How often do you get a haircut?

There was a time when my hair was always perfect.  Lengthy, silky, no dandruff, no curliness above the ears, no itching, no thinning areas and so on.  I could go months without a haircut and still look well groomed. Moreover, I rarely ever shampooed my hair, and often washed it just once a week (with only water) !

Over the years, as the male hormones and genetics have taken over, I now have to get a haircut every 4-5 weeks in order to prevent whats left from getting out of hand.  Moreover, I now have to wash my hair every single day and am forced to use Nizoral shampoo once a week to control the itching and inflammation.  It seems like whenever I try to delay my haircut beyond 5 weeks after my prior one, I get more frequent itching and overall bad hair quality and texture.

I started to think about all the above after:

  1. Seeing my alcoholic hirsute friend get a haircut after 6 months this week!  What is it with alcoholics and great hair?
  2. Reading the below entertaining and well researched Twitter feed from Christopher Ingraham from two days ago summarizing one of the leading current Republican presidential candidate (Wisconsin governor Scott Walker)’s mentions of getting haircuts in 2011 on his Twitter account (he mentions the word haircut 19 times in total, with 5 shown in the below Twitter feed!):

Based on the spacing of those tweets, it seems like Mr. Walker got a haircut every 2.5 to 3 months in 2011, unless he forgot to mention a few more in between.  I am surprised that Mr. Walker waited so long to get haircuts, since he is balding significantly per his latest photos and balding men need to get more frequent haircuts.  Perhaps in 2011, Mr. Walker was not balding as severely as he is today? Even funnier, Mr. Walker had one of the wackiest explanations you will ever hear when asked to discuss his balding last year:

Governor Scott Walker recently mentioned his bald spot and attributed it to bumping his head on a kitchen cabinet.

This election season is shaping up to be the most comedic one ever, with a lot of focus on hair — since both Scott Walker and Donald Trump are now among the leading candidates for the Republican nomination.  Hopefully we will soon also find out how often Mr. Trump gets a haircut or how often he gets his toupee replaced if that is really not his hair.  I am beginning to believe his claims that it is his real hair.  Other leading candidates Marco Rubio and Mike Huckabee have also been asked about their receding hairlines or bald spots.  All of this marks a great improvement from John Edwards and his $400 haircuts, but we are still a long way from getting a Norwood 7 elected into the white house.

15 thoughts on “How often do you get a haircut?”

  1. I get mine cut every 2-3 weeks. It’s necessary as the sides and back are so thick and dense compared to the top :/

    Sadly, I had decent hair until I was about 10. It became very coarse/frizzy and I had quite the white boy ‘fro. I used to hate my hair and all the guys who could style theirs so easily and pull off cool, longer hairstyles. Now I’d give anything just to have even my old hair back. I started noticing density/thickness changes on top as young as 18/19. It’s been a gradual downhill loss since then. But, since I always hated my hair and never considered it one of my better attributes; hairloss hasn’t hit me as hard as some guys. Though of course I do hope for a great treatment soon.

      1. I’m not. I’ve been tempted to try Rogaine/propecia but the results never impressed me and the risks seemed too great. I’m waiting on the next big thing…tho ill prob be totally bald by then :p

  2. It’s been a loooong time since I’ve had a haircut and it looks a bit silly right now.

    That said, I’m a bit of an alcoholic (sometimes drink 50+ a week, though not usually) and I actually blame some of my hair loss on that.

    That said, alcohol is very estrogenic (beer more so…. the hops), and we all know estrogen is good for hair. On the other hand, alcohol ties up the liver (responsible for ridding the body of DHT) and thus temporarily increases DHT serum levels.

    1. Haha Dan great to read that and interesting thoughts about DHT and alcohol. For the past year or two, I have regularly been drinking 10-15 a week and was getting concerned….but I know people that drink 50 plus every week who look and feel decent even after doing so for 20 plus years. I don’t think my liver could handle anywhere near that amount for even a year. How long have you been drinking so much?

      1. Not long… I’m 28, started drinking at 21 and only started drinking more than 20-25 week as an absolute max in the last year or so. 50 is pretty rare for me but it’s still an insane amount of alcohol… and I usually consume it within 2-3 days.

        I also have hypothyroidism, diagnosed at 27; I wonder (I’m pretty suspicious) if it wasn’t the alcohol abuse that precipitated this. I’d wondered why hypothyroidism was so much more common in women than in men (my mother has it) given that it isn’t a sex-linked (X or Y-linked) trait, at least from what we know; then I discovered hormonal changes can bring it about in predisposed individuals…. ergo it’s so much more common for it to present during pregnancy or in postpartum or menopausal women.

        As we know, hormones go a bit nuts after drinking lots of alcohol… estrogen goes way up and testosterone goes way down. So I may have myself to blame. Or it may just be awful luck that I as a male got it 10 years before my mother ever did. :/

  3. Haha, I live in oslo and we have alot of heroinist.. Wandering around and look like they are hired as extras in a walking dead scene. BUT they usually have tremendous great hair.
    LIFE IS UNFAIR I thought, but after some search it appeared that heroine lowers testosterone massivly and it wont start going up until about a month after quitting the drug on daily basis.
    So, thats today fun fact.
    Personally i decided to not start any heroine treatment for getting thick hair xD

    1. Very interesting, and great choice:-)

      I am a fan of Magnus Carlsen FYI and envy his chess and hairline (his dad is bald).

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