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74th Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology

The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) will hold its 74th Annual Meeting between March 4 and March 8 in Washington DC. The schedule has around a dozen presentations involving scalp hair, although most seem pretty generic.

Not surprisingly, on the hair forums, only one presentation is garnering any kind of discussion: Samumed’s 12 minute summary of phase II clinical trial results of its SM04554 topical hair loss product.

It should be noted that Samumed already presented some favorable findings about its phase II trials towards the end of last year.  See my summary of that news here.  I am not expecting anything particularly impressive in this latest presentation, but would be more than happy to be wrong

You can follow the AAD on Twittter here.  Samumed will probably add its presentation summary on its media page after the conference is over.

FYI: Several people e-mailed me about this conference and posted comments about it in the last blog post.  Thanks to those people, but please try to only e-mail me news that you know is not covered widely on the hair loss forums.  I check those forums almost every day!  If you have a unique take on something, feel free to e-mail me.