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How often do you get a Haircut?

Since the beginning of 2020, how often have you been getting a haircut? For most people, I assume this number declined in comparison to 2019.

Nancy Pelosi Hair Salon
White House press conference taken over by Nancy Pelosi’s illegal hair salon visit.

In much of the US, hair salons, beauty parlors and barbershops were forced to close for around 4 months this year.

Even after re-opening, they still require people to wear masks continuously while getting a haircut. And most salons limit occupancy levels and take your temperature before accepting you.

Myself and Nancy Pelosi are Superior Beings

I cannot go for more than 4-5 weeks without getting a haircut. I explain why in the original version of this 2015 post further below.

Ever since the Coronavirus pandemic started in 2020, I have tried to prolong this time frame. However, I could never go beyond 2 months. Besides looking disheveled, the itching and dandruff seem to get worse the longer I wait between haircuts.

Ultimately, I got 2 illegal haircuts in 2020. Without wearing a mask or getting my temperature taken. And by going to an illegally open barbershop operated by a wonderful woman. She only accepted one client at a time. As far as I could tell, the local police supported this small business owner by never fining or arresting her. One cop even saw me go into her building after parking outside. Other barbers in my state rebelled too. Do I feel entitled and think that these nonsensical anti-barbershop visitation laws do not apply to me? Yes.

Mitt Romney Haircut.
Mitt Romney Getting a Haircut at Home.

This week, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (the most powerful women in the US) joined me in acting entitled and superior while breaking the law. Or, more likely, she always exercised her superiority complex. I was just late to the party.

In Mrs. Pelosi’s hometown of San Francisco, getting a hair blowout and wash treatment at indoor salons or spas is still currently illegal. Yet Mrs. Pelosi was caught red handed (see videos below) breaking the law. While Californians are forced to get outdoor haircuts and hair treatments, Madam Speaker got preferential and illegal indoor treatment. And she removed her mask when she was not supposed to.

All while she has lectured and threatened people this whole year about wearing masks and following government rules. Based on her actions, 80-year old high Covid-19 risk Nancy Pelosi likely does not really believe in these sham recommendations. Just like myself.

However, unlike Mrs. Pelosi (and Dr. Anthony Fauci and Governor Cuomo), I do not scare people into following rules that I do not believe in myself. I may have a superiority complex, but I doubt that I will ever have a hypocritical complex. Blog readers should correct me if they ever smell any hypocrisy in my opinions.

Erica Kious owns the eSalon where the Speaker of the House got her hair treatment. Some interesting comments on Erica’s Yelp.

July 15, 2015

How often do you get a Haircut?

There was a time when my hair was always perfect. Lengthy, silky, symmetrical growth, no dandruff, no itching, no curliness above the ears, and absolutely no thinning areas. I could go months without a haircut and still look well groomed. Moreover, I rarely ever shampooed my hair, and often washed it just once or twice a week (with only water).

Over the years, as male hormones and genetics have taken over, I now have to get a haircut every 4-5 weeks in order to prevent whats left from getting out of hand. Moreover, I now have to wash my hair every single day, and am forced to use Nizoral shampoo once a week to control the itching and inflammation.

It seems like whenever I try to delay my haircut beyond 5 weeks after my prior one, I get more frequent itching and overall bad hair quality and texture. I even start pulling out my own hair after 5 weeks of keeping it uncut.

Scott Walker’s Haircut Obsession

I started to think about all the above after:

  1. Seeing my alcoholic hirsute friend get a haircut after 6 months this week! What is it with so many alcoholics and great hair?
  2. Reading the below entertaining and well researched Twitter feed from Christopher Ingraham. The leading current 2016 Republican presidential candidate is Wisconsin governor Scott Walker. He is obsessed with getting haircuts. He has mentioned the word “haircut” 19 times (!) on his Twitter feed, including 5 times in 2011:
How often do you get a haircut?
How often do you get your hair cut?

Based on the spacing of those Tweets, it seems like Mr. Walker got a haircut every 2.5 months in 2011. Unless he forgot to mention a few more such instances. I am surprised that Mr. Walker waited so long between haircuts, since he is balding significantly per his latest photos.

Balding men usually need to get more frequent haircuts. Perhaps Mr. Walker was not balding as severely in 2011 as he is today? Even funnier, Mr. Walker had one of the wackiest explanations ever when asked to discuss his balding last year:

Governor Scott Walker recently mentioned his bald spot and attributed it to bumping his head on a kitchen cabinet.

Politicians and their Hair

This election season is shaping up to be the most comedic ones ever, with a lot of focus on hair. Both Scott Walker and Donald Trump are now among the leading candidates for the Republican nomination.

Hopefully we will soon find out how often Mr. Trump gets a haircut or how often he gets his toupee replaced if that is really not his hair. I am, however, beginning to believe his claims that it really is his own hair. Edit: See my newer posts on Donald Trump’s hair.

Other leading candidates Marco Rubio and Mike Huckabee have also been asked about their receding hairlines and bald spots. All of this marks a great improvement from past discussions about Norwood 1 Democrat John Edwards and his $400 haircuts.

Unfortunately, we are still a long way from getting a Norwood 7 elected into the White House. Perhaps once a women is elected as President, they will finally focus on electing a bald male? Or, even better, a man with an obvious combover? Correction: Dwight Eisenhower was severely balding when elected in 1953 (h/t reader “Longbow).