Follica Updates its Website and it Looks Encouraging

As always, thanks to commentator “Mike” who regularly seems to find the latest developments with Follica immediately.  He notified us of the updated Follica website earlier today in a comment to the last post.

I have covered Follica (a subsidiary of US-based PureTech Health) many time on this blog before in spite of the fact that until recently I was very skeptical about the company (since it was founded ten years ago, but has yet to commercialize its skin perturbation + topical compound technology despite years or supportive evidence). Moreover, some people on hair loss forums have over the years postulated that the company’s technology is basically just glorified Minoxidil, since skin damage allows for greater penetration of Minoxidil.  However, the company has never specified what compound it is using, and I highly doubt it is just Minoxidil.  In some of their patents they have mentioned various potential ingredients including Minoxidil, but I am too lazy to go through all the links in my past Follica posts at the moment to get the details.

I bolded the words “until recently” above because a few months ago, Follica pleasantly surprised us and announced that it was aiming for a 2018 product release as a best-case scenario.

Now it seems like Follica just made a major upgrade to its previously barren website.  Nothing really of major surprise in there, but much better elaboration of the technology with useful photos/product renditions.  We already knew that the skin disruption process (which requires great precision and knowhow) would be undertaken at a doctor’s office and the compound application would be the responsibility of the patient at his or her home.  Now Follica has provided images of both the in-office and at-home devices.  The company will have a smartphone app to monitor progress (Edit: It seems like the app will also be able to measure the accuracy of your dosage via wirelessly communicating with the at-home device).

No information is provided about the costs, but they do discuss re-ordering of the compound, which makes me wonder if this will be a lifelong commitment just like with Minoxidil?  Assuming that you do get new hair follicles, how susceptible will they be to the ravages of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), and will taking Finasteride or Dutasteride to reduce DHT levels prevent the need for re-ordering Follica’s compound?

Some key quotes from Follica’s new website:

“We’ve teamed up with leading dermatologists with expertise in hair loss and epithelial stem cell biology to develop a new system aimed at not just improving existing hair growth, but also growing new hair”.

“Our technology is based on a proprietary approach intended to create an “embryonic window” in adult skin, allowing new follicles and new hair to form from epithelial stem cells”.

“Following skin disruption, cells that migrate to help healing are forced to make a decision: Should I make epidermis, or should I make a hair? There is a window of opportunity in which we can potentially push them to choose the latter, and we believe there are multiple biological pathways to target to enhance this outcome. This regenerative effect is called hair follicle neogenesis”.

Dr. George Cotsarelis and his own Hair Loss

Finally, if anyone lives near where Dr. George Cotsarelis (Follica’s co-founder and technology inventor) works in Pennsylvania, it would be good to know if the small bald patch on the back of his head is gone or still there. To see what I mean, check out the below video links that start in the most relevant places. I am very serious and do not mean to belittle Dr. Cotsarelis (and hope he does not mind), but I feel like most people who can fill back a small bald patch on their crown region would always do so if they had the technology at their disposal. Usually, only those who totally shave their heads are comfortable with their hair loss, while those with small bald spots are not.  Maybe I am being too judgmental here and Dr. Cotsarelis does not care about his minor hair loss at all?  But if he were to suddenly have thick hair at the top/rear of his scalp, I would get even more excited about Follica.

Dr. Cotsarelis has been involved in hair loss research for at least 20 years as far as I can tell, and there is no-one in the world who has been cited in hair loss related magazine articles as much as him.  For those who are interested, in some of my past blog posts about Follica, I have discussed and linked to various wounding related patents and studies attributed at least in part to Dr. Cotsarelis.

Link to Dr. Cotsarelis Video 1

Link to Dr. Cotsarelis Video 2

144 thoughts on “Follica Updates its Website and it Looks Encouraging”

  1. That website looks very good!

    Very clean and professional.

    It looks more and more promising.

    I guess follica combined with upcoming maintenance treatments such as histogen will essentially be a cure.

    You get de novo hairs with follica, then get histogen injections periodically to maintain those hairs.
    If ever the hairs start to miniaturize again, you do a follica once again and repeat the process (of course until something permanent comes such as Tsuji or unlimited donor)

  2. Ok I’m pretty excited, I admit. For them to be fussing over smart phone apps and ease of at- home delivery systems they must have some really good clinical data/results/photos and I know I’m not the only one who would like to see them.

  3. There is definitely a possibility of Samumed and Follica coming together. Their common link is emphasis on WNT signaling and Dr. Sarah Millar.

  4. I heard about this years ago on UPenn’s campus and always thought it sounded promising. It’s very cool that, all of these years later, the same group looks to be prepping for a product release with a fancy new website. It’s very positive!

    Does anyone know of any before and after photos of scalps or even just follicles? What type of success has beem claimed? Also, does anyone think they’d develop a website just to get investor money? If they aren’t just trying to lure investors, then I’m feeling pretty good about this one.

    Great post, Admin!

  5. Biopsy? The problem is that I’ve no hair. I’m totaly bald. So, biopsy is not possible for me if I’ve no hair…

    Do you think Follica will be effective for egghead/DUPA?

    1. That is quite possible. It seems that in your case the existing follicles were attacked, but the scalp might well respond to Follica’s treatment by creating new hair, as it is probably still healthy (only the old hair follicles not).
      For each disease there will be a treatment, so be positive, keep yourself informed about medical research, stay healthy, and look forward!

    2. William even bald scalps still have stem cells that if triggered in the right way can form hair follicles and grow hair – the basis of this research :)

  6. Encouraging, the device and app look cool.. but whats the drug they’re planning to use?

    Honestly this plus histogen could do incredible things for people starting to thin/recede. For those further along, i can only invision Tsuji will be the cure.

  7. Also, I think I remember a prior post or commenter remarking how Cotsarelis mentioned they needed much more money to develop a cure and also that a true cure was still years away. Am I mis-remembering? Did something miraculous happen between then and now?

  8. I’m interested in the compounds they are using as well… It looks like it is going to need to be applied daily, so this should either work better than minox or have less/no sides. Hopefully both.

    @admin… I don’t think the app is to track progress but to track the medication/ application of compound. It looks like a basic calendar used to remind you that you need to take your hair medicine… If it is that, it would be a shame as I think most of us wouldn’t need a reminder to put it on.

    1. It looks like it does track progress though; the photo on their site shows a screengrab with a calendar saying something like: ‘You aren’t adding enough, only 62% of required amount…also make sure you add it to entire scalp, not just thinning areas” I can’t read it all but that’s the gist I got from it.

      1. That isn’t measuring progress… just the amount of medication used. As I said… tracks your application.
        Tracking progress would be something more like” you’ve grown 10% hair since starting this treatment”

        1. Well, it’s certainly better than just a basic calendar since it measures application percentages. Pretty cool if you ask me.

  9. I’ve lost a lot of hair that started around 5 years ago.

    Do you guys believe in being able to regrow hair in areas of the scalp that seems to have no follicles?

    1. Hey johnny.
      It hasn’t been shown yet that that is possible. The good news is that the treatments that will be coming out in the near future look like they are going to maintain your hair a lot better. If that is true, a small ht for your temples would be the best option if the treatments don’t grow your temples back.

  10. Actually its been shown that hair can be grown in slick bald areas, look up swisstemples and his progress with just his ghetto home protocols. He was able to grow new hairs pretty well. However i believe what he did was that he was able to create new hairs not old hairs regrowing. So i believe if this man can grow new hairs at home with a device, some chemicals and meds then yes johnny i believe that what follica is doing will be able to grow hair in an area that has been slicked bald for years

    1. NO! Swisstemples have shown 0 progress in his photos. If you really want to see something extraotdinary then that’s prettfly83 but unfortunstelly the original pics are gone becsuse hairlosstalk started deleting old attachments.

      I wish people would stop peddling the swisstemples bullshit. Why do you think he stoped posting pics so early.. because he had 0 results!!!

      1. What’s with people thinking some random dude doing what he thinks is the same protocol actually is? How gullible are you?

      2. Swisstemples clearly showed results through his progress pics which were quite significant. To say he had 0 results is just ridiculious.

            1. Pixel peeping / Pixel peeper is a common word nowadays – google it ;)

              Anyway John just admitted to being a person who follows SwissNazi’s regime so he monetarilly and emotionally invested which makes a person that would skew results in favor of not looking like a fool.

              No photos with visible cosmetical effect – no glory

          1. wow youre an expert pixel peeper, good for you?! but considering ive grown new hairs using swisstemples regime and clearly he has grown hair as well, you might want to find a new job and probably go get your peepers check. but hey i bet bald looks good on you, thats probably why you are here right? stay pessimistic buddy, baldness suits you

            1. Evidence, show me evidence. Photos in the same room, same position, same lighting – even pics done on auto with smartphone cams can immediately show any cosmetic effect which amounts to just about 10% more hair (hair thickness is important too).

              1. Haha! I love your pessimism. Stay bald forever gorgeous. Your bald head will shine bright like the stars in the sky. But i personally enjoy maintaining and growing new hairs. Say whatever you want of people like swisstemples or any others who actually try and contribute to the hairloss community. At least they bring something positive to those who are trying to find solutions to their problem. Solutions cost money genius regardless of the outcome. You act like treatments are free. Ofcourse you have to be monetarily invested, but i guess someone who sits and home and cries his hairs away criticizing those who are trying to contribute to possible solutions wouldn’t understand because you’ve probably given up hope a long time ago. I don’t care what you do, what treatment you use or what you believe, im happily maintaining a norwood 1.5 back down from a norwood 3 thanks to all those positive helpful members of the hairloss community who provided knowledgeable and worthwhile advice. But you keep losing that hair buddy and enjoy baldness, I’m sure you look just like the Rock.

    2. It hasn’t been shown (with data and pictures). They say it is possible but haven’t released any data proving it yet.

  11. What follica is doing is hair neo genesis not hair regrowth, huge difference. So considering what their results are with their device and what chemicals they are using to stimulate growth, i think their is quite the potential for new growth with continued treatments. Honestly i dont think anyone here would mind for example doing a once a month treatment for life if it meant a full head of hair again

  12. Might look promising but no pics or trial data on site is concerning. Seen plenty of snake like with great websites…

    Few things I dont like about it…firstly, the scalp treatment mist be administered by a dr….that’s gonna cost a fair bit, also if it doesn’t work or leads to permanent damage, who is liable??. Secondly, sounds like it will be an ongoing treatment like minox, and furthermore, youre now bound to an app which will monitor your usage and reorder product? Producer has control over demand..never good for the consumer. Will be less sceptical when I see results, not holding my breath though. Also, what’s to say you just buy a dermaroller, cut out the doc, and order the compound as is?

    1. Add to that the very bold claims made by Cots in the past, that happened to be nothing but a load of baloney, and you have to be very sure of taking this with a big punch of…ahem… scepticism

  13. This is going to work. Why ? Because I believe in skin disruption – I was able to grow more hairs near by temple by just plucking them. Further – I don’t believe they are relying on just Minox – that would be a waste of upfront research dollars and the community would sniff it out quick. Thanks for the post.

      1. I wonder if we could experiment with chest hair? Pluck a few and see if it thickness up. If it worked i may try it on my head considering it has been tested by other scientists as well.

  14. Agreed. Their is no way the topical is just minox. The notion would be pretty ridiculious. Years of research and secrecy to just introduce microneedling and minox….not likely

  15. From where are you ppl getting info bout Minoxidil being a part of this treatment? Follica has to my knowledge never stated that minoxidil is a part of this treatment. Please post links to official Follica statements instead of unreliable info.

  16. For the little thing that we all know. Is not minoxidil. In the site we can sea a calender that you dont need to appply the “thing” all days…..
    And is almost 2 year to best case cenario to the lounch of the treatment.
    I just se a presentation posted in this site that i never wacth. And in my opinion change completely about thist doctor.
    The show slide of the study that you not sea in the othet companys.

  17. Ok everyone chill out and read the website…

    It says “Our at-home treatment system is being designed to better deliver a range of compounds directly to the scalp and fit seamlessly into a daily routine.”
    This is most likely going to need to be applied everyday.

    Their compound/s are most likely not minoxidil. This is what is going to be considered their bread and butter. This is what they are looking to monetize on – a product that can be sold to the user on a regular basis to create consistent cash flow.
    If minoxidil was the compound, they would be losing a huge amount of that cash flow as it already on the market.

    Finally, I think Follica is keen to the fact that minoxidil isn’t providing the results people are looking for. Unless this new technique they are using someone increases minoxidil’s effectiveness, they aren’t going to be looking to it to solve their problems.

    I’m hoping that they have something convincing but I’m not a huge fan of Follica as they have consistently sent out cryptic messages and to me they seem to always be reacting to the hair loss market (every announcement/ interview/ change they have made hasn’t been proactive but reactive – including their release for 2018, right after Histogen and Replicel announced the same).

  18. From the WNT presentation, looks like doxycycline was used for FGF9 production? Doxycline is already approved and used for systemic use.

  19. Hi guys, someone named Steven who does not wish to participate in these comments sent me an interesting e-mail (with attachments that I am not including here) and I am pasting the contents below:

    Hi Admin,

    I’m reaching out to you to simply let you know of a few interesting things I noticed on Follica’s redesigned site that I think may provide some additional insight as to what their product looks like in action. I apologize in advance if you’ve already picked up on some of this.

    I downloaded the source images being used on the site to see if I could get a better look at what they’re working on. I’ve attached them for reference.

    Image Follica_1
    Text on the app, next to the percentage reads, “You seem to only be applying…[cut off]…smaller amount than expec…[cut off]…remember to use it on all you…[cut off]…hair, not just thinning area…[cut off].

    This, in conjunction with the calendar below lead me to believe that the device, whatever it may be, has at least a rudimentary CPU, a sensor that tracks serum dispensed and a means of wirelessly communicating with your phone. In other words, it’ll be a minimum of several hundred dollars for just the device and is also meant to be a long-term investment.

    Image Follica_2
    App reads, “A Fresh Start. Treat your head right and it will treat you right. The smart rain pods shower and recondition your scalp, bringing new hair to life.” The phone on the right has a menu whose buttons read, “My Plan, Progress Tracker, Preorder Supplies, The RAIN System”

    Image Follica_3
    Product appears to be the size of the average male hand, or a small bottle of shampoo.

    Image Follica_4 & 5
    Closer looks at the different models?

    Image Follica_6
    There’s an actual barcode on the middle box. I did professional product photography for a bit. Not intending to get any hopes up but in my experience adding such a detail without drawing attention to it seems strange. I could be wrong but based off just the images here I would say they look confident in themselves and certainly want to appear as if they’re nearly ready to ship. What I can never know is whether that confidence is substantiated or not.

    Addendum: I phrased most of what I sent as if Follica were already building their product and I was trying to uncover it but in an effort to express a healthy dose of doubt I do believe there’s just as much of a chance that these may all be mockups and renderings designed to appeal to prospective investors. That said, I think it’s still interesting to see hints of how the company currently envisions their future.

    1. Hey Admin and Steven,
      Just to add my two cents as a designer and motion graphics artist… The website and accompanied photos are most likely mockups/ renders. I’m not saying that they for sure aren’t photography/ product shots but there are telltale signs that they are most likely renders.
      The App/ user interface is definitely a mockup. Even if the app is ready, nobody creates those images through photography. There are too many templates available to create the mockups and what is essentially a 5 minute photoshop job would take over an hour to set up to shoot for photos and edit. Just for simplicity… it’s a mockup.

      The products: The lighting is too symmetrical, same with the reflections/ refractions. This can all be achieved through photography and photoshop (although there are usually small human errors that accompany product photography) but my guess is that they already had the models created for production in a 3D CAD program and they sent it to something like cinema 4D, added the lighting, applied textures and now can take as many “photos”, aka renders, from different angles as they wish without needing an actual photographer.

      The up side to this is that although the product might not be made… using the model on the site means that it is built in a 3D program and ready to be put into production.

  20. ” I could be wrong but based off just the images here I would say they look confident in themselves and certainly want to appear as if they’re nearly ready to ship.” That’s not posible. Too early.

    1. Hi Paul, Steven said “want to appear as if…” in there.

      Probably for investors.

      They won’t be able to ship before 2018 as that is when they announced they would bring the product to market in a best case scenario.

  21. Im pumped for this! Site and treatment looks very appealing, no doubt about this. But lets be real people, this could very well just be mock-ups and the wet dream of a frustrated bald scientist. Follica needs (like every single one of these companies) to show actual results….

  22. It seems like it would take some time to grow completely new hair, so that is probably the reason for the daily applications to begin with, at least for several months. Once the hair grows back fully, I assume these re- applications will become far less frequent but will still be required because they are growing fresh from the DHT- sensitive region of the scalp. It wouldn’t be like transplanted hair from the back of your head that isnt sensitive to DHT but rather it will be as if you stepped back in time to a full head of hair which overtime will become like the one you have today if you don’t keep up with occasional applications.

    My educated assumption.

  23. Hi Admin,

    Just a quick question and apologies if this has always been responded to previously.

    Like many others I started followed your blog quite recently as my loss is short and slow. My question is, it’s seems like every week or so there is a new promising report on a logical treatment from a reputable company that results in excitement and educated theories. Has it always been like this? I read your post recently regarding the arrival of Japanese companies etc but say 5 years ago were there as many variations of possible treatments being reported? Or is it this year and last that it ‘exploded’?

    1. Hi Anon, last 2 years have been insane. Nothing ever like this in the history of the hair loss world. To date only 2 approved products in 30-40 yrs or so.

  24. I think they will be opening up the registration study across all age groups and are likely looking for a large number of participants. The new website looks like a preparation for that.
    I may be wrong but as I understand, registration study is not as strict as clinical study and there is more flexibility for the investigators.

  25. If steven is correct and this “device” is several hundred dollars, plus a long term investment, it better have some pretty damn impressive results.

    Also – if this is so close to launching (2018) why have we not heard of anything on it in the media? They are exploding over Jak inhibitors working for AA – if this follica device is even close to being as efficient for mpb as jak is for AA, you would think it would be all over the news. 2018 isnt very far away… not being pessimistic, im actually just curious.

    1. I think it’s because JAKs have actually shown results, and have proven that they are useful in treating AA. Whereas Follica has not released any results. If Follica releases positive results, you can bet they will be all over the news.

  26. Guys I just thought about something!!

    Now this is all just theoretical of course, but follica could very well be a cure if it turns out to create new hairs (de novo)

    Think about this for a second:

    You transplant the hairs from the back (DHT resistant) to the bald top. Then you use the device not on top of your head, but on the back!! So you get brand new DHT resistant follicles at the back and all ready to get transplanted once again.
    VOILA, unlimited donor area :)

    Just food for thoughts

  27. Saleen problem is not everyone has enough hair at the back, and if so it’s a very large operation, a FUT is very painful and FUE is very lengthy and expensive. So thx for your brilliant idea. But concerns Follica I hope they will succeed, we have to wait and see until 2018!

    1. I wouldn’t describe FUT as ‘very painful’ at any stage of the process.

      Did you surgeon operate without anaesthetic?

      1. On real. I enjoyed having fue done. Nice food offered movie to watch and I respeated the surgeon.

        Nothe 1 bit happy with results. But I honestly think this is down to hairtransplants not being all there cracked up to be. Ie camera pictures can be so deciving

        1. A reputable surgeon what cares more about customer satisfaction than making a quick buck will deliver excellent and consistent results. I have had two excellent FUT surgeries that have given me 6 years of my youth back.

          It pays to temper your expectations and understand that not all surgeons are the same.

  28. I wouldn’t mind at all applying it everyday as long as it grows a lot of new hairs in the long term.

    I’ve recently started to dermaroll my scalp to see if it works but it’s quite hard to do it since my hair is so long and tangles around the roll.
    I think I’m gonna get a dermastamp instead and I’m guessing this is a similar technology to what Follica is gonna use to make their product more effective (?)
    Anyway, it sounds promising since it grows new hair instead of reawakening the dormant ones. I mean, if it can grow new hair it can (at least in theory) fill a completely bald area.

  29. So I was thinking a little more on this. We have had half-assed devices like the laser helmets and combs. Also we have had minox which is less effective and others that have sides. But this looks like they have to convince – dermatologists as well as patients at the same time with two different devices. Why would they do this if the efficacy is not proven ? I am super excited but since AGA has not been cured just only for more than a few thousands of years there is the skeptic in me that is asking me to hold my horses.

  30. The test subjects probably signed a non-disclosure form. But that would also mean the company is cofident enough in its product not to reveal the result to prospective investors. But then why all this website exposure….

    Is Follica really in the final stage of finalizing a few legal issues and ship this thing soon? 2018 is only a year away and they must have something solid to make these claims.

    2017 will be an interesting year to see for several reasons.

  31. We can all agree that this sounds very tiring.. i used to harass my scalp with topicals and when I stopped, i looked back on how much work and how tiring that all was. Now we will have an app to tell us to keep going with the treatment haha. Very odd

    However, I am curious about their topicals. I remember reading that minoxidil was one of the topicals in their trials. Whatever the case, like you said admin, it will not be a cure. DHT and it’s inflammatory cascade will still attack.. oh well. At least some thing is happening in the hair research realm

    1. If it grows back hair with density again no matter if you’ve got to keep applying it forever it is a cure, and that is what matters, the result !!

  32. I also think that folicas device kinda maps your head and lets you know where you need to apply more of the treatment.

  33. It is outrageous that throughout the whole and long Follica odyssey, they have not shown one proper before/after picture.

    1. Why is it outrageous? I don’t understand why people feel entitled to proof from any company, especially during ongoing during trials. People don’t expect Microsoft to officially release pictures and specs of their new products while still in the developmental stage, so why should Follica and other companies be required to do so? Histogen has released such pictures in order to drum up investors, and have got nothing but flack over them. As far as I know, Follica is not desperate for investors, as they appear to be in the final stages of development and getting ready for future commercialization.

      Releasing before and after pictures of an incomplete product would literally do nothing for them. They will release pictures to the press when their product and methodology is complete, and will save their most impressive results for their official announcement.

      I understand the desire to see some concrete proof about a company and its products, but that is really not how large companies operate. For this reason I find it odd that people use the lack of official before and after pictures as a knock against any company.

          1. Lmao! i love it! you think youre so important that things need to be proved to you. youre not even a blip on anyones radar. nobody has to prove anything to you. haha, geez a pessimistic forum member at their finest always demanding proof because they gave up hope a long time ago.

      1. All what you said is pretty ok but you miss a lot of important details :
        – they make big public claims for a very long time
        – quite a number of media appearances throughout the years
        – they have now a new website that claims many things and already opened a mailing list to which you can sub and receive updates.

        To me this is way too much interaction with the general public without showing a single shred of evidence.

        I have no problems with a company doing trials and being quiet. But once you open your mouth and start talking about how your product is insanely great – better show something to prove it.

        Ever heard of one of the biggest gaming industry blunders called No Mans Sky? Years of hype, years of crazy promises, years of showing tidbits of gameplay which ended up being fake and scripted!! LOL!

        1. I don’t think they’ve boasted about how great their product is. I think they have only released an initial report of their methodology so people know what their company is about. To my knowledge all they’ve released is a description of their methodology and realistic goals, a claim that they believe their product will be useful in treating AGA, and a few renders of their devices.

          To be honest, I get suspicious of companies that release before an after pictures years before the products trials are even complete. The only reason for this is because these companies are desperate for public investors, and cannot get funding without them. I feel confident in Follica because they have let their research and data speak for themselves in terms of gaining funding.

          I’m not bothered one bit by the lack of photos. They will come when Follica announces they are taking the product to market.

          1. The data said that after 6 months the terminal hair was gone and the only thing left were the new vellus. Also the terminal hair that sprouted first wasn’t as thick as really needed.

            So those are not the robots.. ehm those are not the results we were looking for. I’ve got very little confidence in them exactly due to shoddy results and no definite evidence of any fair cosmetical effect.

        1. @Susana, I think because their old site was out of date, and because they are closing in on a possible release within a 2 year time frame. They are claiming that their product could be going to market in 2018. Keep in mind were only 2.5 months away from 2017.

  34. Can anyone answer/reply to these two queations/statements by me:
    -when will clinical trials begin?
    -how can it be available in less then two years if no clinical trials?
    -why no pictures?

  35. Looks like my man cots is pushing full force ahead. I love knowing my predictions will come true in due time. To be honest I wasn’t expecting all this high tech gadgetry to be part of the follica system but it’s good to have a tool that can assist us in applying treatment properly. I still believe that this will be the next treatment for hairloss. 2018 fingers crossed! He has the most professional website, sound protocol and backed by good science. This won’t be a cure but I think follica mixed with histogen, ht, and hopefully SM will show excellent results. As for the lack of pictures…who knows..Maybe it’s too early to bring out the hype main stream or he is going to wait for the final step next year and then reveal the success then. Either way we all have seen what other companies have shown in before after pics..all photo shopped, combovers etc. Only time will tell what is to come. Ps. Admin I really hope this comes through for two reasons 1. For all of us to finally grow back substantial hair and 2. To prove to you I was right all along hahaha.

  36. Top stuff Admin. Really appreciate your efforts my man.

    Follica have always had me scratching me my head, which ironically is what they actually want us to do.

    I can see the logic of skin disruption. Some thing has to grow back? In my case probably a hairy mole.

    Though I understand the concept and very much look forward to women swooning over my Witch like mole, I just cannot see how Follica can do much to control the human body’s regenerative envoirement.

    For this reason I foresee an island of new skin with perhaps a solitary hair. Hopefully in my case the hair will be bang on the mole, then at least I could sell photos of my head as an oasis like postcard.

    Thanks once again Admin

  37. i just feel like this is going to be laser comb all over again, FDA approved – scientifically verified, billions of dollars invested. Astounding fart results. Good luck to it’s hopes.

    1. What’? Laser combs aren’t FDA approved to work lol they are approved to be used but there is no evidence they work

  38. So…how can we take a ghetto protocol of this ?

    -How dermabrasing ? Because a dermaroller doesn’t create a dermabrasion
    -How creating follicle neogenesis ? With doxycycline ? Others ?

  39. The site looks pretty cool almost like a hair Amazon store. Still remains though how much hair they can get back. I haven’t looked much into them but it does seem to be a trend with some of these companies that cameras are a no go. I’d think at least some of the investors would have to get thrown a bone sometime but that’s not my bailiwick I spose so now it’s time to hurry up and wait.

  40. Samumed has been invited to speak at the upcoming Forbes healthcare summit Nov 30-Dec1 in NYC.
    The same source tweeted 21-09-2016 the following:

    “hey @Vishwa043 @HuffPoLifestyle more data from a different study will be released soon at a medical congress #androgenticalopecia #hairloss”

    Maybe we will get some in-depth feedback on the last phase II trail with biopsy.

  41. I personally feel that the reason they won’t release photos to the public is due to the fact it would allow the public to pressure the company into early release . And the balding community is no punk, their is definatly a justifiable impatience in which many have . Also I feel they want to reach the peak of the product effectiveness, as releasing early pics would gauge the company only off those images. Personally if they have a solid time quota in which their trying to reach , let them be ;) relax brahs

  42. Very good point Donald. People just need to relax. Everyone always demanding proof. Just relax and wait and see. Product will hit market eventually. Also those worrying about the hairs falling out after 6 months because they are still affected by dht, you do know that there are excellent dht blockers that can prevent those new hairs from being effected. breezula coming, tests on seti, dut or fin if you choose, i personally have used ru for years and its completely halted hairloss with no sides so their are options to help maintain those new hairs created by follicas product. i truly believe hairloss and new hair growth will be cured with a combination of things so while i dont believe follica will be the end all cure, i do believe thiswill be an excellent tool in the hairloss battle

  43. “an excellent tool in the hairloss battle” LOL
    Like Follicept you mean?

    If the product can’t bring substantial hair growth by its own, it’s useless. That’s it.

  44. How do you know it cant?! Geez Im so sick of the jaded, pessimistic and hopeless members of the hairloss community. Yes we get it. Your hopes have been raised and dashed so many times in the past that you have to see it to believe it. Geez get over it, we’re all going through the same things, atleast their are still alot of positive and hopeful people left who actually provide relavence and info. Sometimes i wish their was a pessimist filter for my iphone lol

    1. The vast majority of these people who’ve had their hopes dashed are often “remembering” products and treatments that didn’t even exist. At best, most of it was probably how their crazy aunt who sold Amway in the ’90s said that this new topical product would “totally cure hair loss” and it didn’t work because it was a scam. Also, there were always people saying it would be cured “within five years” even though absolutely nothing was in clinical trials at the time.

      It’s absolutely pathetic how many people think that all these things in the pipeline, most of them backed with proven science and are in or awaiting human trials are all just a scam.

  45. John I can’t agree more with you.

    Pessimism is useless and annoying

    Don’t ever forget to keep your eyes on the goal and do what’s possible to achieve it.

    For me at the moment, that means finishing off my studies and accumulating a **** load of cash ready to be deployed on future treatments.


  46. Not to mention that I will invest in the curing companies’ IPO and get righ along ge way.

    What is nice about this website is that it gives us investing information in advance so we know what’s coming.

    The future is bright fellas.
    Tighten your seatbelt because you’re about to takeoff✈️

    1. A 50 year old participant of Fidia’s AGA trials has claimed that he has gained a full Norwood level since starting the Brotzu lotion trials. He was a Norwood 5 with a slick bald 10cm diameter vertex, and now he is a Norwood 4 with a 4cm diameter vertex with vellus hairs covering the once slick bald area. He also said that the lotion works better on younger people with lesser extents of hairloss, but it is still effective in older men AND women ( different products for men and women are being developed)

      In an interview with an Italian hairloss site, Brotzu has stated that the lotion works to block the processes of miniaturization of hair follicles by DHT, and also stimulates hair growth. He states that the lotion will completely halt balding, and will slowly regrow bald areas. Basically it sounds like a better minox/fin combo with no reported sides. The participants of the trial that have shared their information continue to see results, so right now it is unclear just how much hair can be recovered with this treatment.

      Participants from the AGA trial are saying that the lotion is still on schedule to be released in 2017.

  47. Hi there! Repli Cell Hair Regeneration
    Cell Therapy RCH-01 is going to start 2 phase.Does anybody know results of first phase???

  48. Im so tired of hearing antidotal reports on “brontzus lotion”. These reports cannot be backed up by anyone. We should really stop this possibly faulty info until something concrete is announced.
    I commend the Admin for not reporting on all these second-hand claims.

  49. Admin, back in august you posted a story that said Evolis would now be sold in the USA. Did you ever hear of a place that was selling it for consumers here in the USA?
    I want to try ut but dont know how to obtain it

      1. Thanks SB.
        I was under the impression it wasnt for sale in the US yet, but there it is.
        Im probably going to try it. Im a NW2-NW3, so maybe itll help

  50. People any treatment that get someday get out tobthe market will be the same for nw0 por nw5. The final result s will be different.

  51. Okay so I have a significantly small knowledge of how the FDA works but alot of people talk about how they take soooo long and all these treatments won’t get here for decades because of regulation right. Well as I sit here watching TV it seems like every other day there’s a new pill for depression or smoking or pill for your depression pill or fibromayalsia with all sorts of scary side effects. I guess it just seems like they are throwing those out there and some of the pills actually screw with hormones IN THE BRAIN! Ahem meanwhile, we’re just trying to get hair. I mean did all these other pills/treatments take a decade to get out or I gotta be missing something? If anyone would kindly fill in the blanks greatly appreciative…

    1. Yeah it’s not really true. The real reason is because companies just aren’t investing in MPB. No real large pharma company outside of Allergan (Seti) has an MPB treatment in the works, nor has it had one in recent years, since probably the introduction of Propecia in 1997. That’s the real reason. It’s not the FDA stopping it, but companies simply aren’t looking at this area seriously.


    1. 2018, judging by their half year report, has been moved back. Likely to 2019 as their pivotal trial is now taking place sometime in the first half of 2017 rather than the 2nd half of 2016 as originally planned.

      If they have indeed taken it down, I wouldn’t worry about it. The VP of Clinical and Product development slots have now been filled at Follica and judging by their website revamp and solid details (still no word of the results in picture form I might caution) about their procedure, I would expect some official news before Christmas or a little sooner.

  53. Why Follica doesn’t work on the missing hair of Dr. Cotsarelis ?
    Did you see his scalp in the videos? He is clearly affected of AGA.
    This is ridiculus. Smell of scam.

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