Elon Musk and Joe Rogan

Yesterday, these two extremely well known multi-talented celebrities came together and created their own magic. Well worth spending the 2.5 hours required to finish watching the below embedded video.

Even though they covered numerous subject matters, they unfortunately neglected hair. This video will most likely end up being Mr. Rogan’s most viewed interview ever. And not just because Mr. Musk smokes weed and drinks whiskey on the show (things that the global media has put most of its focus on in its coverage of all things Musk).

12 thoughts on “Elon Musk and Joe Rogan”

  1. Still convinced that hair transplantation is not the best treatment for baldness; there are treatments in clinical trials are the basis of treatment of baldness of the root

  2. Does the story of a celebrity or more public awareness of MPB really make any real tangible difference to anyone? It doesnt increase or change any real treatment options. It doesnt advance research or alter pricing. It does nothing.
    Nothing changes if no one actually does anything concrete to fix it. I guess I could care less unless they are going to try curing it or treating it.

      1. No one should be promoting social acceptance of it. We have enough acceptance of mediocrity and lowered standards as it is — none of it to societal benefit.

        A cure is what is needed.

      2. Social acceptance is just a form of cope in my opinion.

        In my case, social acceptance would not change anything, as I want to have my hair back to b able to once again recognise my facial features and feel better with myself.

      3. I wish it worked that way. I want my hair back for me, not for other people. I couldn’t care less what other people think of me.

  3. I’m sure he used a technique that’s not known by/available for the big public. I have more hair as he had in 2000 and all they say in clinics is that my donor area is not enough. So I’m guessing… Biofibres?

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