Follica and Histogen Updates

I was not planning to write a new post for several days, but there have been two important developments that are worth discussing now.  I will update this post in more detail later if necessary.

Follica and Histogen Updates

  • First, Histogen has finally published a summary of its presentation at the recent Stem Cell Summit in Boston that I discussed before. I e-mailed the company and to my surprise, they sent me a pdf of their presentation that was made by CEO Dr. Gail Naughton.
  • Second, if you recall, a month ago I wrote a post on Follica’s surprising return from being taken as almost dead by many people. That post happened due to HLT forum member Xaser94’s great research, which he outlined in his now very popular thread. Several days ago, forum member “Noisette” made an interesting post in that same thread (see page 8) with a link to a 271 page prospectus document from PureTech Health (majority owner of Follica) from June 2015.

There is a goldmine of information in there with some superb images. The main Follica section starts on page 101. Encouraging quote:

Through the administration of Follica’s procedure by a trained clinician and use of its at home  ‘‘connected’’ device (meaning it is coupled with a digital service such as a companion smart- phone application) the company seeks, in the near-term, to significantly improve the treatment expectations and satisfaction of hair loss patients by providing a more effective alternative to current FDA-approved drugs.

I also want to give kudos to Mike, who e-mailed me some useful information on this development. This is the same Mike that I discussed in my Follica post from a month ago. This time, I will only paste part of his e-mail:

This section stands out, and there are many standouts: 

Follica’s patented platform employs a technique called targeted cutaneous perturbation (or TCP) to stimulate the growth of new follicles, followed by treatment with: (i) select, approved drugs indicated to be synergistic in maximising the quantity, quality and persistence of new hair, or in other cases (ii) new chemical entities that modulate pathways involved in the development of the hair follicle.

It’s the new chemical entities that interests me. Could there be a treatment and then an upgrade treatment further down the line? A partnership with another company perhaps? Maybe one that’s related to a certain Neal Walker?

In seems like in the past month, most of my posts have been heavily influenced by commentators on this blog, e-mailers, hair loss forum posters and even one hair loss chat participant on this site.

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  1. How would Follica know if it would work for everyone when they only trialed 3 people? (Well 4 in the future)

  2. Here we go, the king of hair loss ;). The people who were against him kindly send your apology by email and wait for the acceptance lol.

  3. Thank you! Hopefully by 2018 we can all have great hair, not by a cure but by a combination of different treatments (follica, histogen, Brotzu, Replicel (?))

    Admin, would it be possible to get your thoughts on Tsuji though. From your perspective, does it seem like he’s not trying to cute hair loss at all? How come so little was mentioned about hair in the interview?


      1. these could make it possible for people who wouldn’t be able to get one previously, like mjones diffuse thinning and my being too young for someone who’s going to be “too bald”

  4. Great great stuff! Admin I will schedule that derm appointment at upenn ASAP with my derm who works with cots. Maybe I can get more inside info on how this new treatment will work. Hopefully cots will mention more info tomorrow at the conference.

    His silence was meant for a reason. Kept quiet to hold on to his advance treatment. He was on the today show and other news sources. This is how you stay legit and professional. Fingers crossed for a smooth fda approval process.

    1. @ Mjones – In the last post, you left a comment about phase 3 trials. Can you provide a link? I’d love to see an article or something the corroborates your claim.

  5. I wish this made me happier but for me it all seems so much like all the generic claims we have heard many times before. Two things ring alarm bells with me – 1. mention of having to use an “at home device in conjunction with the treatment” What does that mean? and 2. that the treament will be followed by “approved drugs or chemical pathways” which if they are new drugs rather than existing finasteride etc. this will mean that the treatment is at least another 10 years away for testing and approval of the adjuvant drugs, of which no prior mention has been made.

    1. I don’t mind that. Hair transplant doctors will still have business in the future.

      Dr Griffiths you wouldn’t mind giving me a discount? ;)

  6. Admins 2 questions?

    1. The histogen presentation have New pictures from another persons or are they are the same that has shown since 2009?

    2. Follicle got FDA aprove for the divide? Is only the divice or the have any New drog?

    1. Sorry i dont se that the PDF was in the link….

      Histogen with the same photos from 2009… Nothing New….

      1. Susana,
        Como te dije antes…. tranquila. No han hecho un estudio nuevo, y por eso no tienen nuevas fotos… están en el proceso de empezar un estudio nuevo en Mexico. Las cosas avanzan poco a poco. Tienes que tener paciencia. Y la ultima foto que han presentado no es de 2009, es mas recién. Si te vas a quejar cada vez que debe ser una nueva foto cada presentación, te vas a decepcionar un montón. Ten paciencia. Hay compañías que nunca han presentado fotos y todavía tengo esperanzas que sus tratamientos pueden funcionar. Este proceso, sí es lento pero sigue adelantando poco a poco, paso por paso.

        1. Jaja.. ella no tiene paciencia.

          I don’t think there needs to be any new photo until after their last trial. When they need to publish everything.

  7. @admin, thank you for a wonderful job doing this blog.
    Histrogen is beyond pathetic!!! With this latest presentation it should be clear to everyone whos been following them that they dont have a product. You simply dont present the same photos for so many years if you have a reliable product. End of story!
    Go Follica!!!

    1. Yet Follica has presented which photos? Which clinical data? Nope they just promised the same results as Histogen with an at home device and an unknown topical?


    2. Yep. If they were a real company (and not just a hobby of Gail’s) she would have been fired and replaced by now.

  8. The start of 2016 has been a busy one for Aclaris and we are pleased that the momentum from last year has continued into the first quarter of this year,” commented Dr. Neal Walker, President and Chief Executive Officer of Aclaris. “In late March, we announced an agreement to acquire all of the stock of Vixen Pharmaceuticals, Inc. This transaction expands our focus in hair loss to include androgenetic alopecia (commonly referred to as female or male pattern baldness), which is consistent with our goal of developing and commercializing self-pay aesthetic and medical dermatology products that represent whitespace opportunities and provide patients and physicians with effective solutions. We view the relationship between JAK inhibition and hair loss as an exciting opportunity,” added Dr. Walker.

    1. These are real people doing something… Histogen is pathetic… Does Gail think we hair loss sufferers are a joke… She is not even doing any effort changing the slides of presentation… Why do you guys think she will do anything for hair loss community… All she has is some stupid skin creams.. Anybody can make skin creams not a big deal… This is not a serious company to even talk about… Every f..n year the same news by histogen…

  9. Why is everyone so fixated on photos ? there is virtually no way to prove they are authentic !!! Secondly all these photos do is open the door for more speculation on combovers , lighting ,angles , photo shop ,etc. The proof is in the reports . Also if you were Histogen why in your right mind would you release another photo after the way you were abused for the last one ?

    1. @ Erich – When you’re doing things right, you are going to have haters. That’s what’s suppose to happen. These are the same guys that look at the guy in the Ferrari next to him at the stop light like they made a bad decision – while they are sitting in their honda civic. It’s in their genes to hate. They have the constant gas face. Nothing will ever please them because they are haters and that’s what they are suppose to do – hate.

      There is massive support for Histogen, we are just less spoken and stand out less because we aren’t screaming it out for no reason… because we have better shit to do, like grabbing some drinks on the good news.

  10. Even if HSC worked, Histogen’s professionalism has to be questioned. They don’t update regularly and their photos are not consistent. How hard is it to take a photo with consist and lighting and in the same angle? Just have a chair with a camera hoisted above in a stationary position. Regardless, I think good things are coming to the hair loss world. It good to research but quite honestly when a cure releases it will be BIG news. You would hear about it even if you weren’t looking. Thanks for your work Admin, you truly do a great job.

  11. Dr. Tsuji doesn’t reply by e-mail when you ask him about hair regeneration. You can check yourself. There is sth to it. Hopefully that secret turns to sth great.

        1. 25 terminal and the other are neogenic… so could be turned terminal over time, or maybe need the use of seti or minox

  12. Weird thing is.. I’m open to everything. If Histogen wasn’t for me personally i wouldn’t need to write about it and complain about photos from 2009. No wonder you are all depressed, because you’re focusing on the negatives instead of being open to the information that’s provided.

    Like the rousing support behind Follica when there isn’t any photos, evidence of the device/drugs working and they trialed 3 people. I’m not against Follica, i just can’t see why there is such hate for Histogen when they’ve been through what Follica has and presented data. We won’t truly know until people start going in for these treatments and we see the results a year later. Personally, i just find it really perplexing.

    I’m not saying be optimistic, just don’t turn Histogen bashing into a thing that’s done on every post. Because it’s boring to read and mostly just guesswork.

    1. They did NOT trial only three people. I’m not sure where you heard this but it simply isn’t true. You may have misread their statement that they conducted three human trials as of now. Each trial most likely involved at least a dozen or more patients. I really wish people would verify their claims before spreading misinformation.

  13. Also, there is a good benefit for another useful treatment coming out. It adds more to our options and potentially reduces the cost for other treatments as the demand would be split.

    Wishing a company to fail is just a poor man’s thinking.

    1. hoping they are a failure and pointing out they are a failure are two different things.

      But hey, they should be IPOing in the next 365 days (LOL)

  14. If follica can create follicle, then why is it not a cure because if they can create follicle then they can create unlimited follicles ?!

    1. Amen to that khourli. Totally agree. Multiple treatments could l yield more hair. .

      I’m still hoping for hstogen regardless of all the bashing on here. Their data looks great with regrowth. Plus that pic definitely shower thickening and darkening of existing hair. New growth is there too, it all can’t be a combover. It’s definitely not a cure but it fill in temples, strengthen weak dying hairs which would help me tremendously. I pray they release it 2017 before follics. I hope bronzu isn’t a scam and that it works. We need anything we can get guys. No point to trash any new treatment. A little bit of everything can make a big difference :)

      1. 150% completely different angles, dyed hair, and comb over. There seems to be a result, but doesn’t look any better than the cherry picked PRP photos we see.

  15. The Real Treatment is going to be JAK Inhibitors, hopefully, we will know if they work by the end of this summer.

    ACRS has ramped up R&D Budget pertaining (to I believe) JAK Inhibitors. Hopefully they will not be secretive about results.

    And it makes real sense, it puts the hair back into the Growth Cycle making it much thicker, and may even help to repair the hair cells. We should know soon enough. That is what I am waiting for.

    1. And again, the JAK inhibitors are ALREADY FDA approved. Thus any product would be out on the market like Greased Lighting, hint Travolta could use it too.

        1. they are particularly well tolerated, especially as a topical… so the studies say.

          The bigger issue is that many forum posters claim “JAK inhibitors were tried already and didnt work”… supposedly on PHG or a german forum or something…

          but I”m not sure which JAK they tried, for how long, if it was oral or topical, and if they even had whatever black market jak they bought tested… it would be nice if somebody would do a legit test of a JAK on the forums… testing the compound to make sure its correct and hopefully using a topical

      1. They are not for AA. And people are using in AA but the show that the old people Still have MPB. They recover from AA but show that the NW Scale in the Scalp….

      2. Correct me if Im wrong but aren’t JAK inhibitors approved for use in rheumatoid arthritis and possibly a few other autoimmune disorders, NOT as a treatment for hair loss? If I’m not mistaken, that would require a completely new FDA approval process to market it for hair loss. (Though, they may be able to skip some of the portions that would be duplicates of those done to approve it the first time.)(Also, we are probably talking topical vs. current oral administration)

    2. Maybe cots will use a formulation of Jak for his new topical lotion he will use for inpatient treatment with his wounding technique. That mixed with seti and Rogaine could be the magic bullet.

      There is a guy in a Greek hair loss forum who grew back tons of hair a including hairline with derma rolling and using a bunch of topical. I’m sure cots solution is 100x better

        1. It was a ton of stuff, castor oil, rosemary, some loreal hair topicals, etc. I’m sure if you Google it you will find him

  16. Because I care for old photos? Well the reason is simple. For the same reason the company uses pictures …. Who tells me that the use of treatment really works but after first use or secund use becomes less effective?
    The company itself wants to know data on the evolution of the patient. If continuous treatment is required and the validity of the drog in the organis. Photos are 2010 after applying histogen. What is the evolution of patients to these long six years. Or you want to spend money and know that in the end the drug ceases to have effect? I do not doubt that they have a new drug, and I doubt the effectiveness of the drug as the company has since 2010 shown the same data. Since this first study did not continue the study? With this data failed to raised money they will get after six years with the same data. I find it very rare. Above all go to an IPO with 7M only.

    What about the other company. They do not find it strange to have approved by the FDA with the test in 3 patients as has been said here?
    Sorry to be pessimistic. I’m not being. But doubtful.

    1. @susana Puedes contestarme en espanol si prefieres.

      Te recomiendo leer la historia de Histogen. Alguien les demando hace un rato. Es muy dificil conseguir inversiones cuando alguien esta demandandote y especificamente por ese tratamiento.

      Como te dije antes es muy probable que el tratamiento no funciona tan bueno despues de un año. Tu pregunta… gastariamos dinero con el conocimiento que no va a durar despues de un año…? la respuesta es: sí o depende cuanto cuesta. Y hay mucha gente que hace eso justo hoy con finasteride y minoxidil y tmb los “hair transplants” – no son para siempre.

      Si quieres una cura… vas a tener que esperar – eso sí va a tomar tiempo y Histogen nunca ha dicho que va a ser una cura.

      Si no crees que han recibido 7M de inversiones… pues es tu derecho. Tmb es tu derecho creer que el cielo es rojo.

      Tmb… no solo tiene 7M… es solo para esta ronda de inversiones.

      Por favor, haz un poco de investigacion. Algunos “hechos” que has dicho son completamente falsos.

  17. Susana you are worst than me when I first started coming on here . Every post you put has been negative and stating all treatments are not going to work. Stop posting you are making me more depressed than I actually am. You should get your iron, insulin and thyroid checked. You might just have a thyroid issue or low iron which could be causing your hair loss since you are a woman. But please stop saying everything won’t work before you jinx us all

  18. Susana stop saying nonsense. Get a new job…
    Thanks. In this blog people want a new treatment for MPB.
    Exist a HUGE demand! Do you understand that? Thanks again.
    Polichem, Histogen, Breezula, Bimatoprost, Setipiprant, Replicel,
    Pilofocus, Artas Evolution, JAK inhibitors, “kerastem”, SM04554, “Thorn Medical”, Dr.Brotzu lotion, BMD-1341 and others….Imagine…100% SURE WE HAVE A NEW TREATMENTS SOON. IT’S LOGICAL. CURRENTLY WE DON’T HAVE TREATMENTS. THAT’S THE TRUTH.

  19. The Cure Will be the combination of all the futur treatments.

    Use Avodart, Minox, Brotzu lotion, Follica, Histogen, topical fin, SM, Replicel, Jak at the same time and i’m pretty sure that a NW7 can be NW0…

    And CB for maintain hairs.

    Of course, maybe we don’t need to take all this products, but only few of them.

  20. And…Don’t underestimate the industry capilares.Ellos grafts can surprise us at any time in a good way :)

  21. Cloning would be awesum but it still seems far off and still needs to overcome many hurdles first.

    Also, consider this: cloned hairs from the back of the head would be coarser and possibly curlier than fine scalp hairs. Even if it was successful and all the hairs were at the correct angle, it would give that hair transplant look. Not a huge problem in fact quite a tiny one but still something to consider.

  22. Am I the only one that still doesn’t see the progress in those histogen photos? All the photos are slightly different angles, different lighting and different combing directions. I have nothing against Histogen, sounds like a great treatment but those photos don’t really do them any good imho.

  23. M jones go ahead and make that appointment with cots and ask him if we can be apart of his next hair trial. I will do it. Im on no meds and can report back to everyone. Let me know.

  24. @Mjones sorry i make you feel that way. I Just trying to have some answer to my douts about things i feel weird….
    Its no easy for a woman this BS in live.

    @curious tio solo veo raro que que muestren mas info sobre mas pacientes y su evolucion. Si viera mas fotos de mas gente hasta yo compraria shares de ellos…. Para ustedes se cortan El cabello y listo

  25. Hi Susana I totally understand. I didn’t mean to snap but let’s try and stay positive. Trust me cots has a very good solution. He has funding, expertise in AGA was mentioned on many large new stations over the years I’m his research. I can only imagine how much more difficult it is for you as a woman to deal with it. Seriously get blood work to check your throid, insulin and iron levels. You may have an issue there that can be fixed to grow your hair back. Use rosemary and coconut oil in your hair 1 hr before you shower. It helps women more than guys. :)

  26. The only thing I’ve always been confused about regarding Follica’s method is how do they control the density/pattern/direction of new hair growth on the scalp? Unless it matches the current patterns and density of the donor area the results will look like crap. It’s not like they’re reawakening dormant follicles; they’re growing new ones that may or may not grow in the way you’d want.

    1. These characteristics are determined by the dermal papilla cells during hair follicle formation. Since the targeted cutaneous perturbation method utilizes local cells, the hairs should grow and develop according to their location on the head. This is certainly nothing to worry about.

  27. I’m very hopeful on this, i hope it works even on someone Who is only nw1.
    Come on Cots, let this nightmare end.

  28. Brotzu has published something about their treatment with a before/after pic about a little girl, looks good to be honest
    there is a video on youtube too where he explain the mechanism , the problem is that everything is in italian (i can understand a lot of things, it’s similar to Spanish but maybe for you guys..)

    How long you guys think the product will hit the market?


  29. M jones are u interested in taking a ride to Dr. Rapaport if he will give us a discount? No worries im no serial killer and quite normal.

    1. I heard the guy is a crook. I would go to Dr Rappaport who also sells bs prp treatment. Are you looking to get an HT done Tom? Where do you live, city?

  30. wow that kelopesia savak actor is not selling me…
    I won’t even be followup emailling Dr. Sahin for that..
    damning testimony lol

    Brotzu follicle thought AA looks real good wonder what Brotzu/JAK combination would yield

    best wishes for follica

    1. I thought just the same about safak sezer at first, but then saw something about him, the news say that he lost a close friend recently who was pretty young to have a heart attack and that safak sezer had a break down and now he is in the hospital. Nevertheless I thought “kelopesia” did not have promising results on safak sezer who looked just like he did on the kelopesia presentation for quite some years, I’m from Turkey btw and have seen a couple of his movies, so his latest pics looking like he’s completely bald might be because of these events causing a crazy shed(stress) or maybe he had a haircut, but that’s just me. Before someone asks, NO I have not seen any news about kelopesia after the so called presentation no further updates from the university so far (not that I know of). I’ve seen some comments on forums coming from people saying that they received some e-mails from the university about kelopesia’s release being postponed to end of the year but these are just rumours.

  31. also i’m opening myself up to a can of whip ass saying this
    but i’ve been doing Hagerty scalp exercise for over 90 days now 30 mins a day

    in the last week i have 2 thick hair follicles growing as far in the front of my hairline as my hairline goes, the follicles are as thick as the occipitals.. it’s only 2 though .. but considering how wierd it is to see them where they are and how there hasn’t been hair there since i was 18 i wanted to share i was thinking about taking pics but then felt ridiculous too early for that.. also the normal hairs around them are 2 inches the follicles I’m talking about are 2 centimeters implying they are new

    1. Doesn’t surprise me in the slightest tbh, it has already been proven that fibrosis is present in the scalps of bald men, and actually there was a paper published where over 80% regrowth was achieved through scalp exercise…no one paid much attention to it because it was in some shitty journal, but science is science…
      We all hold out this great hope of an easy quick fix and say we would do anything for hair, yet it’s probably so obtainable for free if we just put time and effort into it.

      That being said, just had a mail from Farmacia Prati in italy and thinking of buying topical Fin from them (if I can convince my doc to give me prescription – he HATES fin passionately for what it’s done to a few of his patients recently). Anyone on Topical Fin? How much do you pay? Is it worth it?

    2. Egg head I have been doing intense scalp massages since sept. My dandruff has gone down dramatically and scalp pain as well. I’m still losing hair though especially the hair line:( I don’t understand why not even Propecia and minox can’t stabilize it. I wonder if something is hormonally wrong with my body and my hair loss accelerated. I mean would it really take 12 years for Propecia to lose effectiveness and for my body to increase androgen receptors? Wouldn’t that have happened maybe after 5 yrs of use? So freaking confusing!

  32. Guys I’ve been using Fin topical for 1 month and completely stopped shedding (not 1 hair). Now I’m starting to stimulate the scalp with electric micro needling.

    I used alcohol to disolve Fin then mix in with Min. Once a day. Decrease in libido tho.

    1. What strength of Fin does it contain? Have you seen any hair thickening or regrowth at that early stage?

  33. Brotzu lotion. I was quite surprised how effective it was… does anyone understand the mechanisms of what the lotion is doing?

    Also, did anyone understand where they tested it? Was it just one area of the scalp or all over?

    1. Think Brotzu could be worth a shot depending on price. Less than 50 eur per month (the cost of topical Fin) then I’d definitely try it. Heard it is to be released in 2017 but also seen mid 2016 said? anyone know which?

  34. In a recent email to fidia they said that they are testing it and we should get an update in the next months… They couldnt confirm if its working better than minox propecia and told me to wait for their testings and the final product is not necessary a lotion… release date is not before a year

  35. Even Dr. Christiano has gone from there is no way JAK Inhibitors will work to its 50/50 chance.

    It will take a real scientist such as Dr. Christiano to unlock hair loss solution. She is now tied to ACRS (I only remember the stock symbol for the company) and the company has ramped up R&D Expenditures significantly although I do not know if it is for JAK Inhibitors.

    For those who have tried it with no success that does not mean it does not work, it needs to be the right delivery method, dosage, maybe a combination of different drugs. Leave it to the scientists to try and solve it.

    But given the size of the market and the tremendous amount of money to be made from male pattern hair loss. I can only see the firm going all out to try JAK Inhbitors for it.

    We should know the solution late this summer and I strongly believe that JAK Inhibitors will work and that works for me. I am getting all my hair back – very soon.

    1. Nasa_rs. Jak inhibitors are far from being a treatment for androgenetic alopecia! They haven’t begun clinical trials!

      1. i believe nasa thinks because they are already approved for other health issues they dont have to go to trials . The real answer is only if they dont have to change anything at all to treat pattern baldness . even then they will have to have a study in the u.s. to validate the medical claim they are “curing” baldness . If any thing from delivery vehicle to dosage to compound structure changes , and im sure it will have too , they will have to trial it .

    2. I agree 100% about IL-6-STAT3 being the main problem… but the question is, is it reversible? I tend to think yes also. Blocking AR, you still have a ton of pathways for IL-6/STAT3 and all of the other bad associated inflammatory agents working through STAT3 to continue the destructive path. The fact that different AR types for asians is not associated with a genetic risk for AGA, but the 20p11 SNP next to the FOXA2 gene is the number one at risk spot for them, as well as it being a very close 2nd to the AR for european ethnic people as far as genetic suseptibility to AGA, goes to show you that AR/DHT ISN’T OUR MAIN PROBLEM. Across ethnicities 20p11 shows the strongest link to baldness all ethnicities being considered. The FOXA2 gene right next to 20p11 regulates androgen metabolism and IL-6 response amongst many other things. IL-6 (know inflammatory agent) works through STAT3 and STAT3 can associate with cytokines like IL-6 through JAK or other pathways. IL-6 also is associated with PGD2 and DKK1. And STAT3 has been shown to increase Androgen receptor sensitivity and expression in prostate cancer, and even with castration (aka no more AR) STAT3 maintains cancer. STAT3 has also been shown to be a “go” and “stop” signal in different cell populations and when the balance is messed up it can cause cancer. STAT3 over-activation in the bulge makes keratinocyte stem cells change their behavior (look up the article on pubmed from 2015… “constitutive stat3 activation alters behavior of hair follicle stem and progenitor cell populations”). The cells it changes move ABOVE the bulge to and the markers they display are markers for IFE aka skin and cells known to turn into sebaceous gland cells. And JAK/Stat ablation has brought mice and humans back into the growing phase after inflammatory response. Not only this, but 20p11 is associated with a huge risk of idiopathic scoliosis which disproportionately effects adolescent girls, just like early hair loss disproportionately effects guys. A gender specific response on the same gene locus, during a period of growth (puberty). AND THE SAME SNP THAT GIVES THEM THE RISK FOR IDIOPATHIC SCOLIOSIS PROTECTS THEM FROM AGA.

      What im saying is, it is OBVIOUS what the problem is now. AR susceptibility is just accelerating the process earlier in Europeans that JAK/STAT/IL6 would want to bring about anyways. It is reversibility that is the question. I for one DO NOT want to wait 10 freaking years for this to get through the FDA. Science has been focused on the wrong angle on this question for far too long. Thank god for Christiano’s insight.

        1. In my mind there is absolutely no question about it. Anyone can do research on this there is a ton of free stuff to read and piece together.

          Even down to diet and cancer this has weird stuff….

          The above article shows people from India have less severe baldness/lower incidence than the rest of Asia. Why is this relevant? A staple of many peoples food in India is turmeric, which contains Curcumin. Curcumin is a powerful Stat3/il6/inflammatory mediator.

          If you get the APP for the dermatology congress going down in Phoenix right now, you can read abstracts. Christiano is presenting there, and her abstract talks about how topical curcumin initiated anagen in mice with similar kinetics to Tofacitinib and Ruxolitinib.

          People from India also have a disproportionately lower risk of prostate cancer, which is known to be linked with AGA. Stat3 and AR activation often go hand in hand with prostate cancer, and even with Androgen removal Stat3 continues to have its effect.

          1. Then how do you explain people who never eat Curcumin in their entire lives and their not balding?
            My uncle a few months ago had a prostate surgery and he still has his hair? Can you explain?

          2. I think focusing on the bad AR has basically been trying to eliminate the accelerator of AGA, not what is actually driving it. It kick starts the process, and then something else becomes the dominant factor. Even “normal” AR’s can respond to androgens and eventually bring about baldness. That’s why non europeans STILL LOSE HAIR but on average it starts about ten years later. All the bad AR is doing is speeding the process up. There was a case study done where one of identical twins was castrated before puberty and the other one went bald. They applied testosterone topically to the castrated one late in life who still had all of his hair on his scalp and he rapidly lost all of his male pattern hair.

    1. Rev, I’m not saying “eat curcumin and you won’t go bald.” Merely saying that according to the study, the people of India have the least incidence of baldness and latest onset average in Asia. Having something in their diet that is a powerful control of inflammation can maybe explain why, on the average, this is the case. This has been a staple of their diet for hundreds if not thousands of years. Obviously dietary curcumin would not be something that gets concentrated enough in the hair follicle to prevent one from going bald. It just maybe explains why the onset is delayed. And as far as having prostate cancer, clearly cancer has more than one molecular driver. Maybe some prostate cancer type is AR/STAT3/IL6 driven and others are WNT driven etc or any number of things.

  36. How close are we to actually understanding the reason why we begin to bald and what makes us bald when we do? I think this is going to be so pivotal to making a cure. I don’t think it will be universal, i think there would need to be gene therapy that depends on your genetics.

    I can’t think of one possible reason why our hair erodes and falls away. I mean there must be something within our diets, our lifestyles that is either advancing these genetic reactions and starting this irreversible chain. Honestly, my fascination isn’t just getting the cure but why it happens. Hopefully we can find out soon when some of these research institutes keep diving into the hair follicle.

    1. Based on a Yale study. It has been shown that balding heads experience a shrinkage of a layer of fat on thair scalp. Coincidentally it happens where the galea is located. So probably a galea removal is the best we can do. LOL.
      I’ve seen hair transplant videos and there was a guy who has advanced hair loss yet his remaining hair was so thick it was 71 microns. Only shows you that MPB isn’t specifically a hair problem. It’s like trying to grow grass on concrete. There’s nothing wrong with the grass.

      1. This is wrong. I do think the micro environment is messed up like you said. But non AGA affected hairs have no problem growing in the same environment from hair transplants. Even creating new sebaceous glands blood vessels and arector pili. There is definitely something also wrong with the grass itself.

        1. Do you have Skype or an E-Mail to contact you?

          I believe in the PAX1/FOXA theory..

          I read the same study a year ago.

        2. Well, as far I know hairs are transplanted together with their fat layers around them so may explain why they can grow. Just like putting grass on pots you could literally move them anywhere even on concrete and they will still grow, even though I know this comparison is not accurate.

          1. Also it isn’t just one study. It is literally hundreds of bits of evidence from various scientific publications that with a little bit of tying pieces together points a giant finger at the AR/STAT3/IL6 triangle being our problem. The problem that is causing the host of other problems in AGA. Stopping AR will do nothing to completely reverse the condition. You must suppress STAT3 and IL6 to even have a chance. And those naturally become more expressed with age in the first place. I cannot stress enough how the fact the different versions of the Androgen receptor DO NOT CARRY AN INCREASED OR DECREASED RISK IN HAN CHINESE FOR GOING BALD. But the mutations at 20p11 does carry their number one risk. That is also people of European ethnicity’s #2 at risk allele, closely behind bad AR. 20p11 is directly next to a gene that controls androgen metabolism and IL-6 response (FOXA2). Inflammatory Cytokines increase with age in tissues by nature anyways. Many Europeans just got a couple of CRAPPY AR versions that is greatly accelerating the process. It kicks off the STAT3 cascade in an aggressive manner, causing complete deregulation of the micro environment around the androgenic hair follicle. Carrying the bad AR and bad 20p11 mutation gives a 7X greater risk of going bald that someone carrying a bad one or the other. It isn’t just the freaking bad AR for god sakes. As the body gets older it suppresses fast growing cells to protect the organism from cancer, and the actual hair cuticle is one of the fastest growing cells in the body. This process just gets thrown way out of wack in AGA, especially early onset AGA. Testosterone obviously has a detrimental effect on androgenic scalp hair by nature. For the lucky few (20% age 80 and older) there are a hell of a lot of protective mechanisms in place to prevent miniaturization. It isn’t the norm.

            Here is one about the behavior of the hair follicle bulge changing upon overly constant stat3 signaling


            And another the talks about how targeting STAT3/IL6 signaling in prostate cancer blocks AR gene transcription


      1. I have read the book. I kind of forgot most of what’s inside it though. LOL. His idea of bringing metabolism is very interesting, it might work if someone’s MPB is environmental or conditional but IMO his approach is unfocused and doesn’t really deal with what may be the real cause of genetic MPB. I do have my own theory and unfortunately can’t prove it yet. If only I knew more about chemistry and having access to a lab, I could probably come up with something interesting.

      2. This is also true about fat around them when being transplanted. But during FUE the arector pili muscle is cut and the transplanted hair ends up making a new one in the new environment. That is why I don’t think the AGA follicles are un-savable. Get rid of the chemical signals causing the imbalances/inflammation for long enough, and then when the right balance is restored it should be able to repair itself, overcome cellular senescence, start making hair shaft again, repair erector pilli, and work as normal. Just like in cancer inflammation is the kickstarter of bad events. Clearly blocking AR is not enough and/or not the right outlet. Will still have to fight genetic predisposition to going bald, but this should be easier once we figure out how to reverse this.

        1. @matt

          I’d say the affected gene at 20p11 is more likely to be PAX1 rather than FOXA2. Those SNPs are in a PAX1 enhancer region, and FOXA2 is not even expressed in hair follicles at all, while PAX1 _is_ expressed in dermal papilla cells specifically. Intriguingly, the same SNPs associated with AGA are _inversely_ associated with female idiopathic scoliosis (specifically female and not male, so it’s a sexually dimorphic effect!):

          There is also an AR binding site in that region. Hmm…

          1. Yes. perhaps it has to do with both PAX1 and FOXA2. I do know I have read that PAX1 is expressed in the DP. Stat3 is also abundantly expressed in the DP among other hair follicle populations and can not only be phosphorilized by IL6 but it can be activated by other pathways as well. And a direct ligand of IL6 is Stat3. It can translocate into the nucleus, associate with the AR, and regulate a cascade of gene transcription. Stat3 can also have an effect on the mitochondria of cells WITHOUT being phosphorilated through JAK. The at risk SNP’s lie closer to PAX1 than to FOXA2… But the fact that, out of the many functions, FOXA2 is a regulator of steroid metabolism (wiki it) and responds to IL-6 is pretty indicting of this region to me. This so called “junk DNA” lying in between 2 genes is clearly having an effect on FOXA2 and PAX1.

            Either way i think we can both agree that the SNP at 20p11 is CRITICALLY important for AGA to develop.
            Here is a nice article on some of the genes.


            A variant of AR is by far the highest single SNP at risk for AGA in europeans but number 2 is a SNP at 20p11. And it is a pretty significant #2. And we cannot ignore, again, that according to this study


            Genetic defects aka differences in Androgen receptors and/or EDAR between AR/EDAR PLAY NO ROLL IN INCREASED OR DECREASED LIKELINESS OF AGA IN HAN CHINESE. Only 5 seperate SNP’s around 20p11 INFER INCREASED RISK. And among a study of europeans, having an at risk AR/EDAR SNP along with an at risk 20p11 SNP INCREASED THE LIKELIHOOD OF DEVELOPING AGA 7X as much as controls.

            So while i am far and away from an expert, I really do think that AGA is clearly a androgen started “disease.” But it quickly becomes independent to androgens. Something that the androgens are acting on is what is causing all of this to go wrong. Stopping androgens in the middle of balding will do nothing to reverse the loss. Something has been set in place by the initial inflammation/signaling that must be reversed. I sure as hell think that a combination of topical tofacitinib/ruxolitinib along with fin for a year is our best shot at taking a NW 7 back to a NW 0 before miniaturization resistant hair transplants come about.

          2. You do bring up a good point though. The 20p11 SNP is closer to PAX1 than the gene that it is on the other side of the SNP that it is farther away from, FOXA2. I just truly think even though PAX1 is the one expressed in the DP that FOXA2 MUST play a critical roll. I mean for the love of god “Steroid metabolism” is one of its functions. AKA androgen metabolism. It also regulates response to IL-6 which we know causes catagen after inducible DHT. And couple this with the fact that IL-6 mainly works through Stat3, which is also known in many tissue to be a key platform for a number of inflammitory mediators to work through, as well as plays an important roll in stem cell behavior/decision making/crosstalk in multiple organs. STAT3/IL6 has also been known to cause premature cellular senescence (JUST LIKE WE ARE GETTING IN BALDING DP). Not only this, but blocking this pathway has brought back a full head of hair in humans that had lost it. I just wish for the love of god we could get this in a topical and know once and for all.

    1. “Started to regrow.” Of course blocking androgen can bring back a NW or 2. I’m only saying it isn’t going to take a NW 7 to a NW 0

      1. The article itself said that the guy regrow all his hair from slick bald to Ronaldx Reagan kind of hair. That called total reversal.

  37. Bronzu before and after pics looks great! If we can get as much regrowth as that baby with AA then this will be a game changer for many of us. The science behind it us solid. The fda of course won’t allow this in the US so it looks like we will have to fly to Italy and buy 10 bottles of it and fly back home. The fda sucks and it’s a main reason why we are not far ahead in advanced medicine

  38. M jones I live right outside of philadelphia. And so you know, prp is nothing to write home about but it does help. I had it done with rappaport a year ago and I did get some light regrowth. If I had more money id go every few months as I believe it would slow down the process. Are you making an appointment with cots or what? If there is one thing I want you to do is find out if he has another topical besides minoxidil that one can use with his new device? If its just minox I and Many are screwed. Wish he would be more specific about the already approved product he is referring to, to go along with his new device. I have a feeling he is referring to minox as he highlights how much hair growth improves when minox is coupled with his device.

  39. You really have to do 20 injections pr. session on this treatment? Wow! Hope the serum is safe! 20 is a whole lot!

  40. So at first I was excited about this.

    But then I read further into all of the details and I’m sort of unimpressed.

    Sure, the 100 hairs / sq. cm (25 terminal, 75 vellus) figure sounds amazing. But we know it’s a half-truth. The terminal hairs must be too thin to provide viable coverage. Otherwise, there is no way their investors would have dropped out in 2013.

    And so we’re left with the hope that the fgf-9 discovery was the catalyst that could turn the 100 hairs / sq. cm into something really substantial.

    But this prospectus says nothing of the sort. Instead, it says that they’re choosing to use Rogaine.

    Further, they are now going for 510k clearance… rendering the Phase 1 and Phase 2 trials they completed earlier completely useless. Anything — including low-level laser light therapy — can receive 510k clearance. They certainly don’t need an additional “pivotal” trial to satisfy the FDA that their dermabrasion device is structurally similar to other dermabrasion devices.

    I wish I could go back to 2007 and have NBC interview me and then raise millions of dollars to take TEN YEARS to approve Rogaine + dermabrasion.

    Still, I’m so desperate that I’ll cry if this ever gets approved. I’m just disappointed that they wasted so many years hiding in the dark without even trying any of their truly novel and proprietary science.

  41. @matt

    PAX1 is involved in cross-talk between the Shh and BMP pathways, thereby playing a role in pattern formation. Shh-BMP cross-talk is also important in hair follicles of course, so perhaps it plays a role there, but we don’t know what it is.

    “Genetic defects aka differences in Androgen receptors and/or EDAR between AR/EDAR PLAY NO ROLL IN INCREASED OR DECREASED LIKELINESS OF AGA IN HAN CHINESE.”

    Right, because all East Asians have the same alleles at EDA2R/AR (they all have the “bad” version of AR, incidentally).

    “So while i am far and away from an expert, I really do think that AGA is clearly a androgen started “disease.” But it quickly becomes independent to androgens. Something that the androgens are acting on is what is causing all of this to go wrong. Stopping androgens in the middle of balding will do nothing to reverse the loss. Something has been set in place by the initial inflammation/signaling that must be reversed. I sure as hell think that a combination of topical tofacitinib/ruxolitinib along with fin for a year is our best shot at taking a NW 7 back to a NW 0 before miniaturization resistant hair transplants come about.”

    I’ll be the pessimist and predict that it can’t do that. I’d be thrilled to be wrong though. :p

    “STAT3/IL6 has also been known to cause premature cellular senescence (JUST LIKE WE ARE GETTING IN BALDING DP).”

    Many kinds of cellular stressors can do that. I don’t think STATs have much to do with senescence of DPCs in AGA, at least not based on the material I’ve been looking at, but that’s part of a much larger puzzle that I’ve been playing with. I’d say that STATs could play some role in AGA, but there are a lot of things going on.

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