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Huberman Lab Podcast on Hair Loss

November 12, 2023

Some new hair loss related content from Dr. Andrew Huberman in his recent interview with Dr. Michael Eisenberg. They have a detailed discussion on dihydrotestosterone (DHT) reduction from finasteride or dutasteride and post-finasteride syndrome (PFS). Summary here.

I really don’t think that there is a “wave of PFS” as Dr. Huberman states in his Tweet below. But there are no doubt some very unlucky people who got this side effect on a permanent basis.

April 10, 2023

Huberman Lab Podcast on Hair Loss

What a great Monday surprise. A few hours ago, the prolific and very intelligent neuroscientist Dr. Andrew Huberman released a two-hour Huberman Lab Podcast related to hair loss and hair regrowth. Video is embedded further below after the timestamps screenshot. His podcast is among the most popular ones on Apple iTunes and Spotify.

Huberman Lab Hair Podcast.
Huberman Lab Hair Podcast Timestamps.

I just had time to listen to an hour of the episode so far, but wanted to post a summary now as this will be trending today. From the YouTube video timestamps, it is clear that there are a few important things omitted. And some hair growth treatments are exaggerated or discussed in too much detail (e.g., caffeine) relative to their potential benefit.

It seems like there is no major discussion on hair transplants. Nor on five potentially upcoming new androgen receptor (AR) antagonist/degrader/inhibitor/blocker/reducer products. Dr. Huberman does cover oral Minoxidil for hair loss, but it is not labeled as a key category. No sections on exosomes, yet PRP is covered. And nothing on hair multiplication or hair cloning.

But despite the significant omissions, still quite interesting. Especially when you consider that Dr. Huberman says that he is not concerned about his own hair at all. So he had to research the subject without the passion that all of us have when it comes to our own hair loss. I always thought that Dr. Huberman had some hair thinning, but in this podcast video his hair seems ok.

Dr. Kyle Gillett (see his YouTube channel) helped Dr. Huberman with this latest podcast. Last year, the former was interviewed by the latter and replied to a question I had on Twitter.