Lebron James and the Bigen Treatment

In the online hair loss world, a majority of non-black people seem to make an assumption that black men by and large do not care about balding. This is largely due to their being such a massive number of popular highly visible confident black men who totally shave their heads off — Michael Jordan perhaps being the most famous example of this. However, it seems like this assumption is increasingly incorrect, and many black men are getting hair transplants these days.  I posted about Lebron James’ hair transplant recently, and funnily enough, Yahoo Sports has a big article on this today.  They speculate that he might be using Bigen, just like one of the most fearsome NFL players Ray Lewis may be doing. Bigen is a type of hair loss concealer. Rapper pitbull has also been in the news lately due to his suspected hair loss after old photos of his suggested a much stronger hairline.

Even the most successful, athletic and rich guys care about hair loss. In an age of selfies, permanent internet archives, video surveillance and daily social media usage, it is no surprise that hair loss is an even greater pain in the ass for so many today.

4 thoughts on “Lebron James and the Bigen Treatment”

  1. that stuff looks ridiculous. also i hate to burst your bubble but theres no way theres a cure for balding by 2020. clinical trials take around ten years at the least and no one has started a single trial that is anywhere near a cure that regrows hair.

    1. They should have figure out the hair cloning in the 3 yrs or so.The FDA approval process comes in 3 phases which can take another 6 yrs. So a CURE for baldness will be around the 2023.

    2. @c are you new here? The 10 years aspect only applies to the US. The main focus right now is what’s happening in Japan where things move a lot faster. There are also many other options in the pipeline. You should read some of the summary posts on this blog to catch up.

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