ISHRS 28th World Congress is Virtual

Update: October 18, 2020

— ISHRS Conference 2020: Twitter Account:

Final Program Guide.

Lots of other items of interest in there besides the big three presentations that I outlined earlier.

  • Shiseido’s Dr. Jiro Kishimoto’s presentation seems to include results of their earlier clinical study and is titled:

“Autologous Cell-Based Therapy for Male and Female Pattern Hair Loss using Dermal Sheath Cup Cells.”

  • Dr. Young Sil Kim from South Korea will make an interesting presentation related to his study on ADSC and hair growth from May 2020.

“The application of the ADSC‐CE topical solution has enormous potential for hair regrowth in patients with AGA.”

A few other presentations entail using fat cells (microfat and nanofat) for hair growth.

  • The most unusual title award goes to: “Hair Follicle Stem Cells Activation with Polylactic Co Caprolactone Based Subdermal Implants in Androgenetic Alopecia.” — Dr. Salome Vadachkoria from Georgia.

October 7, 2020

28th ISHRS World Congress

I have covered the annual ISHRS Congress ever since starting this blog in 2013. The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) used to call these annual gatherings “Meetings” rather than “Congresses”.

Note that the biennial World Congress for Hair Research has been postponed till 2022.

The 28th ISHRS World Congress will run from October 17th, 2020 through October 25th, 2020. The ISHRS Instagram has more details. Due to Covid-19, this year’s conference is virtual (online). When I first heard this news, I was not expecting much at all.

However, the unforeseen bonus for us is that the ISHRS is already releasing very good content almost daily on its Youtube channel. In the past, we never got any decent content before the beginning of these meetings. Moreover, videos from the conferences were not even published online after the fact.

For several of the World Congress for Hair Research Events, people even crowdfunded “Scientific Event Horizon” to attend and film some of the sessions. I even donated one time when he went to Asia. I am grateful to him for delivering us the great content and learning how to film while on-site. Also a special thanks to “Hello User“.

Christiano, Plikus and Terskikh

The leading speakers are all well known to blog readers. Especially the 1st and 3rd below.

  • Dr. Angela Christiano — “Hair Follicle Bioengineering Producing Human Hair Follicles In Vitro Using 3D Printing Technology”.
  • Dr. Maksim Plikus — “Groups of Hair Follicles Regenerating as a Spreading Wave”. See my past post on Dr. Plikus’ and others findings on hair follicle communication across the whole body.
  • Dr. Alexey Terskikh — “Hair Regeneration: Using induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) derived from dermal papilla cells with a 3D biodegradable scaffold.” I interviewed Dr. Terskikh in  2017 and he promised me another one last year. However, due to pending plans related to Stemson Therapeutics, he delayed the interview. He has not responded to requests this year. Luckily, we still get a chance to hear him tomorrow in a special event.

ISHRS Conference 2020 Announcement:

ISHRS 28th World Congress
ISHRS 28th World Congress via Twitter.

84 thoughts on “ISHRS 28th World Congress is Virtual”

      1. Admin, Recommend you just add an “s” to the title of your site. Maybe you can even keep the same web address.

        So… “Hair Loss Cure 2020s”

        There.. 9 more years covered :-)

  1. Just watched the whole video of Terskikh. A lot of scientific talk in the first half (neural crest cells) then the sound quality is getting worse with every minute unfortunately…

    A very brief summary: The good news is that they are on track and the science is done, and the hurdles ahead are more of an engineering/technical problem, firstly the amplification from ipScs and after that the fusion of the different cells to form dermal papilla. He says they are very close on solving these challenges. It will be a transplantation-method with the scaffolds (we know that already), but they are also looking into a injection-method after that. Terskikh kind of jokingly offered the technology to the interviewer who is a hair surgeon – I think it‘s obvious that they are planning to offer the tech to hair surgeons, 2 surgeons are in the board of StemsonTx.

    The „bad“ news is, that it will take them at least 3 to 4 years until it is available to people (that is what I understood, it‘s not really clear what he means by that – it can‘t be human trials). But that’s no surprise the more I think about it. Geoff Hamilton (CEO) stated in a different interview that human trials gonna be in 2021.

    1. I truly hope we get news from Japan within the next weeks, it‘s been quiet from there for too long now.

      From my point of view, they are probably a good year ahead of StemsonTx and they do have favorable laws in comparison to the USA.

    2. Thank you for your detailed comment. I guess we will be holding on a bit longer lol. Like the other users have said on this blog, will be interesting to see if Organ Technologies has better success being that they have been in the game for a while, and the laws are different there with getting it fast tracked for release. If they have the formula of course. It would be nice if we get some kind of press release with ‘starting human trails’ early next year or anything for that matter.

  2. In this video Terskikh says it will take at least 3 to 4 years and probably a little more than that, “So it’s a long road”.

    But honestly though, 3-4 years is not a long road considering we’re going to be waiting about that on just about every future topical in the pipe. Start saving—HLC2024?

    1. Did you understand the exact wording with „3 to 4 years, maybe a little more than that“? I think he said „clinically deployed“, which would basically mean commercialisation, right?

      Earlier on he also said that immune-reactions or tumorigenicity were not observed so far and very highly likely won’t occur. The worst case would be that one or some follicles just wouldn’t start to grow and be subsequently resorbed by the skin. This is fantastic, as safety is crucial.

      1. Yes I believe you’re correct and clinically deployed means available to the public as a procedure. The transplant doctor joking about having a few years left in the business assumes that hair cloning will eventually overtake hair transplantation. It’s still too early, but if I can deal with being bald for a few more years I might inquire locally about hair cloning—play dumb, and say I’m interested in a transplant but only if it’s the new hair cloning technology; just see what kind of word of mouth I can generate on the ground. Once it becomes official, it’ll be the surgeons willingness to adopt the method that will make it widely available and ultimately affordable.

      2. Also, really awesome that he speculated people would want 100 000 hairs. Can you imagine! And here we are watching topicals that might give us like 100 hairs we previously had after 6 to 12 months of treatment. He’s talking about robots injecting a hundred thousand new follicles! I’m sold! Let’s goooooooooo!

    2. “Terskikh says it will take at least 3 to 4 years and probably a little more than that.”

      IOW, “5 more years.” Not much has changed over the last 20 years in that regard. :)

  3. It seems every year, these prospective hair cloning cures will be three to five years away. However, when the projected time arrives, it is either additional time is needed or a whole different story. Good bloody grief!!

    I really hope Tsuji or Tissuse has some good news in the next six months.

      1. I don’t get how people can still hype for tsuji, except they’re new in this game. Consider they were supposed to release this year. Now they delayed for who knows how long (we only have a hobby YouTuber called young jet as a source). They do not communicate any progress or any reason for the delay. If (!) young jet is right, they will maybe start trials in humans this year, so there’s nothing so far. In my opinion their lack of communication, results or at least reasoning for delays totally makes them loosing their credibility. If you have good counter arguments, please change my mind

        1. Kyocera officially announced it would put the method into “practical use” in 2020. The next day Forbes magazine covered the story and wrote “commercialization” by 2020. Same day, Nikkei Asia wrote they planned to begin “human trials” in 2020.

          These interpretations have muddied the water. Who can be sure if you’re getting information from a direct approved source or three-removed with three opinions on top.

          If I was Tsuji, I’d be working in total secrecy—so consider yourself lucky to have him and not me (he actually sometimes answers his emails and is approachable in person) and take the crumbs as if they were grains of salt. We’re not supposed to know or we’d know.

          1. Toccata i get your point, but keep in mind that tsuji and related companies DID communicate a release year. Also, of all these companies largely depend on funding, so at some points they need to communicate their stages to attract investments.

            1. By ‘release’ do you mean ‘practical use’, ‘commercialization’, ‘human trials’, ‘implemented’ or ‘available’? —all previous news/press sources. The 2016 plan went ‘after preclinical and safety testing… humans… 2020’. The partnership said they were doing ‘collaborative research aimed at developing technologies and products for treating hairloss’. Do you believe they are still doing the research? That’s a good enough reason to hype Tsuji because it’s better than hyping nothing.

              Think about this way: the only reason you *know* Tsuji hasn’t begun trials is because you *don’t know* Tsuji has begun trials. But Tsuji could have already begun human trials—the youtuber said the first trial patients would be people associated with the research, it wasn’t a worldwide open call for you or me—so unless you are a scientist at Riken, there isn’t anything you’re meant to know. All we can do is speculate for the fun and frustration of it.

          1. Not at all. Tsuji has decades of quality studies and research work published in many journals. He is working on hair, teeth and salivary gland regeneration. He is also backed by the highly respected RIKEN.

    1. C, This has been true since 1990. It’s always 5 years away. There is an establishment hair loss industry that may or may not be squelching competition.

      1. Have you ever seen the 90’s Rogaine commercials? They couldn’t even bring themselves to say the words “male pattern baldness” it was just: men, ask about Rogaine. We’ve come a long, long way since the 90’s. Now researchers worldwide are unashamedly working on solutions. The establishment hair loss industry can’t even stop superior generic companies, let alone totally new topicals that haven’t yet passed the FDA (What are they gonna do? Sabotage the lab?). If someone has a solid cure, there’s no stopping that train. But I don’t think a topical is ever gonna be the one-and-done cure. We’ll need the engineering and artistic side i.e. hair transplantation.

        For a laugh:

  4. I see Kintor pharmaceuticals us moving right along with their trials for their topical. Can anyone on here tell me if the mode of action is the same as Cassiopias Clascatorone Breezula? Clascatorone unfortunately affects the HPA axis in some. I’d like to know if Kintors product has the potential to do same? Fyi they are advertising that their product will be available in china in 2 years and USA in 3 years. Anyone?

    1. I don’t know, but every MPB drug I’ve ever taken has messed me up somehow. I don’t expect the newly emerging ones to be any different. It will be interesting to try Winlevi (I.E. Breezula light), because the HPA axis effects are dose dependent.

  5. I was wondering what is the average age of those who read this blog, I am 48 years old and I have been waiting for a cure for almost 30 years LOL … Who’s still under 40 “MAYBE” can be considered lucky.

    1. I am under 40, but I would not say that I am lucky. I am just sick of all these prospective hair companies who are not delivering!

    1. Marc Idk about December maybe next month in November but we will just have to wait and see. I don’t understand why Jan and the others are so negative about tsuji doesn’t make any sense, I’m not going to listen to Jan or anyone that says “tsuji will fail” that’s just the stupidest comment ever you have no evidence and you can continue to bring up that Ken guy you also talk about Jan but you can’t look at the past fails and what Ken did he did a whole different approach to what Dr Tsuji is doing. Ken’s approach was similar to replicel’s with bs injections. Gee no wonder why it didn’t work.

      1. Woofy I believe in Tsuji, and maybe in Stemson, but i think it take at least 10 yeras, hai cloning is very difficult, and remember there was no human trials yet, lets wait for trials, now it is only my speculation, maybe it takes only 5 years, it would be grat anyway

      2. IMO, it’s scientifically irresponsible to announce a cure is a few years away when you haven’t even tested it in a single human yet. This is especially true of cell-based hair restoration procedures, which have historically worked excellent in mice, only to fail when tried on humans.

        IMO, Tsuji seems like an overly enthusiastic beginner. He’s Coen Gho all over again.

  6. mjones do you find it odd or suspicous that finasteride it took only 6 years to get approved by the fda in 1998 for AGA and yet its taken 10 plus years for follica a device to get to phase 3?

    1. Woofy97 what’s up I’ve been reading your comments for a while now assuming you were born in 97, know this you are lucky that you’re young and by the time this hair cloning comes out you’ll be 33 that’s still young. I’ve been researching hair loss companies since 97 when dolly the sheep was cloned I thought to myself for sure by the year 2020 well have hair cloning much to my dismay Dr tsuji never even did the human trail so there goes that I guess I just have to wait until late next year to see if youngjet uploads another video saying almost there another 5 more years

      1. Hi Marc, I hope you don’t mind my rants lol . But Yes I was born in 1997, I was thinking if stemsontx is going to start trials soon because I’m getting little hints the ceo of stemson said trials will begin at the end of this year And Alexey says hair cloning won’t be available until “3 to 4 maybe a little longer” but i don’t believe they will,
        Start this year do to COVID delaying things that could be a possibility, so they will probably start next year anyways I think I might sign up if they start recruiting volunteers. I’d be a little nervous though because what if it causes cancer? Now I listened to Alexey talk and he says he’s not concerned about the cancer risks and says it’s very hard to develop cancer into humans from this technology but idk he says the worst thing that could happen is rejection of grafts. So I don’t know it would be nice to join so I don’t have to wait 10 years or how ever long it will take for it come out to the public and it probably won’t cost anything except a plane ticket and a hotel.

      2. Also Marc, if Histogen comes out way before hair cloning and it gives me back my hair I’m (currently a NW 5) if it dramatically changes my hair loss level then I may forget about Hair cloning for a long time and I’ll just keep taking Finasteride. The only reason I rant and I’m on here a lot is because I’m mad that its so aggressive and quick I’m mad because I caught it late and I can’t restore my hair I can only halt it so that’s why I want hair cloning or something like it to come out so bad.

      3. Marc hair are important even if You are 100, that is the truth, but they are more important when You are young, that is obvious

  7. Hi woofy I honestly dont care anymore. I’ve been waiting for something new since 2001. I’m happy with what hair I have left and I am sure some better maintenance/regrowth treatment will come out this decade. If not, it is what it is. My advice to you is to stop stressing over it and live your life. Nothing you and I can do to speed up the process. Just hop on big 3 and stay away from all the snake oil crap. Dont give the brotzu and late night infomercial vitamin hair loss cures your money. If you got the money get an fue from an excellent doctor and call it a day. Tsuji, stemsons and terykish all these guys will take many years to be available affordably to us if they actually make it to market. Have a nice day :)

  8. Too bad nothing ever comes of 99% of the male pattern baldness trials. I dont understand why so many technologies get shelved after the study shows success. For example, last night I read a study where they took stem cells from adipose (fat) tissue and made it into a topical…and it was highly successful in regrowing amd Thickening hair. Guarantee nothing will come of this even though it works. This is frustrating.

      1. But youngjet said said that Dr tsuji is starting human trails this year and that it’ll be available in 2020 or 2021 who thinks that’s going to happen?

          1. Jan it will be a miracle if the grafts don’t reject and cancer doesn’t form. As Alexey says it’s apparently very hard to develop cancer from this but you never know.

  9. Marc I don’t think 2020 but the trials could start in 2020 we still have 2 and half more months left. I don’t think it will be available in 2021. I think it will be available either 2023 or no later then 2024.

    1. I wish youngjet would post a new video of any human trails starting this year if he said that Dr tsuji said there starting trials this and commercialization by 2021 how does young jet know all this just by befriending doctor tsuji

    2. Woofy that timeline is very ambitious even though I wish it was true but that’s not coming out until the 2030s mark my words. Theres so many things that go on in hair we know more about the universe than we do about hair

  10. Hello brothers, destiny has kissed us with the same kiss, a bald kiss, a kiss without passion… can you still imagine what a life with hair would be like?… When someone tells me that a company has just released a laser helmet for hair loss the awareness that a cure for hair loss is light years away is stronger than ever…

  11. My current hair loss situation:
    NW 2.5, with diffuse thinning all on top, and sides are thinning as well.

    Is there even any hope for me? Will any type of treatment work that’s coming up for my type of MPB?

  12. I appreciate the updates on here, and remain positive for the future, but take any hair loss treatment news with a grain of salt-however interesting it may be. It’s great for scientists to bring us up to date, etc. But for me, until it’s FDA approved, proven to work and commercially available, it’s really all just speculation?! I’ve got tinnitus (loud ringing in the ears), it drives me nuts. However, I’m glad there are researchers working on a fix, but I don’t want to put my life on hold ‘waiting’ for the holy cure. Same with hair loss treatments. It may come from out of the blue sooner than we think, or it may be decades away? Who the f*ck really knows (for certain) at this point?

  13. 200 to 300 but maybe with just 100 I think that’s what hair Transplant surgeons do right now and they create the illusion of density. Something like that I’m not really sure.

      1. Jan I did a google search and it says a full head of hair with out a hair transplant naturally born with is 200 to 300 cm2. With a hair transplant it’s like 100 to 140 on average I looked it up, it could be wrong info. Anyways I think Tsuji will either shoot for 200 to 300 cm2 or do what hair Transplant surgeons do now. But if I’m going to pay $300k Tsuji need to go all the way. Go big or go home ;) lol

            1. Yeah exactly excuse me for sounding negative but Dr tsuji hair cloning is decades away but don’t believe me just wait father time will prove me correct

        1. you are waiting to pay 300,000 Usd for Tsuji ?, just 2500 usd for Hairtransplant its still a big problem for me .


  14. Admin, are you aware of any ways to access the presentations for this conference online or after-the-fact. Alternatively, are you aware of any way to access the presentation slides for the hair-restoration sessions?

  15. A Study Evaluating the Efficacy and Safety of SM04554 Topical Solution in Male Subjects With Androgenetic Alopecia. / Phase 3
    Actual Study Start Date :
    November 1, 2018
    Estimated Primary Completion Date :
    January 2021
    Estimated Study Completion Date :
    January 2021

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