Evolis Shampoo Enters China and the US

Update: December 20, 2021 — Evolis Professional just changed its name to Anagenics. Their popular hair loss shampoo currently has a 4 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon based on 190 reviews.

Evolis Shampoo
Evolis Shampoo.

I have covered Australia based Cellmid (now Anagenics) and its Evolis line of plant based hair loss products a number of times in the past. However, I usually limited my discussion of Cellmid to a small part of my once-a-month “brief items” posts.

There are many other companies that are of far more interest to those of us who are looking for a permanent hair loss cure. Note that in 2023, Marie Claire listed Evolis Professional Promote as one its 25 best shampoos.

Évolis, Cellmid and FGF5 Inhibition

I do not consider the Cellmid’s fibroblast growth factor 5 (FGF-5) based Évolis™ line of natural hair growth products to be any kind of a miracle hair loss treatment. However, it is not out of the question that Évolis products can at least modestly benefit your hair.

There is quite a bit of scientific evidence in regards to the inverse connection between the FGF5 protein and scalp hair growth and length. Perhaps the most well known paper on this subject is one that was co-authored by Dr Claire Higgins and Dr. Angela Christiano in 2014: “FGF5 is a crucial regulator of hair length in humans“.

FGF5 causes hair to stop growing. In the absence of FGF5, people can grow excessively long hair. Cellmid CEO Maria Halasz has quite an interesting story to tell in regards to the start of her company and product. Some years ago, while on a trip to Japan, she accidentally discovered that certain natural ingredients inhibited FGF5 and promoted hair growth in the process. Hence was born Évolis.

Evolis Ingredients
Evolis Shampoo Ingredients.

I found the above primarily natural ingredient list on one of Évolis’ product packaging inserts.

Evolis Enters China and the US in 2018

  • In May 2018, it was announced that Cellmid was entering into a distribution deal in China with Beijing Fukangren Bio-PharmTech. The latter will distribute the former’s Évolis anti-aging and hair care products in China.
  • In July 2018, Cellmid entered into a sales agreement with US based department stores Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdales. These chains will start selling the company’s hair loss products in September 2018.

Interesting, only one person currently seems to be selling Evolis on Amazon. In contrast, numerous third party vendors are selling Shiseido’s Adenosine based Japanese products.

Note that Maria Halasz purchased $7.5 million worth of Cellmid stock at the end of 2017.

57 thoughts on “Evolis Shampoo Enters China and the US”

  1. I bought the shampoo last week.. don’t think it will help in any way but the smell of shampoo is too good

    1. You are right, this shampoo doesn’t in any way help out in regrowth neither does it prevent hair fall. One of the hyped product.

  2. Update topical FIN:

    My hair loss has slowed down considerably during the last 4 months while using topical FIN once a day. When I gently tug the hairs surrounding my balding area, I don’t see any strands on my hands. The scalp pain is not completely gone, but it is fairly reduced.

    The weird thing is that one of my temples, which has thinned out completely 10 years ago, seems to be coming back. This while my crown area, which is balding during the last 5 years, shows no regrowth at all. FIN should work better on the crown, the theory goes, well not in this case, at least not during the first 4 months.

    I hope topical FIN keeps working like this, it would give me the opportunity to let an HT surgeon fill in my crownpatch which is roughly 30cm2. An ISHRS surgeon said I would need 1500 grafts of the 10000 available in the donor.

  3. FGF5 may well play a roll in the lifecycle of hair, but the real question is if an herbal product — sanguisorba oficianalis — antagonizes the receptor. At least one of the research entities (Advangen) involved in the study Cellmid uses to support their claim is also owned by Cellmid. I would want research from independent third parties to corroborate these claims before I spent any money on this stuff.

    Conflicts of interest don’t necessarily invalidate the science, but it’s a reason to be cautious.

  4. Netshed…nice I’m glad its working for you buddy. Were you using oral finasteride before or currently using it with topical? Or is this your first time using finasteride?

  5. I’ve been using évolis twice a day for over a year. In my experience, I can’t say it’s done anything really amazing for a NW2? Being impatient, I bagged it at first, but hair seems to be holding lately? It defiantly does a wonderful job at fluffing up your hair with it’s volumizing ingredients though! Ha. (Same goes for the shampoo). At AUD$59 it’s reasonably priced for 50ml which should last one month at twice-a-day dosage. A hair-loss doctor told me some of his patients swear by it, but I’m still on the fence? I also combine it with Fusion Hair Tonic (4 caps a-day), but read on Pub Med the active ingredient Phytofol can increase estrogen! Not what I need having low T. Shedding seemed to stop dead in its tracks when I started Fusion, but that could be a coincidence? So who knows? Hair looks/feels slightly thicker, but I surf regularly, so it might be salt water fluffing it up too!!! I’m not about to make any ‘bro-science’ claims here. I’m still chasing rainbows in regards to a cure/treatment, but évolis might produce good results in others?
    Pretty sure you can order évolis online via Priceline Pharmacy (Australia) and I’m 99% sure they ship internationally.

  6. I’ve been using Evolis since Dec, along with Rogaine and WNT Act. Not sure if any of these are making a difference, since I can’t compare to the trajectory my hair would have without them. I think it’s growing faster but I definitely don’t have the hair thickness I desire, maybe a little thinner than before.

    I order it from the Niemann Marcus website, they don’t sell it in stores.

  7. @Mjones,

    First time I use (topical) FIN. I got severe sides from oral Saw Palmetto 5 years ago, so almost every specialist/surgeon I spoke to during the last 5 years, said I should wait for a topical. So it was only MIN and ketoshampoo during those years for me.

    Now, we have better chances something new comes to the market in the upcoming years. Hopefully FIN can save us a little until those products emerge.

  8. PolarityTE made a commercial update on their website today 25/07/18. They do address the fraud rumours etc in this post, also added that their ‘positive’ clinical outcomes will be presented (September 28-October 1, 2018) at the ASPS conference in Chicago. Which is great news, hopefully they move onto the hair testing phase soon.

    I also found this interesting article http://www.ipwatchdog.com/2018/07/11/polarityte-stock-activist-short-seller-misrepresenting-public-pair/id=99246/ this article has an overview of their apparent ‘fraud’ the article appears to break down the lawsuit, and it would appear that the lawsuit has nothing to do with the science behind the product.

    1. I can’t believe that whole story blew my mind incredible…. Citron just looks so ghetto and has enough prowess to damagerehat much market cap over a flop accusation.

      Good find man that guy is sharp in his response I’m surprised. I thought citron or short sellers in general have back up experts …citron might get sued or in trouble legally themselves for market manipulating or slander…. if not .. That’s the best business to be in better than anything because its riskless insider trading legal free money manipulating public perception.

  9. more puzzle pieces:

    The Mesenchymal Niche of the Hair Follicle Induces Regeneration by Releasing Primed Progenitors from Inhibitory Effects of Quiescent Stem Cells.

    The mechanisms by which stem cell (SC) quiescence is regulated to allow normal regeneration are poorly understood. Here, we show that the mesenchymal niche of the hair follicle, the dermal papilla (DP), governs the properties of quiescent SCs in the bulge despite its relatively distant location.


  10. this is not prp? Seems to target immune system issue?

    Injectable Platelet-, Leukocyte-, and Fibrin-Rich Plasma (iL-PRF) in the Management of Androgenetic Alopecia.

    Overall, TG showed better scores compared with the CG in all 5 classes of global physician assessment at baseline, all age groups, and in both sexes, and such differences always reached statistical significance. A greater severity at baseline showed a larger improvement after treatment in the TG.


    1. Yeah most people don’t realize this but it’s very likely that if you find the fountain of youth you’ll have your hair back or they won’t fall out. The culprit is the DHT but with a youthful skin and cells the DHT over time won’t cause the hair to shrink because it’s likely that the young body will simpyl fix any “damage” or “change” that the DHT does over time.

  11. I’m sure that if I go to a deserted island for 5 years and then come back to civilization full of hope for a definitive cure … I would only be disappointed to learn that no cure has been found …
    I’m so tired of being bald…

    1. @lorence get a hair system if it bothers you that much, provided you live somewhere relatively cool and you don’t work in a bakery or kitchen. I had to abandon mine this summer. Here in the UK we have had the hottest summer since records began, hundreds of years ago.

      There is a positive spin you can put on your mentality though. Learn a new skill, or even a new language, that may take 5 years. Then at the end you will have new skill(s) and hair.

      1. Hi Scott, I decided to get a hair system, even if I have many hair left. Its just so annoying to put these hair fibers on thin hair. I accepted the fact that I need to take off the system every second or third day but the result will be amazing. The company Heydecke hair systems is the number 1 in Germany and maybe also all over Europe. Go and check their YouTube videos. Not cheap but I want to get the best result. I will choose a french lace base system and maybe a swiss lace front or the middle french lace and the edges the other material which can be easily cleaned. Dont know the english term for it.

        1. Royaume, my hair salon get their systems from Germany, most likely the same company. I am not skilled enough to apply the system myself if I was just given the system. The hair stylist does a lot to it afterwards to make it realistic, so I just let them buy it then get to work on it. Good luck.

      2. @Scott:Thanks for the advice…
        I could never wear a hairpiece, it’s just my point of view …
        I’ve been fighting baldness for over 20 years … I think it’s time for a definitive cure for all of us.

        1. Buddy, dont waste ur time. We are surrounded by liars in the hair loss research field. Only have faith jn Japan. If even they lie, then forget it. Cant trust anybody.

      3. It’s barely even 90 degrees farenheight there. Why would you abandon it? People who live in Florida can wear it for a week or so without having to take it off? What’s the problem with your situation and how often did you have to take it off? Thanks.

  12. Shiseido will show results if they announce anything because they know right now if they have a cure or not today they are done. If they say nothing the next year than what ever theyve done failed. If they announce this year they’ll havw pics prices and so on.

    1. First past the post wins in the tech world. This is like the early 1980s war between Microsoft, Oracle and its rivals. Microsoft got its foothold on the desktop market and Oracle were the first to get a database working with the then new SQL standard. This made Oracle’s Larry Ellison worth 90 million dollars by age 41 and Microsoft’s Bill Gates worth 300 million dollars by age 30. As for their early rivals, they are gone.

      The next few months will be interesting. Notice the JAK enthusiasts have gone quiet lately.

      1. Scott, being quiet doesn’t necessarily equate to have given up on jaks, at least that’s not my case.

        I just avoid mentioning jak inhibitors every other day, especially in non jak related posts.

        I still lobby for jaks as I believe that Aclaris unlike many other companies would just discard the aga avenue should thet find out that it’s not feasible.

        1. Even if sisheido works they won’t market it full scale. I heard it will be small scale release. So the time you or I get this it won’t be for at least another few years IF it works. I still have faith in follica as being the only thing that will be effective and easy to get. Hopefully before 2020. Everything else will be around 2022 or later time frame and based on SM, Follicum, rivertown etc effectiveness it won’t be enough to grow back nw3 or greater hair loss. Tsuji in my opinion is years away…..hair loss industry is like the weight loss industry all scams and money hungry companies feeding on the desperate, selling us lies.

          1. It might be a small scale at first but at the same time, looking at it from a logic point of view. If you hold the cure in your hands, wouldn’t the logical part be to market it full scale and make as much money on it before any competitors gets to do so? It wouldn’t make any sense to wait, at least not 5 years given the upcoming competition they might have, granted they start as soon as phase 2 results gets published and obviously worked.

            Sure as hell would make my life better knowing I’ll at least see my hair grow back again, whether its less than 2 years or 5 years. It’s the unknowing and waiting part that pains me at least. So here’s to hoping that Shiseido made it!

    2. They will say something, that part is already confirmed. Anywhere between sep-nov you’ll hear from them. My bet is still on Tsuji but Shiseido is still a very close 2nd. I just don’t see any other company come close to either of them that can fully regrow complete bald spots. So if not shisedio, which we’ll know in a few months tops then Tsuji will be our man

  13. I’ve been on HGH 5 units a day through prescription that I got down in Mexico. I’ve also been using topical RU and nr11. All this for the last 4 months. My hair is the best it’s been in years. It used to be so weak my curly hair had gone straight and thin. Now it’s thicker and I can barely fight the curls with a brush :)

      1. Yup, I got the Polaris nr11 through MercadoLibre and the RU off a site that both produces and mails to people in Mexico. You’ll need a mailing address for those two. The HGH can be found in most big tourist town pharmacies without much trouble. If you go down there for HGH ask the pharmacist to get you a “receta” (prescripcion) from a doctor and put it in with the medication in checked luggage when you come back to USA. That way you’re doing it legally. I’d highly recommend going to the gym 4-5 times a week if you’re on HGH. Need to give the igf-1 reasons to grow target desired tissue. I haven’t been dermarolling with this but I’m thinking it could give me even better results.

        1. @Brian. Did you jump on HGH and topical ru and Nr11( thinking it’s topical fin, but I don’t know ) at the same time?
          Also at hgh,…..are you using hgh or the amino acid variants, peptides, like GHRP6 and 2?

          1. I started all three at relatively the same time. Nr11 is mostly just a higher concentration of min, 11%, plus very low dose topical fin. I’ve been on min 5% for years so I think it’s helped some. The RU is always suspect of even being real since it’s not regulated. From the other positive body changes I’ve seen I would assume the greatest factor to my hair improvement is the HGH. HGH is synthesized by real pharmacies where it’s near impossible to get its related peptides from a reputable source, so I’ve stuck with HGH. My hair still isn’t perfect but with Toppiks to fill in the gaps I’m doing quite well. Regarding Toppiks I’d suggest getting a color that is a shade or two lighter than your normal hair color and spray it 1 or 2 cm behind your real hairline for a natural looking result. I’m 36 years old. I would not suggest the HGH for people in their younger 20s.

  14. @Brian thanks for chiming in. Please elaborate on nr11. I have no idea what that is…we know ru works for a lot of people. But does hgh work on its on for alopecia? Can you tell us how old you are and what you believe is the main ingredient for your success? And lastly, congrats on your regrowth!

  15. The thing is we don’t even know if Follica are going to use Minox in their solution. If they do it’ll be dead in the water for me. I really hope not because I’d prefer not to become a part of medical tourism to Japan.

    1. Well then F it. I lost the battle if follica isn’t coming out by 2020. Everything else is 4 years away or in Japan. That won’t be convenient at all. Won’t know where to go and who to get this sisheido from. Can’t believe it’s been since 2002 and nothing new came out. Such a shame….

      1. You say it like it’s the moon. Japan is easy to get to you know :-)

        There are daily flights. And unlike places like Russia and Iran they don’t require a visa.
        And from experience it is also a very nice, clean, safe, technologically superior and friendly country. The crime rate is so low the police spend half their time willingly helping lost tourists, like me!

      2. It’s not like this will be “hard to find”. If the cure is out there you’ll read about it in every newspaper and I’m sure people on this site will help and guide you if needed! I would say even for people who are at NW2 has “lost” the battle. I think your opinion will change if Japan delivers.

        1. I really hope so guys. It’s just my hair is just rapidly thinning. It’s like my hair clock just stopped and nothing works anymore. I’m a diffuse nw2.5 heading into nw3 quickly. Hate diffuse.

    2. This is completely stupid. You’d write it off because it uses the ONLY compound currently on the market that is proven to grow hair? It’s like not recommending Advil to people with pain just because the normal pills didn’t work for you personally.

      So I guess you’re out on Follica, since minoxidil for sure will be one of their (at least) two compounds at launch, though they are presently researching new ones as well.

  16. @ Brian. Please can you expalain the hgh?
    I am in Mexico and I would like to try.
    What exactly do I ask for?
    They are pills?
    What dose?
    How much do you take per day?

    Thanks. I’ll comment here if I get it and results.

    1. @jjoshh8 in the interests of fair play, I think you should ask for a before and after video to show proof before you start taking drugs you have never heard of, based on hearsay of someone you have never met.
      Nobody will try my hair system, but as soon as someone puts pills on the table everyone tucks in.

  17. Hair loss researchers should study the growth cycles of mammals that produce winter coats and shed them at certain times of the year. It is said their fur thickens due to a series of hormonal changes that occur within the body at certain times of the year. I’m curious to know what genes/hormones are activated during this process and whether there might be any similarities in gene expression when it comes to us.

    1. And studying the genetics of native Americans who are completely immune, even to the thinning of any hair. In terms of gene expression they would be closer to us than other species.

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