11 thoughts on “Mia Aflalo”

    1. Haha. Be great if the next post is something about how we’re all going to have brad putt legend of fall like flow and this girl because hair loss is cured!

  1. What would her hair weigh? And how many grams of new hair does she produce each day? Would that protein produce other tissue if it wasn’t being used for hair?

  2. This is because of a certain hormone in the body without inhibitors throughout the ages and when the hormone is discovered, the hair of people will be amazing.

  3. This photo was printed in all news papers of Gujrat (INDIA) yesterday..

    Hope all people get hairs like this girl. Ha ha.. Jak inhibitors pls help..

  4. An actual photo of hair instead of “data” suggesting an amazing 1 percent “stabilization” that is SO amazing it is ready for phase 2, or even phase 3.

    Anyone from Shiseido, Follica, Aclaris or Samumed reading this; be warned :-)

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