Aclaris Announces Positive 6-Month Results for Androgenetic Alopecia

Update: July 2020 — Unfortunately, Aclaris ceased work on JAK inhibitors and androgenetic alopecia in 2020. Moreover, new findings from July 2020 suggests that JAK inhibitors do not help AGA sufferers.

Update: Dr. Neal Walker interview.

Note: Some great photos are in their investor presentation from today. Pasting a couple below after getting permission.

Aclaris JAK Inhibitor Before After Male
Aclaris topical JAK inhibitor before and after photo in a great responder.

Aclaris Topical JAK Inhibitor Works for AGA

Huge news from Aclaris Therapeutics. They have just announced that their much anticipated topical Janus Kinase (JAK) inhibitor product (ATI-502) gave positive hair growth results in patients with androgenetic alopecia (AGA).

The results are for their interim 6-month Phase 2 open-label clinical trials of ATI-502 (also called AGA-201) in humans. 22 males and females participated in the trials till completion, including hair growth measurements. They applied ATI-502 to their scalp twice daily for 26 weeks.

Investigators rated 73% of subjects (16/22) as experiencing increased hair growth, and a higher 82% of subjects thought they saw increased hair growth through self-assessment.

Topical JAK Inhibitor Hair Growth
Modest hair growth after topical JAK inhibitor application for 6 months.

For a long time, many people did not believe that JAK inhibitors could result in hair growth in patients with androgenetic alopecia (i.e., male pattern hair loss). All the results in humans to date had only shown efficacy in patients with alopecia areata (AA), an inflammatory rather than hormonal condition.

Aclaris JAK Inhibitor Trials to Continue

I may add more to this post later, but for now the most significant quotes:

“The overall change was an increase of 8.6 hairs/cm2. Target area hair count increase was 15.3 hairs/cm2 in female subjects and 5.6 hairs/cm2 in male subjects.”

Per Aclaris CEO Dr. Neal Walker:

“This finding demonstrates that inhibiting a non-hormonal and inflammatory-mediated pathway may be an option for the treatment of AGA.”

“Through recent formulation work, Aclaris can achieve significantly higher topical concentrations of ATI-502.”

There was one “unrelated” case of breast cancer among the trial patients, but no-one else had any adverse side effects. I am sure everyone will look in detail at the side effect rates when 12-month trials are completed.

In the first half of 2020, Aclaris plans to initiate a double-blind, randomized, controlled Phase 2 dose-ranging clinical trial with higher concentrations of ATI-502. “With potentially, a female focus.” I hope that just means more females than males, and not just “only” females.

I do not think that this will be a cure for male and female pattern hair loss by any means. Perhaps a highly effective treatment in some patients. Moreover, for those of us who have major itching associated with our hair loss, perhaps we also have an inflammatory component to our hair loss as I have postulated in the past. Maybe the itchiest patients will see the best results?

Worth checking out ACRS stock price movement today.

Congratulations to the biggest JAK inhibitors for AGA fan of them all: blog reader “nasa_rs”.

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  1. Admin can you see anything other than stem cells/cloning being the “cure” surely nothing topical we be as effective? Thanks for all your hard work, I religiously check this page.

  2. To be honest I don’t get the excitement. An average (non hair loss suffering) person has approximately 200 hairs per square meter on his head. An increase of 5.6 hairs per square meter does not seem groundbreaking at all. But please correct me if I’m wrong somehow..

    1. 1) It is per square centimeter and not square meter!

      2) They will increase dosage, as discussed in the post.

      3) To date, there has been a huge amount of skepticism that JAK inhibitors can even cause any growth at all in patients with AGA. Please read all past posts on this blog about Aclaris and about JAK inhibitors.

      1. My bad with the unit. Thanks admin, let’s hope the effect of an increase of the dosage isn’t marginal and is actually linked to higher hair density per square cm!

  3. 5.6 hairs/cm2 …. They can experiment with a higher dosage within certain parameters, but high dosage JAK inhibitors is playing with fire. Even if it results in huge regrowth, not a chance it’s getting passed off as a safe treatment.

    Unless they are knocking it out for less than 20eur per month, it is absolutely pointless to even consider this.

    Get the same, if not better results, rubbing bloody topical l-carnitin on your dome.

    Been on this blog since its inception, slowly turning into one of those guys who can’t help but feel skeptical about it all. Totally deflated, once again….

  4. As someone with inflammatory hair loss, I think this treatment is very promising for people like myself.

    1. Hey Chris, could you maybe point me to some good articles/documents about inflammatory hair loss? I think my body is a total mess. I already have eczema since birth and years ago I was playing with my hair and pulled out whole hands of hairs without even using force. Years later, now, I still see a lot of miniaturized hairs. You would think they would be gone after 6+ years but they are still there.

    2. I agree. I think those that have aggressive pattern baldness in a short time and those that can easily pull out hairs such as evilgenius below have inflammation to blame at least in part and so i think this treatment will be more advantageous to those (myself included). Just need it to come asap lol

  5. Well, certainly better than no response at all. Perhaps in time it will help those who have enough hair left for maintenance. Not much use for me, sadly. I am putting my hopes in cloning and bio-engineering. The sooner it is here the better. Does anyone have any up to date news re L’Oreal and their work on hair printing?? It is getting on for 3 years since that story broke, and I know they partnered with a specialist company on 4D printing. I know this is probably still some years off, but I keep a small hope alive that there will be a sudden announcement of a major breakthrough. With a company like L’Oreal you know you would be on to the real thing.

  6. That is quite promising. I’m curious how much better it could work paired with a wounding procedure.

  7. 5.6 hairs/cm2 is not so bad… considering we have around 65/85 hairs per cm2 (7-8% gain if we are optimistic). Also, if it can help to keep the hairs that we already have it would be awesome.

    This give hope for the future !

    1. The average number of hairs per cm2 is 200 for Caucasians. So its closer to a 2.5% gain, which is not cosmetically significant.

      1. To be precise, a 2.8 percent gain at a low dose. Plus maintenance of existing hair. I would say very good initial results before they even have a chance to increase the dose in the next trials.

        For females, a 7.65 percent gain!

    1. This should get through trials quick… JAKs have a lot of research already behind them. Unless you already have grandkids now, I would think you’ll benefit.

  8. Hey admin,
    With so much going on its hard to keep track but I wanted to pick your brain. I believe Celino’s NGF-574H is supposed to be released next month in Korea. I wanted to redirect our focus on this because it is practically here.. my most important concern is even though the growth factors in it are a bi-product of stem cells its not autologous …should that be a concer?.. the safety data is good but still it bothers me.. what are your thoughts on this whole thing Admin? Again I apologize for being off topic on this thread I have just been reading what seem to be frustrated comments due to the good doctor not being able to answer a majority of questions due to being bound by legal red tape. Figured this would be a fresh approach.

  9. I interpret this as a mild benefit to men (at likely great expense) and a moderate benefit for women. (Am a dermatologist who treats hair loss)

  10. Looks promising but I don’t think any of these topicals – Aclaris, Breezula, etc. – will be the real “cure” for hair loss. It looks like Aclaris will definitely work for people who actually have hair (I have hair now but won’t in like 6 months). I think these results proof the theory that the real cure for full baldness lays in cell therapies like Tsuji or maybe even Shiseido.

    Thoughts, anyone?

      1. @D1 Right. Well Shiseido’s Phase II trial results release in less than a month. That’ll be the real news.

  11. It’s good that they have been honest about the results and thanks to admin for this news.
    But the before and after picture is that of a 48 year old male. If I still had hair like that at 48 I would not even be looking into treatments. A bad choice for a test subject.

    They have thrown down the gauntlet for Shiseido.

    1. On the other hand, it is much harder to regrow hair in older men…he might have lost some of that hair 10-20 years ago.

      1. True but highly unlikely. His loss would have been much more if he started losing 10-20 years ago. They should have used such people as test subjects. These photos are reminiscent of the sales photos that came out when PRP and laser caps hit the market.

    2. Oh, God!
      Hun, you are obsessed with Shiseido the same way Nasa was(I hope so!) with Aclaris.
      Neither is the cure.
      Calm down, Linda!

  12. Very average IMHO, I have seen many minox before and after results equal if not better to this.

    Keep in mind also it’s clearly years away from release, another Phase 2 next yr! 2023/4 release frankly

    1. yes but those before/afters are from like 1% of ultr-responder minox users. Imagine if the above results were virtually guaranteed to someone who used JAK, say 90%+ saw that result. Also imagine the improvement continuing at the same pace over the next 6 months.

  13. That’s really exciting news – that’s real improvement in photos, not the one where the study says there’s improvement but visuals look the same! Only down side it seems like at least 4 years away :(

    BTW for the experimenting people out there – raw ginger juice seems to also work as JAK inhibitor and for example this blog by someone who successfully used it for alopecia: (didn’t find someone using it for AGA). After these results I may be inclined to try it. So who’s gonna try and report? :)

    1. Cant they make a shampoo with this stuff in like Alpecin does with caffeine? Surely it wouldnt need clinical trials

      1. Never understood that either, same goes for Onion juice, it works so why cnt they make a super strength topical of the active ingredients

  14. It’s a HUGE step forward from No treatment to it works just need better results that they be able to obtain with their new formula.

    I’ve been waiting for three years for JAK to be proven and I was Right.

      1. I’ll make up for it with Volume.

        This is the First Treatment EVER to grow real hair on AGA sufferers. The other treatments at best maintain or grow peach fuzz. I want my Real Hair and this is a Groundbreaking day for ALL of us.

        Congratulations everyone life with hair becomes a real thought now and its not a matter of IF but WHEN we will get it all back.

        Great Hair Day.

    1. Come on guys. This news is absolutely GREAT! No scam before and afters like the italian scam lotion. By far the best news so far. I can see a clear improvement! Especially for guys who are diffuse thinners like me and many others who still have hair but overall thinned hair. This could be definetely the cure . As others already mentioned they are in the initial phase with low doses. Nasa was right. God bless the scientists and the admin who informs us about hair loss news.

      For all tue others : Dont lose hope, shiseido, riken, follica are all on their way. I wish you all a Full head of healthy hair!

      1. @Royaume That’s the spirit! Thankfully much of that spirit is evidence. Now it’s just a matter of time. ;)

    2. after years of people saying JAKs wouldn’t work (me knowing they will) I am glad to see public results. Folks will still bitch and moan of course.

    1. @Hopeless girl I don’t think these topicals will help anybody in the long run, male or female pattern balders. I keep saying this over and over but cell therapies are going to be the only permanent solution that will work for anyone (in time). Yes, they’ll be expensive. Yes, they’ll only be available in the East at first but that’s the price for the cure for baldness because no one state-side or in Europe gives a damn!

  15. You were right Nasa. It does grow hair but totally wrong on it being a cure. This is weaker results than Rogaine. Which is why no photos were leaked or any NBC nightly news report on its breakthrough like for their Areata success. I however, like aclaris. They were honest, stuck to timelines etc. It looks like mpb might be a condition that just can’t be cured or something they don’t want to cure. Either way, if we can get 20 new terminal hairs from follica cm2 and thickening of existing hair then that is as close to a cure we will get for at least another decade. Tsuji in my opinion will be the ultimate cure but no way they can get this out in a year. Especially not to common folks like us

    1. Agreed, Mjones. Alcaris is good with transparency but unfortunalty they don’t have much to show. Tsuji will be the real deal but it’s coming in 2021if they start trials next year instead of this year. Not bad, tho. Price factor sucks but what the heck? Still the cure. Shiseido releases their phase II results in a few weeks. That’ll justify where their treatment is headed – partial or full cure.

  16. You so dumb to not even understand that this was the lowest dose for initial testing? Aren’t you the one who in past said JAKs can never grow hair in AGA?

    1. No one is dumb we are all hear for one reason and that is to get a real cure for hairloss and that is something we ALL have helped to make happen. It’s our education of the population and of the scientists that has led to this day.

      MJones is great and he might be right about Tszui ultimately being the best treatment. I’ll try whatever works. But JAK in my opinion is going to be The Ultimate Treatment as a higher dosage I think will regrow it all back.

      This product competition will also help to keep prices lower than what they would be otherwise. More competition means better products and lower prices and that is Capitalism and its also what has led this for profit company Aclaris go out and make this groundbreaking discovery by taking Risk, working hard, and giving the customers what they want.

      Hail Today. Groundbreaking First Time Ever Real Hair (not peach fuzz).

      Next year the results will probably be even BETTER. Yes. From NO treatments we now have One that hopefully will get better along with other types of treatments.

      Alcaris, we can finally take our hats off to you.

      And Thank You ADMIN for listening and believing in my unorthodox theories that turned out to be right and we knew they would be right years ago.

  17. The results are modest, but great news regardless. Just like with AA, the results aren’t for 100% of people, which is unfortunate. Also, the modest growth wouldn’t be considered a cure for most.

    As for the positive:
    1. Jak inhibitors grow hair for AGA!!
    2. the dosing and delivery has not yet been perfected, so expect results to get far better
    3. this can no doubt be combined with minoxidil, finasteride, and any other new treatment for an amazingly effective cocktail, particularly for someone just starting to lose hair!

    Very great news indeed!

  18. AJ thanks for calling me dumb. I appreciate it. We will see who is dumb when this never makes the market. Yeah I said that it won’t grow hair and it barely did. Wow! He grew 5 new hairs lol. I don’t care what dosage they used. It won’t make more of a difference tbh. The higher the concentration the higher risk of immune altering side effects which include death. So you are telling me that you would put this on your head for life at a higher concentration? I can’t be the only one on here that feels this drug is dangerous as hell. All topical go systematic. Sunscreen goes systemstic. Anyways I’m dumb so I don’t know what I am taking about. You are probably part of the rivertown hype train lol, getting all ecstatic with 3 new hairs grown on an old man.

    This is 2019! Results like this were obtained in 1985 with rogaine. We should have treatments growing back Norwoods of dense hair regrowth that show dramatic difference.

    1. I wish some of the guys who say it will definitely make it to market and the other’s who say it definitely won’t could give me some stock tips, at least I’d win 50% of the time!

      1. Haha haha Yoda best comment on here :) I say don’t invest in aclaris…money in my boy cots? Puretech and maybe take a gamble with replicel. I may buy some stock in that soon

    2. Jeez man, you really are a pessimist here… First of all we have positive results. Secondly it is the first decent picture comparison ever taken, where the others cant get a bloody lamp right. No it wont regrow a full head of hair, but on the other hand, maybe nothing ever will. Scepticism is all good and healthy, but these are results and it may get much better or not better at all. You take what you get and celebrate small steps.

    1. I used 82M (82F wasn’t out yet). It was after Dr. Lee went out of business so nothing after was that great. To me 82M was overpriced and not effective. It’s only 5% minoxidil, I need higher octane. If you search the web you can find better alternatives.

        1. I have never used topical fin on it’s own, just as an additive for many years in my compounded minox concoctions. I believe in throwing everything you can at this, however I speak for myself. It depends on your situation, level of hairloss, genetics, etc. I’m also on oral Dut and topical RU…and yes, my old junk still works fine! :-)

    1. That Guy, What about after they perfect dosage and delivery? What about Minoxidil PLUS this? Mind blown.

  19. Dosage vs safety is the key ! Remember that Ibuprofen 50mg wasn’t so effective either …then came 200, 400 & 800mg !!!

  20. Actually, after reading the link to the presentation I’m more confident than before. The dosage was very low (0.46%) so I can only imagine how much better a stronger dosage would perform (perhaps coupled with an even more precise/sophisticated delivery system). Interesting that the male subjects saw the largest increase in hair growth at 8 weeks which gradually teetered off while the females saw a gradual climb. Looking at the photo samples provided I think the male results look more dramatic than the female ones (I can’t see much of a difference in the women except maybe darker-looking hair roots). I wish we could see more patient photo results!

  21. Aclaris was true to their word they said results with photos would be released by early summer and they were.

    I honestly think we will see a dramatic improvement with higher dosage but again we will need to wait for the next trials to occur. But my guess is we will probably have the next results by late summer of next year and that would be great.

    Its here now and hopefully the results only get better. We have a lot to look forward to at the conclusion of a higher dose study. My guess is Hairloss will soon be over.

  22. I think the results were very Dramatic. No peach fuzz. It is hair exactly like that is surrounding it. Up the dosage and I think you get the 100% hair back. Amazing.

    I know what my future is and it is with much, much more hair.

  23. ADMIN this is a Groundbreaking Day. Thank You for giving us hope and for taking us to this day otherwise a few may not have made it.

    Its now just watching for hopefully better results with higher dosage in any new trials. Real Hair with clear photos are an amazing sight more to come in the near future.

  24. From Aclaris website:

    Next Steps:

    The 12-month results from this trial are expected by year end 2019.
    Through recent formulation work, Aclaris can achieve significantly higher topical concentrations of ATI-502.
    As such, Aclaris believes the next step is initiating a double-blind, randomized, controlled Phase 2 dose-ranging clinical trial with higher concentrations of ATI-502, with potentially a female focus, in the first half of 2020.

    1. Aclaris said something very bad for us “…a female focus” which means they don’t believe in the mpb target :-(

  25. I would be nice of they could release the low dosage product NOW and as further trials occur later release higher dosage product.

  26. There’s some reason for some guarded optimism here, but more than anything, it’s just great to see nasa_rs happy!

  27. God. Now That is what I call anticlimactic.

    That is not a cure gentlemen. Maybe multiplied by 100 maybe.

    you have to zoom in and use your imagination 26 m months? Mice responded way faster

    Jak is over in my book.

  28. This is nothing to write home about. 5.6 hairs per cm2 is not worth the trade off for the side effects that come with using jak inhibitors. Breezula trials came in at 14.3 per cm2 and the side effects are nearly nothing. Just another case of all hype no help. After the AA trials people were expecting this to be a true help but after all the waiting and bs talk these are not the results people were expecting, i dont care what any of you say. This is a bust. While i dont see this producing more the 10-15 hairs per cm2, Even if it could actually produce decent results, you just cant increase dosage to a point where you would have significant results without significant side effects. Theres a limit to how much jak inhibitors can be used without INSANELY BAD side effects. Look up Xeljanz as an example. Never heard anyone dying for anti-androgens like cb-03-01, ru, or propecia. This is definitely not a viable treatment.

  29. If they increase dosage safely with results good. But yeah these pictures aren’t going to make nightly news.

    Mjones if that is what 8 hairs cm2 looks like we better how follica is at least 100 terminal.

    Otherwise it’s tsuji or NOTHING.

    1. Tsuji or nothing?
      Replicel showed better results than this Aclaris project in their phase 1. Thanks to Shiseido, they are soon due to release phase 2 results, which presumably are going to be a bit better.

  30. The darker background and the different angle are obvious in some after-photos. Unfortunately, not the photos we were waiting for ☹

    1. Hopeless girl. Agreed on the after photos being darker in background and shady as usual (in more ways than one). Sketchy photos always just suck!

      That said, have faith in the very positive results for women. This will improve with dosage and can be combined with othet treatments :-)

    2. Some of the photos are terrible indeed. It does suggest an attempt to make the results look better. This type of thing really undermines trust in the research.

  31. 5 Haris per square centimeter, it means 100 hairs in your entire head (20 square cm). With the best scenario (double dosage) can be 200 hairs. You can get 3000 hairs with only one hairs transplantation already today.
    Come on guys, be realistic.

    1. Human scalp area is much more than 20 square cm. And multiply that by 5.6. Hopefully more with higher dose.

  32. Better results needed, absolutely Yes. But are these groundbreaking photos absolutely YES.

    These are just 6 month trial photos on low dose. By the end of the year we get the 1 year results. And in early 2020 they start High Dose trials.

    It will only get better, much better but I definitely would use the product if it were available today and over time get all my hair back but a higher dose will hopefully get it back faster.

    1. These results are like the top 1% of finasteride results. If these results are their average, and they continue to improve over the next 6 months, then I don’t see why there isn’t a call for celebration.

      1. 5 years? It’s a year or two away! (If you’re looking at therapies) Shiseido could possibly even release by the end of 2019. Probably will be 2020 but could happen. And Tsuji – the for sure cure – will be available in 2021, if trials don’t start this year. Again, these are best case scenarios but with the progress and checkpoints they’ve hit so far it’s lookinh like the reality.

  33. I’ll be the first to say it. Admin, please note this post….

    Aclaris will provide the cure (unless another JAK competitor jumps in the ring). They’ll work on the dosing. The respondents above will continue to have their hair grow in over the next 12 months.

    Really, the only question is can you keep it without having to stay on their pill for eternity. Or, if you can’t, can you safely stay on the pill for eternity.

    1. omg — Its not a pill. Its topical.

      Also, please try to combine some of your shorter comments into one comment.

  34. Same marketing trick as always. The after photos have darker lightening than the baseline ones..
    I truly could see no real improvement as huge as titled.

  35. My Sceptical Look at Tsuji:

    On July 12, 2016, The Riken press release stated: “The companies aim to put the technologies into *practical use* in 2020 – The Riken Integrated Innovation building will serve as a base for this joint *research*.”

    On July 13, Asian Review wrote: “The trio aims to begin human clinical studies by 2020.” Forbes magazine wrote: “The companies are targeting 2020 for *commercialization*.” Admin wrote: “MAJOR DEVELOPMENT — KYOCERA BRANCHES OUT FROM ELECTRONICS INTO HAIR REGENERATION (*2020 PRODUCT RELEASE*)” and “RIKEN/Dr. Takashi Tsuji, Kyocera and Organ Technologies have formed a partnership that aims to *commercially release a product in 2020*”.

    —It seems *Treatment* became *Product* and *Research* became *Commercial Release*.

    To muddy things further, Kyocera (The company that would multiply the cells) was quoted as saying they would launch a business in 2020 acting as a contract manufacturer for medical institutions. A related quote said: “we aim to put the technologies into practical use and make medical treatment available in 2020.” Of course, Kyocera’s business is necessary for the Clinical Testing and will long precede the actual market release. The preclinical statement listed these problems still to resolve: quality control method, optimizing of human stem cell amplification method, development of quality control system, stabilization of the manufacturing, establishment of packaging and transportation method, designing and operation of sterile manufacturing equipment, etc.

    In June 2018, Organ technologies announced the preclinical trial —2020 was NOT mentioned in their schedule! Yet Asahi Shimbun (Japan News) wrote: “From July, the research team plans to transplant the hair follicle cells to the backs of mice in order to confirm the safety of the technology. […] If no problems emerge, clinical trials could get under way in 2019. This raises the prospect of a commercial cure becoming available in 2020.” Admin following the article wrote: “We have already known for several years that this RIKEN/Tsuji team aims to release their treatment in 2020.” Although the original quote was: “The companies aim to put the technologies into practical use in 2020″.

    It’s been a full year since they announced their ‘Pre-Clinical safety test (Mice) as a preliminary stage towards clinical research in hair follicle regeneration.’

    They planned to finish in 2018 if the safety tests were successful and announce the details of the clinical research before the initiation of the research [sic]. So far, they have made no such announcement.

    They’ve not advanced to their ‘Clinical Trial for Male AGA patients” which was to follow the safety tests and the approval from the Certified Committee for Regenerative Medicine.

    TLDR: Mistranslations & No News is Bad News.

    1. Let’s be realistic. Only 2/3 treatments will be available in 2021 :
      1) Samumed (phase 3 ends june 2020)
      2) Breezula (6 months phase 3 begins by the end of this year)
      3) Histogen (phase 3 ends around june 2020)

      Those 2 or 3 combined should be able to regain one or two full Norwood until more options (JAK, replicel, follicum,….) are available during the next decade.

      1. Breezula could feasibly be available in by the end of 2020

        Remember the drug has already cleared by the FDA (as Winlevi).

          1. The Winlevi version is meant for skin acne, the concentration is different from what I understand. I don’t know if you can get it now or not but I’m not sure it’d be worth it since it isn’t meant for AGA.

    2. The 2020 timeline was too optimistic, and I’ve said it multiple times: such timelines are almost never met.
      Still, Tsuji, aka hair multiplication, is the only real cure for baldness, until we can safely alter genetically our hf stem cells.
      Within the next couple of months I anticipate that their preclinical test results will be published, hopefully with human hairs on poor rodents.

  36. Tsuji follica shiseido …that’s it for 2020.

    If aclaris can go 100% full regrowth like the mice ok. But this isn’t what we got excited about. Even if the do it’ll be 2024 and cloning will be out way before then.

    1. Egghead – I think JAK (already on the market for 10 years) will be the ONLY choice a few years out. Its nice that we have Multiple solutions to look for in the near term but I just thin Tszui is all talk and thus far not much action. At least we will have JAK as a proven treatment once they up the dosage and provide new photos next year.

      1. You are getting a bit desperate now. Low dose or higher dose it’s not the answer to anyone’s prayers. Think it’s time for you to bite the hair transplant bullet because JAK inhibitors are clearly not the answer. It’s just another rogaine. Face the reality and embrace your baldness

        1. The reality is that this was a groundbreaking breathrough. That a LOW did more than rogaine has ever done and in only six months.

          The results are only going to get better. JAK is saving the day.

          1. Stop dude, You are completely grasping at straws with this JAK fanboy nonsense. The results are minuscule. You would be better using caffeine shampoo or rogaine. JAK is not, nor will it ever be the answer to your prayers, it’s practically a snake oil. Realistically the idea that a cream that you can just rub on your head to grow a full head of hair back is in the realms of fantasy, honestly and with the greatest of respect to you I think it’s time to just accept that you are balding and balding is part of the aging process and bar a hair transplant or cell cloning emerges as a safe alternative, these are the genetic cards you have been dealt. There’s more to life than waiting on a ‘cure’ for something that is usually just a natural progression. I wouldn’t be getting my hopes up that JAK inhibitors are going to change it. Sorry to disappoint you but Cloning is the only show in town at this stage.

            1. Afraid so Nasa, rollo dropping knowledge for the most part..Those JAK results are pitiful, most decent minox responders get similar results in 6 months too.

              They also kept barking on about JAK on ppl slick bald, that picture is hardly a slick bald 55 yr old

              Its 2022 for Samumed, Breezula and Follicum, which will be game changers for anyone NW3 or less

          2. I can’t believe people are trying to say that fin and minox CONSISTENTLY can match what we saw in this study. Fact is, you would be in the 10% if you got min/fin results like this. Most people just shed and never grow anything but tits.

            I suspect these hairs keep growing in over the next 12 months. Maybe the results will be even better with a stronger formulation. This is absolutely great news.

            It’s sad to see how low IQ most people are.

    2. @Egghead But if that’s all we need then why all the fuss, everyone? I understand that not everyone is in the market for something triple the cost of a HT but a few years down the line the price will drop and availability will expand.

  37. Why does the non valuse hair increases to a peak in the middle of study than starts to decrease. Especially for men.
    For woman it increases than almost platue.
    Correct me if I read it wrong.

    1. The fact that jak lost its effectiveness in vellous hair growth is troublesome. Shows its not a long term treatment. The body probably counteracts to the drug after a few months.

      I agree with egghead, for follica and sisheido being our next new treatments in 2020. I’m going to add samumed for 2021. Tsuji will not be availabile that early. It’s impossible. They still haven’t tested it with humans. Did a rat trial last year and everyone expects this to rush through trials by 2020 lol. This is hair cloning tech which hasn’t been successfully done before. I see them starting clinical trials in 2020 with people. When riken says clinical treatment availability in 2020 I think they are referring to patients recruiting to their human phase 1 trial not actual real patient paying xx amount and getting it done like going to Bosley lol. I am going to say 2027 to 2030 before riken comes out fully commercially available. They haven’t even restore a human scalp with full regrowth. Which is what this treatment goal is.

      1. Interesting outlook, Mjones but I don’t think it’ll be that long before real cloning is available. Maybe in the US and UK but certainly not in Japan. Plus, Tsuji’s been ok track year to year. Just because they haven’t made an announcement doesn’t mean there’s nothing to announce. Anyway, I think it’s better to focus on the data that we have no and will have shortly – like Aclaris and soon Shiseido.

      2. Hairclone and terskikh are ready to go today but no money. The Cure is already real proven theoretically and practically solid. Cloning isn’t a pipe dream is already here. But human testing laws and funding hooks it back.

        Tsuji also already proved it which is why the Japanese government is financially involved in our debate. You can review .gov Japanese updates yourself.

        Yeah 2020 is soon yeah haven’t seen human trial updates good point. But if money and law is holding the western world back of which 2 obstacles don’t exist in tsuji situation then…. My estimation seems closer to 2020.

        I’m taking tsujis word for the only difference is he is a scientist not a Lee Buckler thorn medical histogen sales rep. He’s a fully government funded Japanese cell biologist so Yeah I have favourable bias.

        And Nasa those pictures are as ground breaking as kelopesia or ketastem… I’m at the n4 stage now diffuse thinning those pictures don’t move me.

        1. @Egghead That’s history for you. The time in which we live still favors pills and creams to procedures that actually fix something. In the coming years they’ll probably become mainstream in the west but they’re not at he moment.

          Also, egghead, what’s your take on Fukuda? Have you heard about this guy? Seems like he worked along side tsuji in the past. Also backed by RIKEN supposedly. Recently came out with a new study posted by commenter “Ben”. Have a look and share your thoughts plz.

  38. Has anyone heard of the new treatment called Regenera Activa? It’s supposed to be similar but superior to PRP.
    I don’t think it was discussed on this blog.

  39. Tszui is pretty much clueless. Anyone who claims a commercial cure for baldness will be released in 2020 when they haven’t even started human trials by the 2nd half of 2019 is off his rocker. I hate to break the news to the hype machine around here, but that’s just not how things work in the real world of scientific research. IMO, Tszui comes off as being scientifically ignorant and downright irresponsible.

    1. It wasn’t Tsuji who set the timeline.
      Tsuji is first and foremost a scientist.
      And most of his and his colleagues’ work has been published in the elite journals of Biomedicine.
      The trio, Riken-Organ Technologies-Kyocera, set the timeline.
      And I kept telling ya right from the start that it will most probably not be met.
      (People attacked me for that, I attacked them back, but somehow it was me who got banned…
      Thank you, Admin!)
      The fact that they conducted a preclinical study is actually very positive news.
      The only bad news is just that the technology is not coming out in 2020.
      Yes, postponements suck, but they are actually the norm in da biz.
      What would be worse is that the technology fail, and we know nothing about that.
      Hopefully, it won’t!

      1. Tsuji is nowhere close to releasing a cure. Even Dr. Gho is ahead of him, and Gho’s treatment is nothing more than a pipe dream. If his technology actually worked, the regenerated hairs would not emerge from the scalp with clipped ends.

      2. @Hate da bs Agreed. Delays and all that are very common. RIKEN did put out a statement last year in the middle of July though. They’ll probably do something similar this year. And they’re probably not going to delay anything by more than a couple years because as you said it’s a business. Personally, I’m still pretty confident that Tsuji will be out in 2021, if they start trials next year or by the end of this year. Let’s just not worry about them until they make another announcement.

        1. 2021 is also quite optimistic, imo.
          2025 looks more realistic and from 2030 onwards I anticipate that the world will be going through several biomedical breakthroughs.

          1. Maybe for the rest of the world, but probably not Japan. At least Shiseido will be out much sooner.

            And yeah, by then – middle or end of the decade – genetic editing would’ve picked up. I don’t know if anyone on here heard but pres. Trump announced that cancer and agin will be cured sometime in the coming decade. A bit ambitious but it means that industry is already picking up. And if they can keep our telomeres spinning surely they can give people their hair back. But they can also turn you into a monkey.

            Anyway, back to hair. Let’s wait till they announce something. Shouldn’t be long before they do so – likely in mid July.

            1. RCH-01 will not be what most laymen hope it be.
              It’d still be progress, if it gets released, but it’s not gonna be the answer most balding and bald guys hope for.

              I doubt cancer will be cured within the next fifteen years , but many genetic diseases, like cystic fibrosis and sickle-cell anemia, will most probably be.
              Tissue regeneration is what I’m most excited for, and Tsuji’s deed, if successful, will open the gates to a new world, along with IPSC technology.

  40. At this point Tsuji is nothing more than pure hype. Check back in 2025. It’s possible that his technology works, but it will take at least until then to figure it out.

  41. A real cure for AGA will be achieved witht he help of CRISPR, to edit your follicles so that they are immuned to DHT, that they don’t suffer from inflammation, etc…. Every developping treatments discussed on this blog will just stop hair loss and in the best responders grow back one or two full Norwood. In 2029 we will have like 10 options other than Min/Fin without side-effects and with similar results. CRISPR won’t be ready before the 2030s for the real cure.

  42. This is a bit off-topic, but does anyone have any recommendations when it comes to concealers?

    Also, as a diffuse thinner, I’m contemplating SMP to give the illusion of density / hide scalp. Thoughts?

    If I went with SMP, would this have any negative consequences with a future transplant if I decided to go down that route?

  43. Something strange has happened to me. I have stopped losing hair. I can’t even pull it out.
    I have been posting on here for years
    I changed shampoos.. And vitamin type. Still using the same fin and minoxidil..
    If this stuff can regrow my temples I will have no sign of hairless at all.. I am excited

  44. Quentin you need send me that stuff you are using buddy. Glad it’s working for you. Your success reminds me of me when I started using Propecia. First three weeks on it my hair loss completely stopped and I got some mile regrowth. Lasted 14 years. Best years. I need something like that again to last me another 14. I hate asking you again but what is in your compound minox? Which vitamin you taking? Which shampoo? If I can fill in my density by 30% I will be happy with that.

    1. What country are you in? Not all compounded minoxidil has worked the same for me. Even if it has the exact same ingredients. My current minoxidil is 7.5% with 0.01% tretinoin.. The shampoo I am using normalises over active sebaceous glands (which I think could be my original problem) it is made by the same pharmacy that makes my minoxidil. And as far as the vitamins I would need to send you a photo of the ingredients list. It’s done wonders for my facial skin too.
      The man who makes all of this for me is based in Melbourne, Australia.
      I am in Sydney and have it sent via post. I’m not sure if he will post overseas but you could try. Its not cheap but depends how much you want to help your hair..

      The shampoo is called activance normalising shampoo, in an orange bottle.

        1. Maybe you should stop questioning people’s IQs on here because they don’t agree with you. Who said anything about fin or midox consistently working? There pretty rubbish also. Much the same as this JAK is. The issue of using stronger levels of JAK inhibitors is akin to using stronger levels of other anti hair loss agents on the market. It’s not as simple as you wish it was.
          Stop wishing that some snake oil potion is going to give you your hair back, it won’t. You’re bald because of your genetic make up. Accept it and move on with your life. That or get a HT or wait until they can safely clone hair. Coming on here wishing for some potion to defy the natural anti aging process is stupid. You really should look at yourself first before calling other people stupid. Male pattern baldness is a natural part of life, AA is a disease. You cure diseases you don’t ‘cure’ MPB. JAK inhibitors will work the same as fin or midox. Like them JAK inhibitors are not a ‘cure’

  45. I think PureTech increasing its share of ownership of Follica, and at such at late stage, means they think they have something.

    Hopefully phase 3 will be another 3 month trial!

    1. I agree. It does prompt the question of who sold and why but maybe Puretech has always had the option to buy additional shares. Either way, I don’t think there is a much better positive indicator.

  46. I remember back in 2001 dr. Christiano said that hair cloning would be available in 2010 and that gene therapy for hairloss available in 2020. Well now we have treatments like jak that can produce hair growth like rogaine did in 1985 lol. For all young newbies on here my advice is to hop on fin and min ASAP and save what you have or slow it down. Quentin is a pure example of a smart hair loss sufferer. Realistic, ambitious and taking action. I only have faith in follica/puretech for good regrowth and maintenance.

  47. I get sides from minoxidil and fin. I’ve just been doing Nizoral, sandalore, peppermint essential oil, rosemary essential oil, and dermarolling and haven’t had any additional loss thankfully. Hang in there everyone.

    1. What dosage of Topical Finasteride would y’all recommend? I hear 1 mg and 0.2 mg produce pretty similar results orally but what about topically?

      I know the people who at interested in cell therapies won’t be using fin or minox or whatever for much longer but just want something until then.


  48. Anyone know whether Polichems topical finasteride stopped sides? I would have thought reducing the concentration and applying to certain areas topically would have changed the sides.

    1. @Ben I’m confused. I read the study – is this a good thing or not? Is there anything novel / groundbreaking in it? Thanks

      1. Well, I am really not an expert. But it seems that Fukuda found a surprisingly „easy“ solution and highly effective and fast way for mass production, which was the major problem for Tsuji. I also thought that Fukudas first study from last year was highly overlooked – this one even surpasses it. Fukuda stated that he is alredy in collaborations with companies to bring this technique to market.

        I am unsure about the connection between Tsuji and Fukuda, they obviously worked together in the past. But Fukuda seems to pursue his own project. In my opinion they should collaborate – because that‘s the solution.

        What’s funny is that Fukuda‘s (and Tsujis) approach is a no limits cure, (and no maintenance) with apparently no side effects. And it’s closer than any of the highly anticipated maintenance treatments, like Aclaris, Samumed, Cassiopeia.

        I think there‘s better people on here to explain the science of Fukuda, starting with Admin (thanks for your fantastic work btw!).

        1. @Ben Interesting. Is Fukuda also backed by RIKEN? Seems so. And what’s Fukuda’s history like? Does he too shoot to launch in the next year or two? Or is he on a different schedule? Do you know when he last gave us an update? Thanks

        2. Fukuda uses murine embryonic stem cells (along with adult human), so he is quite a bit behind Tsuji, as the latter uses adult human stem cells only.
          What’s interesting about Fukuda’s deed is the technology he has developed for the proliferation of the hair follicle germs.
          I’m no optimist, but I believe (not hope!) that hair multiplication is not a matter of if but of when.
          Is it 5, 10 years before we get there?
          I hope for the former, but my gut tells me it’ll be the latter.

          1. You seem like a man of reason. Thanks for your short explanation. In my opinion Fukuda‘s research is a big step forward – the differences between murine und human stem cells are known to be minimal upon manipulation.

            I am too very convinced that cloning will happen. The Japanese are too deep into the whole thing, and hair is just the beginning. I suppose the hair is meant to finance all the other R&D.

            Still a lot of questions open, like who is gonna perform the procedure? They will need thousands of surgeons, and educate them.

            I do not see it 10 years away, Kyocera and Organ Tech want to make money asap. But for us Average Joes, 5 years should be realistic. No clue about the costs for the procedure though. I would say at least like a good hair transplant.

            1. I recently did some research on RIKEN. They’re a big player. They’ve got particle accelerators, environmental facilities and much more. Biotechnology is just a small part of what they do and if you look at their other projects and partnerships almost everything is on time. I think that if people read up a little bit more on RIKEN or just watch their YouTube videos – they would be a lot more confident in their delivery. They said 2020. Why would they lie? Ten years is unreadable. 5 years is stretching it. If they wanted to release cloning in 5 or 10 years then they would’ve said so. Also, I think the completed their 2018 animal trails successfully. (Credit to Ben for the post) All they need is a trial with people now. I think people are just getting really riled up about them because they haven’t released a lot of information.

              1. @Ben
                Fukuda is behind not because he uses murine stem cells, but because he uses embryonic stem cells, which can be amplified more easily than adult human stem cells.
                I wish scientific progress worked like you think it does, but it does NOT.
                2025 is the most optimistic timeline for a realist.
                For non-realists, the cure should have cropped up thousands of years ago!
                Nonetheless, we are just speculating. What we do know is that the human trial has been postponed. That’s a fact!

                  1. @Ben People think that because they didn’t make a statement in March about human trials means that they’re going through with them. Around mid July last year they made a press release. They’ll probably do the same this year.

                  2. One of their latest announcements clearly stated the human trial is to commence in 2020.
                    Even if they start in September and everything goes smoothly, it won’t come out before 2021.
                    It’s called Logistics.

  49. Guys and girls, in my opinion there have been at least a handful of discovered safe effective treatments for growing hair. Think about the number of studies that have been posted by members on this site alone where the author or publisher stated that the topical product grew moderate amount of hair and had no toxicity or change in hormonal profile. Just think about it for a second…and then nothing ever happens with the discovery. It goes no where. It gets shelved for no freaking reason. I personally feel this comes down to the almighty dollar. If the companies know that multiple other companies can replicate the treatment then their profits would be low, so no point in them pursuing. Some may call this a conspiracy theory, but I really believe this to be true.

    1. Hey Tom Jones I mentioned this when I first joined this site and everyone said I was a bipolar looney haha. It’s good to know someone else on here understands my thinking. It’s not a conspiracy theory it’s the truth. The dollar controls everything! That’s why I believe there will never release a full regrowth cure. Only treatments that get better and better throughout the decades. Science can grow ears on mice, skin, brains etc but a follicle is the biggest hurdle? I just can’t believe it to be the case. Anywho, I promised everyone I wouldn’t bring up my conspiracy theories on this forum. I just wanted to chime in since you mentioned it :)

      1. Actually, I read of some small study that concluded this one drug grew hair for Auto Immune people and only in high doses it grew for normal pattern hair loss and this was in the late 1980’s or early 1990’s if memory served correctly. But I think they never did follow up since people only get funding to do certain things and that’s it. They are not out looking for hair loss cure just doing whatever type of research they were got funding to do.

        It just took another 20-30 years for a Greedy company to finally give things a try. By greedy I mean a company that actually IS trying to grow hair in order to sell it.

    2. The reason it gets shelved is because the discovery turns out to be useless. Suspicious still images, in the rare cases where images are actually put forward, making you question if the before and after photo are even the same person. There is no Illuminati at work here; they just don’t have the cure.

  50. John doe just gave another example…and how about valproic acid? Studies show it works. Why aren’t companies commercializing it? Yes I know follica MAY use it. What about others as follica has and always will be in slow mode. I know a few people on hair forums have tried it without success however they are not professionals and probably are not mixing correctly…again, this is just one example.

  51. I understand safety first. I understand the dosage was 0.46? If they whipped that up to minoxidil concentration level. I see full regrowth. Depends if they’ll do that or waste more time with weak dosages. They need to go all in. But fantastic news, I called jaks being a winner in the right direction. Same as nasa.

  52. Anyone got any knowledge or experience with natural finasteride alternatives? Like Ecklonia cava, Saw Palmetto, rosemary oil?

    Does anyone have a list of these? Some of these have proven research behind them, so im not quite sure why they arent in a shampoo yet.

    1. @D1 I use saw palmetto with minoxidil, in my shampoo, and as a supplement. Not sure it’s doing anything (but I have REALLY bad genetics – only eighteen and already lost a good amount) but I think it helps slow it down a little bit. My products:

      Lipogaine topical – minoxidil, saw palmetto, biotin, and a few others.

      Lipogaine shampoo for men – big 5 or big 3.

      Nutrafol – supplement with saw palmetto

      As far as ecklonia cava idk.

      Saw palmetto probably doesn’t compare with fin as it’s not a drug but it does do something (if you’re not a teen like me). Personally, I’m going to dump all these meds when cell therapies come out.

  53. This First Trial was just Proof of Concept. A higher dose should mean MORE Hair, and we should know by then end of 2020 the results of the higher concentration trial. And Aclaris has always been True to their word.

    This is Great News but its ONLY the (re-)Beginning for us.

    Yippeee. Once I get JAK applied I am going to grow shoulder length hair.

  54. I am still just Amazed that we finally have (at least for now a partial treatment) proof that hair can regrow on male pattern hair loss. The peach fuzz of minoxidil does not count to me, sorry.

    All the people who said once hair “died” it would never grow again or other scientists who stated hair could not regrow do to the disconnect of muscle pillar. All just proven Wrong. Amazing how many misconceptions we had to overcome over the years. We are now here to the point where it Will regrow, we just need more growth and I feel confident we will get more hair growth.

  55. Minoxidil also can regrow hair. I don t say that Aclaris didn t grow hair, it did but tbh I m not impressed by results. Also higher dosage doesn t always mean more hair, if it was the case it would also apply to Minoxidil. Another thing is even if you increase the dosage, is it safe?

    I think you might play a dangerous game by increasing much the dosage. Also this is another maintenance drug, just like minoxidil, nothing new, in 2019 they come with just another maintenance drug not a permanent solution and which also doesn t record really great results. Yes that dosage was low but let s see how much they can increase before side effects pop up.
    If it was a head full of hair I would admit it as a progress but what I saw it s just a better version of Minoxidil nothing wow. Those persons had some hair already, if it was someone much more bald those results won t even matter.

    I don t expect a head full of hair once they increase the dosage a bit.Let s be realistic how much more hair can you gain if you increase a bit? Let s not get drunk with cold water tho. In 1988 we had Rogaine FDA approved and in 2019 we just got MAYBE a better version. I don t see the hype.

    1. Agreed. Whereas the amounts used would appear to be small, the effects are absolutely minimal. The idea of applying a higher concentration would increase the amount of new hair is pure hypothetical and indeed a bit naive. It’s early days in relation to JAK research but I’d say decades before it’s any better that the current methods that have been on the market the last 30 to 40 years. I’d love to be wrong though

      1. @Rollo birkin That’s the sad truth about topicals and orals. There’s only so far you can go without side effects. And people aren’t interested in hair transplants because they either don’t have enough hair or know it’s slowly gonna fall out anyway. And even if a HT is in the cards for someone the procedure is lengthy and expensive. I think the upcoming “cures” will be a similar story. They’ll just fix your balding problem and make your wallet go bald!

  56. Invitrohair have just tweeted something interesting.
    It appears as though they have harvested their first grafts from a patient to clone and transplant. At least thats what the tweet seems to imply.
    Admin, is there a way on getting some clarity of Invitrohairs developments?

    1. Way too recent a company for me to take seriously at this point in my life. Will wait till they say they finished Phase I trials with great results in humans.

  57. I don’t see how this can’t be positive news? There’s clearly an increase in hair and what’s interesting based on the pictures is that, while obviously not major growth, there seams to be equal growth to the front and temple areas which along with an overall thickening of the hair globally on the head. Hoping a stronger formula creates stronger results and the treatment works exponentially over time, so the longer you use it the more hair you get back. Maybe the product simply takes time to get hair back? Maybe if you used it for 2 years you’d have full coverage…

      1. Some people will always find a pile of crap under the pony! Then you have nasa_rs who can find a pony if it’s buried in crap or even if it doesn’t exist. Gotta love his enthusiasm!

  58. It grew hair no doubt but not enough as we all hoped for. So most of us, including myself find it discouraging. We were all looking for that magic bullet that resulted from jak aclaris areata trial. If we saw those results I would be jumping up and down. We should be at a stage in mpb research after all these years where they can produce dramatic results like that not Rogaine results. It’s just a repeated cycle of weak treatment and repetitive results.

    1. You liar. You already said you thought it would grow 0 hair for AGA. Now it grows clearly visible hair in photos at low dosage, and you lie and say you hoped for full head of hair lolol

      Most people never expected JAK to give as great results as for Areata. You lie again “we all” my ass.

      Admin ban this bozo.

    1. It’s the same people, friend.
      We’ve discussed about both.
      Kudos for being engaged, though.
      That’s the spirit!

  59. It took chrisriano literally 19 years to grow a hair follicle in a dish that grows hair strands. Excellent step forward but we are a very long way away from her unlimited hair farm for hair a transplant use. I would say after trials, clinics learning the technologies prob another 20 years for true hair cloning to be offered at your local bosely hair transplant location. Still a great step forward. This accomplishment is the true cure to mpb. This will be good for those who are born today.

  60. This so disappointing that Aclaris comes out with a product just as effective as minoxidil !!
    We are in 2019, soon in 2020 ! From Follica to Aclaris finally nothing will hit the market with existing products. that’s so bad.

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