Follica Calls its Hair Loss Product “RAIN”

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Who else but commentator “Mike” to make us aware of the latest news about Follica? I am a bit annoyed that my automatic google hair related alerts often miss such information. Whatever happened to artificial intelligence taking over?

Follica RAIN

Joking aside, Mike made a comment that during PureTech (Follica majority owner)’s latest investor forum webcast, they had a slide in which they named Follica’s androgenetic alopecia product as “RAIN“. The slide is 105-106 minutes into the presentation (link no longer working). I was surprised at such an acronym.

I would have assumed they any acronym for a Follica product would definitely include a “W” for “wounding” or an “SD” for “skin disruption” in there. What could RAIN mean? From browsing the company’s website, I would guess that the “R” might stand for “regeneration” and the “N” might stand for “neogenesis”. Update: seems like the “AIN” part will stand for “abrasion induced neogenesis”.

Of course there are numerous possible relevant words that one can come up with for these letters and I am curious what readers think. Thankfully, there is no “M” in the acronym. That would have resulted in more discussion yet again about the compound that Follica will be using being largely based upon “Minoxidil“, which is highly unlikely. And no, I do not think that the “R” stands for “Rogaine” (brand name Minoxidil).

Confirmation of 2017 Pivotal Study

In the above webcast, Follica confirmed that its delayed pivotal study would be initiated during the first half of 2017. In an earlier post from April this year, I mentioned Follica’s plans to start this study in the second half of 2016. With a best case product release date of 2018. A few months ago they then announced the delay of the pivotal study into 2017 and this is now confirmed. I would guess that the above best case product release scenario date must have now shifted to 2019?

It should also be noted that throughout this latest extremely lengthy and interesting PureTech presentation, one gets the feeling that hair loss is almost insignificant in terms of their overall focus. Medical issues take far greater precedence over cosmetic ones.

Follica Twitter Account Becomes Active Again

Recently the online hair loss world got very excited about Follica’s upgrade of its website with a goldmine of new information, including photos and product renditions.

The company also very recently restarted posting on its Twitter account after a lengthy break. They even followed this blog on Twitter after restarting the Twitter posts, so now I have to become much less skeptical about the company. How could anyone who follow’s this blog ever be fake?

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  1. Everyone, please refresh this blog address in your browser or close the browser and reload this site again. Ideally, even delete your browser cookies and clear your browser history and cache (only if you generally do that regularly and know the “side effects”).

    I recently installed some caching plugins to speed up this blog load time based on advice from Google, but the plugins conflicted with each other and everyone has probably had issues lately with not seeing comment totals updating, or even my latest blog posts not showing up right away despite browser refreshes. I deleted the plugins, but some issues might still take time to resolve.

  2. “Medical issues take far greater precedence over cosmetic ones.”

    For doctors (ethical ones) yes, but for the investors it is purely about the market share. 1 in 3 men worldwide isn’t it? Whoever cracks the cure first will be richer than IKEA.

    1. Hey Scott, funnily enough, right after that, I initially had a sentence in the post along the lines of “why does PureTech not realize the billions that it can make if this product/method is really a cure for AGA” but then removed it.

    2. Ya…it is odd they only brought up follica 100 minutes in the presentation. As some orange hombre would say ” I dont know, you tell me”

  3. I have checked the Follica website yesterday and it looked good. However, the website and the claims of Hairmax also looked good years ago, but the Hairmax laserproduct is useless when it comes to AGA. These combs are just one example of all these kind of fancy tools which initially give us the impression we will get our hair back soon. Let’s hope Follica is not the new Hairmax when it comes to the results.

    Fancy websites don’t count. Statistics do and of course we all want to see pictures, clear bright large not-photoshopped valid pictures. Release year 2019 will be way too late for me. I am still waiting for something to be released in 2017. I wonder what the phrase of Spencer Kobren will be now. ” yes guys, we will have a solution in 2021″.

  4. Admin, could you please look into the possibility of using an adeno-associated virus carrying a shRNA to knock out androgen receptors?

    I’ve heard that AAV’s can be programmed to only attach to adipose cells which means it would only attach to the skin almost permanently stopping the androgen receptors. However I can’t find out how to make them only attach to adipose cells.

    It also seems incredibly promising and I’m surprised I’ve yet to see a single article investigating the possibility.


    1. Hi Beowulf I can try, but I assume this type of genetic therapy is currently now allowed in developed countries, especially for cosmetic problems. Didn’t Liz Parrish have to go to Colombia for hers involving AAV?

      1. She did, but there was an AAV treatment called Glybera that was used in Germany about a year ago. At this stage I’m not entirely sure whether the problem is legality, or simply cost. The Glybera treatment has only been used once and costs $1,000,000, but I’m not sure whether the cost comes from the AAV or the genes they inserted.

        I can see why you wouldn’t be able to use if for cosmetic reasons given the whole Gelsinger thing, but I just figured it would at least gives hope for a future where we’d no longer have to worry about losing our hair.


  5. Plus an alternative delivery vector to AAV’s are nano-particles, which have been successfully used to treat prostate cancer.

  6. Cannot believe anyone is still excited about Follica.

    In prior disclosures to investors (linked to in prior articles on this site), Follica unambiguously confirmed Minoxidil will be “one approved drug Follica plans on adding to TCP [targeted cutaneous perturbation] in the future.”

    Taking a decade to release wounding + minoxidil is hoax and insult of epic proportions, even in the hair loss community.

    And based on Follica’s earlier track record / clinical work, I’d say the odds of them even initiating another clinical study (despite their claims) in 2017 are around 50%, and the odds of them actually commercializing an awful product at any point in the future are around 10%.

    Follica is PureTech’s least favorite company (it’s featured at the end of EVERY PRESENTATION where it is mentioned, and it’s rarely even mentioned anymore) and receives the fewest investment dollars of any portfolio product.

    1. I honestly don’t get excited about much of this stuff anymore just cuz I hate the letdown so I’m just at a plateau for now. However if follica is trying to pump up everyone for their product and it’s a total dud I feel like they would be the ones losing out the most. The hair loss community is pretty knowledgeable about all of this thanks to these forums and google researching lol so hopefully nobodys going to take a crappy treatment. They can produce it but that doesn’t mean anyone has to buy it, maybe other company’s will then learn what we want.

      1. I honestly cannot wrap my head around why it’s so F***ING difficult for them to fix.

        We have ridiculously advanced scientists and equipment; they can create dark matter, edit genes, clone sheep, squeeze nearly atomic sized transistors onto a whisker of silicone, etc… yet they just cannot manage to get some F****ING HAIR to grow on a small patch of skin. Something the body has no trouble doing in areas where it’s not wanted, like the earlobes, back, and perineum.

        This should be something they were able to achieve in the early 00’s at the latest.

        It’s almost like a conspiracy or something because I just cannot understand what is the hold up on this seemingly piss-easy task of growing some damn hair!!

        I would understand if it’s the cure for cancer because they’d want to hold it back to help stymie population, etc.

        But they lose NOTHING by providing men (and the few unfortunate women) with all their hair permanently again! In fact, it would lead to happier population and thus a more productive one.

        I cannot believe we’re on the eve of 2017 and the best hope we have is some vague promise of a cure still 3-4 years away.

        Granted we should feel lucky to be born in a time where it might be curable, but I don’t feel lucky, because in days of yore when men were bald and technology was archaic compared to now, society was also completely different and women were less selective and far more loyal. Bald men stood a chance.

        In this modernised world of Tinder, hypergamy, feminism and state supported women, things that improve men’s looks should go in tandem with it, but here we are still cure-free and left to rot like bald aliens.

        I’m so incensed by the scientific community and bitter and frustrated beyond belief.

        I’m 30 and my youth will be gone in a decade and time is running out to enjoy it.

        So fed up.

          1. Nope. I already finished my balding at NW5.5 (somewhere between 5 and 6).

            I never took or did anything to stop it. I just considered it nature taking its course and had delusions that it would be curable any day (back in 2009) anyway.

            Still waiting, though.

        1. I feel this on a personal level. It’s so unreal to me that this problem still isn’t resolved. The amount of men (and women, of course) who’d be able to live with security, happiness, comfort, and confidence would be astounding. People would be able to live well again, and lives would quite literally be reversed. Men could pursue another partner with more focus on their attributes as a person rather than their hair holding them back. It would give 100% more confidence to EVERYBODY who suffers from this. I think the necessity for a product of this nature is vastly underestimated. The mental and physical change one product could bring to a mass population would be life-changing. (And, I would definitely drop some cash on it without one single doubt in my mind).

        2. You fellas can continue being as naive as you want but the cure to mpb is in the lymphatic system.. AKA. eating a raw food diet full of astringent fruits( the only thing to de clog you lymph).. scientists are now discovering more lymph vessels in places where they claimed they never knew existed before. All major neurological diseases have protein waste related ot them.. you need to give up meat( acidifying) and go on a raw food/fruitarian diet.. it will take as long as it takes depending on how bad your adrenal glands are and how well your kidenys are filtering.. to get back to pure health.. the slick bald guys are highly congested in the head are in terms of lymph and are the oens who will get alzheimers disease and will become deaf in their later years.. it’s truly amazing how resilient the human body is to maintain us alive whilst we eat cocked(acidyfying food) .. anyone here naive enough to think we should burn (cook) our food before we ingest it? o other mamal does such things because raw food contains the enzymes needed for digestion.. there is a massive deception going on on this planet… and those who truly want to cure themeselves of any disease( yes mpb is not natural at all) its acid killing off your hair because the acids need to leave the body somehow.. and they do it via the pores,, forget about dht etcc.. it’s all a domino effect of a congested lymph system. ( only the most advanced souls will truly take mattersinto their own hands out of sheer curiosity and adopt the diet nature intended for us.. check on youtube : ROBERT MORSE and the truth shall set you free..

          1. This isn’t completely ridiculous. I don’t think diet will reverse AGA but I do think a good diet that limits androgens and suppresses the immune system can help slow down its course

        3. Bald30, you sound upset about the equal rights between men and women. And don’t get me wrong but I think your comment was a bit sexist.
          Women used to be more loyal because they didn’t have an option. They couldn’t work, so they had to choose a man who would give them a home and stability. That doesn’t mean all of them them loved their husbands. If they were caught cheating they could even be killed.

          I get your point though. But it’s not hard only for men.. The world is sick and everyone cares too much about appearance and superficial stuff.
          It affects men and women cause everyone is supposed to have a perfect face and a perfect body.

          I dream about the day I will get my long and thick hair back :( I am sure this day will come for all of us.. We are all on the same boat. Feel hugged.

          1. Lu, I’m sorry you feel that way.

            However, studies show women were overwhelmingly more happy during post-WW2 and up to before the rise of third wave feminism.

            Which was a period where they had equal rights to vote and work, but were still encouraged to be chaste until they found a suitable life partner and be a good wife and mother, as suits their nature of being a nurturer and keeper of the home.

            No they should not be forced to accept this life, but they are very happy under this lifestyle.

            Third wave feminism and decades of socialist policies and ideology have taught them that they should be ashamed to be a housewife and they are just as suited to a lot of careers men naturally gravitate towards like science, engineering, etc. and that it’s a good thing to go out there and have many sex partners and that single motherhood is not shameful.

            By the way, regarding the latter, I believe men who are deliberate single fathers and deadbeats are just as shameful. However, it is the woman who initiates relationship ending/divorce 70% of the time.

            1. You are an absolute idiot. Lol. That’s some alt right Christian sounding ignorance. This is a new milenial thing on the internet to bash women? Bashing anyone male or female is idiotic. Women were NOT all happy back when. My mother was not nor was my Grandmother nor were most of my Aunts. Grow up and just realize your upset because you missed a time which favored men. Women were desperate to be married and have children because they had no other options. So men like ‘you’ it was much easier to get a woman to go out with you and marry you cook clean wipe you children’s asses. Duh of course you resent not being part of that time but too bad. You may not like our decisions you may think they are shameful but the same reasoning your using about women white people used to justify slavery too. A lot of slaves were ‘happier’ with less choices. Even when black people were free ignorant people used these justifications to not allow them choices. Stop listening to alt right bullshit it’s the same shit as the third wave feminism you don’t like. You can’t get and keep a woman with it being the 1950s? Shocking.

  7. As ever Admin, thank you!

    I have a theory about why Puretech seem to give Follica little coverage in their presentations and it has been touched upon before. It makes sense if they have something worth multi-billions (potentially). It makes sense because wouldn’t you wait until the last possible moment to then unleash a game changing product. Show that before and after picture that will astound people…right before you are about to release it.

    That’s the ideal scenario anyway. In the world of corporate espionage and everything – I’m sure big pharma are curious, not to mention the Chinese would be more than happy to rip it off. It does track logically but it drives us mad because we want to know yesterday if this really will work.

    But it is worth pointing out from that presentation that Puretech have no shortage of cash and Follica received (don’t have the link but it’s in their LSE fillings) 12 million last year as well as undisclosed additional funding this year.

    Their team is solid and it’s realistically the best chance before Team Tsuji to have a (hopefully) next gen treatment.

    One last thing, I don’t have twitter but I did check their page recently and they had a tweet to FDA Cosmetics. It has since been deleted. The gist if I’m remembering correctly was thanking them for their hard work – as a side note, does anyone know how to get deleted tweets? – but here’s something to consider. Why did they delete it and is it possible Follica are further ahead than they are letting on?

    Just a thought.

  8. Beowulf believe it or not a read a few months ago an article that touched on nano particles and AGA.. I thought I bookmarked it but can’t find it.. nanos are awesome 8 times smaller than red blood cells hold 236 times more oxygen.. we would be able to hold our breath for 4 hours and run full speed for 15 min whaaaaaat! Screw all that though i want a full head of Liam Hemsworth Thor hair!!!

  9. These days I’m not even excited about any news… Nothing is coming out… Just tiered… Hair is getting thinner every day…. I had fue for frontal but still it’s receding and I hate it when people notice your hair transplant… And also the edges are not natural… I use toppik too.. But now I’m really giving up…. Hair loss is a curse… I have everything… Job money and all… But still I’m not happy bcos of this… Bcos of depression even my face is getting bad…. I seriously curse who ever genes I got….

  10. Admin- time to change the title of your blog.

    AGA is doomed. I have spoken to over 250 baldies (all have itchy scalp, all started first noticing thinning in puberty, all have random hair popping up in other places) and trust me when I say that fin/dut are not blocking dht just destroying testosterone and what’s left is males with estrogen. Min doesn’t work either it might increase blood flow but it doesn’t regulate Anlagen/telogen/hair properities (hence we have shedding the cycle is messed up min can’t change that). The root cause is an auto-immune disease end of story. A glitch in our genetic code not so much dht. What might be worse is that perhaps it might not be reversible. Cloning will not come in our life time only other viable option left is immuno-therapy; some kind of RNA virus mod that enters and adjust our DNA. Comes at a price of a million dollars per treatment and that can be the only only possible cure. The rest of bio tech is wasting out time and just creating jobs for themselves. Jak might work but who the hell has access to raw materials. Everyone trying to dissolve pills and putting it in ethanol-don’t waste your time, you need pure tofa and dmso + ??? Procedure???- still not a cure it might just preserve what you have or who knows.

    Hair implants don’t fool anyone. And I hate that spence and others are just taking advantage of poor folks. There should be laws against such online marketing techniques and marketers who are just salesmen from online forums and not even real doctors. You have 100k hair on your head and most guys that bald are not Norwood I, they diffuse or are v or IV up. Let’s say you loose the top 20-50k and you really think you can “fake” it with 2-5k grafts. It’s like say I lost my five fingers and I got a pinky replacement no one can tell. Yeah right

    1. What about Kyocera/RIKEN, who claim they’ve already successfully been able to clone hair in any number they want, and are going through their second trial now, with release to market coming in 2020?

    2. First of all, minoxidil definitely works, though it works to varying degrees for different people. Some people have applied it to the face where they had zero facial hair and six months later, could grow a thick beard. There’s photo evidence of these cases all over the internet. The reason people don’t think it works on the head is because it’s not strong enough to combat MPB over a long period of time. It’s a stop gap treatment but eventually it succumbs.

      As for saying that baldness is a “glitch” in our genetic code? Our genes dictate all sorts of things, but baldness is merely a symptom and it can most definitely be treated, we just don’t have the technology yet. Cancer is also genetic in many cases, but that doesn’t mean people don’t battle and overcome it.

      And some people get amazing results from a hair transplant to the point that any normal person who does not obsessively focus on other mens’ hair would not be able to tell the difference. Like anything else, you just have to do it before a certain point. They aren’t meant for NW7s of course, but for people with a receding hairline, they can make all the difference in the world.

    3. If it was autoimmune then steroids would work even if temporary. Somehow I would assume this was probably tested at some point. I have read about possible ‘hybrid’ in MPB that has an autoimmune factor. Personally I don’t have an itchy scalp. Never have.

  11. hey admin:
    contact with Alexey Terskikh on Facebook:
    Q: What about your hairloss cure?
    Terskikh: On it’s way. Starting a company. Wanna invest or work with us?

    maybe you can interview him for the blog ;)

  12. Hahaha it looks like people are becoming the old mjones with his conspiracy theory mindset. I am assuming you guys have hit the 5 year mark in losing hair. Wait till you hit the 15 year mark with all disappointments and company let downs. Hang in there fellas, a better treatment will come out. The shape shifting reptilian will allow a better treatment from Rigel 7. Haha

  13. I don’t understand about follica. One of the biggest funder of follica and scientist is Georges cotsarelis. Currently there are on study several trials testing 100 mg of setepiprant to fight mpb. Because it’s a pgd2 inhibitor ( everybody remembers about cots’s theory ) then why they are working on it ??

  14. I just figured out why Follica is calling their new solution RAIN. it’s because they are going to be making it rain with all the money they will profit from when it gets released haha. Cots will be throwing bands to make her dance lol

  15. Has Cots ever mentioned or claimed what this can actually do any efficacy update at all? i mean like only good for early hair loss diffuse can it reverse NW’s? I can’t really find any solid info on that.

  16. @admin, thank you for another great post.
    Reading the comments section can really make one lose hair and be utterly depressed. Finally Follica starts to give us a little insight, updates their site and posts on Twitter. Instantly ppl is making doomsday prophecies and start b****ing and moaning. Maybe the cure wont come in our time but atleast we have hope for something thats not Fin or minoxidil. Balding sucks a** and a full cure is decades away but a new treatment is (hopefully) within reach…

    1. I’m pretty sure the majority of hair loss sufferers are advanced enough a cure/reversal is the only way… Plus there’s tons of snake oils out there with fancy names and cool websites and to my knowledge that’s all follica has provided really. It’s nice and all they are looking more engaged I guess but it’s not enough to get stoked about at least not for me just a different perspective not trying to RAIN on the parade.

  17. Still not 100% convinced that a topical JAK inhibitor can’t cure it. If the problem mainly resides in the stem cell niche, perhaps the only way to reach it is through topical formulation. Losing contact with erector pilli is crucial. The good news is I think no matter what Tsuji will have this kicked. Ultimately a completely unlimited source of DHT resistant hair is what they are promising and that is essentially a cure with a transplant

  18. Sad to see how pessimistic some commentators are. Why would you visit to a blog named “Hair Loss Cure 2020” only to say baldness will never be cured?
    I understand how angry you all are. I have been losing my hair since I was 15 years old. Yes, that young.. Now I am a 23 years old female and I struggle with it everyday. I have suffered from all kinds of bullying and jokes and I pretend I don’t give a f* but of course I do..
    The anxiety of losing hair slowly through the years is the worst part. You feel like you’re becoming less and less you. I get it.
    But coming to this blog and some other forums usually helps me a lot.

    If Follica can actually create many new follicles it will be awesome. I think you could say it’s a cure as long as they also find a way to make them become terminal hairs.
    Basically I think the wounding they will do will be enough to create the follicles, even though they will most likely be vellus hairs. Then the compound you’ll apply at home will help those hairs grow thick.

    I wish they were more open about their product but at the same time the fact they’re so secretive makes me think they have something big.

    1. They can create at least 100 hairs according to the Puretech report, if memory serves 30 of those are terminal. I think the biggest question is whether wounding will effect hair that’s already there.

      But yeah you could vellus up and then use minoxidil if you’re a responder.

      It’s hard to know what Cotsarelis will do after the whole PGD2 thing. On top of that it’s atleast two years until they go to market and they’ve alrady got all the mock ups done.

      1. Yeah, that 100 hairs per cm2 is awesome!!
        I didn’t think the wounding process would affect the existing hairs but now that you said that I wonder if it would actually do that for someone like me, with diffuse hair loss :( But I still don’t think it will..

  19. Admin,

    On one of the pics on Follica’s website it shows a phone app with their “Personalized plan” and if you look closely you’ll see there are two types of “drops” (representing their topicals, I believe), one is blue and the other one is orange. So that makes me believe they are gonna have two different products.

    Just a thought!

    1. That’ a possible interpretation. Another possible interpretation is that the blue drops are the scheduled dates and the orange drops are when actually applied. If you assume that is true then the calendar would seem to indicate compliance on just over 71% of the days. That doesn’t equal the 62% match indicated on the calendar but it could be that the missed days plus the application of a “smaller amount than expected” gets you to 62%. Who knows but I am relatively excited. Although the site is slick, there appears to be a little gimmickery associated with the treatment, and they have yet to disclose pics of actual results, I view this a bit differently because of all the heavyweights associated with the company, not to mention that the University of Pennsylvania is prominently displayed at least twice.

      1. I agree I think Costarellis is legitimate and someone compared it to hairmax…that’s a stretch I doubt hairmax had a huge university hospital and prominent Dr behind it. Side note Costarellis is one of the leading alopecia dermatologist probably in the world. How effective the final product is I have no idea but I don’t see someone like that risking his reputation to sell snake oil. I think part of the reason they are so quiet is NOT to give people false hope before they know for sure what it can and cannot do.

  20. So I just heard that Trump wants to push the fda to fast track and release drugs that are stuck in long lengthy trials. Drugs that can treat life threatening illness. I know mpb isn’t life threatening but this is a good start. Maybe SM and follica can be fast tracked. You know trump would love to have his hair back.

      1. Egghead, nice find on that image. However it’s 100cm2 not per inch. So densely pack those hairs in that picture into a square cm. I think it will look much better:)

        1. @mjones Looking at the ruler, it does look like that is 100 hairs per cm2. Keep in mind that that picture is very zoomed in. During a normal face to face encounter, 100 hairs per cm2 does not look like thinning hair. One of my closest friends is an Asian man with hair density that is probably equal to that picture, and has a full head of. Nobody would ever even consider his hair as thinning.

          100hairs per cm2 is good density. Maybe not the best, thickest hair, but it is a full head of hair for sure. If a treatment could achieve 100hairs per cm that would be a cure.

          1. Holy s*** somebody needs to photoshop that image so that the 100 hairs p/cm2 are all in neat rows and columns.

            I know real hair doesn’t work this way but it might give some idea as to the density of it when covering the head fully.

            Since I’ve only been really following Kyocera/RIKEN and JAK, could somebody explain Follica? Would it be a one-off cure or continual use?

            Would it be topical or in pill form?

          2. And it´s possible that you can add another 100 hairs after some time by repeating the treatment. I mean, it may be compoundable…

    1. Thank you for finding this! Everyone makes fun of me for wearing sunblock everyday (literally)…i even wear sun gloves when I drive. Looks like I’ll have the last laugh lol.

  21. Only problem mjones is Follica said their using minox… in line with the pics from micro needling . Those pictures aren’t bad but not dramatic

    Maybe rain is better than microneedle?

  22. Hi guys,
    I am 20, pretty sure I will bald, as my father and his family, my mother’s father, and his family, both are. Now, I am seeing some initial signs of thinning, and will not touch propecia, in any form, whatever you guys tell. Now, based on the blog name, a cure must be available by 2020, fingers crossed. I am sure I can sustain my hair till then, as I am on a very good diet, have flax seeds, chia seeds, omega3 fats, etc.
    But can anyone tell me if I can get a booster till then? And also, I have long hair, planning for a man top knot, should I avoid it, or go for it when I have hair on my head?

    1. Navo if I were you I would hop on something. Try nizoral, small dose Propecia. If you just started losing then good chance is that it will accelerate by 2020. 3 years can make you a nw5 or 6. My cousin went from a new to a 6 in a year. Super aggressive mpb. He refused to use propecia. Not saying you will have this pattern but it’s always smart to keep your options open to treatments. Naturals and diets just make your existing hair healthy but if dht is hitting them it will win and choke your follicles to death. Keep an eye on it and see a derm to evaluate your hair loss. 2020 is a food year for new treatments and even earlier but nothing is 100% . Save what you got bro

  23. Red and Egghead if that is the density of 100cm2 then it’s just terrible. It looks like a barbie doll hair lol. I guess if you have coarse frizzy hair then it may be OK coverage but thin fine hair, this won’t be good. Plus I highly doubt it’s only minox as the topical. It has to be something else or some new compounded minox that works better than anything we have now

    1. Kate he wants to push the fda to fast track drugs in the clinical trial pipeline. He pro big pharma so the fda will pushed to accelerate their approval process so pharma makes money

    1. It would have to be a very nice presentation incorporating all the information we know, stats, social frustrations, psychological etc. They wouldnt go for a bunch of guys saying “Hey Donald I’m bald and don’t wanna do the whole? whatever your doing with your hair thing please help”. If we came up with something as a collective group and the admin sent it maybe that would be a better idea if he even gets to read it there’s gotta be millions of requests already.

  24. Beowulf are you treating your hairloss or out of luck? Every time I think about trying again I go to youtube and reminded of the bad sides I got from propecia and minox.

  25. Well if Jak doesn’t work I think I will shave off my head… It’s either you have thick hair or no hair.. Thinning looks crap…

    1. Jak won’t come out for years. They haven’t even started trials yet. 3 phases will take at a minimum 5 years if fast tracked .

      Bro didn’t you get an fue? You should be in good shape right. I remember you telling me to get an fue for my hairline and to move on.

  26. yeah dude fue saved me …but still genes are taking over and my frontal is really thick from fue but my receding part is getting thinner and life less…. I literally have to take head bath every day….and use heaps of toppik to blend in…I dont have time to get more fue’s bcos of work …..I am thinking way too much of this hair loss crap which is making me sick over all… thats why I want to get over it…

  27. my hairline is still at nw2.5 ..after comparing pics from 2013 to todays…but now its thinning on crown…is it time for fin?

    1. Bro you should totally get on fin asap! Why are you waiting for your hair to get worse. It won’t get better without treatment. Don’t expect regrowth from fin but it will do a good job of halting or slowing down the process

  28. 5 days ago follica added to its team five high profile dermatologists in Boston, NY and CA. in my opinion this has to be good news.

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