The Hairy Pill and Dr. Rodney Sinclair

Hair Loss Combination Hairy Pill
One hair loss combination pill to rule them all.

My popular post on oral Minoxidil for hair loss is updated regularly and I even use that medication for my own hair loss. One of the main proponents of low-dose oral Minoxidil (LDOM) is Dr. Rodney Sinclair of Australia. He is a world renowned dermatologist and hair loss specialist. In 2019, he released a product called “The Hairy Pill” that contains LDOM, Finasteride or Dutasteride, vitamins and amino acids.

I originally wrote this post in 2020, and have added some new updates throughout.

  • A great Hairy Pill testimonial from 2023 on Reddit that shows excellent before and after 6-month results. The crown hair regrowth on this 31-year old male is exceptional.
  • A local Australian news story from 2023 with before and after photos from a guy who had Norwood 7 hair loss. He recovered most of his hair other than part of the frontal hairline.

The Hairy Pill®

In 2019, a company associated with Dr. Sinclair released something called The Hairy Pill (registered trademark). While the company website does not seem to mention oral Minoxidil,  the pill does contain Minoxidil as the key ingredient. Some online discussions suggest it also contains Finasteride, but I am not as yet certain. Update: Now verified per company response at the bottom of this post.

The Hairy Pill results page has many before and after photos, of both men and women. Also make sure to visit their Instagram page and their Facebook page.

The reason I decided to write about this pill today is due to the following Australian video that was just released:


  • So far, the Google reviews and ratings for The Hairy Pill are a perfect 5/5 stars. Even after accounting for fake reviews, it is rare to see Google reviews averaging 5 stars. I am sure this rating will decline going forward. Update: I no longer see the below on Google.
The Hairy Pill Reviews
The Hairy Pill Google Reviews.

The Hairy Pill Cost and Side Effects

The monthly cost of 30 Hairy Pill capsules tablets is AU $75 for both males and females. You supposedly get personalized dosing and doctor consultations every 3 months, 6 months, 12 months and beyond. Sounds very professional, even though I would prefer them declaring the ingredients with full transparency.

It does not seem like anyone is reporting serious side effects so far, based on all the customer reviews that I read. According to the company itself:

“The underlying technology of The Hairy Pill® has been clinically tested by Professor Sinclair and his team via his clinical research company Samson Clinical.”

Note that I do not get any kind of commission from this product, and have not tried it myself. I assume that “The Hairy Pill” is available for shipping worldwide, but need to get confirmation.

Update from the Manufacturer

The manufacturer sent me the following e-mail summarizing their product:

The Hairy Pill® for men is a pharmaceutical compound in one single pill, which you would take daily, containing:

  • A starting dose of Minoxidil (low if the patient has never had oral Minoxidil before or a converted dose if the patient is taking topical Minoxidil) to stimulate hair growth, reduce thinning/loss and increase and thicken your hair.
  • A starting dose of Finasteride (low if the patient has never had it before or matching if the patient is currently taking Finasteride); OR Dutasteride (depending on the patient and severity of hair loss) to stop your hair loss in its tracks.
  • A collection of vitamins to promote healthy hair. Your hair is alive, so the healthier you are, the better your hair will be.
  • A collection of elements for regenerative purposes. These elements assist in strengthening and improving your hair as it grows.
  • A collection of amino acids (proteins) to provide the building blocks for the above active ingredients. These proteins assist in the building of your hair follicles.

Please note that since the pill is compounded each time, the doctor can add or exclude ingredients as needed. Some patients choose to have both active ingredients in the pill (Finasteride OR Dutasteride + Minoxidil combination), and some choose to have the one active ingredient (Minoxidil). Either option provides an effective treatment.

The women’s version also includes Spironolactone.

45 thoughts on “The Hairy Pill and Dr. Rodney Sinclair”

  1. So seems RepliCell (and Shiseido) are soon starting pivotal Trials.

    “The Company’s NBDS technology is currently midway through review by the Japanese PMDA (Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency) intended to result in approval to proceed with pivotal clinical studies in Japan in tandem with Japanese strategic partners now being pursued.”

    “This same NBDS technology is the subject of a collaboration in Greater China with strategic licensing, co‐ development and commercialization partner, Y FOTO (China) Health Co. RepliCel’s hair regrowth technology was licensed in 2013 to Shiseido Company in Asia. This resulted in the 2016 launch of a clinical study of the product in Japan for androgenic alopecia which has recently successfully completed.”

  2. How long do the pivotal trials last. Is this another 3 stage process meaning it won’t come out for another 5 years.

    Just shoot me already

  3. Unless I’m much mistaken, oral minoxidil was found to cause lesions on patients’ hearts… not something that’s exactly safe.

    1. Depends on the dosage. Also, oral Minoxidil reduces blood pressure, which helps hearts. Best to consult a doctor before proceeding.

      1. It help if you have HIGH blood pressure , if not , it will give you low blood pressure, meaning, chances to faint.

  4. I’m curious if you can use oral minoxidil and a topical spray that also has 5% minoxidil as one of the ingredients and NOT experience side effects. Does anyone here have any experience using both at the same time?

    1. I tried oral minoxidil and used topical minoxidil for 3 months last fall. Oral was approx 1.25 mg/day split into 2 doses, 1/2 in the morning and 1/2 in the evening. The first 2 months weren’t too bad but by the 3rd month I started to get a lot of chest pain. I cut back to .625 mg oral once a day but the chest pain continued for the next 3 or 4 weeks. Finally gave up the oral and continued with just the topical and the chest pain went away after a few more weeks. I personally would not use oral minoxidil again.

  5. Hey Admin. I once was a patient of Sinclair Dermatology in Melbourne Australia about four years ago. My doctor there was very professional and caring. After an initial PSA and blood pressure test at the clinic itself, I remember being prescribed a combination of 1mg oral fin and 5mg min for minimal hair loss. I was told that it’s possible the oral min ‘might’ cause some unwanted face and body hair growth if I proceeded? I was also told some patients are either prescribed both medications together, or seperately at differing percentages. I decided to pass on the min at first, and just go on fin to start. At the time, the in-house compounding pharmacy prices worked out very cheap-aside from the ongoing appointments at roughly AUD$150 about three or four times a year. (Which is still pretty reasonable when t comes to keeping your hair I think). As I travel a lot, I didn’t want to be beholden to the clinic in case I ran out of pills overseas. My doc assured me they can prescribe max 90 day supplies if needed, but I was going to be away longer than that, so for convenience, I opted for brand Propecia-pill-cut at 0.5mg per day instead-which my doc there thought was a good idea. Unfortunately, I couldn’t tolerate fin so I eventually dropped it. I don’t know what the exact ingredients are in the new ‘Hairy Pill’, but I assume they would be very similar to what they have been prescribing patients for many years? From memory, I think a third ingredient was added, but I could be wrong? I remember they were looking for people for an oral min trial awhile back also. I agree, it seems strange they don’t declare the ingredients in the new pill, but I never felt the clinic to be dodgy by any means. In terms of the initial Sinclair Dermatology treatment, I can only go on results I’ve seen from a close friend of mine who is a patient of Sinclairs and been using their standard oral min/fin combo for years. For many years prior he had pretty slow diffuse hair loss, maybe to a NW 3.5? but on the meds it stopped. Eventually his hair gradually came back from fairly see through in bright sunlight/lights, etc (he reckons he was getting a u-hawk!) to what appears to be very little hair loss at all! He also has had no sides whatsoever. I’d say he’s now a NW 1.5-2? If you can tolerate oral fin, and want to try oral min and you do your research, then I’m sure a decent compounding pharmacy could do this combo with a prescription from the doc.

    1. Thanks for the very useful comment SummyKim! One of their reps replied to my intro email yesterday. I sent another email back with the ingredients question, and hope they reply.

  6. Hey Admin,

    On a side note, the HairStim IG page has become active with a few posts added over the past few months.
    Is that a product you would be interested in getting more info about especially considering that you had interviewed Dr. Bhanusali last year?

  7. The Hairy Pill® for men is a pharmaceutical compound in one pill, which you would take daily, containing:

    A low starting dose of Finasteride to stop further hair loss/thinning (active ingredient one)
    A low starting dose of Minoxidil to stimulate hair growth and increase and thicken your hair (active ingredient two)
    A collection of Vitamins, Amino Acids and Essential Elements (the other ingredients) to promote healthy hair and provide the building blocks for the above active ingredients.

  8. This pill sounds great, so I enquired if they would deal with customers in the UK. Unfortunately, they don’t do this. Yet.

    Paduk, how did you find out what the pill contains?

    I guess it’s obvious when you think about it, but it’s frustrating for me as I can’t start finasteride yet (trying for a baby).

    1. I messaged them on fb, got an automated reply but no response. Then I contacted them through their website. That was the response.

  9. The patent with ingredients is online. As a woman, wouldn’t take it because it’s mostly hormonal.

  10. Am I the only one who thinks it does not work?
    So many companies start hairloss business, how can we trust them?

  11. Read something about JAK inhibitors somewhere today. Have very limited knowledge about them. Any good news there?

  12. Hey friends Are you really sure that hairy pills contains minoxidil ? You know the dosage ? Personally i have aslo tried oral minox at 2.5mg dosage. It helped my hair to get thicker but after 2 months I felt some stomach pains..

  13. if there is any finasteride [propecia] in this potion at all…. it’s too much……..before you decide to use the pill 1…check whether there isc any finasteride in the mixture. 2…have a look at post finasteride syndrome……and then decide weather it is a reasonable choice

  14. This works (for me at least).
    Its been over 3 -4 months so far , although its not a particularly noticeable growth, once again so far.I can notice the difference …may have moved up 1 scale on their initial assessmaent chart (just). Overall the scalp seems healthier too. Will continue

  15. I tried the compounding pill from Sinclair dermatology 5 years ago but couldn’t tolerate it. My doctor started me on Angeliq for Hormone replacement therapy due to per menopause and my hair thickened within 6 months. I went off it as I was always thirsty but might go back on it again as hair is thinning again. Don’t like the sound of finasteride as it’s not a nice drug with serious side effects.

  16. It’s pure outright negligence and should be illegal to market a “pill” such as this without disclosing the ingredients. For them to provide the statement “for regulatory reasons we cannot disclose the ingredients” makes absolutely no sense to me and I’ve never seen that ever previously. If actually the opposite.

    1. It is correct that in australia an advert/information page for a product cannot list prescription only medications it may contain.

      If you look at 15 march 2020 in this thread the poster lists ingredients as finasteride, minoxidil (px only meds) and trace elements.

  17. I’m in my 60’s and applied to take the Hairy Pill a few months ago now.
    I filled out the forms as requested as honestly as I could.
    I don’t have any Thyroid glands which I’m on Thyroxine, I also have high blood pressure, also on meds for.
    I’ve gradually lost my hair over the years, so much so that when I go to get my hair done, my Hairdresser now charges me a discount.
    I hated having to spend time covering a bald scalp every day, its not only embarrassing but also exhausting.
    The only side effect I had was in week 2 when my hair, or what hair I had left, started to fall out, but I was told on my initial phone conversation with the Pharmacist, that this would happen.
    Week 3 and 4, the hair has stopped falling out and I can see a very fine regrowth happening where there was previously hair loss and my remaining hair has changed from dry straw like to soft and shiny.
    To be honest, I now love touching my hair.
    I intend on staying on the Hairy Pill until the end of 2022 just to see what further results there is to my regrowth.
    But thus far, I’ve been quite happy with it.

  18. If Google took the review down, it was likely fake.

    As far as website reviews, they hold no water. Companies never claim they’re showing all reviews so can’t get in trouble for showing 99% positive ones (weeding out the negative). I’ve submitted negative reviews of things (direct to website) looked 6 months later and, unsurprisingly, they’re not on the site. So the website reviews mean very (very) little.

    I’ve been taking oral min for a few months (after clearing it through my doc). Stopped most shedding (only very light shedding now), which is great but the only actual growth is stray strands here and there (so far anyway). I haven’t yet noticed a visual difference (obviously there’s a difference if I’m not shedding as much but I look the same is what I mean).

    Maybe the hairy pill (best name he could come up with? Sounds gimicky) has other cool things in it, like fin (like you mentioned). Honestly though, what could it have it in that would be a game changer?

  19. I see so many ads of a company in India named TRAYA which is a customised solution provider for the hair loss. I don’t know how effective it is but since there are so many reviews and ads going around and also there are some youtube videos also where their producers explain their process and mechanism, makes me on the edge to believe them. Do anyone have any information about it, specially the admin.

  20. hey admin long time no see,

    nice find on Kangstem! interesting to see what happens.
    As always I only respect cloning related companies, crazy to see you found one. with a stock price too!

    so that makes, OrganTech, Trichoseeds, Hairclone, Stemson, Kangstem huh? I wonder if there are anymore.

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