam and has zero scientific proof of efficacy.

    1. I removed the promotion part of your comment. I do not know this clinic or surgeon in any way at all. They have never advertised on here.

      By now, there are well over 100 studies from across the world that conclude that PRP has some hair benefits. I have to assume that most are not scams via some global conspiracy.

      Also, at this price, it does not seem like a very lucrative scam. And the price is even lower than $120 if you had a hair transplant with this clinic. They are probably keen for you to add anything that could enhance your hair transplant result and make you even more satisfied.

      PRP has numerous growth factors.


      1. Appreciate you reporting this news Admin, even though I feel that PRP administered by any doc has little to zero benefit for most readers of this site, unless they are female in the early stages of hair loss. I know you do it to spread the news and not for personal gain.

      2. Hello Admin,

        Sure there are many studies. But the problem are the participants. How is it ensured that participants are not cheating? Considering the desperation of many balding men I am sure that some just continue with proven treatments in the hope that the new medication provides additional benefits.
        Therefore, if patients are not monitored properly the study is almost meaningless. This obviously applies mostly to hair loss medication studies….for obvious reasons.
        Guilty until proven innocent. …

        In case of PRP. ..I know two people. A complete waste of money it was for them.

  3. Thanks for sharing this info! I am still reserved about PRP treatments. However, based on what I’ve heard from Dr. Donovan and other dermatologist friend, in order for PRP treatments to work, the PRP has to be made and processed in a very specific way (sorry, I forgot the process). And not all physicians follow or know how to do it the right way. That’s why many people do not see optimal results.

    Meanwhile, microneedling seems to yield better results than PRP.

  4. Thanks a lot for this post. I live close to the border, but may still stick to US. Perhaps tell my doc to at least triple price match lol

  5. I had it done once. Hurt like hell and did nothing for me. My wallet however, had its arse blown out. Wouldn’t do it again – even if it was free. Up to you.

  6. Super not interesting dude only report about hair cloning nothing else we don’t want to hear about prp in the year 2023.

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