81-yr old Dr. Brotzu to Release Brotzu Lotion

Introducing the Brotzu Lotion

Several days ago a comment in my last post stated that an 81-year old Italian doctor by the name of Dr. Giovanni Brotzu was planning to release a much anticipated prostaglandin E1 (PGE1) based topical product in Italy by the middle of this year. Later on I found out that it was a PGE1 precursor (Dihomo-Gamma-Linolenic Acid — DGLA) based product called the Brotzu lotion. Initially, I was highly skeptical about this product and borderline dismissive. However, further comments as well as hair loss forum threads about this product made me spend more time on the subject and finally write a post on it.

There have been hundreds of scam products for sale in the hair loss industry over the past decade. Barely a handful of somewhat effective hair growth products exist out there. How likely was an 81 year old man to release anything of significance out of the blue? Moreover, by such an old age when one has seen medical problems and misfortune strike numerous family members and friends, how is one able to focus on something as superficial as hair loss? At such an age, very few men or women are even driven to make money. Or am I stereotyping too much here?

It was also a bit unexpected to read about a PGE1 based product, when the hair loss world has largely been focusing on PGE2 (increasing it) and PGD2 (decreasing it) over the past several years. It should be noted, however, that PGE1 and PGE2 do seem to have some overlap/commonalities as well as some distinct functions.

However, after I did some research, several things made me change my mind and write this post:

  1. Dr. Brotzu has a patent on the technology that was approved in late 2013 (note that his famous now deceased father is also listed on that patent).  Another of Dr. Brotzu’s patents was approved in early 2013. Yet another one was approved more recently in 2015, and this one outlines the use of dihomo-gamma-linolenic acid (DGLA).
  2. The patents are filed under the auspices of Fidia Farmaceutici S.P.A., a reputable pharmacy based in Italy.
  3. Dr. Brotzu also has a number of other patents to his name, related to his work as a vascular surgeon. In fact his experience in circulatory disorders and diabetes were initially what made him discover the benefits of treating hair loss with PGE1. Diabetics and people with circulatory disorders tend to see a loss of leg hair.
  4. The good doctor has given some intelligent interviews that sound sincere and accurate based on my cursory glance. See here, here, and here. Italian to English translation needed for all those interviews.
  5. The product will also include equol, which supposedly blocks the synthesis of dihydrotestosterone from testosterone. The patent states “a plant estrogen selected from equol, preferably S-equol, genistein, daidzein, glycitein.

Here is the doctor’s important explanation of the necessity of using DGLA, per one of the interviews (note that liposomal delivery is required for skin penetration):

We’re investigating the use of the precursor of PGE1…The first component of the lotion containing cationic liposomes carrying PGE1 was considered a drug. Therefore it would require a long and costly trial. Various companies surveyed thought that the trial would be too expensive and did not want to go to the various stages of product testing. We checked if the biochemical precursor of PGE1, the dihomo-gamma-linolenic acid (DGLA) had the same effect. The DGLA transported into the skin by cationic liposomes had the same capacity, with the advantage that the lotion ceased to be a drug that required complex experiments and permissions.

My Thoughts on the Brotzu Lotion

I now have a good feeling about this product insofar as it could be something at least as good as Minoxidil. Dr. Brotzu claims that this product will likely stop further hair loss and even reverse at least the past five years of hair loss (“Consider also that our knowledge of this product allows us to say that you can recover at least 5 years of hair loss“). This would make it better than Minoxidil and closer in efficacy to Dutasteride, with far fewer side effects in all likelihood. A topical solution with actual PGE1 rather than its precursor would likely be even better, but unfortunately such a product is not being tested or manufactured due to the aforementioned problems per the doctor’s quote.

Dr. Brotzu has tested his product on a small sample size of humans with success, but there do not seem to be any before and after pictures available online as yet.

Update:  Here are some before and after photos of the Brotzu lotion per one of the commentators. Not impressive, and a bit confusing.

Besides the earlier mentioned three patents, for more information, see:

This 29 page and counting Italian forum thread.

The HLT forum thread on this subject.

— A Spanish forum Brotzu thread.

151 thoughts on “81-yr old Dr. Brotzu to Release Brotzu Lotion”

  1. I don’t understand – The title of the HLT topic is ‘to hit the market in 2016’ .. But you wrote, “but unfortunately such a product is not being tested or manufactured ”

    Will the product be available by 2016? Does it need to go through trials? ….

  2. So this might be a replacement for both Minoxidil and Finas or just Minoxidil?

    Anyway, this sounds pretty interesting.

  3. For the love of god get me some jak inhibitors . So i can start my own trials of a topical formula. Will post all results good or bad. I believe we can achieve the results we are looking for. I will be based out of chicago. Who is in ?

    1. My friend we’ve talked about this, just because u have the right ingredients doesn’t mean u can make a perfect dish,people underestimate the complexity of this while Christiano said it many times that the formula for making the topical JAK is very complicated and its not easy to deliver the drug in proper dose through scalp.remember , people had access to mildew for decades but only Sir Alexander Fleming managed to come up with a formula to make the penicillin.its about knowledge and obviously not many people are lettered enough to start experiencing with JAKs. So for ur health sake leave it to scientists.

  4. Admin… As far as I can get, it’s good but where or how can someone get it?

    I mean, those things that can’t be gotten, what’s the use of that?

    I think this may be good to those starting to bald but not for those balding for some time. But even so, how can they get it???

  5. Well great digging admin, appreciate it the most . I have few questions though , did he happen to say anything about publishing the results of this treatment? And when can we expect the release of this product?

  6. “The product will also include equol, which supposedly blocks the synthesis of dihydrotestosterone from testosterone”

    In other words, there will be side effects

  7. Admin,
    Some interesting quotes from the Italian forum:

    –> “Guys I’m in the group on Facebook, there is much enthusiasm with pictures etc .. The problem is that the photos are only dell’areata and even a sull’aga, when someone asked if anyone in the group he cared for aga intervened asserting a girl who has been cured with the preparation of the doctor solved. Now I do not know what to say, I read that this girl is in close contact with the doctor, who spoke at a conference with the anaa with which the doctor does not have good relations. Last thing worth noting is that they say that the teacher is very angry about the events of the release date, because the Italian bureaucracy expected to fidia own tests face that will begin in March and will end six months later. The release is scheduled at year end”

    –> “The regulations require that for substances never used as equol and DGLA have to do the test on safety (ie that do not give side effects even topically and of course the side effects are not only the “sides” of which we talk here, even in the first regarding any problems with the skin or other organs and tissues of primary importance). Hello MA – rlin”

    The AA scope of the drug would also explain the bad review of Dr. Christiano as it would kill her business spot.

    My thought, a cosmetic lotion with finasteride like results would be a great relief for a lot of people. Also DGLA seems to be already known.

  8. No media in Italy has cover this case.
    The doctor pic looks pretty suspicious.
    Such a great news seem to be kept pretty hidden from the world.

  9. Thanks for the post admin, much appreciated.

    Does anyone know when this product will launch? as I’m reading conflicting information, some say second quarter of 2016 which is in a few months and some say at the end of 2016.

    I’m going to wait to see if this product is good and if not start finasteride, preferably topical.

    1. So we should forget about Histogen, Samumed, CB, etc… ?And as far as I can see, the only mainstream medias covering AAG talk basically only about mice. What should we conclude?

  10. Chessman – from research I have done on equol, it doesnt actually stop testosterone from converting into DHT, but rather binds to the receptor sites which in turn prevents dht from binding to them instead. Therefore you will have the same DHT levels as normal, but far less will be attacking your follicles.

  11. “Critical thinking without hope is cynicism. Hope without critical thinking is naïveté”

    every commenter should be obbliged to read this before posting

  12. I don’t know enough about PGD2/PGE1/DGLA (read: I’m clueless), so I’m curious… would this product have any effect on people who have diffuse unpatterned alopecia? Naturally the DHT inhibiting part of the formulation wouldn’t do anything (except perhaps promote estrogen-binding which might help a bit?), but I was wondering about the postaglandin part.

    Do you have any idea?

    “At such an age, very few men or women are even driven to make money. Or am I stereotyping too much here?”

    Carl Icahn! Sorry, couldn’t resist. I hate that guy.

  13. Guys I’m so sad mojih 26 year my hair ried I have had a hair transplant in 1500graf wonder how it will be but we do have they year 2016 and we have no medicine already has life already nebavi i prefer died i sad it all:(

  14. “meh, it will give us minox results at best.

    (And you guys know that)”

    Then shut up, shave your head, and leave these comment sections if you honestly feel that way at this point. Let’s at least wait for some pictured results before getting cynical.

    1. You shut the F up. While I’m skeptical about this particular approach it doesn’t mean I’m not hopeful about incoming treatments (JAK, Samumed).

  15. Couldn’t read the whole thing; only the first page. It sounds like many companies are starting to see the potential for serious money here, but the trial process is too slow.

    1. That’s my point. Does anyone have access to the full article and could maybe give a good and detailed summary? Important extracts, any new players in the game etc?

        1. Very bad news. Basically, Cots says that hair loss will never have a cure, and the best we can hope for is sub-groups of treatment… in 2020 and beyond.

          1. ? And? You won’t get your hair 100% back, did you need this article to come to this obvious statement? IN what world do you leave.

            He is saying treatments focusing on a group (…) will appear and we might be able to do some test in the future to know to which one we would answer the best.

            Having several cards in your hands by 2020 is very good news. Non mentioning you can correct also your scalp with HT which is improving more and more too.

        2. Cheers for that. Interesting. I wouldn’t get too down on what Cots is saying. Cure is a misleading term. Viable treatment is a much better term.

          Follica is noticeable by it’s absence in this article too.

          Even if (big if) Follica did work, chances are the hair would become susceptible to what made it fall out in the first place anyway.

          Most people would still take that as a serious win. It would last 3-6 years or something, right? However long a cycle lasts. Plus Cots was also scare-mongering on Samumed. Why? Cause they’re his competition! This is still a race and it’s encouraging more and more attention is being paid to this.

          Also, don’t forget Crispr and the potential for that in the next decade.

          1. What do you mean, “IDK?” Of course I would want 100% of my hair back.. Why wouldn’t I? if they figure out how to spark regrowth, why wouldn’t you be able to do it on all of your follicles if the follicles do not die and are just dormant? Explain to me why you wouldn’t be able to based on that premise.

          1. Admin, I am a little cynical of him. Like I said before, I have heard him time and time again be mainly negative about the treatments that are upcoming. At the same time, he doesn’t even issue any positive sentiments about the work he is supposedly doing. I understand being secretive, but would it hurt to say, “We have been having some success with our wound TX models.” Or.. “TX topicals are not the future, but rather rebooting the scalp via wounding is where we are heading.” Wouldn’t that garnish more financial support from potential investors than being secretive?

            Why do you say you only believe him half the time? Do you think he is hiding something? Or do you simply thing he is not as informed as many give him credit for?

  16. samumed was silver sponcor in WHC in miami and they are still in phase 2 so they definatly have a very promising product . the aditional phase 2 study with scalp biopsy was for check the product about cancer i think . definetly samumed is the most promising treatment so far.

  17. Looks like there is no way to reverse baldness completely by a topical solution or a pill. The only way to get our hair back is to create a new follicles by wounding or hair cloning. Hope dr lauster make it soon

    1. No one is talking about Follica but they’re the elephant in the room. Wouldn’t get too down at all on Cots’s language. “Cure” was also the wrong word and he’s wise not to use that.

      1. In all the articles I have seen Dr. Cots interviewed in, I have never heard him say anything optimistic about where we are heading in terms of an effective cure. He doesn’t even provide the slightest hope that his group is working on something important to the field. He could at least throw his own scientist a bone every now and then and mention what great work they are doing, and the important strides that they have made….

          1. Matter of perspective I think…Great strides have been made. There was a Garza study last year on wounding that proves there’s is something solid at least in the wounding theory:


            Look at the last question and Garza’s response. Very positive and also he’s someone who has worked closely with Cots. On top of that, like I mentioned before, Follica is the elephant in the room. Cots can’t say anything about them.

            No one at the company is saying anything. Why? I don’t know but I see it as a positive and the last official info from Follica was that they were on the road to commercialization.

            When? Dunno? How effective is it? God only knows but I have a feeling there will be further news this year about Follica. Just a hunch. But you can only stay realistically positive in any event. Follica won’t be a cure but a viable treatment – lets hope so! There’s a lot of literature to promote the wounding theory. Lets hope Follica have cracked it.

    2. Why do you people think this cots guy knows everything and is “god” or something? Like seriously, there’s smarter people in the world than him…he doesn’t know everything and can’t predict shiit.

  18. Dr Cotsarelis is working on this wounding research, and from what i have read in his latest patent, some compounds must applicate after wounding and he is working on fgf9, maybe one of the compounds to add on the scalp after wounding is fgf9 i dont know but what we know is that wounding alone is not enough.
    Im wondering if somone tries to add topical jak after wounding. Jak has an impact on progenitor cells and. after wounding progenitor cells will be activated so maybe using jak after wounding could show us positive results. Swiss says his protocol is promising, if we trust him than we can say that wounding is working but instead of add all of ingredients he recommends we could use jak after wounding.

  19. The owner of follicle though blog is asking his readers for collaboration to pay his hair transplant procedure recently done. Weird not ? What do you think?

    1. It’s not uncommon these days for bloggers to ask for donations, although few would actually contribute.
      That blog’s got a nice little summary of the most well known hair-loss treatments that are currently being developed.

  20. tp://www.haarproblemen.nl/research-bij-haaruitval-de-stand-van-zaken-en-vooruitzichten-voor-2015/

    I just found this link with a photo of before and after SM04554. Not sure if it is a legit photo or site, but it is of the same guy with what looks like really good regrowth. I translated the text on google and it comes out to.
    “A lotion similar to minoxidil. Phase II is now complete. The distorted photo shows the difference in short vs long hair.”

    1. The picture is taken from a hair transplant result (according to an image search on google). The exact text in Dutch says: “Phase II will probably be completed by now”

      So unfortunately these are not results. But if phase 2 trials run for 45 days and they started these trials on January 12, results will not be available until at least march, right?

      1. This is weird as the writer of this blog / site is an independent and experienced hair loss expert in the Netherlands. How is it possible that a HT picture has been mixed up with a Samumed picture by Hans.

        I assume it’s a HT picture because there is a certain logo on it and the results are way too good for a topical replacement for Minox.

        Your translations to English are correct. The blog states that at the end of 2015 new updates about the mentioned treatments should be available.

    1. Calm down. They’ve made improvements and are testing the new substance. Read this

      “We have good evidence that bimatoprost [Latisse] stimulates hair growth, but skin absorption with our formulation was less than 1% so most of it was wasted,” he says. Allergan has since developed a new formulation with increased scalp penetrance, which will enter phase 1 safety testing in February.

  21. Cant seem to be able to paste the link from my phone, but if you paste the url into your browser it pulls the page up.

  22. If that Samumed photo is legit then wow! Thats freaking spectacular…and clearly not a combover like the Histrogen photos. Still, I wanna see this as an official statement from Samumed themselves

    1. Its not Samumed. Seriously stop believe every little piece of crap you are reading. This photo contains the logo of Hasson & Wong hair transplant clinic.

  23. Would be fantastic if they could come up with a treatment very soon. I am starting to lose hair at 23. Not noticeable yet, but sucks not being able to do something about it other than Minox or Fin. I’m a student so these costly treatments are out of the question at this point in my life. I guess I will start building up some muscle with the hopes that I won’t look so bad by the time I have to shave it all.

  24. Well im not surprised the pics are fake. But…im sure we’ll still be surprised in a good way when they release their results. I mean, they have been testing on high norwoods so its gonna be pretty easy to see how good their product is working…

  25. Ahh thanks for the clarification on the pic. I actually am still shocked that guy got the results he did from a hair transplant. Thats really good regrowth, he barely looks to be balding anymore. How come everyone else complains that they were butchered after an HT if people get results similar to him?

    Im not advocating an HT, in fact I have barely even looked into them due to price and forums on how bad they come out with horrible density. That guy seems to have regrown at least 85% of his hair that was lost.

  26. oh sorry guys.. can someone please tell me what the hell is going on? jak 2016? cots says no treatment till 2020 but new patent? thats NOT sam… .. does sam even have any pictures?

  27. also where and when the hell do you buy the italian product whats the soonest date and way possible? an italian website?

    1. Second part of the article, farhan, it’s there that “he hates the word cure and prefers using the word treatment, and he is cited as saying that he doesn’t believe that Baldness can be completely reversed”… look there:


      But, for those that still wanna keep some hope:

      This is Louis Garza, from that interview in August last year:

      Chris – Given you’ve made this discovery then, and you can supply these chemicals, including this double stranded RNA signal that is the stimulus for this. Do you think then we are on the path now to being able to provision a human with these signals to make good damage and could you, for instance, make a bald person hairy again?

      Louis – Yeah. We’re really excited about this. And the very interesting part of this story is that we think that it’s, like a lot of discoveries, it’s already being used in ways we didn’t predict. For example, men and women who want to look younger and go for rejuvenation and visit their local cosmetic dermatologist, and receive laser treatment or receive dermabrasion, or receive micro-needles for rejuvenation of their facial skin. It’s very likely that the one thing that unifies all these very different methods of rejuvenation is damage, and that it’s by activating the same tall three double-stranded RNA pathway that people are receiving benefits when they go to their cosmetic dermatologist even now. So the exciting question that our work raises is whether we can reduce the damage we have to do by instead just directly giving these agents like double-stranded RNA and save people the suffering of having to go through these treatments. The other main application of this could be in scar victims. So, people who’ve had burns, for example, where we think by creating new hair follicles, we’ll be able to restore the skin to the way it normally is which is dense with hair follicles – even where we can’t see them, for example, on the face.

      1. Some editing:

        “Do you think then we are on the path now to being able to provision a human with these signals to make good damage and could you, for instance, make a bald person hairy again?

        Louis – Yeah. We’re really excited about this.”

        Well…. he said YEAH… lol

  28. If a treatment turns out to be really effective and is capable to restore all the hair to a previously bald subject BUT it has to be taken, or fixed up, from time to time, for life, could it be called a cure?

    For me, it is both things.. It would be a cure cause it fixed the problem BUT would be a treatment as well cause one would have to depend on its maintenance or else one would lose what was gained.

    Maybe Cotsarelis doesn’t believe in a cure but believes in a treatment that cures…

    1. Good point, Julian. If that is so, it would be nice for him to say something like that. I suppose that he is a doctor, and many of them have a terrible bed-manner. He may just be socially odd.

  29. Maybe that is what Cots means about not being able to completely reverse. Maybe we can get our hair back, but we will still have MPB, so it will be essential to use our treatments as maintenance. That would be fine for me.

    I am starting to look at MPB differently. I never noticed until the last 5 months how common it is. It seems like it is a common part of aging. Seems like it is the same percentage as people who get acne when they are teenagers. Acne is a common part of being young, and maybe losing hair is a common aspect of growing older.

  30. Balding has nothing to do with aging. It’s a hereditary genetic predisposition of sensitivity of hair towards male sex hormones.

    1. That isn’t what I am saying. I am merely saying that more often than not, it is part of getting older, regardless of the cause. That is how common it is.

    2. Off course, or you wouldn’t find no one old with hair nor no one young and bald. People only relate baldness and aging because most old men are either bald or almost bald but they tend to forget that some very few senile men keep their heads full of hair, never losing a single shaft throughout life.

  31. MPB just makes no sense to me in general. Its like a switch turns on and bam, there goes your locks. I do think it has SOMETHING to do with aging because there is some point in your life when it starts- doesnt matter if you are 16, 26, 38, 42 etc. You reach a certain age and something in your body changes, whether it be something stops happening in your body or it starts, the end is the same for us all.

    I was just at a funeral this past weekend and saw my cousin that I have not seen in 2 years. Back two years ago he had thick, curly, unruly red hair. Now? NW 5v at best with very thin sides and he is now 27. In TWO years he progressed that fast, and im following the same damn path! It makes no sense!

    I just dont get how scientists have not identified the culprit yet with the technology we have today. Theres no way your follicles go from pumping out hair to all of a sudden in two years flat out bald without SOME completely and blatantly obvious reason that to me should be easily identifiable. And I dont buy into the whole DHT crap because as a teen you are pumping out absurd amounts of testosterone and dht and the hair is fine. So years later when my dht is obviously lower, it shOuldnt be causing hair loss.

    1. I agree Rancid. I also don’t understand the DHT theory when I know I had more of that when I was 14. My hair was strong my man. lol

  32. Rancidmango….Hair Loss industry is a shame…Are you agree with that? Is 2016 and we have prehistoric treatments: Minoxidil and Propecia….SHAME….AND SAD.

      1. thought the same, everyone has some DNA damage in cells, seems like a far stretch to say that causes mpb, especially when we start getting it at 19…

  33. paul i thought you were the optimistic one here..

    I can’t take fin or minox, i’m on nothing but saw pal
    i wish this stuff would come out months ago i can’t stand to think that there is a treatment out there RIGHT NOW and i’m not allowed to access it for my ‘safety’

    can i just buy SAM, histogen, replicel, follicum, RUX… skip the government safety bullshit and deal with the problems afterwards

  34. Really! I mean it is like Dallas Buyer’s Club. The government shouldn’t get to decide what we do with our health. It isn’t like the government is going to pay the bills for us if we get some horrible disease, so what gives?

    1. Silly argument as testing a new drug in France lead to someone being completely brain dead. You never know, the human body is so complex and we’re all different. There is no one step cure miracle for all people.

  35. I have a feeling we are in for big news this year. The silence of follica, garza’s discovery, I dunno maybe I am an overly optimistic person but I truly believe it is possible to cure baldness and that the cure is near. Many different teams are so close it seems. Even if a cure means having to be treated every so often, as a functional cure, that is fine by me.

  36. Ddog I was so hopped up on testosterone at age 14 I wouldve humped a mud puddle if it was warm enough. Now at 25 I know my test and dht is lower but now is when my agressive hairloss started (well 2 years ago).

    And yes paul I agree, I shouldn’t be using the same treatments to combat hairloss that my father used. Technology has advanced so much since he was my age to now and yet im fighting the same battle he did with the same arsenal? No thats ridiculous. And what makes matters worse is that any other form of balding aside from MPB, people feel bad and try to help and give sympathy. Not mpb, we are just the butt of jokes. Sick of it.

    I apologize for being a downer, just gets to me some days. On a positive note though, I am kinda looking up at Sammumed. I look at other drugs that were rushed through the pipeline like seti, RU, BIM, etc and then they all become hush hush after phase 1 clinicals because they have crap results. SM has been different…they might not have given statistics or photos yet, but they are testing on high norwoods and obviously have had some results if they are continuing in such a fast paced manner. Even turning back a couple years of loss for some people would help out significantly. And the fact that this will probably be the first drug actually designed for hairloss and not just stumbled upon makes me a little happier. We will see I guess!

    1. There’s only two effective (mildly, but they are) treatments (drugs) in fact, all of you know that, the rest is BS. Minoxidil and Finasteride, only this two from the beginning of history up until now. Both of them were STUMBLED UPON, for pure luck!!

      Pathetic!!! .. isn’t it, Paul?!

  37. One thing i would wish for is more frequent updating. I understand the risk behind it, showing potential failing of your product whilst it is in testing but i would like to see frequent updates and pictures from trials.

    I think it would help for information to be shared in the public domain. Also, i was watching a video about the discovery of the gene common in breast cancer patients. It took years to start sequencing DNA and finding common patterns and flaws, then they could isolate that gene and inhibit it. Why aren’t researchers in this market doing the same? Why are we not having our DNA sequenced to find common traits of baldness in the same ethnic groups or all ethnic groups? Surely this is just an algorithm that one of the startups in the world could work out? Hell, they can even turn data into DNA and re-read it back from DNA back to data. I think technology and data science needs to go further here, then we can apply genetic therapy with CRISPR.

  38. We need brains, I guess if guys like Stephen Hawking were into biology, health science and not into physics I guess we would have cured many diseases.

  39. Hey admin, please post on ‘Hair Fixing’ treatment. Pros cons, life of the hairpiece , monthly costs etc. Its a treatment which can be done as of presently available options. Please dont ignore. Please (sorry im so depressed)

    1. I can really understand your depression,Stephen.
      But I can not agree with article of hairpiece.
      Hair piece is very expensive and not scientific solution.
      There are many craps and non-scientific solution in especially Hair loss world
      so I want this blog to seek only scientific solution.

      Sorry,my bad English.

    2. I agree. I feel like a post on current treatments available both through prescription and through black market would be informative though I’m not sure Admin would be willing to write about that, since he would therefore be promotion Kane who is pretty sketchy. But I’m new to this and it’s hard to find information on RU, CB, OC, TM, etc.

      Don’t know if that was your original though since you talked about hair pieces.

      1. I’m agree with nosyu and baldybalding…Hair peace isn’t a solution…Sorry Stephen…I think the next target in the hair transplant field is hair donor regeneration…

      1. Susana….haha do you understand this?”the next target in the hair transplant field is hair donor regeneration” and is very very close…


  40. The new forum thread is a spanish one…

    “have been fast and this is his reply: I am sorry but we do not speak Spanish, I will try to reply you in Inglés. Let me know if this is fine for you or I will try in Italian. With regard to the remedy for alopecia Studied by Professor Brotzu, in collaboration With the Researchers at the University of Cagliari for the part of formulation development, Fidia That points out it with scientific discovery is a very interesting potential, Which the prompted the company to acquire intellectual property and to work for it to Become real opportunity for all Patients Who are afflicted by esta problem. It is important now to Implement the usual development path to Ensure first That the efficacy and safety of the remedy are in compliance With the requirements of the latest regulations governing the production of products for the health of people, and Then define the best solution to make it available to Patients. Fidia AIMS to start the clinical study in March 2016, According to a defined protocol and Whose formulation will Then have to be developed industrially. We are conscious THEREFORE That it is premature to set a date for the product launch, we hope it will be in 2017 based on the study results. Anyhow as you are extremely interested in this topic, I would Suggest you get in Contact with Professor Brotzu gbrotzu@libero.it , Who Will Evaluate a possible Involvement in His future tests. Best regards”

    It would be nice if you could get an itw admin :)

    1. Yes I am. I do think I looked better with hair but a good head shape and working out has still kept me in the game. Stopped taking fin when I was 20 and am 27 now. Have gone from a Norwood 2 to Norwood 5/6 in that time. But I really do feel healthier off of it. I would never have gotten off of it still if I didn’t think AGA would be eventually be cured. I still feel it will be, we are not far away IMO.

      1. Matt,

        Good stuff. I was just wondering because part of me feels like if you are a good looking guy, it is just hair. Focus in the weight room, handle the things you can control, and life is still pretty cool. I see bald guys everywhere, walking around with hot women. I have talked to some older women and they say that they don’t really expect the guys they are with to have Elvis hair because that isn’t the norm. I am still Norwood 2 at 29, but it scares me somedays that I know I will have to shave it one day. However, when I see bald guys living awesome lives, it makes me not so afraid of getting older. Thanks for the response.

  41. Scientists have discovered gravitational waves in black holes… wish they do something about the waves in our scalp holes…..

  42. thats right another push back 2017 bw…

    you guys seen wim hoff? scientifically proved humans can withstand subzero temperature with the mind. Youtube it.. he’s balding… can you believe it?! This man is rewriting science with mind of matter yet we still can’t cure hair loss!!! amazing!

  43. How expensive is that? Im not sure. But the youtube videos demonstated An extremely undetectable look. That hair can be washed shampooed and swimming is possible too.
    Hair cloning is still decades away. Waiting for that is not feasible.

    1. Mail sent to http://www.fidiapharma.com/en/

      Question : Hello. I would like to know if there is any update with the Brotzu Lotion. Thank you
      Answer : Dear Mr *******

      The clinical trial just started and as anticipated it will take some time to Fidia to get the results and define the exact launch plans.

      Although we know that you are eager to have a solution for you problem as soon as possible, we kindly ask you to be patient and wait for our future update.

      Best regards

      1. really very tired of my hair loss situation, it ruined my life.

        HOPE getting this product available as soon as possible. and hope it work for all people who suffer from hair loss.

        1. Yes tizana millions of men are frustrated! We all hate this feeling of seeing our youth disappear. Let’s hope this is something real and we’re not getting our hopes up for nothing! However remember to work on yourself too. Exercise, put on some muscle, grow a beard, etc…change your look a bit. We have to adapt. I refuse to take finasteride ever again after I got limp erection and I read articles on finasteride changing structure of semen!

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