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Bryan Johnson’s Hair Regrowth and Beard Disappearance

Anti-aging entrepreneur Bryan Johnson has been in the news even more than David Sinclair over the past year. Mr. Johnson is the founder and CEO of Kernel and the founder and ex-CEO of Braintree. He also runs the OS Fund and most recently created his anti-aging algorithm Project Blueprint.

Mr. Johnson has become famous due to his highly detailed and expensive ($2 million per year) Protocol to fight aging. This week, he got into an online back and forth with Elon Musk on Twitter (where you can follow Bryan if so inclined).

Update: Jan 9, 2024
Interesting new video from Bryan Johnson about how he reversed his hair loss and grey hair. For his hair loss, he uses a laser cap, does microneedling, and applies an interesting proprietary topical lotion.

The latter’s ingredients include caffeine, finasteride, minoxidil, azelaic acid, diclofenac, tea tree oil, rosemary oil, ginkgo biloba, biotin and melatonin. He thinks that the microneedling enhances the efficacy of the topical. Of most interest to me, Bryan just started exosome treatment for hair loss. He mentions PRP, but does not mention dutasteride mesotherapy like he did in his past videos.

For his grey hair reversal, he uses relatively less well known products from Mayraki and GR-7. The latter seem to be a natural dye rather than a permanent grey hair cure.

Jan 4, 2024

Bryan Johnson’s Hair Loss and Grey Hair Reversal

Most of the comments seems to be critical of the 46-year old Mr. Johnson’s before and after transformation. However, I am impressed at his tremendous efforts and transformation. His 2,250 calories per day diet and supplement regimen seems to be very effective.

Having said that, the marketing and media publicity that he gets and thrives for is ridiculous. Is he a narcissist only there for the money and Insta fame? Or is he really trying to improve humanity? I am leaning towards the latter, which in the modern world can only be achieved through shocking and viral publicity it seems.

As soon as I saw Bryan’s before and after transformation, the first two things that I thought of were:

  1. Bryan Johnson’s beard hair has entirely disappeared. No-one seemed to point this out at all.
  2. Bryan Johnson’s scalp hair has become lengthier and thicker.

Moreover, in the below 2015 image from Bryan’s wikipedia, he has a few grey hairs on his sides. Did he manage to reverse his grey hair or is he dying his hair? Edit: I saw the following claim on his website’s hair health section:

Bryan Johson Grey Hair Reversal

I also started to wonder if Bryan got on a male-to-female transgender type hormone regimen that allowed him to lost his facial hair? Or did he get electrolysis or laser hair removal?

Bryan Johnson Blueprint
Bryan Johnson before his Blueprint anti-aging protocol.

Upon further research, right away I stumbled on to Reddit threads about his hair loss regimen that includes minoxidil, platelet-rich plasma (PRP), red light laser cap therapy, microneedling, vitamins and dutasteride injections. I am impressed that he picked dutasteride over finasteride, something that very few hair loss sufferers in the US prefer.

An even bigger surprise for me was that Bryan discussed his hair loss and hair regrowth regimen in a detailed November 2023 video interview. I entirely missed this YouTube video before. He started losing his hair in his early 30s, but clearly has no obvious hair loss at the moment.

Bryan Johnson’s hair loss regimen includes:

  • Platelet-rich plasma plus ACell plus dutasteride injected into his scalp every 30-60 days. A total of 13-15 ml per injection.
  • Daily red light therapy via a laser cap for 6 minutes.
  • Nightly concoction that includes minoxidil.