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  • Are you sick of reading news articles every year with quotes from various experts proclaiming that a hair loss cure will be here “in five years”? I have been reading such claims for over a decade now. In fact, I am certain that some experts who have recently stated that the cure for baldness will be here within five years said exactly the same thing ten years ago!
  • Are you disgusted with the fact that to date, there are only two moderately effective government approved treatments for hair loss: Finasteride (Propecia) and Minoxidil (Rogaine)? Neither will usually regrow hair on completely bald areas of your scalp, and both often lose effectiveness after some years. That is if you were even among the lucky ones who ever saw great results with no side effects in the first place. Moreover, neither product will regrow lengthy robust hair in most people. A third called Dutasteride is somewhat better than Finasteride, but it is not yet approved in the US to treat hair loss.
  • Are you sick of all the con-men successfully selling untested unapproved miracle scam products to gullible customers in this twisted industry?

Introduction to HairLossCure2020 (HLC2020)

If you agree with the above points, you will enjoy visiting this blog. Every post I write will cover new or very interesting subjects and developments in the science of hair loss and hair restoration. I will also usually offer my own detailed analysis. Make sure to also subscribe to our mailing list and newsletter.

Being a long-time hair loss sufferer who does not want to shave his head, I am hoping to finally see a real solution for hair loss in the near future. I also want to stop using oral Minoxidil and Dutasteride due to my concerns regarding long-term side effects.

Based on the impressive scientific, medical and technological developments I have seen or read about in the first decade of this new 21st century, I believe that at least some semblance of a hair loss cure should be here by the end of 2020. Every month there seem to be new breakthroughs in biology and other sciences.

Initially, it might just mean treatments that prevent further hair loss. So only people who are starting to lose their hair will be “cured”. However, in the slightly longer term, hair cloning or hair multiplication should finally become perfected after many false hopes in the past.

The initial hair loss prevention cure might end up entailing a combination of drugs and injections; and it might end up requiring repetitive maintenance visits to clinics.

Note that all of this is my personal opinion and forecast. Ultimately, the best step that you can take is to try and shave your head rather than await a potential cure that might take much longer than expected. Or go for a hair transplant or test out hairpieces and hair systems.

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  1. Thank you for your website, Im 22 y/o, started to take the big 3 since I was 18 and still slowly losing my hair. Hopefully there will be a cure before I turn 30

        1. No doubts about better treatments. Doubts about a cure by 2020 if the 2-3 main companies do not pan out :-( We will know by the end of this year.

          He is asking about when he turns 30 FYI.

    1. Don’t worry even if there is some type of “cure,” it will so expensive you won’t be able to afford it. People will be getting excited for nothing, and if ever does become affordable, it will be to late. You’ll be in your 60’s. Good luck

  2. Hola la verdad que no se si voy aguantar hasta 2017/2018. Y si llega ese momento y luego nos dicen esperar 5 años mas???? ustedes que piensan??? mientras tanto podrían sacar alguna nueva medicación. La verdad que uno llega a pensar que esto es todo comercial. Es desepcionante. Ahora cambié finasteride por dutasteride, despues de 6 meses no veo demasiados cambios. Administrador hay alguna novedad??? donde quedaron las famosas prostaglandinas. Gracias.

  3. Hi!

    Just wanted to let you know that I visit your blog from time to time. The end of hair loss and balding by 2020 sounds a bit too good to be true, but the optimistic tone of your blog always makes me feel more hopeful and able to cope with hair loss. So thanks for all your hard work :-)


    Another 20-something guy losing his hair

  4. I just wanted to say that I really appreciate the effort you put in, it makes getting through the weeks a lot easier and keeps our hopes up of an effective cure. :)

    1. Thanks and do not forget to live your life as best as possible rather than waiting till the cure comes!

  5. Hi:
    Very interesting site!, thanks a lot to the admin for give us this news, i hope some big tretmen be here before 2020, i have a facking DUPA :(
    PD:sry for my english and luck for ur treatments!

  6. You really think by 2020? That seems kind of hope is that I can maintain my hair on finasteride and minoxodil until there is a cure, but 2020?
    I know it seems like different technologies are starting to align, but it might all take longer than we think.

  7. Thanks so much for continuing to make this site. Your reasoned, optimistic perspective on hair loss is immensely refreshing in the face of so much other content that can feel exploitative or hopeless. The emphasis on detail and commentary you provide on an often arcane subject has really opened my eyes to the extent to which our understanding of hair loss continues to advance constantly, and it has really helped me feel less depressed about my own MPB in a way that nothing else has.

  8. Admin i had to ask, now that we are in 2016, do you still believe that a cure to baldness will come around by 2020?
    Im a 19 year old university student who is suffering from mpb and its obviously affecting me alot. I feel that the cure might not come till 2025 or even futher but by then it will be pretty useless for me. Unless there is a company that has flown under the radar im not sure a cure will be out any time soon.
    I also ask about any recommendation for any treatments i can do in the mean time ( dont want to take propecia)
    So back to my question, do you still believe a cure will be out by 2020? And if so, how or what do you think it will be ?
    Thank you

    1. There is no way there will be a cure by 2020 at this point. I would sooner guess 2030. I’m only 24 and recently started thinning sorry to hear you’ve been impacted so young. I like to be optimistic, but once you start looking back its literally “oh 2000 they will have a cure for hairloss” “oh 2005 its gonna be here for sure” “2010 will be the year” “2015 for sure!” 2020 is already too late with trials and what not to expect a reasonable release of a cure. Pinch your pennies and get a HT once it starts getting noticeable, that should buy you some time.

      1. Oh :( ive been thinning since i was16/17 by 2030 i will be slick bald and it will be way too late for any type of cure. Well do you recomend any treatment i can do in the mean time to preserve my hair. I really dont want to go bald as my hair is a funny shape…

  9. What’s the wait time on a comment being moderated? I Posted 4 articles under brief items of interest for March. While I believe viviscal is a waste of money, the fact that it contains vitamins and protein (the aminomar) supports the fact that our hair is an extension of our intugementary system and as an organ it needs nutrition to function properly. Accordingly I think the viviscal is no better than simply taking fish oil, iron, and b vitamins.

  10. First of all, thanks a lot for this wonderful website/blog!
    It surely gives people hope and keeps them informed.
    If it doesn’t help to grow hair, well at least it will help to strengthen some synapses thanks to the well funded posts and links to interesting papers and articles.

    Looking at the Global Research map is not really encouraging though, since such an important topic should be explored way more…

    Now hair loss is surely not a “rare disease” and even if it does not
    incapacitate people, it surely affects people on a psychological level (some more and some less).
    The question I’m asking myself is that if people are ready to pay thousands of dollars for hair transplants, take certain drugs (which I would never use) which might severely impact sexual health and potence (as well as the mood and hormone level in general), are they ready to contribute to research too?

    I believe that such a big community could, with some positive thinking and action, really move something.
    On the one hand, I am thinking of donations and crowd funding research in this field.

    On the other hand, it doesn’t always need to be money, what about time and brain cells?
    Surely the genetic component is strong, but are we seeing the full picture?
    I am sure there are quite some data scientists (engineers, statisticians, machine learning guys) as myself (Phd in Machine Learning and Biomedical Engineering) out there, who would be ready to contribute in data mining.
    By this I mean, if there were questionnaires answered by enough people (eating habits, drug intake, baldness family history, etc.), maybe with statistical and data analysis tools, efficacy of certain non-conventional treatments (e.g. saw palmetto, apple cider vinegar, etc.) and conventional (rogaine & fin) could be scientifically assessed.

    I hope some people feel the same.
    Being a professor in dermatology like George Cotsarelis and others certainly helps, but I think we can all contribute.
    Maybe after all we will reach the 2020 goal ;-)

    1. I’ve been thinking that perhaps there can be a cure that is based on the resonance frequency of the hair cells. I’m 23 majoring in Physics, started loosing my hair at my early 20’s. Every human organ has a unique frequency (the resonance frequency), as known for so many years (you can even find a chart online with some of those frequencies). Maybe by finding the exact resonance frequency of the hair cells of the human head and applying some sort of energy in that exact frequency can stimulate the hair cells back to their original state (“wake them up” as i like to say). Any ideas on this one? Would really appreciate sharing your thoughts.

  11. Hi admin, I’m a 19 year old who’s been suffering of mpb for over 2 years now (currently NW 2.5 I’d say). Just wondering if you still believe a cure will come by 2020. I’ve done extensive research on the subject, especially from your blog, and have not found anything more reassuring than a “meh, if it happens, it happens.” Shiseido was the one I had my hopes up on but it seems like they are getting delayed more and more every single day and I highly doubt they’ll release a cure by 2020, let alone the promised 2018! Just wanted to know your take on the matter.

    1. Have faith. Laser eye surgery came out of nowhere and they recently came out with a containment for malaria, the world’s biggest killer! Things move fast. And look at the crap phones we had 10 years ago. There was a special button for “Internet” and if you accidentally pressed it you needed Mum to pay the bill.

      1. While I do agree that reading this blog I tend to believe that we will have a firm theoretical understanding of how to cure hair loss in men, I’m less optimistic about the widespread adoption and therefore the applicability of it to most “ordinary men”.
        By 2020 they may begin to “trial” it here in Europe and in the US on such men as prince William, but for myself I’m afraid it would be more like 2035, or something before I could afford to lay my hands on it.
        Whoever patents the working cure first unfortunately has every incentive to keep the treatment or cure both high-priced and “exclusive” for the first 10 years, or so.

  12. I really appreciate reading the intelligent posts regarding the issue of JAK.
    I have actually been browsing this site over the years and the latest admin post is probably the most exciting in the history of this website.
    It has been nearly a week since the JAK post and I was wondering if there is any new news?

  13. I’m 24 and my hair has rapidly started thinning, it took less than a month from having full thick hair to getting thin, almost transparent hair. This blog gives me hope and for that I’m thankful.

  14. I have been using saw palmetto oil topically for 16 months and have had gradual re-growth of previously dormant follicles. I began to have male pattern baldness in my early 20s and I am now 59, with some long hairs where it was totally shiny bald for many years. I would like to join your site and contribute, but I cannot find a link to register.

  15. Has anyone tried and found success from the nourish beauty product burst? It apparently contains redensyl that should show results in up to 84 days…don’t know where they got this figure from. Of course this business model is targeted to the hopeful and may rely on our guillability but hope is a stronger emotional state than resignation so I’m going to try it for a time to see if it works. Any feedback on the product would be a genuine help though

  16. Hi, im 21 years old and my hair has started thinning somewhat rapidly. and as a result now under a light you can see trough my hair. im guessing (hoping tbh) i still have a few years left with my hair. so what im wondering is do you believe we will have a cure in the next, say 5 years or so?
    PS. excuse my bad english, im not a native speaker…

  17. Are we still on schedule for 2020? Perhaps you could update this article or write a part 2, Admin. That would be cool, since we are a little over half way to the mark.

  18. I agree with D0ge, it would be really great to know whether you still think that 2020 is going to happen! We are all a bit worried, I guess.

  19. Hello- thank you for all this great info. My son is 15 and already showing signs of hair loss at the crown and temples. My father lost most of his hair by 18 so it seems to be genetic. Everything I read says to act quickly and early to retain the hair you have so I’m trying to help him do that. I did purchase Rogaine foam and Nutrafol vitamins, but am wondering if it is safe for a teenager to take Finasteride or Dutasteride? I just want to help him keep what he has until better treatments are available! Any advice would be much appreciated.

    1. Hi there are some potential side effects with both Fin and Dut. Please talk to a doctor first. Well done on being proactive:-)

  20. Guys, did we miss this one from November??…Samumed partnered with L’Oreal for anti-wrinkle aging cream.

    Whilst I know its not hair, certainly lends huge credibility to Samumed.

  21. I just want to thank you so much for this blog!!
    I’m a 20 year old guy and have been loosing hair since 17 so this blog has really helped me throughout the years, been avoiding jumping on finasteride just yet in hopes of a cure coming soon, but only time will tell.

    Once again really appreciate your work

  22. I came here after a very long period I think after 3 to 3.5 year and nothing changed about cure of hairloss.

    @nasa : what happened to Janus kinase drug ? Do they works or not ?

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