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Bill Gates is Going Bald

For most of the past two decades, Microsoft founder Bill Gates has been the richest person in the world. Unlike most billionaires, he has been extremely active in improving the world via donating his wealth to numerous projects that are of benefit to humanity, especially those associated with human health. He plans to donate almost his entire wealth to social causes by the time he dies.

Update: 2022 — Mr. Gates has developed an obsession with vaccines and the idea of regular pandemics. I am disappointed in his change of character since I first wrote this post. More relevant to the subject, Bill Gates’ crown hair loss seems to have improved over the past few years.

Is Spending Money on Hair Loss Research a Waste?

In 2013, Mr. Gates caused a lot of controversy on hair loss forums when he questioned why we spend more on finding a cure for baldness than on finding a cure for malaria?  Of course that is an entirely accurate concern. Sadly, I will still get more excited by a cure for hair loss than a cure for malaria. I have had malaria once in my life too and it was not fun.

In any event, the reason for writing something about Bill Gates is that today, I saw a photo on Twitter in which Mr. Gates  is meeting the leaders of France and India:

Bill Gates Hair Loss
Bill Gates is balding in the crown.

Bill Gates and his Hair Loss

I was surprised to see how much hair Mr. Gates has lost in his crown region. It is refreshing to see such a well known personality not care about such hair loss. If I was in his place, I would probably wear a hairpiece like Elton John. Or perhaps shave my head and wear a cap when regularly in the public eye.

I do envy those such as Mr. Gates who do not care about their hair loss and are focusing on more important things in life. Unfortunately, millions of us are unable to do what he does. I am also certain that I would still care about my balding even if I was the richest man in the world.

Perhaps Mr. Gates learnt about charity and to not care about cosmetic issues such as hair loss early in his life. Based on his father’s attitude to life:

William Gates Senior
Bill Gates’ father and his hair loss.