13th World Congress for Hair Research

I have covered most of the World Congress for Hair Research biennial meets that have occurred since 2013. The 13th edition of the World Congress for Hair Research takes place from April 6-9, 2024 in Dallas, Texas.

13th World Congress for Hair Research

The 13th World Congress for Hair Research (#WCHR2024) takes place from April 6-9, 2024 in Dallas, Texas. You can check out the official hair2024 website for more information. It is organized by the American Hair Research Society (AHRS) and the sister societies of the International Federation of Hair Research Societies.

13th World Congress for Hair Research
13th World Congress for Hair Research. And a Total Solar Eclipse.

Due to the total Solar Eclipse that will take place across North American on April 8, the organizers have run with that theme and logo. Interestingly, Dallas (and much of Texas) will be among the best places for viewing the eclipse.

The final Full Program Guide is very interesting. Dozens of globally renowned hair loss researchers are presenting. Among the especially well known ones that I have covered numerous times on this blog include: Dr. Cheng Ming Chuong; Dr. Angela Christiano; Dr. George Cotsarelis; Dr. Rachita Dhurat; Dr. Sergio Vano Galvan; Dr. Luis Garza; Dr. Claire Higgins; Dr. Mayumi Ito; Dr. Colin Jahoda; Dr. Manabu Ohyama; Dr. Ralf Paus; and Dr. Rodney Sinclair.

There are numerous presentations of special interest to us, including on: stem cells; low-dose oral Minoxidil; regenerative medicine; biologics; follicle cryopreservation; mesenchymal-epithelial interactions; iPSCs; and hair graying. Of course there are also numerous hair transplant related sessions, workshops and discussions.

Make sure to check out the American Hair Research Society’s social media channels for updates:

Interestingly, Cosmo Pharmaceuticals’ key partner Sun Pharma is a Gold level sponsor of this conference. Perhaps further evidence that Breezula will be on the market in 2026 as expected.

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    1. Not their fault. Blame an over reaching government and unnecessary policies.. Why are they still required to test on mice? Why does it take 10 years and 10 million dollars to get something approved?

  1. Good to know that this annual hair world conference is still there, so let’s wait and see what they have to say.

  2. Imagine: “we will be releasing the cure for $20k in August of this year. You will have a better head of hair than when you were 12.”

  3. These people have no interest in finding a cure, the idea of ​​no longer meeting up at various conferences to talk about bs terrifies them, not to mention all the money that our bald heads make them earn every year… Unfortunately this is what happens with many other more serious diseases. This is also why artificial intelligence will only be partially used for certain purposes. Yes we are f….d.

  4. As I approach 48, I’m very interested in curing gray hair just as much as hair loss. I hope to hear something promising regarding it.

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