Hair Loss World News Updates

Lots of new developments in the world of hair and biology during the past month.

Hair loss news first:

— The most important news is courtesy of HLT, which several days ago interviewed people from the Dr. Tsuji/RIKEN/Organ Technologies team (but not Dr. Tsuji himself). Interview publication has been delayed due to Japan’s “Respect for the Aged Day“, but according to the HLT admin, he has been given permission to divulge the following regarding the Tsuji team’s work:

“Human trials to begin 2018. Commercial availability still on track for 2020.”

While not surprising to hear after the Kyocera partnership news in July of this year, it will hopefully put many people’s minds at ease.

— Thanks to who else but JAK superfan “nasa_rs” for letting us know that Aclaris Therapeutics updated its pipeline page and finally added its topical JAK inhibitor product (ATI-500003) for men with androgenetic alopecia (AGA). Interestingly, all four of its JAK products are now shown to be 80 percent or so through the pre-clinical phase and are on the verge of entering Phase 1 trials.

According to the pdf from the company’s September 14th webcast, proof-of-concept (POC = Phase 1 and Phase IIA) trials for the company’s alopecia areata (AA) drugs will commence in the first and second quarter of 2017. Considering that JAK inhibitors Ruxolitinib and Tofacitinib have already been FDA approved and in use for around 5-6 years, the big question is whether this will allow faster progression of Phase 1 clinical trials for Aclaris’ various JAK products? According to wikipedia, there are currently seven other JAK inhibitors in clinical trials.

— Long-time perpetual disappointment Follica, which had earlier announced initiation of a registration study in the second half of 2016 has delayed plans till the first half of 2017. A recently announced best-case product release scenario of 2018 by Follica now sounds just as unlikely as hyper-prolific commentator “mjones” ever meeting with his hero and Follica founder Dr. George Cotsarelis.

— In my June “brief items of interest” blog post, I mentioned that Allergan had commenced phase 2A clinical trials for Setipiprant to treat androgenetic alopecia. The company updated its clinical trial page again in August and many of their centers in the US are currently recruiting volunteers. It seems like Skincareresearch will even pay you up to $650 for participating.

Allergan also updated its Bimatoprost clinical trial page in August. Study is expected to be completed very soon in October 2016.

Follicum updated its website regarding the second part of their clinical phase I/IIa study for their FOL-005 hair loss product. I like the fact that they are undertaking some of this work at the reputable Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin in Germany. Follicum also sent out an e-mail to many people (one of whom was myself) and here is the gist of it:

“The study is divided in two parts, a single ascending dose part and a multiple dose part. Multiple dosing has begun on healthy volunteers. The study has now finalized recruiting volunteers and is fully recruited, it is being carried out in Germany at: Klinik für Dermatologie, Venerologie und Allergologie, Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Germany. As this is a regulated clinical trial results have to be published once the trial is completed and all the results have been analysed, which is estimated to be in January 2017.”

A conference on the Wnt signaling pathway ran from 14th-17th September in the Czech Republic. Interestingly, Samumed was one of the main sponsors. Of even more importance, it seems like Samumed made an extremely interesting and well received presentation at the 13th Medical Innovation Summit in London on September 17th 2016. Why do I say that without seeing the actual presentation? Because of numerous Tweets praising it on Twitter.

— One of the commentators on this forum named “skin” made some interesting comments in this dermarolling and Minoxidil post of mine that are worth reading. Especially if you are considering trying out dermarolling.

Lengthy article on hair loss, including some thoughts from Dr. Claire Higgins.

Scalp micropigmentation video on Quartz.

Troy Hurtubise wants to defeat hair loss. This is about as far fetched as it will ever get in our already diverse hair loss cure world.

Donald Trump lets Jimmy Fallon mess up his hair.

And now on to medical items of interest:

— Burned firefighter Pat Hardison continues to thrive one year after his face transplant. Pretty amazing progression.

— I have covered Zion Harvey 3 times on this blog now. His 1-year post double hand transplant update video is inspiring. Note that he has also had a kidney transplant and has prosthetic legs too:

— MIT scientist claims that his Elysium Basis pill is the one when it comes to the fountain of youth. More relevant to us (and discouraging) is the below quote:

“Guarente has been taking Basis for two years, but it’s a good bet that he is not among those who have observed hair growth as one of the pill’s effects.” 

— World’s formerly fattest man who lost 658 pound after gastric bypass surgery in 2010 will now get a second free surgery to remove excess skin.

— Embryos from skin cells instead of from eggs? Would mean real freedom for both men and women.

Infertile mice give birth due to 3D printed ovaries.

Stem cell therapy restores arm and hand movement for a paralyzed man.

New drug to treat Alzheimer’s could be very effective.

Lysyl oxidase inhibition could eliminate scar formation.

Cold plasma to heal non-healing wounds.

— CRISPR’d vegetables are now here.

— With Japanese electronics behemoth Kyocera partnering with Tsuji/RIKEN and their cell based work, it is perhaps not surprising that in the US General Electric now aims to build a $1 billion business “offering vital manufacturing tools for a coming wave of cell therapies.

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  1. @nasa_rs, go to HLT forums and check out the thread regarding JAK. No news at all and no word from Christiano bout JAK working for AGA. Actually, putting it on ther pipeline seems more like an investmemt trick…

    1. JAK inhibitors are not going to work for AGA IMHO. They’re taking a lotion they accidentally discovered work for an auto-immune disorder and re-packaging it, hoping it can do the same for a progressive genetic disease. It’s the medical equivalent of saying ‘hey, this vaccine can prevent shingles, which is a painful rash on the body. Maybe if we tweak it, it will do the same for eczema!’

      Just because the symptoms are similar doesn’t mean the causes are.

  2. Thanks Admin for the GREAT post. My question is –

    Mr Troy Hurtubise claimed that his right side is full of hair after using R-Light therapy by controlling left, but i didn’t notice any significant difference between his two side.

    1. Have a look at some of his other inventions. See how they’ve been received in the long run. He also admits he does not understand the science behind it all. Not a good sign. Apparently he made the angel light and it could see through walls. He didn’t understand how it worked so decided to shine it on his hand. He claims he could see all the gubbins of his hand. Then, this makes me chuckle, he felt a bit ill for awhile. A lot of people called it out as a hoax. Others think that maybe the angel light invention may have gone well into the xray rang, unbeknownst to him. If that’s the case then he’s probably given himself a nasty and potentially anyone else who was close to the machine would have been at risk. So now he’s firing his new ray gun at his head. Not for me thanks!

  3. So over at HLT the admin had a call with Aclaris yesterday, and afterwards he mentioned the following:

    “Great call, disappointing result. Some interesting information, though nothing new really to report. They seem to be bound and gagged by fear of the FDA. So the “result” was that Im not allowed to discuss anything mentioned during the call. Which of course made me say to myself “Then why did we do this call, and why did I just read a bunch of questions from forum users?”

    I think maybe their legal dept stepped in afterwards and made that decision though. I am determined to get some of the information shared however. I can tell you at this point that they’re “continuing with the necessary steps to pursue a topical use for androgenetic alopecia and the drug tofacitinib.”

    That pursuit has not been discontinued.

    And someone MAY have asked me if any of my forum users had tried it in a 1% or 2% topical formulation yet, and if so, if we had any really great, clear, solid before and after photos. So I’ll just leave that idea out there for everyone. ”

    So there are several ways to look at this, but one thing is sure, he is very discreet in what has been discussed.

    What we do know, is that they are going to proceed with tofacitinib, probably because they know this should lead to some result. As they did not performed any official trials on humans, the last sentence is perhaps te most important, they are asking for pictures/proof that 1% or 2% topical works in humans without providing this prove themselves (which could lead to trouble with the FDA as they did not file any official trials).. my guess is they already know this work in some extend, but cannot prove it officially.

    Please do not forget this is a public company as well, so they cannot just shout anything they want.. but if somewhere on the internet the proof is to be found these compounds work for AGA, and they own the rights to the JAK’s their stock will rise immediately..

    1. I’m a bit skeptical if they are asking for photos from the general public… Seems like they are taking a shot in the dark with that one.

      I hope they know it works though and are just working through the process of clinical trials.

  4. Thanks, as ever, Admin for the shout. A wee bit harsh though on Follica. A setback of months isn’t really too bad and they did get 12 million in funding last year as well as further undisclosed funding this year. So it’s still a go. We just have no idea yet of how good it could/will be.

    Though that Tsuji news is pretty huge. A ways to go but from what I understand, it’s a cure. And if that’s the case, it will blow everyone else out of the water. Follica would need to get a move on.

    1. You are probably right Mike, but it seems like I have been reading about Follica for 10 plus years and Dr. Cotsarelis even longer. Hope both Dr. Cotsarelis and Follica prove me wrong and come out with something before Tsuji:-)

      1. My contact which is now close to doing the last 5th demabrasion session has basically this to say

        – No idea how the puretech device will be able to abrade the skin around hair that is longer that 1 cm.
        – After you start bleeding you need to use some healing gel or you risk getting scabs which will make the healing process at least 2x longer
        – Having hydrogel on your hair and skin is a mess.. you would need to wear a protective plastic cap on your head to protect the touch, bacteria and heat sensitive wound site

        Some good news –
        – he says he definitely sees that it helped the weaker quite miniature thinner hair grow faster (he deramabrades scalp every about 18 days) and has photos to prove it
        – however he says the 25 new terminal hair is something he cannot see even on closeup photos. He says he sees some “new” hair but he doesn’t know if it’s the original previously miniature that got thicker. He can’t prove existence of even 5 new proper terminal hair per cm2..
        – Overall however he has seen about 10% visual thickening of the hair which is still very dissapointing. Also he says that the thin hair still grows about 40% slower than the proper thick hair. If every dermabrasion session created 25 new terminal sprouts, at the fith session he would have gone to 125 new terminals per cm2 which is only 25 lower than normal caucasian type hair. But obviously.. linear math does not work here.

        * He has been using minoxidil since August 2014 and while having great effect in the beginning at July 2016 his hair was so thin that he rather started to shave. He still uses minoxidil and resumes applications always after 4th day after dermabrasion session. His age is 33 and he’s a diffuse thinner
        ** According to Follica’s own testing.. after 6 months pretty much all of the terminal hair that they sprouted died. Maybe Minoxidil is there to make sure they won’t die so soon or all of this makes no sense…. maybe a reason they’ve been stuck for 10 years??

          1. Well it would make sense for younto do it to increase the number of permanent vellus hair which should be around 100 per cm2 and then turn them into terminal with Replicel process.

  5. Hello Admin, thanks for mentioning my username in your post. Always look forward to reading your write ups.
    Also, on Dr. Alexey Terskikh’s (Sanford Burnham pre us Medical)Twitter page, he says looking for a CEO for their company. As far as I remember, they got good funding some months back.
    Is it possible for you to reach out to him for an update on his research work?

  6. Great updates as always Admin. I am sure that the Follica delay does not come as a shock to anyone. Looks like Histogen will be first out of the gate, hopefully (Always wanted to visit Mexico!)

  7. Great post Admin! Always happy hearing anything new about any possibility of progress with JAKs. Also, that nice “fountain of youth” pill will hold me over a few years until the hair loss cure… Everything we need on one convenient website :-)

    Cure baldness. Cure aging. No problem.

  8. That BASIS supplement fascinates me and I especially like that I’d has some reputable science behind it. However, I’m gonna wait 15 years before taking it and see how the current people taking it fare. I’m 32 now and I’ll just continue taking really good care of myself until then.

  9. “A recently announced best-case product release scenario of 2018 by Follica now sounds just as unlikely as hyper-prolific commentator “mjones”‘ ever meeting with his hero and Follica founder Dr. George Cotsarelis” Had to LOL at this. Good write up Admin.

    I maintain my belief that Riken/Kyocera will bring the one real and absolute cure in the early 2020’s. Until their product comes out, I don’t see anything else being the “cure”. Maybe some better treatments will be released in 2018 like Replicel, Histogen, or even Follica, but for me it’s all about Tsuji. He is, in my opinion, offering the holy grail in terms of hairloss treatments. The science behind it is absolutely sound as well. The only hurdle seems to be culturing and multiplying epithelial cells, and even that sounds like it will be overcome relatively quickly. This treatment could very well be our in about 4 years. That’s really not very long at all.

    We all should be very excited for the HLT interview with Riken/Kyocera at the end of the week.

  10. Thank you Admin for the wonderful updates! I especially liked the medical items you curated.
    I researched the active ingredients of the Basis pill, it seems that Pterostilbene is already proposed for preventing hair ageing (loss / thinning / greying)
    Some anecdotal reports on related forums seem to support this as well.
    Keep the amazing work up!

    1. Thanks Hopeful. In that patent, Pterostilbene seems to be a small component of the product right? I did not have time to read in detail today.

      1. The patent does not specify the dose of Pterostilbene, it only reports its effect on gene expression .
        It also lists Resveratrol, a very similar compound to Pterostilbene, which is already proposed for hair loss by
        I am starting to think that diet and supplements can play an important role in MPB treatment

        1. Honestly, I dont think diet or supplements have anything to do with mpb. I work in a company with hundreds of people and see tons of healthy, active, men with hairloss and tons of obese smokers that cant even make it up a flight of stairs with amazing hair. An engineer I work with is about 400 lbs, they even had to buy him a special chair. He eats nothing but junk and energy drinks, and he has mpb as his hairline is slightly receded with a small patch missing on the crown. Hes had it like that for about 3 years now. I’ve only been balding for 3 years and now have less hair than him. I workout all the time, eat healthy, take dietary supplements, avoid fatty and sugary foods. No sodas or processed food etc. I dont take protein shakes or pre workouts at all now etc.. so if diet had a play in mpb, that guy would have been an NW7 in a year. Instead ive passed him on the norwood chart, despite my best efforts at keeping a healthy diet and a consistent exercise regime. There are too many unhealthy people out there with perfect heads of hair to say diet has something to do with it.

          1. I did not say bad diet is the cause of MPB (which is rather genetic and hormonal), but said it can play important role in treating MPB and other hair related problems. There are some anecdotal reports on antioxidants helping to stop / reverse graying, and a study on how rosemary oil promotes hair growth, just to mention a few. More evidence is accumulating that there are immune-system and inflammatory components to MPB. So yes, of-course the first line treatment should address DHT but this is only one part of the puzzle.

  11. Admin I have a question for you.

    I am relatively new to the hair loss world and when I see all these relatively established companies and researchers (some more than others obviously) offering to solve the problem with not so farfetched timelines. I can’t avoid to be optimistic about the future (disregard my nickname haha). My question is has it always been like this in the industry? or are we actually seeing an improvement in the quantity and quality of companies in play? the reason to for the question is mostly to manage expectations.

    Thanks for the response and for the work you do in the blog

  12. Dunno whether to cry or laugh over Follica. I got pretty hyped a few weeks ago when the pic of their device got shared on various sites, but sigh!! Delayed as usual…

    1. I’m not sure a delay is the end of the world. It would be good in the mean time if they explained the procedure. Maybe they could be kind enough to put minds at rest and say whether they will be using topicals other than minoxidil.

  13. Help…ive been on minox for 6 solid months applied only on frontal area and had a huge shed and regrew all of it much thicker…but now im going thru another shed and even shedding on my crown where i dont apply it…im 31 and have been recceding since 24 at a slow pace…why is my crown thinning now.? Pls halp

    1. Hair goes through sheds anyway. Chances are it’s a coincidence. Just use the minoxidil on it. Maybe consider fin to keep what you have.

    2. Definitely go on fin, generic 5mg probably will do fine, cut in 4 ofcourse. Minox even at 5℅ will not work as well, as if it would with fin/dut combo + nizoral ( always helps). That’s how things are for now, high hope in the near future. Many thanks to admin

  14. Tsuji is the cure. The heck with the rest. Let these fools keep delaying and delaying, in the meantime real scientists are getting it done. 2020 ❤

  15. Thanks for the post, admin. I have a question… do you know why has Histogen waited so long for clinical trials in the US? Seems like they would want to get that ball rolling right away, but it seems that clinical trials here haven’t even started yet? Better renew my passport?

    1. Both Histogen and Follica have had many delays in the past 10 years (not sure why), but I remain hopeful that both will come out with something useful in the end.

      1. Follica has never had a delay since they have never given a date, only now they mentioned 2018 as being a possible release date. They’ve been shut up since ever. The only delay, and that’s a big one, would be that when in 2008 it was said, but not directly from them, just by a member of a tv program, that it was expected to come out in 3-4 years or even sooner. But other than that, they never said a word about it.

  16. Thanks for the mention Admin you rock! I like to follow the treatments that seem the most within reach so I will be trolling Brotzu and update when warranted. TTYS!

    1. Pretty much bad news…he says the drug/protein they have been researching is inhibiting hair growth in humans and that they are pursuing clinical trials. But he do mention that they are trying to make the drug stimulate hairgrowth in humans the way it did in mice.

      He is also saying they are expecting the drug to come to market in 5-7 years if they find a partner. He is also mentioning that they are now injecting the drug but they want to make a lotion you can apply.

      My first post here btw, and great blog admin, im reading it every other day.

  17. Not sure if this link has been shared here before.

    It’s an old ish on going thread and I’ve only read the first few pages. But it show the results of some of the human studies.

    It mentions the device and the topicals tried. One being some lithium based gel. It basically says the device alone showed the ability to regrow hair. However the gel didn’t work(which made me think of swiss temples use of lithium chloride after wounding and how effective it actually is).

    After that dead end It looks like they turned to minoxidil and got results. Yes minoxidil.

    Like I said I haven’t read all the way through so maybe they’re trialing other topicals now but to me it looks like minoxidil is the weapon of choice to them. If that’s the case I feel a bit down. Unless the device is super special in some way my hopes for this treatment are diminishing!

    1. I wonder if that cots guy realizes how big of failure his life was if this doesn’t work…like seriously, over a decade and then saying your device works with the like only FDA approved topical treatment?…it better magnify min 10 fold or he is an absolute joke.

  18. Sorry admin for the multiple posts! For some reason it didn’t show my posts after I sent them so I thought things were glitching. Please feel free to delete repeats!

  19. After the last few months of seemingly positive news, I once again have the sinking feeling that we’ve been duped by marketing talk to attract investors and the reality is much bleaker than we think. I’ve always been quite positive about things, but JAK is still nothing to get too excited about and Follicum doesn’t seem great odds either to come up with anything before 2030.

  20. Follica is a joke company. They must release the product as soon as possible… if they are intelligent, obviously. Follica 2018 is the only way.

  21. Nothing! !?? The wave of highs and lows. I am sorry to the long term sufferers. Will God not help the suffering? Just new Iphones and pokemon go….

  22. You’d think that Follica, Histogen, Replicel, and others would be pissing in their pants with Tsuji/2020. But nope. Just delays, delays, delays. Once these quasi-treatments are released it’s going to be too little too late.

  23. Long time follower first time blogger. Been waiting too long for new treatment and nothing but talk and delays. Not sure but leaning towards finally doing an FUE transplant. Do I still wait? Has anybody in Australia on this forum know anything about Dr Alam who performs FUE in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne?

    1. I’ve seen pics of guys with acne looking head of pubes for like 8 months…so ya. If you can stand being like 10 times as gross looking for 8 months, than it’s worth it. Depends if you have a not too bumpy head where you can shave it, and your facial features aren’t too bad becuz you really notice your face when you shave your head lol

  24. Bald brahs…so are ht legit now??? Or do they still look like crap…im a strong nw 2.5 been receeding since 25 and im 31 now..can i be saved by the hair gods.. I have like 8k…pls respond

    1. Don’t let anyone scare you out of ht. If you do your research and have realistic expectations you can achieve great results. It is CRUCIAL you do research into doctors you may use

    2. bro the best thing is get a fue from a good ht surgeon…dont ever get fut…. if you have 8k you better look for someone in turkey or india…they have good doctors …do ur research ….the only thing is if you are progressing rapidly dont bother…

    3. Hey Steve,
      HTs are legit now (good results if you do your homework on the surgeon) but as they currently stand, it is going to be a lifetime treatment (if no technology becomes available in the future).

      What I mean by a lifetime treatment is that the doctor will most likely recommend you start Finasteride because you are most likely going to progress in balding as you get older and Finasteride will help slow that process.

      If you are uncomfortable with taking a drug that effects your hormones, finasteride might be not be for you and in turn HTs might not be your best route right now.

      The reason behind this is that your transplanted hair will keep while the rest of your hair will continue to recede – making it necessary for additional hair transplants in the future (I think the average is around 3 hair transplants – someone correct me if I’m wrong).

      Right now with your 8k I bet your could find a good doctor that would be willing to work with that money to cover what you have lost – which doesn’t sound like much.


      Your other option would be to wait. I know that doesn’t sound fun but first and foremost let me say this: a NW 2.5 at the age of 31 isn’t bad and in fact very reasonable/ manageable. Your loss might slow down further as you start to exit the hormonal changes in your body that happen in your late 20’s and with that the hair you have now you would look completely acceptable and be considered to have a full head of hair if you kept it the rest of your life. Styled right, my guess is that most people wouldn’t even notice that you have lost anything.

      With that there is a lot of opportunity in the future for new treatments. A few companies that have a timeline of planned release within the next 3-4 years are: Replicel/ Sheiseido, Histogen, Follica and Riken. And there are plenty more.
      Most of these treatments are just that… treatments, not cures. But they are the next-generation hair loss treatments: Fewer sides, Better results with longer effective periods and most of them look to be one off (only have to take the treatment once/ year) treatments so no more pills/ solutions on your head everyday.
      These treatments in my guess will most likely be paired with the treatments of the past (Hair Transplants) and together they will most likely resolve the issues most of us have with hair loss. We will be able to maintain and grow back some hair with these treatments and fill in what we can’t with hair transplants.

      With that – my guess is that HT prices are going to fall in the future because they are going to have a lot of competition with the upcoming technologies – creating a greater bang for your buck and giving you many more options for what is right for you.

      So my suggestion: save your 8k and invest it in something smart so you can grow that sum for the next couple of years so can better leverage it on what/ where you invest your money in regards to your hair loss.


  25. Thanks for the replies guys…ive neen on minox only for 7 months with ok results but am going thru another shed … Ima just start fin aswell for now….i have alot of thinking to do….so frustrating bros…

    1. Even if that is true, tho, Tsuji method could still be a viable solution, right? even if the hair stem cells are dead

      1. I don’t think Tsuji is planning on reviving dead follicles, more like reproducing ones you have on the back of your head.
        Weather damaged stem cells can be reactivated is a matter of debate, if they can be at all ( perhaps Replicel can tell us).

    2. It’s just essentially an article that again highlights MBP being linked to immune system. There is not a single new word, only again mentioning JAK. Hair follicles (including stem cells) get damaged and you go bald.

    3. Sorry but when was this write up from? Isn’t this the study on oral tocf? Which we now know wasn’t effective on mpb but was felt a topical solution could work better. Also where is there observation or proof that specific stem cells are damaged? Is this a fact or theory?

  26. Sorry going slightly off topic, but based on all that I’ve read up, HairClone might soon be partnering with Dr. Roland Lauster of Tissuse Germany. For commercial applications of its technology, Tissuse says hair transplant is one of them and is ready for separate programs or spin offs. Hairclone in one tweets in July, mentioned that a certain German company will be a nice fit with its business plan. Can’t think of any other company they would collaborate with?

  27. Also, Mr. Gary Choy of Samumed has said on Twitter that the results of recent study will be shared at a medical congress soon. Which ones are coming up? AAD
    Is in March 2017 I believe.

  28. You have to remember that follicum is doing two studies. One for hair growth and the other for inhibiting hair growth. So everything is good. No bad news

  29. Guys I think we should rethink hair loss.. They should come up with a cosmetic option which is permanent and more natural.. Like breast implants… Boobies look better after implants… Like wise they should come up with permanent cosmetic options…

    1. like sewing sinthetic hair in ur scalp…and if u get a messed up haircut u can go back get it sewn out and resewn…..farhan is on to something

      1. haha …im ok for now…i had fue…its good ..but im scared of future…i miss the thick feeeling i had few years before…

      2. There is one company already offering this kind of treatment in Switzerland I believe. They have previously experimented with implanting fake hairs but it was discontinued due to the risk of infection. It will never take off.

    2. Boobies? I see we are regressing as a species.

      More importantly, whether you think they look better or not (really just your opinion), breast implants are not permanent.

    3. @Farhan wtf, 1) you use “boobies” 2) natural tits are 200 times better in every aspect. Fake tits look fake, feel fake, and move fake.

  30. We are fast approaching 2017. It is ridiculous that there is still NO treatment for hairloss (except apparently becoming a photographer or Artist type of person then you get a big pony tail).

    I hate the wait all the time for the results of this and that, just want the treatment now. In saying that, once again Aclaris has the ONLY potential cure about to be tested in 1st quarter of 2017 as a Phase I.

    The JAK creme is the ONLY hope that I have to ever returning to Normal anytime soon.

    Everything else is just a Pipe Dream as things being researched always hit one snag or another. The dream now is a nightmare with a touch of hope as I watch the Aclaris Phase I trials commence.

    1. I think you’re forgetting the most prominent and likely cure of all… Tsuji/RIKEN.

      If companies like General Electric are throwing down at the cool sum of $1 billion to automate the process US-side, then there must be something to Tsuji’s research.

      There’s no way with CRISPR, further stem cell research and other delightful technologies coming our way, that we won’t have a cure in the near future. We are advancing at too rapid a pace.

      The good news is how long it takes doesn’t matter (within reason) because with a natural evolution of these technologies comes things like radical life extension and reverse-ageing.

      So even if when you’re 50 (20 years time for me), I believe the tech will be there to look considerably younger, and with decades of extended life, and a full head of hair, in that time frame. Maybe even in 30-40 years yet.

      The only downside is, unless we’ve moved over to a fully automated society by then, expect to retire at 110 years old or something, because worldwide economies won’t support millions of people from 70 to 120 years old.

      Just try to be healthy in the mean time so one gets to live as long and catch this wave of tech.

    2. Yes @nasa_rs, it’s 2017 and people with MPB don’t have a good treatments…It’s a shame. But it’s real. Deplorable. @HLSCC: We will see…MPB have relationship with immume system.

  31. Follicum s candidate has worked on the opposite way in human tissue, the skin lost hair. I do belief that the clinical trials will show exactly the same thing because of the strong effects. In fact, it has the chance to become a best in class candidate within hair loss medicine. The stock rate are extremely low and I have been writing about it here.

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