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Dr. Rei Ogawa’s mechanotherapy, Tom Hagerty’s scalp exercises and dermarolling

At the recent WCHR2014, Japan based Dr. Rei Ogawa of Nippon Medical School (Tokyo) made a very unique and original presentation on mechanotherapy and its use for hair loss.  Luckily, his whole excellent presentation was recorded and posted on youtube.  I am embedding the video here, but would recommend clicking on it (on the lower right side of the video, click on the YouTube icon) and once inside youtube, subscribing to user “Scientific Event Horizon”  and checking out every video that has already been uploaded by that user.  At least half of the below video does not deal with hair loss directly, but it is still well worth watching in its entirety.  Also for more on mechanotherapy, see this Nippon Medical School page in its entirety.

While watching the video, I suddenly remembered a dear old friend (a totally one directional friendship, as I am certain this person does not even remember my name!) by the name of Tom Hagerty.  Ever since I first started reading about hair loss on the internet well over ten years ago, Mr. Hagerty has had a steady and unique presence via his interesting website on scalp exercises that he himself developed and which that can supposedly reverse hair loss or at least stop further hair loss (Mr. Hagerty does have a good head of hair for his age).

I used to frequent his website and old limited-activity forums regularly ten or more years ago and even ordered his DVD despite my major reservations about his whole concept. The only reason I ordered the DVD was that the price was low (I think around $30 at the time), and Mr. Hagerty communicated with me a few times via e-mail and via his forums and sounded extremely sincere and helpful.  We both lived in the same state at the time too.  In any event, I saw his DVD, but out of laziness as well as due to Propecia and Rogaine giving me decent results (or my hair just naturally fluctuating between good and bad for a few years), I never stuck with the scalp exercises and even stopped visiting hair loss forums frequently for a few years.  Perhaps I tried Mr. Hagerty’s  scalp exercises for a week at most? Funnily enough, a few years ago, Jotronic from Hasson & Wong also posted a video about scalp exercises in order to improve real scalp laxity prior to getting a strip hair transplant.

After making the connection from mechanotherapy to scalp exercises, my mind wondered on to the more recent widely publicized phenomenons of wound healing and dermarolling.  See my post on dermarolling and visit the forum threads I posted in there to learn more.  It seems like mechanotherapy, dermarolling and wounding, scalp exercises and perhaps even Rogaine and low level laser therapy (LLLT) could all impact cells, tissues and  molecular signalling pathways in the scalp region….and not just impact blood flow as typically always first postulated.  Perhaps I am reading too much into this, but it would really be quite something if Tom Hagerty’s unique scalp exercises were scientifically proven to be highly effective and a basic form of mechanotherapy (without the use of any mechanical device).   Was Tom years ahead of the world’s foremost scientists?  Should I try to find his DVD in my storage and take it more seriously?

Dermarolling, Minoxidil, PGD2 and PGE2

As if one unprecedented phenomenon (see my prior post) was not enough, 2013 also witnessed the emergence of a second more scientifically grounded phenomenon in dermarolling in combination with the application of Minoxidil (Rogaine). Creative and intelligent hair loss forum members are also experimenting with the addition of PGD2 (prostaglandin D2) inhibitors and PGE2 (prostaglandin E2) to this mix.

The logic behind these experiments is related to the wounding and resulting hair regrowth that a company called Follica is attempting. Moreover, a recent study on the enhanced positive effect of Minoxidil in combination with dermarolling/microneedling with a dermaroller imply a strong proven scientific basis for the excitement surrounding this issue. I myself have seen decent results from applying Minoxidil to my scalp for a number of years, and will perhaps try dermarolling in the future.

I will elaborate on this subject in more detail in future posts, but for now I encourage readers to go through the following massive threads on some of the main hair loss forums out there in order to gauge the excitement around this issue:

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