Histogen Phase 3 Trials on Men Begin in Mexico

Update 2020: Histogen merging with Conatus Pharmaceuticals.

Update 2019: It seems like Histogen’s male hair loss product (HST001) clinical trials never worked out in Mexico. A new article from Histogen states that Phase 1b trials for HST001 (Hair Stimulating Complex) would start later in 2019. Note that their female hair loss product is called HSC660.

Earlier today, commentator “Bekoo” posted some groundbreaking news about Histogen in regards to their men’s hair loss product. The information he posted was part of an article that appeared a few days ago in the San Diego Tribune on July 12th 2018. Note that Histogen is headquartered in San Diego, so the company is often covered in the city’s main local newspapers.

Histogen Hair Stimulating Complex (HSC660) for Women

Histogen Hair Stimulating Complex HSC660
Histogen Hair Stimulating Complex HSC660 for Women. Before and After Photo.

The title and gist of this new article is in regards to Histogen’s women’s hair loss product (HSC660) trials starting. I already discussed this development recently. So even though it was in my Google alerts, I was never planning to read the article in it’s entirety… until “Bekoo” saved us and posted his findings today.

Histogen Starts Phase 3 Trials in Mexico

  • By far the biggest news is that Histogen has started Phase 3 clinical trials in Mexico for its men’s hair product. This product is called “an earlier version of HSC660” in the San Diego Tribune article, so might be slightly different from the newer women’s HSC660.

Note that in 2016, Histogen estimated that their men’s  hair loss product would be available in Mexico in 2018. They were planning to start Phase 3 trials in Mexico “soon” per that 2016 post of mine. So it looks like they got delayed by 1.5 years or so. Better late than never of course.

Gail Naughton

  • Also, per CEO Dr. Gail Naughton, they anticipate success with these Phase 3 trials and are looking towards commercialization:

“We’re in very late-stage negotiations with some huge retail partners. A deal should be concluded in the next few months.”

59 thoughts on “Histogen Phase 3 Trials on Men Begin in Mexico”

  1. As a side note…..If you guys were a norwood 2.5….Like chris Evans with thinning in the middle of hair, no bald spots, but chris evans recession with some thinning in middle…..if you had a jawline, my facial structure is like a singer called Nick Lachey. Only reason why I know of him is because I always got compared to him. Would you buzz cut? If so, what guard? A 1 on the sides with a high fade 2 on top? A .5 on sides?

  2. I don’t know whether I should be happy. Because we can only be immensely happy when we use the product and we grow our hairs back. Otherwise more joy turned out to be a disappointment sometimes.

    I read the link from another comment and it seems the older one , but still the results shown if correct then worth using the product provided that no severe side effects and I would say then why side effects even.

  3. This is a injectable for Treatment every 12 weeks? Seems I will spend my hollidays in Mexico Two times next year! :-) :-)

  4. Wondering if in addition to this new treatment one would need to continue use of min and fin if currently on that treatment plan.

      1. If min and fin are poisonous and I’ve used them for 30 years/20 years respectively, I must be writing this from the grave.

        1. these are poison (or at risk of being) for the scalp / face and libido, I prefer to be shaved but with a healthy libido

          1. Yeah, they worked well, I’d be horseshoe bald many years ago if it wasn’t for fin/min. I’d say I’m an NW 2-3 these days, lost some ground about 5 years ago. They aren’t as effective as they used to be but beats the alternative. And despite what these above rocket scientists (who probably never tried or have limited experience) say, minimal to no sides, I’m 55, don’t need Viagra and a youthful appearance, awesome skin. If you don’t take care of yourself, blaming treatments for how you look/feel is an easy out for loosers.

            1. I’m in the same boat as you with about a 30/20 min/fin usage. Still have a decent head of hair with no bald spots but thinning in the crown. I’m 52 but people guess in the early 40’s. No side effects on the libido.

  5. Eddie from what I remember you don’t have to use current treatments for it to work. Gail did mention that you willget mote regrowth in conjunction with Propecia.

  6. Histogen is long overdue in the news department!
    Honestly, I gave up on them. Glad to hear they are pressing on.

    1. Joe, I honestly don’t think temporary or permanent SMP affects hair follicles. SMP is used to supplement hair transplants regularly. I’ve had it done, and my hair grows through it. It’s just tattoo ink. I remember checking this online about 15 years ago by looking at tattoo photos online. Just look up tattoo pics and see all the hair growing through :-) I’m fairly sure the ink is in a different layer of skin than the hair follicle. I hope this helps.

      1. I have a full sleeve tattoo on my left arm and the arm hairs grow through the ink! I would guess the head is the same as well.

      2. Thanks. I’m a diffuse thinner and have been debating on temp SMP to fill everything in. Little nervous about influencing future treatments though. Hopefully SMP could do the trick until some of the newer treatments do come out! Thanks again :)

  7. I’m a little bit surprised that they didn’t do a press release for the male phase III trial, and just sort of left it as a footnote. Although I’ve heard from an ex-insider that generally research companies are loud when they need money and get more and more quiet as something big comes along.

    So yeah… Don’t really know how to interpret the news to be honest.

  8. Anyone that has been around enough knows that phase 3 is big. Just an affirmation that they are in phase 3 is good. Doesn’t mean this is a for sure thing but I’ll take it.

    Honestly I thought histogen stopped working on the product but I’m happily surprised to be wrong.

    I took a look at the HLT forum on this topic and wow. People are still bashing them, specifically for their photos. I get that photos are important but if you are skeptical of any company you should be checking out their data, not their photos. Photos whether they look professional or not are easily manipulated. The data, while it can be manipulated as well, is under much more scrutiny when going through trials. No administration/ company is going to look at photos and say “yep! Looks good to move on!” They want data.

    Beyond that I’m not surprised that any of these companies are holding their cards to their chest especially with the hair loss community as it is. I hate to say it but with how brazen and irrational we are I think we actually sway public opinion and in turn sway their funding sources. Imagine doing research and coming across a group of people screaming “scam!” Ugh.

    I hope all are doing well and continue fighting the good fight. I officially took on the rank of NW 3 this year (32 years old and still hoping for better treatments).


    1. I was NW6 by your age. I disagree in that I think photos are worth more than data. It is a cosmetic fault we need to address, so if you can’t tell just by looking, if you have to read data to know the difference, then what is the point? PRP had data. Lasercap had data, ACell had data. All useless.

      When I did my before and after videos on the hair system I showed videos, better than photos, not data.

    1. This is 40 years away. Anything mice related won’t ever see the human trials. It’s all the same repetitive breakthroughs that get hype then disappear .
      I’m really only banking on follica now. It’s the only thing that will grow hair. Even if it’s just results like the Indian study I’ll take it. Add a fue and done.

    2. Doxycycline is already used for several orher hair loss disorders.

      Some state that even in AGA it stops the inflammation and subsequently the hair loss.

      This while DHT stays present in the dht sensitive tissue, because doxycycline only handles the inflammation and not the dht nor the dht sensitivity.

  9. …..just wondering if you have an email alert option, or had considered adding one – DEFINITELY would be very much appreciated by all indications!

    1. Tissuse (Berlin) has developed organ-on-a-chip and human-on-a-chip. That would mean testing drugs and assuring safety without animal testing (ASAT).

      However, I don’t understand why they can’t pass certain hurdles for their Smart Hair Transplant (SHT). Now they seem to wait for Takashi Tsuji to show them the magic final steps.

      Is Tissuse anywhere in the news in Germany? Or are we just those freaks that follow everything related to regeneration :)

  10. This has been the treatment i have been most excited about for a while. Thats great news! This should blow all competition out of the water. Even riken would/will be way more pricey and inconvenient and not to mention it still not ready while this is already ready for use today as soon as it is approved.

    1. Cheap and soon-to-be-available are definite good things, but does it make a difference to the naked eye? Or does one have to read data or get out the microscope to tell the difference?

  11. I 100% agree with Scott. The data can say all it wants. If the pics don’t show moderate improvement then it’s not that great.

  12. Histogen is and always a scam… They having nothing in their sleeves..
    I would rather get a fue than believe these scamsters

    1. Farthan, you seem like a very smart individual who’s comments are based in pure logic as opposed to emotion or otherwise. What is the basis for your intelligent assessment?

      1. First of all their company doesn’t have anything note worthy…. secondly I’m hearing them when i was a teenager…now i am almost bald…. Real companies doesn’t bs…they deliver… They say they have working product and the reason they cant release is due to funds..lol….if u have working product you don’t need funds….and whats with injecting proteins and vitamins lol… That wont trigger hair…u know how b hair loss is…

        1. Sound logic…I forgot about all the other treatments that have come out since Histogen was started. If it was that easy everyone would be doing it! I have no idea if Histogen will be successful but as a San Diegan I can tell you that Dr. Naughton is well respected in the community and as a researcher in the Biotech space. But I’ll take some random brain surgeon on the internet’s (il)logic over that! :-)

  13. Has anything been mentioned in the media about the price of Histogen treatment? Or does anyone dare to take a guess? And will that price be once a year or every 12 weeks?

  14. I’m glad there are a few possible upcoming options on the horizon, but injections every 12 weeks? (Think about that for a second?!) For how many sessions/years? At what cost? Gotta agree with Scott about photos too.

  15. Phase 3 for men started and no new photo evidence from phase 2? Ok.
    can’t wait to see the names of these huge Retail Partners they have lined up. That should tell us a lot when we finally see that info

  16. Histogen is notorious for terrible before and after photos (lighting/combed back & then uncombed). It’s going to be no better than if you are a prp responder lol.

    1. @Emperor alopecia totally agree and this is why when I did my hair system before and after they were videos, not dodgy images that leave you wondering if it is even the same person or some dodgy data that stated I “maintained stability after X months” whatever the hell that even means anyway.

      Appreciate that by going with the hair system, some people may either see me as the cheat or a bad guy, but whatever “cure” you are holding out for, accept nothing less than a video. Who in this day and age cannot afford a phone that does video recording? Even when I was in Uganda they had them. Real situations expose fake people.

        1. @Newerah – not quite. In fact I am one of the very few “real” people here. Admin can confirm that. If asking for a high standard of proof makes me the bad guy then I am glad to be the bad guy.
          The same applies when looking at weight loss programs. Why doesn’t the advertiser show a video instead of a sketchy before and after photo? Don’t be anybody’s fool.

  17. Yeah. Maybe we should contact them and let them know it’s not going to work. All because our google search says so and their ten years of schooling was a scam. Y not wait for the final product before saying it is crap.

    1. Chris2 , because some people are miserable and the only small joy they feel is being negative. I have no idea if Histogen will be a success or a flop. Let me repeat that…I have no idea. My guess is that it will be a viable treatment with moderate success, not turn a NW 7 into an NW 1 . Understandable why a guy who bought a rug would be down on it. This forum should be for stock tips, some of these guys think they are able to predict the future. Let’s hope they are wrong!

    1. Harold. This is an awesome article. It’s probably nothing we’ll benefit from for another ten years, but it’s just amazing to know the possibilities of epigenetics (which can affect live people without gene mods). Anti-aging to feel and look younger longer will happen someday. What’s cool is that this experiment shows wrinkles going away (so it’s not just irreversible wear and tear). This article from the university has more detail.. I must say this gives me a reason to respect Alabama..

  18. Exp Dermatol. 2018 Jul 22. doi: 10.1111/exd.13753.

    Dissociated Skin Cells Regenerate Hair Follicles in a MicroWound, “The Punch Assay”.

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