Birth of a Nation and Hair Transplant Boom

I live in the greater Seattle region. We just gave birth to the world’s newest country (no. 196) called CHAZ. Now renamed to CHOP. This area is home to Amazon, Boeing, Microsoft, Starbucks, Zillow, Costco, Nordstrom, T-Mobile, Expedia, Nirvana, Jimi Hendrix, the world’s two richest men, Bruce Lee’s grave and much more. Yet CHAZ is surely Seattle’s proudest moment ever?

Earlier this month, the National Guard arrived in Seattle due to looting and ransacking of the most popular nearby high-end mall. Not to mention total chaos in the downtown core itself. The high-end mall looting occurred at exactly the same time as the local police inspector was prostrating to a crowd just several hundred meters away. A successful decoy tactic by some of the protesters + looters acting in cahoots?

The controversial mall owner is not causing anyone to shed tears. However, I do feel sympathy for numerous smaller retail shop owners in my region and throughout the US. Instead of a hair loss cure, 2020 has brought us armageddon.

Mac Jack's Beer to Keep Calm
Mac & Jack’s Beer to get through 2020.

Our Seattle Mayor calls this whole tragic situation the summer of love. Our Governor pretends to be totally oblivious about the new breakaway country of CHAZ. Our third most powerful politician aims to make this new country permanently independent from the police. She is also leading the way in massively raising taxes on Amazon. The most popular video about my city on YouTube is called “Seattle is Dying“.

I nevertheless always remain calm, cool and collected by drinking locally made Mac and Jack’s African Amber Ale. Until recently, it was only available in draft at bars. It seems like they now sell this beer in cans at stores too.

As Long as you have Hair, Death is Okay

The wise Elton John once stated that even when he thought he was being burglarized and potentially murdered, his only concern was his hair. He wanted to make sure that his dead body was shown in newspapers the next day with a full head of hair. You never want looters to kill you when your baldness is visible and not hidden. This advice is better than buying guns, which I still refuse to do.

By his own admission, Elton John’s most valuable possession is his great hairpiece. His past bad hair transplants did not work out well at all, but the hairpiece is fabulous.

Hair Transplants Booming

It should be noted that hair transplants have improved drastically in the decades since Mr. John had his mishaps. Hair transplant news related articles have been especially frequent these past few weeks.

As always, British newspapers cover hair restoration related topics far more thoroughly than US media. Many of the US readers will not recognize some of the celebrities mentioned below. In chronological order:

Cheyenne Jackson Strip Hair Transplant Scar
Cheyenne Jackson’s Strip Hair Transplant Scar.
  • Australian cricket legend Shane Warne believes that he is the leading force in ending the stigma around hair transplants. I did not realize that Mr. Warne suffered so much in front of the cameras as a professional athlete and celebrity. He is an ambassador for Advanced Hair Studio.
  • Also from the UK, 25-year old Stuart Scott got a hair transplant after suffering from hair loss since his teens. The final straw was when a women on Plenty of Fish rejected him due to his baldness. Now he gets far more interest from women due to his increased scalp coverage. His hair transplant cost was “more than £2000”.
  • Hollyoaks star Stephanie Davis is pleased with her British Hair Clinic hair transplant results. She used to be bullied due to her her high hairline.
  • 31-year old boxer Tyson Fury does not care about his hair loss. He has refused numerous free hair transplant offers from leading clinics. Well down Mr. Fury.

19 thoughts on “Birth of a Nation and Hair Transplant Boom”

  1. I remember seeing a similar pic of Becks with shaved thinning hair years ago. Then almost overnight he has a James Dean-like quiff?! His hair seems to fluctuate in pics. Maybe transplant? Maybe hair fibres? Who knows?

  2. Real poor people steal food, not high-end sportswear and TVs. Your country, just like many Western European countries, has a lot of pretend poor people with an overwhelming sense of entitlement. As Grimes (aka Grimey) says to Homer Simpson – “If you were born in any other country you would have starved to death”.
    I can second what Elton John says about how good the hair systems are. But if I wake up in the night with intruders downstairs, I would sooner reach for my machete.

    1. This definition of “real poor people” seems like something out of a Victor Hugo novel, not contemporary society. The United States has a lot of living, breathing poor people (the three richest Americans now own as much as the bottom half of the country). It also has a lot of pretend meritocrats, who created this situation by not paying their employees for their labor. History says they’re going to be getting a spanking soon if they don’t wise up.

  3. It seems that hair loss stops almost immediately when you have used FIN or any other a5reductase blocker for a week.

    Is that the same experience as you have gentlemen?

  4. If intentional, using the phrase “Birth of a Nation” to describe the creation of CHAZ is a brilliant troll.

  5. A. Cheyenne Jackson, gurl, we been knew.
    But I thought you were a Nw3 or 4.
    With 5 ht it seems you are a Nw6 originally.
    Good for you, babe.
    Next step: stop dying your hair black.

    B. Beckham has been wearing a piece for years. That’s his natural hair: thinned all over the top.
    With or without hair, I’ve never been attracted to him. I mean, physically, ’cause you have to be deaf to be attracted to him still after he opens his mouth.

    C. Tyson Fury is extremely hot with or without hair. With such broad shoulders very few straight/bi women and gay/bi men would turn him down altogether. I’m pretty sure Cristiano Ronaldo would love to be … by him. But Ronaldo is straight… Whaaaat?

    I digress.
    Admin, what’s the next deadline gonna be: 2025 or 2030?
    I know it’s probably gonna be 2025 for marketing reasons, but isn’t it painstaking to change it every five years? no $$ burnt?

    1. Blog only started in 2013, so not yet much experience in 5 year marketing plans :-)

      All depends on Tsuji/Riken/Organ news announcements of course. Maybe Tokyo Olympics in 2021 and Tsuji san in 2021 will confluence and make Japan the greatest country in history? Something numerous American like to say a lot about the US!

      1. Wouldn’t it be funny if OrganT announces a commercialisation in the last quarter of 2020?

        Your premise would become a reality just at the finish-line.

  6. Not post related, but I am going through some serious internal struggle not knowing if I should just take the leap and hop on finasteride since my hair is actually still good looking despite some minor thinning. What really disappoints me is that nothing has changed in the last 30years? It’s true that we are understanding more about hair but there is still so.much we don’t know, and believing we are relatively close to a cure seems like wishful thinking if I have to be realistic. I don’t want to be the conspiracy theory guy but I genuinely believe that we are sitting on some technology due to the economical.interest behind it. I am not saying we could already cure baldness, but it’s probably something that a couple of universities around the world and 2 – 3 companies might not be able to fix relatively soon.
    What do you guys think? From 2 relatively effective treatments found totally randomly to a full cure, is that possible or we are fooling ourselves?

  7. Shu I still believe they have cured baldness years ago. The industry prob releases new treatments every couple decades to make billions. Its hair for goodness sake, it can’t be that hard but that is just my guy feeling. The govt has technology developed that wont be released to us people for decades. Same process for healthcare pharmaceuticals industry. Slow release of treatments. I wouldn’t be shocked if they can clone full head of hair by now. My advice to you is to hop on finasteride and maintain what you got. Take 1mg each day and move on.

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