Excellent new Replicel CEO Interview and Podcast

I may add more to this post about Replicel later this week. For now, check out this excellent new Replicel CEO interview and podcast.

Replicel CEO David Hall Interview

In the interview with James West, Mr. David Hall essentially seems to be claiming that this is a complete cure once the main challenges regarding dosage and frequency are resolved. I now have second thoughts about Histogen’s recent presentation, where they suggest superior results to Replicel.

Regarding their trials, Dr. Hall summarizes that Replicel did a 16 patient Phase 1 study. This is the basis of the data that the company is now using for its Phase 2 study. The same data is also being used by Shiseido in Japan for their pending clinical trials.

In the 16-patient safety trial, Replicel saw an average density growth in 6 months of 11.8%. In comparison, the very best you get with the current drug therapies of Minoxidil (Rogaine) is 16%. And with dihydrotestosterone (DHT) inhibitor Finasteride, about 14%. Moreover, those results are over a lengthier 12-month period of time.

The next step for Replicel is a 160-patient trial that will measure injection frequency and dosage. The reason this could be a complete cure is because they use the hair cells at the back of the head that are completely androgen insensitive. i.e. what is deemed as the permanent donor zone in hair transplants.

You take those permanent hair cells, replicate them, and then inject them into the frontal and crown balding regions of the scalp. In effect, you now have a full scalp of hair that is not susceptible to balding from the ravages of androgens and DHT.

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  1. Hola es realmente cierto que para el 2018 podemos llegar a tener un producto comercial??? yo escribí a replicel y ellos me dijeron que estamos a 3 años de distancia osea 2017. Será verdad esta vez????

  2. Diego , nadie sabe a ciencia cierta , pero soy optimista de que una cura va aquí a finales de 2020 a más tardar . Tal vez sólo en Japón o Asia aquel rindió

    1. Osea que en japón puede salir antes??? la verdad que yo a histogen le tengo mucha fe, es mas pienso que puede llegar a salir algo antes que replicel.

  3. just to clarify: replicel used a very high dose for their safety trials, they did not do a repeat injection though. I don’t have the link right now, but if you go through their trial info, they clearly state this fact. High doses are used to establish safety. So i wouldn’t count on increased dosage to make a difference in results.

    Also, you posted earlier that they would be doing 90 more injections. this is also wrong- they are doing ONE follow up injection at 90 days from the first one.

  4. c, I do not remember posting about 90 injections anywhere. Can you remember where?

    Also, Mr. Hall clearly states that they are trying to figure out dose and frequency in the interview. Looking at your earlier comments, it seems like you are extremely pessimistic and even made a prediction of the cure being about 30 years away in one your comments! If you are so skeptical, why visit this blog right now? And if stage 3 clinical trials are not required in Japan, how can you discuss clinical trials as if we are only looking at the US laws and ignoring the rest of the world?

    1. hi admin, thanks for your work. can anyone ask to them if their procedure (histogen and replicel) would work also on people that have had an HT?

  5. C makes a valid point. Mr. Hall stated in an interview with Spencer Kobren (May 2012) that they used a significant dose (15:45 minutes), and that they will dose down to level that gives the best efficacy. Hopefully I am misunderstanding him, because why dose down when efficacy wasn’t even reached in my opinion. Based on their Phase I/IIa results they need to up the dosage or frequency significantly.

  6. Admin is on point. Username “c” should see there way OFF this forum. After stage III trials are done, it will available for the MARKET!!! Keep up the good work Admin, I LOVE IT!!!

  7. @C did you even read the article , the Ceo clearly states the next trial will be on finding the right dose for a cure. Most phase 1 trials are to test safety.

  8. Thanks everyone. Normally, I would give more credence to a pessimistic post, but “c” has been excessive in his negativity in all his comments despite new developments. The current news and my research clearly suggest (to me at least) that clinical trials in Japan will be much faster and they are essentially skipping the last step that we have in the US.

    Also, Replicel would not get the funding from Shiseido if their “high” or “significant” doses resulted in such limited growth. This is not to say that I am crazy optimistic about Replicel or Histogen, but I am excited about the potential.

    In any case, “c” I will repeat, if you are still projecting a cure being 30 years away as you did in an earlier comment, I think it is pointless to keep coming here and posting negative opinions about new developments. You should probably start reading the blogs in another 27-28 years, or else you are really wasting your time.

    1. My intention was not to be negative.

      I wanted to correct you and enlighten you as far as the dosing is concerned. I really don’t want to dig through it right now, but if you find replicels phase 1 report, they very clearly state that they used a very high dose to test safety. results might improve with repeated injections however, but probably not a ton. I forget where you posted that they would be giving 90 more injections, but you definitely did.

      I think that if it works as advertised, replicel could still be a superior treatment to fin. also a more lasting albeit very expensive option. There’s no way that it’s going to grow good hair on someone who is very bald- 20 percent improvement simply does not equal creating a full head of hair. In my case, it might well be more than sufficient, as I am not very bald yet.

      Cure -wise it’s not about pessimism. My sense is that within the next ten years someone will figure out how to grow new follicles. the steps are in place. however, even with advanced release in japan, you’re talking at least a decade of testing and planning and marketing if you’re lucky, and thats only once the science is all there. that is based on a very optimistic average of how long it takes for these things to pan out. not on FDA trials, which can and have taken easily 15 years or more.

      by 2020 we will undoubtedly have better expensive preventative treatments and maybe something that offers better regrowth, but i highly, highly doubt, based on research precedent timelines in all regions of the world, that slick bald guys are gonna have a full head again anytime close to 2020. Your blog is called the cure to balding by 2020. should be called the next decent treatment for balding by 2020. thats just my informed opinion.

      1. “I forget where you posted that they would be giving 90 more injections, but you definitely did.”


        c, please have some courtesy when you make a mistake and then try to pin it down on me. I do not ever remember reading about any number of injections figure WHATSOEVER, and some of my comments/chat posts/blogs have indicated my uncertainty about what a higher dose will mean. How on earth would I have come up with a specific figure of 90? Out of the sky?

        Most of the rest of your post is suspect. What is “too expensive” in your opinion and do you know the price (or did I “definitely” tell you some number)? Are you saying Dr. Hall is wrong about the full regrowth potential and the 20 percent regrowth is close to the best possible outcome? Do you even know what Replicel is doing and how they are getting the hair?

        How do you get the high Japan 10 year time estimates when all the media seems to be very optimistic about how fast things will progress there relative to the US?

        Like I said, it boggles my mind why you visit this blog if you think the cure is 30 year away and if you are so confident in all your beliefs (and even about my supposed comments and thoughts in seems!). Why would you want to visit this blog if you disagree with everything on here, especially the title/website address!

  9. 2 big questions for me after reading this post and the interview.

    1) Efficacy of these fibroblasts on those of us unlucky enough to be in the later stages (NW5 and on). Is there a point at witch re-wiring the follicle won’t work anymore because of atrophy?
    2) Projected costs of the procedure(s). They’ve obviously done some kind of economic modelling around treatment costs/return… I wonder if there are any ballpark numbers we can start saving for?

    1. Exciting stuff and David Hall seems fairly confident judging by these quotes from the interview:

      James West: Yeah okay so is it looking to you like a complete cure? I mean so is a guy who’s bald as a cue ball going to be able to grow hair down to his butt? Is that what we’re talking about here?

      David Hall: Yeah I mean that’s the point…based on the 16 patients that we tested, we were able to do a $35 million deal with Shiseido Corporation; $4 million up front, and $31 million in milestones and then ongoing royalties for Japan alone, and South Asia. So we really attracted a big company – they are the fourth biggest cosmetic company in the world – to the elegance of the science. And the outcome is yes – to simply change the outcome of pattern baldness.

  10. Brett, I assume that if you have some donor hair, you will still be okay since those are the follicles they are collecting cells from to multiply. It is extremely rare for anyone under the age of 60 to have absolutely no donor hair (with the exceptions being those who have alopecia totalis or alopecia universalis).

    I think one of the forum discussions mentioned the price, and it was reasonable, but now I cannot find that thread.

    Theoretically, once they inject the new hair cells, the results will last at least a few decades since they are getting those cells from the “permanent” donor region. So the payment will be a one time payment hopefully.

  11. Admin, I want to thank you for an excellent site. Its really nice to be able to come here and get these little updates. Good news like this really brightens my days up!! Loving your optimism
    Now if something would work in the meantime to just hold on to the remaining hair I have left……

      1. ive been on both with limited to no success. Now on advodart and noticing nothing either. Not many choices remaining.

        Just a heads up, I am trying to get on the testing panel for the wnt signaling trials. Hopefully they will chose me and I can relay what info I can gleam from the procedure.

        1. Wow “S’ that is bold of you! Please make sure to study the worst case side effect scenario of this trial before committing. In any case, good luck with that, and hopefully the Avodart will give you success after a few months of use.

  12. Admin, i think someone of the posters here is right. I think that they use very high dose to be sure that these treatment is safe, but i am not sure if they used only one injection with high dose.

    They have official Facebook and Twitter page and i see that they are updating all the time, so you can write to them and ask what do you want to know, but David Hall clearly said that they are working now on dose and frequency.

    David Hall seems very optimistic about these treatment, but in other hand who will buy product if he seems dissapointed on television and tells everyone that these treatment have poor results?

    On other hand why Shiseido will invest lot of money, new big labaratory and clinical trials in Japan if they are not convinced that this treatment is near to “cure“?

    I think thats why Replicel or Shiseido are speculating with high price, because they actually believe that these treatment will give outstanding results. We can only guess, but time will tell.

  13. Sheisodo took a low risk money-wise, as most of the money is milestone based. However, Sheisodo have been researching hair loss solutions for years themselves, not only using dermal papilla cells but dermal sheath cells too. They have a patent regarding regenerating hair using dermal sheath cells themselves. They have most likely been following Replicel for years as competitors. Also according to the collaboration agreement item 5.2.2, each party “will own any and all new patent rights and improvements created solely by its employees”. Therefore there is great incentive for Sheisodo to improve on Replicel’s approach, as Sheisodo will “own” those improvements. That would make for an interesting scenario though, as they will be both partners (base Replicel technology) and competitors (base plus improvements). In all likelihood though Sheisodo just took a low risk bet, and Replicel’s approach will still fail to provide cosmetic results…

  14. We can only guess, but definetly we will know when the treatment goes out in public. Till then we will only speculate.

    Only time will tell. Maybe they did 10% growth with one injection, but with 7-8 injection maybe they will get 60-70% grotwh. .

  15. I want to take this treatment as soon as possible. I hope 2017 or 2018 e grows. replicel says it’s going to be in USA, maybe in 2017 Japan can also be applied. I wish I would use early.

    1. Esperemos que así sea. Los de replicel me contestaron que en 2 o 3 años habría una cura. Yo estimo que en 2017 estará disponible. Sería importante que mientras tanto salgan nuevas medicaciones hasta que salga una cura definitiva.

  16. Hola buenos días, soy nuevo en el post. Tengo 31 años y se me están profundizando las entradas a pesar que estoy con tratamiento finasteride y minoxidil. La verdad que me preocupa y estoy en duda si hacerme cirugía o no. Algunos me la recomiendan y otros me dicen que estoy loco ya que en 2 o 3 años podría llegar una solución. Estoy re perdido, no se que hacer, me pone muy triste verme así. Necesitaría un consejo de ustedes por favor. Es posible que veamos nuevas medicaciones en el 2015???? que puede salir nuevo prontamente???? estoy desesperado. Espero respuesta. Gracias.

    1. Hola Gustavo,

      Yo no te puedo aconsejar sobre qué hacer con cualquier tipo de certeza por desgracia. Nadie puede decir cuándo la cura vendrá. Estoy muy esperanzado de que estará aquí antes de 2020. Pero eso es todavía una larga espera para algunas personas (incluido yo mismo)!

      Los trasplantes de cabello son generalmente muy bien cuando vas con los mejores cirujanos de hoy, pero no soy un cirujano y no saben de su situación particular. Algunos cirujanos se niegan a un trasplante de cabello en las personas jóvenes con muy poco cabello donante. Algunos utilizarán el pelo del cuerpo (pelo en el pecho y el pelo de la barba por lo general) para agregar más densidad.

      Espero Finasteride y Minoxidil que están ayudando y que pueden retrasar la cirugía si es posible.

      Has probado a publicar sus inquietudes en cualquier foro de la pérdida del cabello española por ahí?

  17. Ahora me cambiaron hace 6 meses finasteride por dutasteride. No veo demasiada diferencia. Ustedes que opinan de dutasteride??? dicen que los resultados son mejores pero que demoran en aparecer. Hace 6 meses que estoy con dutasteride. No se si volver a finasteride.

  18. Sí dutasterida es mejor, pero más efectos secundarios el azar también. Estoy en baja dosis y la frecuencia de Finasteride y Minoxidil. No estoy seguro de cuánto cada uno me ha ayudado, pero sin duda alguna el nuevo crecimiento. Buena suerte.

  19. Everyone who wants to know something more from Replicel can ask on their official Facebook and Twitter page. I see they update very often and respond to the questions.

  20. Hola tengo una duda acerca de Replicel, a ver si me pueden ayudar. Su tratamiento es regeneración o clonación???? no termino de entender. Regeneración entiendo que es inyectar un compuesto que regenere el cabello miniaturizado que ya practicamente no se ve, despertar las células dormidas. Y clonación es una biopsia y de eso se replican miles de foliculos en un laboratorio. Tengo entendido que la clonación es muy dificil y estamos lejos de eso ya que el principal problema es inyectar esas células y que crezcan en la dirección correcta y cabellos fuertes. Espero que sea la primera opción. Me pueden ayudar a entender??? estoy confundido. Gracias.

  21. Diego,

    Se multiplican células de la vaina dérmica (DSC) de la parte posterior del cuero cabelludo (área permament donante de pelo) y luego la inyección de ellos en las zonas calvas. Así que en realidad no están multiplicando o la clonación de un folículo piloso entero en sí … sólo aquellas células DSC (que han muerto en las regiones de calvicie frontal creo) que parece a continuación, hacer que el pelo vuelven a crecer de nuevo.

    Someone commented that you can contact Replicel on Facebook and Twitter and they answer questions FYI.

  22. Gracias por la respuesta. Si replicel hace un tiempo me respondio. Los que nunca responden son histogen y Follica. Alguien sabe algo de ellos??? nunca actualizan la página.

    1. Gracias leo frances. A mi cuando los de replicel me contestaron me dijeron 2 o 3 años para terminar los ensayos y colocar un producto en el mercado. Estimos que 2018 saldrá en EEUU y 2017 en japón. De histogen y follica sabes algo????
      La otra gran pregunta sería: desde el 2015 hasta el 2017 que salga lo de replicel es posible que salgan nuevos medicamentos o algo nuevo que nos permita mantener nuestra cabello????
      Nunca logré entender que estemos usando el finasteride desde los años 90!!! es una verguenza . . .

  23. Gracias leo frances. A mi cuando los de replicel me contestaron me dijeron 2 o 3 años para terminar los ensayos y colocar un producto en el mercado. Estimos que 2018 saldrá en EEUU y 2017 en japón. De histogen y follica sabes algo????
    La otra gran pregunta sería: desde el 2015 hasta el 2017 que salga lo de replicel es posible que salgan nuevos medicamentos o algo nuevo que nos permita mantener nuestra cabello????
    Nunca logré entender que estemos usando el finasteride desde los años 90!!! es una verguenza . . .

  24. Hola chicos! como estoy bastante deseperado por el tema de la caída del cabello, hoy mandé un correo a Replicel y me contestaron enseguida. La verdad que no se porque algunos en este post hablan de un producto en el 2018. La respuesta fue la siguiente: En el primer trimestre del 2015 se inicia la fase 2, los resultados estará a los 39 meses (3 años y 3 meses!!!!!). Luego ellos planean en licenciar la tecnología a una empresa mucho mas grande que podría financiar ensayos pivotales y llevar un producto al mercado. Pero luego falta la fase 3 que demora varios años nuevamente. Ya estamos hablando de por lo menos 6 años. Nos vamos al 2021. La fase 4 ya es cuando el producto está comercializado y evaluar desde otra perspectiva. La verdad que no entiendo nada. Estamos hablando del 2021, por dios, es un nunca acabar este tema. Rezemos porque salgan nuevas medicaciones porque al paso que vamos y con los tiempos que manejan esta empresas estamos a por lo menos 8 a 10 años de distancia. No se si histogen manejará otros tiempos, siempre te ponen la misma respuesta cuando uno manda un correo. Que piensan ustedes??? a mi psicologicamente este tema me está matando.

  25. Hola a todos! les escribi a replicel preguntando una duda: si yo hoy me hago un transplante capilar, cuando salga el producto de ustedes me lo voy a poder hacer igual????? ellos me respondieron que si, que no debería haber problemas, sin embargo estamos a pocos años de un producto comercial. Eso me hizo preguntar que serían pocos años. Y ellos me respondieron, esperemos que en dos años. Que piensan??? es una buena noticia. Que opina el administrador???

    1. Hola Diego, en primer lugar comprendo perfectamente como te sientes.Las personas que padecemos alopecia incluida yo misma por desgracia estamos muy esperanzadas con el tratamiento de Replicel.

      Pero mi consejo más sincero es que busques una solución a corto plazo, nadie puede garantizar cuando saldrá al mercado este tratamiento y si todos podremos beneficiarnos de el. Según describes tu problema es que tienes entradas y poca zona donante para hacerte un transplante. No?

      Me alegra mucho decirte que ya existe una posible solución a ese problema, en los últimos meses he contactado con una clínica de Barcelona donde a finales de este año van a sacar un tratamiento (con células madre) patentado por el Doct Christophe.

      Se conoce como Stem Cell ,“Stem Cell Transfer, implantes capilares mediante células madre.”Según me ha dicho el Doct esto es ideal para aquellas personas que deseen hacerse un transplante y que tengan poca zona donante.

      Se infiltran células que incrementan la densidad en zonas calvas o de poca densidad, el resultado es increible. De echo ya hay mucha gente en las listas de espera.
      Espero que esto pueda servirte, en mi caso no me interesa porque no restablece el grosor de mis folículos, que es basicamente lo que me interesa. Pero a tí te podría servir para revertir ese problema hasta que llegue Replicel.

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