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Introduction to HLC2020

  • Are you sick of reading news articles every year with quotes from various experts proclaiming that a hair loss cure will be here “in five years”? I have been reading such claims for over a decade now. In fact, I am certain that some experts who have recently stated that the cure for baldness will be here within five years said exactly the same thing ten years ago!
  • Are you disgusted with the fact that to date, there are only two moderately effective government approved treatments for hair loss: Finasteride (Propecia) and Minoxidil (Rogaine)? Neither will usually regrow hair on completely bald areas of your scalp, and both often lose effectiveness after some years. That is if you were even among the lucky ones who ever saw great results with no side effects in the first place. Moreover, neither product will regrow lengthy robust hair in most people. A third called Dutasteride is somewhat better than Finasteride, but it is not yet approved in the US to treat hair loss.
  • Are you sick of all the con-men successfully selling untested unapproved miracle scam products to gullible customers in this twisted industry?

Introduction to HairLossCure2020 (HLC2020)

If you agree with the above points, you will enjoy visiting this blog. Every post I write will cover new or very interesting subjects and developments in the science of hair loss and hair restoration. I will also usually offer my own detailed analysis. Make sure to also subscribe to our mailing list and newsletter.

Being a long-time hair loss sufferer who does not want to shave his head, I am hoping to finally see a real solution for hair loss in the near future. I also want to stop using oral Minoxidil and Dutasteride due to my concerns regarding long-term side effects.

Based on the impressive scientific, medical and technological developments I have seen or read about in the first decade of this new 21st century, I believe that at least some semblance of a hair loss cure should be here by the end of 2020. Every month there seem to be new breakthroughs in biology and other sciences.

Initially, it might just mean treatments that prevent further hair loss. So only people who are starting to lose their hair will be “cured”. However, in the slightly longer term, hair cloning or hair multiplication should finally become perfected after many false hopes in the past.

The initial hair loss prevention cure might end up entailing a combination of drugs and injections; and it might end up requiring repetitive maintenance visits to clinics.

Note that all of this is my personal opinion and forecast. Ultimately, the best step that you can take is to try and shave your head rather than await a potential cure that might take much longer than expected. Or go for a hair transplant or test out hairpieces and hair systems.