Adipose-Derived Stem Cell Constituent Extract

It has been a while since I wrote a post related to adipose-derived stem cells (ADSCs) and hair growth. Adipose cells are also called fat cells.

Adipose‐Derived Stem Cell Constituent Extract

A potentially groundbreaking new study from South Korea was published yesterday. Thanks to Chris and Joe who both e-mailed me with links. This study concluded that adipose‐derived stem cell constituent extract (ADSC‐CE) helps hair regrowth in patients with androgenetic alopecia.

Adipose-derived stem cell constituent extract (ADSC-CE) and hair growth.
Adipose-derived stem cell constituent extract (ADSC‐CE) treatment increased hair count and hair thickness in the study. © 2020 Tak/Lee/Cho/Kim — Stem Cells Translational Medicine, published by Wiley Periodicals, Inc. on behalf of AlphaMed Press.

According to the authors, this is the first time that ADSC‐CE and its benefits on hair growth have been demonstrated via a a randomized, double‐blind, vehicle‐controlled clinical trial. Many other past studies have shown the benefits of ADSC (often via intradermal injections) on male and female pattern hair loss sufferers.

This latest study was widely covered in the media, including by the Daily Mail and New Atlas. The trial was conducted at Busan (Pusan) National University Yangsan Hospital and led by Dr. Sang Yeoup Lee. The actual trial was completed in 2016, so I am not sure why results were delayed till 2020.

The study was published in the journal Stem Cells Translational Medicine. The famous Dr. Anthony Atala is editor-in-chief of  this journal. He is quoted as saying that this treatment offers hope to hair loss sufferers.

ADSC-CE Before and After Hair Growth.
ADSC-CE hair growth photo at 8 weeks and 16 weeks. One of the four results presented in the study.

Hair counts (+28.1%) and hair diameter (+14.2%) both increased substantially in 34 patients who completed the study. Original patient enrollment was 29 men and nine women. Encouragingly, these results persisted 16 weeks post treatment, with no major side effects. The treatment entailed twice‐daily self‐application of an ADSC‐CE topical solution all over the scalp.

The authors assumed that ADSC‐CE is likely to penetrate scalp tissue more than existing products that are manufactured using conditioned media (ADSC‐CM).

Adipose (Fat) Cells and Hair Growth

A lot evidence on the benefits of fat cell injections upon hair has been accumulating over the past decade. Even as far back as 1954, there was a study published suggesting a connection between scalp thickness, fat loss and balding.

I have written around 10 posts in the past that cover ADSC and closely related subjects, although none in the past couple of years.

For example:

  • See my past post on Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF) enhanced adipose transplantation and the STRAAND clinical trials.
  • And on Advanced adipose-derived stem cell protein extract (AAPE).
  • Also see my past posts on Kerastem and the company’s STYLE clinical trials.
  • I have also analyzed important work from Dr. Valerie Horsley’s lab regarding adipocytes and their essential role in  hair follicle regeneration. Last year, I also discussed fat layer loss and tightness in balding scalps.

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  1. This is good. But when does the public actually get to use it? 10 years from now. Nothing ever comes of these studies. Admin this isnt directed at you. I guess I’m just very frustrated.

  2. Results data looks good but the pics just show him with short buzzed hair the others just grown out. The thinning areas are still there.

    Tom Jones I think this being offered by some clinics in Europe. Nothing dramatic has been revealed.

  3. Admin are you still having a connection with Alexey Terskikh? If yes, then ask him how much he progress with clinical trials?

  4. Sounds promising. Will this have to go thru a formal drug testing protocol (Phase I, II, and III) or can this be produced as a OTC cosmetic? Would love to try some but if it has to go thru Phase III testing probably won’t happen in my lifetime.

  5. Interesting post Admin. Looks promising. Though, I must admit I grow weary some days. Hair loss studies: they’re all very lovely, and I’m sure they employ lots of people on nice incomes to keep the ball rolling, etc (ad infinitum it feels like). However, I would like to see a study on people like me who’ve been waiting years-some even decades-for an actual real-world, ready-to-use cure for hair loss. I’m guessing frustration counts would be more than +28.1%?!

    1. I agree. This is interesting because there are already some ADSC and AAPE type topical products on the market, especially from Asia. I think they can even inject autologous fat cells into the scalp without needing FDA approval, but need to analyze the subject in more detail.

  6. Sorry for the off topic post , but does anyone know where to get jarrilla extract ? I have alopecia areta abs it supposedly does wonders for eyebrows and eyelashes.
    Thank you

  7. hello everyone, i just want to inform you after reading a lot on this blog since 2017 i will be starting a new regime. I did some dut for 4 months and it gave me amazing results in 2019 but i stopped because i was afraid of side effects.. ironically i had none… i stopped with minoxidil and now i want to do new regime
    1. micro needling + minox 5%
    2. avodart everyday

    I will tell you the results in 3 months wish me luck
    norwood 3 going 4

    1. Do a video of yourself now, shown from different angles in different levels of light. Then do the same again in 3 months and upload both for all to see.
      This should now be the minimum standard of proof for any regime.

      1. Preferably OP will also take numerous stills. If OP really wants to be accurate in measuring results, he will buzz his hair right before taking before/after shots.

        I would LOVE for this forum to loosely organize “studies”, in which we can look at anecdotal evidence and perhaps recognize patterns in what works and what doesn’t.

    2. I believe avodart is working for me. The hair on the back is thicker than ever and hair in general looks better. I believe the hairloss has stopped, maybe there is regrowth ongoing but its hard to tell since I had a fue a couple of years ago in front. I am also using ketoconazole shampoo twice a week. No side effects aside from a loss of libido in the beginning but it was probably psychological placebo effect since I read a lot of bro science about sexual side effects on the net.
      So my suggestion is stick to avodart.

        1. Using avodart, not a generic brand. Its made in turkey though. But its working great, it really does stop hairloss on its tracks.

  8. Off topic:
    Due to covid 19 I haven’t been able to buy minoxidil, I haven’t used it for two months and I haven’t noticed any extra hair loss yet, I am also using a daily dose of 1mg of finasteride, so my question is : I haven’t lost more hair because I use finasteride or because it’s still too early to lose the benefits of minoxidil?

    1. If you can’t get it locally, you could sign up to one of the big three online sites and get it delivered to you. I would say you probably won’t see further hair loss because you are stopping it at the root cause by using a 5α-Reductase inhibitor, (finasteride) which suppresses the production of dihydrotestosterone. If you just used Minoxidil – Your not stopping the root cause of your hair loss but encouraging your scalp to produce new hairs. I’ve seen people just use Minox with really good results (6-7 month mark) but eventually over time they loose their gains.

  9. I know I said it before but I’ll say it again. I am so upset that after all these years, all follica has to show is enhanced microneedling with caveman minoxidil. I cant tolerate minox due a heart issue. I was waiting all these years for finally an alternative and it’s just an enhanced version of heart hurting minoxidil. I am angry and upset guys/girls. Why cant I just catch a break? Like WTH….Histogen you can go to hell with your stupid mind games and follica you lack real innovation and your just piggy backing off of your mom Dhurat after all these years. I’m so upset.

    1. If Follica is around the same price as microneedling your face, it will be expensive! Typically $200-700 per session, and then the monthly topical $30-50…$100(!?). Let the PRP junkies take the hit. Keep your eyes on Breezula, Samumed, and Follicum; all novel mechanisms. Compound. Do your own microneedling. After a few years, spend the thousands you saved avoiding Follica on a transplant. You caught a break by being informed. You may be upset but at least you won’t make it worse by being easily conned.

  10. I’m not super impressed by this. Differences between ADSCs and controls are within the margin of error (check the error bars). As others mentioned, the pictures are basically just a buzzcut grown out. I’m 38 now with a NW3+ who can’t tolerate finasteride. I’m thinking my realistic only option besides going bald will be Breezula as a maintenance treatment and FUE. Saving up for this in hopefully a couple of years. If Breezula works to maintain, I think this will be as close to a side effect free cure as we get.

  11. Breezula lost effectiveness after 6 months of use and hair loss resumed. So I wouldn’t rely on that saving you or any other hair loss treatment in the pipeline for any robust crazy regrowth. Follica states 40% regrowth but I am not so sure. SM did like 10% and follicum will probably be equal to rogaine. Tsuji wont see the light of day or at least another decade. 20+ years and this is the best we got lol. Same effectiveness as the big 3 but a modern version lol. It’s just the facts of life. If they wanted to cure hair loss they would have done it by now. It’s all about half ass treatments that you have to take for life so these companies can make millions. Stay safe everyone!

    1. First, Breezula lost effectiveness after 6 months because it was a 6 MONTH TRIAL. They forced the participants to stop using it after 6 months. Follica and histogen are never getting released. Tsuji, I give it 2-3 years. You do know they performed clinical trials in march of 2019. There was a publication in early 2019 stating they would start trials in march. It takes about a year to see full results. That brings us to march-april 2020. Tsuji steps down because of commercialization. You do know a billion dollar finance company backed Tsuji in 2018 and in 2016 a billion dollar pharmaceutical company invested in organ technologies. Not to mention the 20 billion dollar device company(Kyocera) that built that helped them do the impossible. Expand 1 cell into 7,000 without mutation. A first for the industry. You should really talk about stuff you know before talking bs about the medical industry. Frustration, Lias and bias’s should be separated. Now is failure possible, of course. An astroid could hit the earth. But I think baldness will be cured in the next 5 years because the cosmetic industry has realized men are willing to pay just as money as women to look good because of the social media era. Its all about money not good will.

      1. I’m getting another hair system after this summer. 100% hair density, norwood 1, guaranteed results, no injections or pills or bogus chemistry to ponder. And will continue to do so until a proper treatment is released.

      2. Do you think we will get some kind press release or announcement this year from Organ Technologies?
        Maybe after Covid-19 gets somewhat better.

        1. Honestly, not until 2021. They won’t answer any emails, phone calls or press contacts. Which is a good sign because I emailed Kyocera in 2017 and they told me.

          A.) they were still on track for 2020.
          B.) they’re not going to release information to anybody in a competitive market.

          My only real concern is hair pattern. Hair curl is determined by how straight the actual hair follicle is. I dont know how their going to fix the hair curl pattern issue because its not determined by the derma papilla, its determined by connective tissue. I think a global launch is certain by 2025, release is certain by 2021. I laugh when people complain about the price. You do know that the price per follicle tsuji is offering is LESS than some of the cheapest hair transplants out there, And to clone 150,000 hair follicles it takes almost 3 weeks of someone constantly running tests and monitoring the cells. 3 weeks of work for 10k is nothing in the medical world.

          1. Hi Jake, please leave URL box/field blank when you fill out the comment form. Not sure why it asks for it, but comment will still come through even if you leave URL blank.

          2. Hello Jake+palmer,

            What is the current price (indication) of Tsuji’s solution?

            I wonder what happens if we don’t need 150.000 cloned follicles, but only a fraction of that.

            10.000 grafts (with 3/4 hairs per graft) already gives us a lot of extra hair.

      3. Hey Jake, sorry if I’m missing something obvious here, but would you mind letting me know where you read about the cessation of treatment after 6 months? I can’t find a published paper for the trial but from their Cassiopea’s press release, it looks like participants received treatment across the full 12 months of the trial:

        “All subjects applied Clascoterone or vehicle to the balding areas of the scalp twice daily for a total of 12 months.”


    2. Filarako, min les malakies.
      Pal, stop talking bs.
      Breezula did not lose effectiveness after 6 months.
      Patients stopped applying it at the sixth month and its effectiveness wore off gradually in the following 6 months.

      Follica, Follica, Follica…
      File, Follica is bullshit.
      I don’t know why you are obsessed with it.
      It’s Ok that a Greek fail.
      Greeks in Greece fail all the time.
      Kotsarelis failed, too.
      C’mon, mate.

      1. Hey Hate da BS, just in case you don’t see my post for Jake above – would you mind letting me know where you read about the cessation of treatment after 6 months? I can’t find a published paper for the trial but from Cassiopea’s press release, it looks like participants received treatment across the full 12 months of the trial:

        “All subjects applied Clascoterone or vehicle to the balding areas of the scalp twice daily for a total of 12 months.”

        Sorry if I’m missing something obvious here!


      2. Where is the best country to get that treatment at 10k or so done? What treatment would you suggest? Im in my 40s slowly getting there so best to either shave it or act now
        Steven Brown (Glasgow)

  12. Jake Palmer-I may be wrong about breezula but I am not wrong about tsuji. There was no publication of him performing human trials. You honestly think tsuji is ready for commercialization after 1 set of trials lol. Dude please! Look at the past 20 years of trials from all these companies. Interxytex. Aderans, sisheido etc this stuff takes time to pass through regulation if it works. Tsuji may have figured out the missing pieces but he is a long way from offering this treatment. 10 yrs at best before he can get this to work in a mass scale for daily people. The only reason why I praise follica is because it’s the only one that will be released. Its already being marketed and advertised by ht docs and derms. Cots is building his distribution. I never said it will be a cure. It will be far from it. Samumed will also get released because big time political investors are funding it. So dont come here telling me I dont know anything. I’ve been following this crap since 2001 and have seen all the hype followed by failure of these companies. One thing for sure is that there will NOT be a cure for hairloss in 5 years. If you think companies are going to release a one stop solution to baldness because they realize men are sensitive of their looks now and post it on social media then you need to wake up bro. Companies see weak men now that they can take advantage of which will open the doors to more long term treatments to get these men to buy a life time.
    Hate the bs- malakies is all I see and hear in this hair loss industry. Lol

    1. you do know in Japan its a 2 year authorization period right. Dude stop acting like you know stuff about medicine. US regulatory medicine is not the same as Japanese regulations. Every country is different. In Mexico you can sell medical treatments without any authorization, in syria you can buy hearts from people on the open market. You keep thinking its a 3 phase program. You do know after replicel completed their 2 year study, they could technically launch it tomorrow if they wanted to. There’s just one problem. It doesn’t work. Ha. The science behind was bs too. When I was reading the studies 4 years ago, it literally sounded like garbage. It was a snake oil.

      2.) Hair cloning was performed on a man in 1999. He took hair cells from his head and injected them into his arm. Guess what, hair grew. They took adult hair cells(not mouse cells), injected them into animals and guess what, it worked. I still think its 2 years away. When people say 10, they dont know what their talking about. Hair cloning in 2010 was being researched by an underfunded company(intercex) through the 2007 global financial crisis. Organ technologies has backing by 3 notable billion dollar funds/companies. If I’m a gambling man, I’m putting my money with the billionaires.

  13. Jake palmer- lol I’m aware of Japan’s regulatory process. I’m aware of everything you mentioned. I remember when elaine Fuchs and jahoda did their hair cloning tests back in 1999 and early 2000s. They grew hair and so did interxytex. Intercytex was successful in their phase 2. They grew hair but got bought out and project was closed. Aderans got shutdown because they could only perform maintenance. Do you think tsuji can grow 100,000 hairs, to grow in perfect angle, direction, and cycle in normal hair shedding cycles after just two years of trials? Let’s say you are right and he actually started trials last year. That still wont be enough time to see how the newly formed follicles cycle, grow. Will it cause tumors? Sorry dude you can believe it will be released in two years or before 2025 but I just don’t see it happening that quickly. I believe he is our greatest hope to bring in a working hair loss cure but I think he has a long way to go before you and I can go to a clinic, clone our hair and get it implanted for full coverage. Things like this takes many years to perfect before commercialization. This will be the first of its kind treatment of hair cloning and you are telling me after 2 years of phase trials he will release a perfect working treatment. Lol

    1. Aderans failed because they tried using dermal sheath cup cells. The same cells replicel used. Theres the dermal cup(the root of the hair follicle), then theres the dermal sheath. The dermal sheath is the “skin” around the hair follicle. It does nothing. It’s main function is to provide direction and curl pattern of the hair. Tsuji uses completely different cells. You trying to act like aderans and tsuji are the same exact thing is kinda pathetic. Your really just making judgements without reading the scientific articles behind it. The only thing that makes Tsuji’s treatment unsafe is he’s using adult cells as a substitute for embryonic hair follicle cells. So far in animal studies, Kyocera figured out how to clone those cells in 2018. 2 years after the partnership was first announced. Now in the U.S most tumors form from stem cell treatments, because doctors dont screen every single cell before injecting it back into the host to detect chromosomal deficiencies. In Japan it’s mandatory. Actually Japan is the only country that requires it. In 2015 there was a spine regenerative treatment that got released to the public 1 year after testing. It has been done before. And lastly most hair follicle patterns, curls, direction are developed 18 days after being injected. After 18 days there isn’t much change. Most tumors tend to develop within a month after injection. So the answers are clear cut. I advise you to do a bit more research on the science before making bold claims. Everything I said here can be cited. I stand by my claim that a launch will happen before 2025. I sure as hell won’t be the first. I’m going to let the rich and famous people be the test rabbits. I’ll probably do it a year after launch.

      1. And by the way, direction, curl, etc. Is not determined by the cells, its determined by the pillar muscles in your scalp. The cells at the base that tsuji is cloning control color and thickness.

  14. The surf is flat today, so thought I’d chip in. What’s that saying…’Happiness equals reality minus expectations’. Well, maybe there will be no ‘cure’ at all? Maybe it’s just too hard? Maybe one day there will be some sort of preventative (via inoculation, pill, device, etc) for a young future generation instead? Who knows? As far as the current companies working on a cure/treatment goes-we’re all just guessing at this point. For me, until it’s on the shelf or in the doc’s office, there really are no definitives…yet. The cynic in me thinks it makes perfect business sense for a company to drip-feed a treatment indefinitely-instead of a one-off cure. It’s a valid argument, but not yet proven I don’t think? And yet, to be fair to the companies working on solving hair loss, (not the ones seemingly research funding ’till the cows come home) to regrow a single new hair follicle on a human scalp-albeit in the thousands-seems to be an incredibly hard feat to accomplish-even in 2020. Anyway, just my two cents. In the meantime, I’m off to pray to the surf gods. Nite.

    1. Until then all everybody can do is just wear a hair system. Which isn’t the worst thing in the world.

  15. Is there any product (natural or rx) that can convert DHT to Testosterone. This will prevent hair loss, increase libido and also burn fat / build lean muscle.

    Can some reader share their thoughts on this.

    1. DHT is a by-product of Testosterone. If what you were suggesting was possible, slowing down or even stopping the testosterone conversion to DHT, it would already be in use by the wrestling world as they can only take so many steroids then they need to stop and do a PCP cycle so their organs don’t implode. It’s big money and very competitive.

  16. Jake+palmer,
    Thank you for the extra info!

    I finally found what I was looking for in a contribution of Admin during August 2019.

    $190,000 — $380,000 or
    €175.000 — €350.000.

    Maybe the estimated lower price is for the lower Norwoods, so those who don’t need 100.000 follicles.

    Let’s hope for the best.

    1. Yikes man, it’s crazy to think that many people are gonna spend so much money on a trasplant. You can buy a house with that money, and whats more, unless you are a nw7, you will need multiple procedures since we don’t have a 100% mainteneance drug that everyone can take, even finasteride has a timer. Very low cost – efficiency ratio if you ask me. I have said it already, but stemson’s idea of scale production of hair seems so intriguing,since their ultimate goal is to have hair farms that cover every type of hair ( colour, thickness, ecc ) and just implant them, causing a huge cost drop since they dont have to extract your follicles and clone them.
      We will cure it, and everyday we get closer to it, hopefully it will happen sooner than later. Take care everyone, stay safe

    2. np, There’s a difference between scientific facts through accredited articles and bias, Look this treatment may never happen, tsuji and his whole scientific team could get run over by a bus. But if I’m a gambling man I put the odds greater than 50% it gets launched. My concern is not the tumors or technology, its the the virus. Japan is a very well run country and their experiencing one of the worst recessions right now. Medical funding may get cut. I’m not concerned about tsuji because they have private investors and are well funded. But trials will in fact get delayed because test subjects won’t follow medical protocols. So in my opinion, I thought this would get fully launched in 2023, but after the virus, I’m anticipating a 2 year delay giving us a 2025. Timeframe. Waiting sucks, but until then, try Breezula when it comes out in 2020, and wear a hair system. Thats the best advice I have.

    3. Netshed,

      It ‘s of topic. Admin sorry for this.

      If I am correct, I remember reading a while ago that you are from the netherlands and that you were considering a ht. If this is correct, i was wondering did you went through with it? I am also from NL and considering a ht somewhere in europe or turkey. I see on the tv some dutch celebreties with very good natural hairline results and with high density ht and some with poor results. Always asking myself are those “good” Ht for real and where did they do that. There are a lot of clinics, especially in Turkey. But there is everywhere a lot of manipulation etc. in the ht industry.
      In general I would be prepared to pay a bit more but of course for quality , not for their marketing/ overhead costs for unnatural mass production or old reputations that no langer correspondents with current max results ( outdated tech). Research is a maze.

      – So that is why i was wondering if you went for a Ht? Or are you waiting for Tsuji, which is btw by far out of my fin reach.

    4. Netshed,

      I had a reply for you ( question about ht), it came somehow by mistake lower on the wall. If you see it an could reply, i would appricate it.


  17. Well said Sunny Kim! If tsuji brings out the cure in 2025 I’ll buy your ticket to Japan Jake Palmer haha, if not you have to buy my first follica treatment and first rx for samumed:)

  18. @JakePalmer

    Thanks for your realistic input. I agree 100 %. I don’t understand posters who claim it will need another 10 years, WTF. It will happen within 3 years or never. I mean, Tsuji developed the „germ method“ in 2007 – imagine the amount of knowledge and research gathered within those past 13 years! I‘ve read almost every paper available, this is rock-solid, and comparisons with Intercytex are ridiculous.

    Funny though, the moment I read your comment with concerns regarding the virus, I hear on the news that Japan is stopping the nationwide lockdown earlier as planned. I do not think this is a problem for OrganTech. I don’t even think this will cause a delay.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I just try to be as honest as I can. All of us hope for a 2020 launch. I’m here to tell you first hand, that isn’t going to happen. Honestly I dont think that was going to happen if the virus never occurred. Usually you need to file a year in advance with the Japanese government before launching a product. Those filings are public. There was never a filing about a commercial launch in the past year. I think 5 years is the maximum. But most trials that happen tend to stop. Most of Riken stopped their trials and forced all divisions to find a vaccine. If the trial ended, they would need to start from scratch on a 1-2 year trial. That’s just the truth. But his stuff is exiting. people who have eyebrow hair loss, want beards, full heads of hair, can finally get it. Most people are limiting it to just scalp hair which is absurd. My biggest concern is hair pattern. I have no idea how they will maintain hair patterns because hair patterns are controlled by surrounding tissue. When you go in for a hair transplant, they extract a hair follicle. Follicles have surrounding tissue attached to the bulb. So who knows, I think a study is bound to be released by 2021 on organ technologies website.

  19. Hey Jake,
    thanks again for your response. It seems you really have some insight, which is higly appreciated – please write more often on here! The 1 year notice, I did not know about that. But the filing could happen anytime this year, which is then a “kind-of commercialisation”. Maybe there is a provisional commercialisation within that year, with certain restrictions?

    Well you are talking about RIKEN in terms of trials, but at this stage it should be OrganTech with a sub-company carrying out the trials? More importantly, the R&D should be done by now, so no delays there. But yeah, it’s not realistic to expect a treatment available in 2020 or 2021. At the moment I’m just hoping for postive news – meaning they are proceeding and on course.

    In terms of your “hair pattern” – I believe the guys at OrganTech think of literally every possible factor in the treatment. If you read the big interview from 2016 at HLT, the details shared there are amazing.

    Maybe you are interested, Jake: I found a small gem on youtube from Phd Antonella Pinto, researcher at StemsonTx, shows something interesting. All Hair-Cloning-Companies talk about a 3-D-matrix, a micro-scaffold, nylon-threats, silicone drops – something which “holds” the cells and eventually let the hair grow correctly. I was always wondering what that would be. In this video you can see it, it’s called a “lolly-up”, a round capsule with a tube. In the capsule there are the cells/hair bulb, the tube will eventually “guide” the hairs in the right direction. It’s about 1 mm in length, and 0,3 mm in width. I assume they plan to implant those tubes, which would be similar to a hair transplant-procedure, just less invasive. Apparently the tubes are made of dissolving material. Here is the link:

    This is obviously also the reason why they are collaborating with a renowned 3-D-printing company from Vienna.

    Lots of things going on in the industry, lots of research, development, and, important: competition.

    1. I try to comment whenever I feel like I can add to the community. Not just a random comment or copy of what someone else said. Myself, I’ve diffused thinned on my scalp, eyebrows and beard for the past 5 years. Back of head, sides, everything. But I started minoxidil and Rogaine 2 months after the hair loss started. So I still have alot of hair but I still lose hair. I’ve probably diffused 30% in total. That’s why I’m concerned. What if the hair they choose to clone is destined to diffuse anyway. Thats a concern of mine. I emailed Kyocera in 2017 and they said they’re still on track for a fiscal 2020 launch. “Fiscal 2020” ends in 2021. So maybe the launch is in 2021. Who knows. Maybe they extract the hairs and examine them for dht receptors before cloning them. Idk. But alot of people don’t know this. I’m in the medical field. The way the medical field works is. If you want to make the most money you, take the procedure license it to vendors(doctors) and have them do the heavy lifting. Kyocera would basically build a large “warehouse” taking in 500 hair follicles and shipping out 100,000 to the doctor. Think of it like an amazon order. Organ technologies/ Kyocera will be the middle man. And in the 2016 interview(which was amazing btw), they said they would license it out to doctors and be a distributor. So I think this will scale relatively fast. Honestly the most expensive part would be building a 200 million dollar replication center(Warehouse) in Japan. But if you have a cure, any Big-pharma company would fork up the money for that. This is something that went under the radar. Allergens(the maker of botox $60B+) said it would invest $750 million into stemson or Exicure if they found a stem cell cure for baldness. I keep saying this, multiple universities, big Pharma companies and labs are spending millions research hair loss today. It wasn’t like this 10 years ago, because vanity wasn’t as big then as it is now in the social media era.

      1. I also wanna say, I sympathize with anyone who balds. People say just shave it. If you shave it your accepting the end of your youth. Now I’m ok balding in my 40s and 50s. But in your teens, 20’s, 30’s it hurts. You sit there wondering why me, why not this “other guy”. You think of all the hair styles you wish you could of had or how you cared less about your hair and appearance earlier in life and you can’t make up for it now. I get it, so I hope there’s a cure so we can finally take the stress away. Jump in the pool without shedding 20 min later. I get all of it. I’m a researcher and I can tell you, things have never looked so promising for all types of alopecia. The only type of people that are really f’d are people with scarring alopecia. The skin is scarred over and it’s impossible to build a blood network to support hair follicles. Those people have it worse than all of us.

  20. Sorry to interupt Guys Give me a working solution for Dundruff even If I wash hair , for only 3 days and dundruff is back Thick grey powder. I started losing hair 10 years Ago


  21. Hi all,
    I am reading this blog once in a while for some years now and never commented before. Unfortuantly for all of us still no cure. I am lossing hair now for almost 20y, it started when i was 18. Now i am a norwood 3,5. Used back in the days (16y ago) shortly for 6 monthts fin and later also tried minox , fin worked( even for dandruf/itchy scalp) but i had bad side effects. I had to stop. Switched to saw pal for 3y that also worked for me (but less than fin) and unfortunataly that also gave some side effects and i was fed up with the sides. Now not using any hairloss medicine for years, hairloss continues further, considering a ht somewhere in europe but doubting about it and the research is very difficult . I have also dry scalp , dandruf (also large to the skin difficult to remove flakes) and itchy /red skin especially in front at places where the hairline is receding. For this is started recently to use 100% pure biological olive oil from the mediteraranean privetly imported, its no business. I does probably not helps anything for the hairloss but for me it helps for about 95% for the scalp problem. I put it on the scalp almost every evening and my scalp absorbs it in 10 min. Just a possible small tip for some who has similar scalp problem and has excess to pure bio olive oil, can try it.
    – I share your hairloss issues, believe me.
    – sorry for my bad english.
    – this is hard to say , especially because i dont do it myself( because i believe I dont for sure have the right had shape for it), but if you have a not so bad headshape for it, shave it and free yourself.
    – Of course i hope for a cure also. Is frustrating.
    – Admin, bases on the way you communicate, i think you are probably a objective stand up guy, keep up the work.
    Cheers to you all.

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