BiologicsMD, 3D Printed Comb and Thicker Eyebrows

Hair loss news first:


Update: October 18, 2022 — Dr. Brett King joins BiologicsMD as senior scientific advisor.

On July 30, it was announced that the University of Arkansas (along with several other entities) was issued a patent for a new hair loss drug based on work done by Dr. Joshua Sakon and three others. The patent is titled “Fusion Proteins of Collagen Binding-Domain and Parathyroid Hormone.”

Arkansas based privately held BiologicsMD holds the exclusive license to this technology. Their related hair loss drug will be known as BMD-2341. The related patent issued by the US Patent and Trademark Office is No. 9,062,300. The main portion of BiologisMD’s work entails bone growth, including for the spine, fracture repair and osteoporosis.

3D Printed Comb from Technion University

I am surprised that there has not been much new research coming from Israel when it comes to hair loss. The country has a booming start-up scene, and from my observations, Jewish people seem to suffer from baldness at an even higher rate than Caucasians (who in turn have much higher rates of baldness compared to Asians). In any case, this new 3D printed comb for hair loss project from Technion University in Israel seems interesting (you need to translate), although I would not be surprised if we never hear about it again. FYI — For any readers in Israel, here is an article from 2011 with names of local hair loss experts and clinics that you could consult.

Lumigan for Thicker Eyebrows

For several months, Spencer (aka Spex) has been experimenting with using Bimatoprost on his previously sparse eyebrows. He uses the Lumigan brand that is designed to reduce high pressure in the eyes. He recently added the above page on his site, and it is well worth checking out the before and after photos on there. Many hair loss sufferers have been waiting for months to hear about the delayed results of the clinical trials of Bimatoprost when used on scalp hair. While I have been skeptical that the drug will do much beyond what Minoxidil already does for scalp hair, Spex’s eyebrow results are very encouraging. Bimatoprost, if approved for use on the scalp, will entail a drastically higher dosage compared to what is used on eyebrows.

Other Hair Loss News this Month

— A very interesting radio interview with Dr. Luis Garza regarding his team’s latest groundbreaking findings on triggering organ and hair regeneration. See my recent post on those findings.

Samumed is recruiting for a 50-person supplemental clinical trial for its SM04554.

— George Cotsarelis gets yet one more patent approved (this one related to FGF-9 and hair growth). Filed in October 2014 and approved in August 2015.

— An optimistic conclusion from a molecular biologist: “In any case, I think that treatment for baldness is now a matter of quite a short period of time.” Article rambles a bit, perhaps because the writer is not a native English speaker.

— Some interesting thoughts on platelet-rich fibrin matrix from Dr. William Lindsey.

— In June, Dr. Alan Feller started a controversial thread on the HTN forum regarding strip (FUT) hair transplants still being more popular than FUE hair transplants. That thread has taken on a life of its own, and I only read it this month since I do not frequent those forums too often. Based on my own research (see FUE versus FUT hair transplants), I do not believe that strip will remain very popular. It already might be less popular than FUE, considering that doctors can now just purchase the ARTAS robot. They can then start practicing FUE with little past experience in doing so. In any case, Dr. Feller raises some interesting points in that thread, and I wonder if FUE transaction rates are really that high in the hands of experts? If I was getting a hair transplant today, I would go for FUE.

— A very useful update from a Japanese resident regarding AAPE and HARG treatment in Japan.

— An interesting study (on mice), where pluripotent stem cells from whisker follicles differentiate and grow into new hair when transplanted to the spinal cord.

— Comedian Matt Lucas has suffered from alopecia universalis for most of his life. A nice story on him helping a young boy suffering from the same here.

— Somewhat related to the above, scientists use cells created from hair follicles to repair damaged nerves.

And now on to medical items of interest:

Things are getting creepier and creepier and at the same time evermore mind-boggling each month.

Nearly complete brain developed in petri dish by Ohio State scientists. This was major news yesterday and today.

— United Therapeutics (Revivicor) is genetically engineering pigs in order to transplant their organs into humans. I find it absolutely fascinating that you can insert human genes into animals and that scientists are able to increase the number that they can insert every year. The founder and CEO of United Therapeutics is the amazing MTF transsexual Martine Rothblatt, who also co-founded Sirius XM satellite radio.

Young blood is what we all need.

Body-hackers. Worth clicking just to see the image.

— A pro designer baby article worth a skim-through. The Chinese will probably stab at this first.

A list of the top 11 3D-Bioprinting companies.

18 thoughts on “BiologicsMD, 3D Printed Comb and Thicker Eyebrows”

  1. I have pretty high hopes for bimatoprost. Spex was able to take basically what were non-existent eyebrows, and got them to be pretty thick with 1 drop of .03% every day over the course of a few months.

    From what I understand, Allergan has been using 3% for scalp, 100X the strength of what Spex has been using. Also they included the product in their Q2 2015 report of late stage programs they are moving forward with. Funny, after all this time they’ve been quiet, then it is subtly mentioned among their aesthetic pipeline that is late-stage.

    Q3 2015 report is on Nov. 4th and will take place at the Irvine campus, which was Allergan’s old HQ. I think at the very least we will have trial results. Bimatoprost for scalp, as well as a few other products obtained from the old Allergan originated from their Irvine, CA HQ and should be nearing release.

    1. Considering for 1g Bimatoprost, Allergan charge 17K, I think we can forget this as a feasible cure for most guys

      1. Bimatoprost powder, at most, costs $900 per gram. That “17K” is incorrect.

        A compound that multiple pharmaceutical companies mass produce , costs that much? It’s worth a lot more than gold!

  2. Hi Admin,

    Thanks for commenting on my eyebrow documentation. I have been blown away by the results and will continue to keep my website updated with the ongoing progress.

    SpexHair ( Spencer )

  3. Regarding Bimatoprost – Does anyone have information concerning its cost to produce & when we would likely see it on the market as a hair loss treatment?

  4. I have blonde hair and my eyebrows are sparse. I used bimatoprost everyday for 9.5 months and noticed no growth whatsoever.

  5. Bimataprost is not the answer thats why. A growth factor chemical is not the answer. It relies in stem cell iPSC’s

  6. Thank you admin. I have hope for future medical treatments but I will also remain realistic and try to be happy with things as they are than with how I’d like them to be. But who knows, maybe we’ll all be pleasantly surprised by new treatments across the next 5 years :)

  7. Admin, when do you think Shiseido Phase II Hair Regeneration will begin? From what I heard the PDMA of Japan has to approve testing. How long do you think that will take? Thanks…

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