March Madness 2018 in the Hair Loss World

— I covered Dr. Lu Le in detail in May of last year due to his team’s groundbreaking discovery related to Krox20 and its impact on hair growth and hair pigmentation. In a new video interview Mr. Le says:

“It will not be tomorrow. It is in the realm of possibility. We are working really hard in the lab to make it happen.”

Ed Cooley Hair
Ed Cooley Alopecia Areata

— For those of you in the US, this is the traditional March Madness month of playoffs in college basketball. A great excuse to frequent and support your local pubs. One of the most discussed teams so far this year has been Providence (unfortunately they were eliminated today). As is often the case in sports, Providence coach Ed Cooley is a bigger attention grabber than the team’s players. The most admirable thing abut Mr. Cooley is that despite suffering from alopecia areata (i.e., patchy hair loss) for years, he does not care and never discusses the subject. In the above image from a game earlier in the week, he is wearing a towel because he ripped his pants after a fit of exuberance and decided to cover the tear up rather than waste precious game time going to the changing room. Thankfully, he never covers up his patchy hair loss.

— I am not going to write yet another post on Aclaris Therapeutics as requested by several people. However, it is worth checking out blog reader “Malcolm”‘s useful comments in the last post based on Aclaris’ latest investor conference presentation (which can be listened to via the company’s website and includes attached slides). The company is definitely on schedule to finish Phase 2 trials by mid-2019 as announced a few weeks ago and covered on this blog. Also, Aclaris was granted yet another new patent covering the use of JAK inhibitors to treat hair loss disorders, including androgenetic alopecia (which most of us care about the most). Patent details here.

— On a related note, a new study from Dr. Angela Christiano’s Columbia University lab titled “Hair Growth Is Induced by Blockade of Macrophage-derived Oncostatin M and Downstream Jak-stat5 Signaling in Hair Follicle Stem Cells”. The author’s unusual name (Dr. Wang Cho Ee Etienne) stands out just as much as the paper title.

— In 2016, I wrote a post in relation to umbilical cord Wharton’s jelly-derived mesenchymal stem cells (WJMSCs) and hair regeneration. I had forgotten about the subject till I read a new article (h/t “Paul Pheonix”) about South Korea based Medipost being granted a domestic patent related to “stem cell culture fluids preventing hair loss”. It seems like these stem cells will be derived from umbilical cord blood.

— Apparently Monat sold $200 million worth of hair care products in 2017 through multi-level marketing. However, now the company is faced with mounting class-action lawsuits. Complaints range from an increase in hair loss to major scalp irritation to adverse skin reactions.

Another interesting article on PolarityTE.

The Hair & Nails Symposium started in Poland yesterday. Several well known speakers and presenters from the hair loss cure world such as Dr. Antonella Tosti and Dr. Ulrike Blume-Peytavi.

Will we EVER cure baldness?

Carboxytherapy may be useful for alopecia areata treatment. Maybe also minor improvements in androgenetic alopecia patients when used as an adjuvant therapy. I am skeptical.

— Fractional non-ablative laser-assisted delivery of topical finasteride and various growth factors leads to improvement in male and female pattern hair loss. I did not try to find the entire study and see if results are superior to using plain old oral finasteride 0.5mg per day.

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  1. Wharton’s jelly is also present in the vitreous humor of our eyes.

    I wonder if I can combine a vitrectomy, during which they remove my eye floaters by sucking out the eye jelly, with subsequent injections of the jelly into my scalp to stop my crown AGA.

    To good to be true I guess …

  2. Thanks, as ever, for this update. The link to Will We EVER Cure Baldness, is to the UK’s Daily Telegraph. It is behind a paywall; but I would not waste your money. A once decent newspaper that has gone down hill big time over the last twenty years or so.

    I am struck by just how globalized the fight against hair loss has become. Though a lot of progress is being made in the US, some of the most exciting discoveries are being made in places as far apart as Japan, Australia, Canada and Europe. Let us hope that Donald Trump does not throw a massive spanner in the works. His ignorant assault on the World trading system has the potential to gum up the works and put us back years.

  3. Admin thanks for mention.
    As you know, in 2016 the salient question was whether Jak Inhibitors would be tested for AGA. That question has been answered by Aclaris announcement during the last investor call.

    Unlike my fellow commentator Nasa_rs, though I share his same interest in Jak’s potential outcome, I tend to refrain from claiming that Jak’s are the cure/ treatment to reversal of AGA (although I sincerely wish this to be the case). Instead, I prefer to evaluate what goes on during various conferences attended by Neil Walker and his colleagues, and simultaneously follow Angela Christiano’s latests comments and scientific literature.

    For starters allow me to remind this blog’s readers, that until recently, very little or nothing has been mentioned by Aclaris with regards to jak’s potential for AGA, except for the company’s pipeline listing soft jak’s for trial in AGA.

    Yet, in the recent months, Neil Walker has clearly claimed that the data in hand shows “really interesting facts”. Moreover, during his latest presentation, a specific reference has been made with regards to skin penetration dose percentages. I read this as meaning that Aclaris will test different dose ranges, which might be higher than those being tested for AA.

    The fact that the company has opted for an open label set of trials, could potentially indicate that Aclaris want to have in hand empirical and factual evidence that their theory is correct. Imagine all the hype and global media attention that would Aclaris get if photos are presented showing regrowth or reversal in AGA. We all know that some long time baldies have had remarkable accidental hair growth, so the theory that once hair is gone is lost forever, doesn’t hold much water.

    In conclusion, whenever I read an article or study bearing Angela Christiano’s name, I suspect that although she has sold the I.P to Aclaris, she might be hands on deck in the lab, and might know more that she was ever willing to admit publicly, due to her contractual obligations.

    Apologies for the lengthy posts that I tend to write, however, I tend to find it rather difficult to write a one liner when I consider different statements and updates by Aclaris and Christiano.

      1. LAT1, this transcript belongs to the 12th March call. The day after, another conference call was made which was much more in detail with regards to aga.

  4. We should only be 2 weeks from the JAK special formula applied to male pattern baldness patients. Just 2 weeks. And in one month, IF, it does work those beautiful little hairs will begin to emerge and a new era arises for myself and many others.

    I am very hopeful, so glad that this is starting. Most think we will see some kind of minor improvement in hair growth. Me, I say it either works and gives us near 100% hair back or it’s 0%.

    While we are speculating on the board a medical lotion will be saturating bald heads and what happens can change our lives. Amazing. And it starts in 2 weeks.

  5. Like I mentioned in my previous posts I am all skeptical about JAK being the cure for AGA. and my line of thought is the following..
    Malcom mentioned : Neil Walker has clearly claimed that the data in hand shows “really interesting facts”.

    so they did intentionally leak a photo for AA cure with JAK and made a huge hype.. but not even a single photo for AGA? why is it?

    we have beaten cancer on paper&theory. what Neil Walker refers they have some interesting facts on paper however failed to experience them in practice..

    p.s. alot of things been solved on theory. yeah time travel is also solved if we adopt this line of logic

    1. Donitello,

      The first time AA photos were published, Aclaris had not yet bought Angela Christiano’s I.P.

      I;m not stating that Jak’s work for aga, but till some time ago, Aclaris didn’t mention aga almost at all, but now they are focusing on this issue with professionality.

  6. hi Malcolm
    thats also my line of thought. at the very first interview they said they were not optimistic about AGA but left the door open to keep the interest flowing.
    For all I see now it that AGA jak is in pre-clinical trial and we know how companies manipulate to get their stock values up.
    Aclaris is taking its time to develop- it means only one thing that they have nothing on hand but shooting in dark searching for pinata.
    I am 101% sure that they had had off-the-record trials on AGA patients at the same time when AA photos published.
    at the end of today if JAK works for AGA, Bruce Willis himself is willing to pay more than million bucks on it.- with this line of thought why they shouldnt focus on it professionally. who wouldnt in their right mind?
    all I am saying is they know whatever they have didnt work for AGA and still playing out with the formula.
    if they have even 1 photo of million baldies in the USA, I am pretty 101% sure that photo will be on Time Magazine cover..
    in the last 2 decades stem-cell market had been crash few times and investments were all stopped. who would have thought we didnt make any significant headway since first clone ship dolly in 95. at that time the world thought most of diseases would be a thing of past…

    1. Hi Donitello,

      I see your point, and can’t blame you for mistrusting the hype about jaks.

      However, I must point out that all the hype has been raised by fellow aga sufferers like me and you.

      Should Aclaris want to garner enthusiasm just for the sake of investment flow, they would have opted for lengthy trials, instead for a straight open label trial.

      This is just mere speculation at this point, but I tend to believe that Aclaris strategy is more focused towards an element of global surprise. They know that AGA research comes at an exorbitant cost, and somehow I feel that they intend to utilise revenue from Eskata and AA treatment (when it is brought to market) to focus on AGA.

      AGA phase 2 trials will provide evidence whether jaks work or not within a couple of months, yet Aclaris is set to come forward with results by mid 2019. This could potentially mean that they are waiting for the right time to proclaim that Jak is a winner. As it would make no sense for them to acquire Confluence and attract the best brains at a high cost just for AA.

  7. admin i still insist that in one of the past conferences dr walker said that some of his colleagues were trying topical jaks on their heads and they had seen interesting results… i read it here and listened to the conference audio …

    1. I agree with donitello. If it worked as well as the AA then they would have leaked a photo for the publicity. It would be all over the news! Why be all secret for aga? My gut tells me it works no better than minox. They are going to play with the formula but I don’t expect anything crazy like the AA. It took like a month to see thick growth with the AA. We will know by the summer if this works really well because they will leak a photo. If they are looking for investors or stocks to rise they will leak a photo to boost hype. I just find it weird that the past 20 years we have not seen one company show very thick regrowth of their treatments. It’s always a mystery for mpb. Very annoying!

      1. Said it a million times, will say it a million more if need be:

        There is no reason, from any of the available science, to suggest that JAK will have any meaningful affect on AGA.

        1. Isn’t that what trials are for? I’m in the medical device biz and have been involved with clinical trials. It’s to produce the data, that as you’ve noted, doesn’t exist yet, succeed or fail. Unless you’re saying companies shouldn’t bother because That Guy has come to the conclusion that it’s already a fail. Like I said before, can you pick some stocks, final four teams and horses for me as you must be from the future. Did you know you would be a regular on HLT again after you wrote such a poetic goodbye post? Son, there’s more to life than trying to prove you’re right on these forums! Go out, run, smell the air, feel the warm sunshine, enjoy the company of a good woman…be free That Guy, be free! :-)

          1. What most people fail to realise, is that Aclaris has many trials for different indications, one product of theirs will soon be launched on the market, then they have AA, common warts and vitiligo, all these are confirmed to be treatable with either jaks or other formulations spearheaded by Aclaris.

            Therefore, I cannot believe that Aclaris will start a phase 2 trial for AGA just to push the stocks.

            Will jaks regrow a full head of hair, or stop AGA from progressing further? I don’t hold the answer to this million dollar question. Unlike most hairloss compounds on trial, there are many jak inhibitors, where one fails another can be trialed. All I know for sure, is that whenever Neil Walker said that they had positive data for other conditions, tima always proved him right.

            All I suggest is to sit tight and wait for the trial’s outcome.

            1. “All I suggest is to sit tight and wait for the trial’s outcome.”
              That’s too rational, we should predict it’s failure or success based on our total lack of clinical expertise and interpretation of limited data so we can appear to look intelligent on baldy forums! :-)

              1. Lunatics lol

                Aclaris’ own people have made statements that in just a couple minutes of research you can find out are BS as to why their oral drug didn’t do anything for AGA.

                “Because it can’t reach the follicle”

                Meanwhile, oral meds, INCLUDING JAK inhibitors have not a problem reaching even the outermost layers of the skin as studies have shown. So that real estate agent with AA who recovered? Yeah, he should have got his hair back, but he’s still NW3.

                So we can strike the idea that a topical is going to somehow magically do something totally different off the list.

                Lastly, not one of these JAK fans can cite anything that explains exactly HOW this is supposed to rejuvenate shrunken follicles or better yet, create entirely new ones where none exist. That’s because there is absolutely nothing indicating this would be the case; it’s just blind faith.

                So to recap, we have:

                • Proof to the contrary of Aclaris’ excuse for failure.

                • No science at all that gives any reason to suspect this would do anything to solve AGA, a different condition with different causes and symptoms.

                But let’s all just wait for data before passing judgement on a trial that is pretty much baseless!

                People like you are the reason so many got hyped and then let down for that stupid Turkish lotion; you don’t ask or care about any data that would prove something a worthwhile investigation.

                You just get your wallets ready while a bunch of indie-startups throw stuff at the wall and you pick a random thing and hope it sticks.

                1. @ That Guy,

                  So according to your “logic”, Aclaris should not bother to develop a topical formulation for AA, since oral jaks work fine?

                  Also, why bother to acquire Confluence and develop soft jaks if the results would be jack?

                  With regards to the Turkish cream, I have never put my trust in it. Hence no disappointment from my end.

                2. Wooha, slow your roll That Guy, don’t crap your drawers. I said wait for the data from a trial they are doing to have the data, not that it’s a slam dunk, sure fire winner and I’m ready to pony up my $$$. I think these forums are getting to you, maybe take a vacation somewhere nice and tranquil to find your center. :-)

                  1. Yoda, don’t waste your time mate. Maybe he is saving his dollars to fly over to Japan to try a Tsuji :)

                    I prefer to discuss in a positive manner instead.

                    What’s your take on Aclaris potential Yoda? I’m cautious but optimistic about this trial.

                    1. Your rational words are appreciated Malcolm. Unlike the aforementioned That Guy, I don’t have a definitive take. All I can say is that Aclaris appears to be a legitimate biotech with qualified staff. They have real treatments in the pipeline for other diseases. Clinical trials are no trivial matter and cost a lot of dough. The fact that they are using resources, both capital and human, to undergo a trial for AGA is if nothing else a sign that at this early stage they feel it’s worth it. There’s no other reason, they have enough other crap in the pipeline to attract investors. How it turns out is anybody’s guess, with the exception of That Guy. He’s a hair forum god that needs the validation of being right on hair forums…what a life! :-)

                    2. “That Guy” and “nasa_rs” are at opposite ends of the Aclaris for AGA spectrum.

                      Most of us are somewhere in the middle and hopeful that Dr. Christiano and Aclaris have not been faking/exaggerating things so far.

                    3. Admin.

                      As you said, both Nasa_rs and Thay Guy are on the opposite spectrum with regards to Jak for AGA, However, to shoot down a trial yet about to start is absurd.

                      None of us, including myself can be sure that these trials would lead to an eventual product, but neither can anyone on any hair loss blog shoot down the possibility that Jaks might work.

                      As Yoda has already highlighted, it would make no sense at all for Aclaris to invest millions of dollars to acquire Confluence, attract top tier scientists hailing from big pharma companies such as Pfizer, granting stock shares to all new employees and filing patent after patent just to create a marketing hype.

                      If Aclaris would use AGA topic just to lure investors, the message communicated during investor’s calls would be something like “The current data in hand has our research team excited about the possibility that Jak Inhibitors could be a breakthrough in ageless saga of Male Pattern Baldness”. Instead, they were always cautious in their statements.

                      Unlike most companies, Aclaris is a dermatology focused bio-tech company kickstarted by professionals in the dermatological scene. There trials involve solely severe dermatological conditions, which are not life threatening, like vitiligo, warts, psorisis, AA and AGA, yet have a huge downwards impact on the patients’ quality of life and self acceptance.

                      To make a comparison, allow me to remind everyone, that tech mammoths like Microsoft and Apple, saw their origins thanks to tech students experimenting in garages, and we all know what success both companies had and still have today.

                      Unlike my fellow commentator Nasa_rs, I cannot claim that we have a cure for AGA, as this claim can only be made once all trials are concluded. Nevertheless, the fact that Aclaris has opted for an open label type trial instead of leaving AGA topical at thr bottom of their list, is somehow positive.

                      Should they just want to attract funds from investors, they would leave the trials for later on, as if this fails, investors might turn away from funding them for other conditions such as vitiligo, which has been already stated that Jaks work for this condition.

                    4. Oh to be clear, I hope it works. If it does, I’ll be first to admit I was wrong.

                      It’s just that I have no faith that it will.

                    5. Admin, maybe nasa_rs and That Guy are the same person? Split personality/schizophrenic? :-) While I agree that nasa can be overly optimistic I’ve not seem him lash out at other posters who challenge his notions.
                      Malcolm, that was a perfectly written, rational summary of the way things are. If trials are shot down because random internet trolls believe the show shouldn’t go on for one reason or another does one think we’d ever find a cure.
                      And to That Guy…when you make baseless statements about me:
                      ” People like you are the reason so many got hyped and then let down for that stupid Turkish lotion; you don’t ask or care about any data that would prove something a worthwhile investigation.” It further erodes your receding credibility. There was no reason for that son.

                  2. Thanks Yoda.

                    I am no expert, and have no scientific knowledge whatsoever, unlike some commentators on this blog.

                    However, when I analyse and compare different modus operandi between companies involved in the hair loss research and development, I notice a stark difference in the way how Aclaris operates. They could easily discard AGA since they have treatments for other conditions in the pipleline, that they already know that Jak work for with amazing resuts such as vitiligo.

                    Most trials are of an open label type, hence I exclude that the reason for trialing AGA in open label type, is because they already know that jaks won’t work for our condition.

                    In conclusion, unlike other companies, Aclaris tends to acquire already existing companies, so should they come up with a working treatment, I exclude that Aclaris will be baught by big pharma and have the research/treatment shelved.Instead, it seems that this start up company wants to increase it’s market share by a two tier strategy, 1) to create novel therapies and 2) by acquiring companies that have the required infrastructure to proceed forward with Aclaris’s business development plan.

                    In conclusion, why I always stress that we all should hold our feet on firm ground, Aclaris might prove to be a game changer in the coming months.

        2. @That guy, I hope your wrong!!

          I know nothing bout science but I do think its strange, that the only hair loss board where JAKS for aga is on a hype train is hairloss2020. On the other hand, why is Aclaris putting work into this?

          1. I would not call it hype…I report news on all companies that are conducting trials on AGA products. Sometime even interesting companies such as PolarityTE that have no ongoing AGA trials.

            Aclaris has some serious scientists and money behind it. Did you see the first bullet point here:


            And they are the first company that is ahead of schedule in their AGA trials. Others almost always have numerous delays if you have followed this industry for a while.

            I am still 50/50 about Aclaris, but there is absolutely no way they do not deserve significant coverage.

            1. Coverage? According to some they shouldn’t bother doing trials, the jury is in, case closed! Ok, I’ll stop…there were logical reasons given for a completely illogical argument/conclusion!

            2. Well said Admin.

              We all have our preferred hair loss research niches, some focus on Tsuji, some others on Follica (which has been embarking on countless trials for years on end), etc. I have faith that Aclaris is genuinely trialing Jak’s for AGA and not just to purposely skim investors’ money.

              Today, Aclaris has issued a presser regarfing another condition, o this proves that they are seriously set to be a game changer in the dermatological R&D industry. Therefore, they have all to risk and none to gain if Aclaris is forseen as a scam or hyped up, as investors would turn their backs on the company’s ticker.

              Worst case scenario, the trials show that topical variety does nothing for AGA, or they might use Decernotinib instead.

              Best case scenario, we’ll stop looking at hair loss forums and spend more time in front of the mirror and start visiting the barber :)

          2. @Spanky,

            Unlike other hair loss forums, Admin brings to our attention various hair loss related news and developments, and this is what keeps me visiting daily.

            One blog focused on the Turkish cream, and we all know that it was just a hype. Another forum seems more keen on hair transplants, while another forum has an ongoing thread about the Brotzu lotion which is 757 pages and counting.

            The difference on this blog, is that commentators discuss different researches and topics and keep this blog very interesting.

  8. Not too sure if this was posted but further good news for Puretech:

    Possibly referring to Follica in this but no doubt, this is a big year for them. Also, worth noting because I don’t think it has been elsewhere is that on the puretech website, the indications was previously just listed as “AA” but it now has “Epithelial Aging” in this column.

    Follica was always mentioned for other applications in various literature – acne and other skin conditions and possible skin rejuvenation were mentioned – but it seems likely we’ll hear more on this side of things in the coming months too.

    Also this is behind a paywall but you can access a free trial. I haven’t read this yet but there may be info.

  9. @Mike. Thanks. Every time I am more sure that Follica will be released to the market by the end of 2018. At the latest Q1 2019.

  10. Did something happen with Hassan Topical fin? On youtube in comments, people are making fun of it, but have no clue on anything updated.

  11. South Korea will bring us amazing News in future.

    Medipost (mentioned in this article) is a serious Player in Stem Cell drugs and already has the first Stem Cell Drug launched. They do not mess around and know how Things work. Even they do not Show Clinical trials for AGA yet they should start soon.

    And btw another delivery method involving Valproic Acid (approved Drug) and wounding

  12. I agree with Spencer Kobren’s view on how the cure will come. One day we will wake up and see a photo in the news. clear before after picture of a NW5 patient becoming NW1 or NW0 in 3-4 months…
    and my experience in pharma industry tells me none of the above would bring the cure…
    a fact states hairloss market is worth around 2B USD however I think it is much more than that. there is also a silent crowd who are passively interested.
    @Yoda : u said u r in medical device biz. then perhaps u know how much big pharma appreciate cosmetic products. u set up ur own price and no generic products will be in the market. u dont need to deal with reimbursement levels. this product will be something which will sell itself.. u dont even need a big marketing or sales team to promote it… plus u would probably make around 5B USD a year just from that productline… that being said, Big pharma would jump on that company in a second…

    1. you know stem cells have been notoriously derided for all the charlatan shops but today I was startled to see multiple sclerosis stem cell treatment break through in BBC, MIT

    2. i’m going to say this ones B.S. no pictures, no price, no proof, no university backing (not that that matters ie kelopesia). This reminds me of Thorn Medical.

    3. I also think its fake but still its in realm of possibility. There is the Knowledge, the delivery Method and these stem cell topicals seem to not have to go through FDA approvals with long trials. All these clinics remind me to the glorious turk kelopesia reboost. … BTW whats now with them?

    1. I seen H&W website. Updated info was on November. I also looked at some replies of theirs. Topical fin they state penetrates within minutes. I asked follow up questions…only a few because odds of replying to me would be higher.

      Here is their, third generation Topical fin. The only thing I dislike about these photos are it seems most were taken with hair transplant. I believe I only seen one without Transplant….just straight up Topical Fin. They have claimed 800 people have been on it so far. I took a screen shot of my questions also. Idk if I can drop the screen shot. Anyway, Any news on Polichem topical fin results?

        1. Thanks. However, was this for Polichem? The Dr. Cole seemed to do a very mediocre job in being detailed in explanation. I think people on the forum, had good questions which were never responded to.

          1. Polichem has only test sites in the EU and Russia, therefore I expect that the patient of Dr. Cole used the H&W product.

  13. Maybe not directly related but remember the UCLA findings of last August concerning Lactate production and metabolism? One of the drugs is starting trials for Arthritis

    Evseenko sees RCGD 423 as a prototype for a new class of anti-inflammatory drugs with a very broad range of indications. The lab has already developed several structural analogs of RCGD 423 with varying biological effects and potency. His lab is partnering with scientists at USC and beyond to explore the broader potential of these molecules to treat rheumatoid arthritis, jaw arthritis, lupus, neurological and heart diseases and BALDNESS, as well as to maintain pluripotent stem cells in the laboratory.

    I did not find trials for the second Drug UK5099 but you can already buy it for research.

  14. Sometimes i really feel that what a joke mpb is..the only medication that works a bit has terrible side effects which is like a joke played by evil.. effect on our manhood…. Not even like extra body hair…or farts or something similar

  15. Hey admin have you ever been in contact with anybody from Aclaris? Only reason I ask is because over on another hair loss site they mention that the current Aclaris study for AGA that is about to enter Phase 2 will be with their already developed formula named ATI-502. And on their pipeline it still lists “Soft JAKs” for AGA still in the pre-clinical phase. Would be nice to get some clarification on this. Would like to know if the current trial has anything to do with soft JAKs or if they are also planning another AGA trial using them in the future.

  16. @Admin totally different Topic: did you ever try to figure out whats going on in China concerning Hair Loss Science?
    I am just wondering because I never seem to see News coming from China … BUT China is the (depending how you measure) biggest Economy in the world, has the biggest Science spendings and also has the fastest Supercomputers in the world. So it just would make sense they bring big News on Hair Growth as well.

    … Any Chinese here? Please help.

    1. Maybe my biggest omission to date :-( Hope that changes. For now, awaiting news of first ever human head transplant this year in China.

  17. Just 1 1/2 weeks to go and the first shiny bald head gets covered with JAK lotion for AGA. Then one month later Aclaris will know if it works by seeing actual growing full set of hair emerge. We will know sometime from summer time though mid 2019 they will finally let the general public know.

    We have been waiting decades and of course through hundreds of Other products. We have one product, JAK, that can be the ultimately game changer. The only one PROVEN to have regrown full set of hair albeit on AA sufferers. Will we be next? Anytime starting in May 1 we could find out. But again it probably will be 6-8 months before they tell us. My excitement is bubbling over. Could this be a Finally?

  18. I don’t mean to change subjects, but has anyone been successful in purchasing any of the Follics products? I really want to purchase the Follics FR12 topical and Follics FR S1 shampoo.

    It’s ridiculous that these can’t be sold in the United States. In today’s society it’s easier to go buy opioids off the street than to purchase a topical hair loss product. Anyone want to start a white house petition?

    1. I’ve seen Polaris nr-11 on eBay (basically same active meds). About twice the price as buying it normally in Mexico. Not sure if they will ship to the USA either.

      1. Yes, Polaris nr-11 is the same active ingredients, but it is not longer manufactured, it was discontinued last year, and its company has been replaced by Sapphire Healthcare which makes Follics…

        1. I am interested in Follics FR12 and FR16 as well. The only drawback seems to be that it is not produced with liposomes.

    1. John kerastem didnt get great reviews from the people that tried it in Europe. Not sure if the American version will be any better to be honest…my gut tells me a $8k treatment to give you thickening and possibly some growth….better off getting an fue in my opinion.

      I think scientist put mpb treatments at the same level as weight loss cures. A never ending release of minimal effective treatments with no real cure in sight.

      Follica, tsuji and sisheido are the only real treatments wOrth looking into.

        1. I contacted them in January and got this as part of the reply.

          ” The Kerastem treatment is currently only available at Cosmesurge located at 51 Harley Street in London, Mr Paul Banwell is the Consultant Plastic Surgeon performing the treatment. Should you wish to contact Cosmesurge to discuss pricing or arrange a consultation to discuss the treatment in more detail they can be reached on 020 7436 1300.”

    2. Findings from the precursor to the STYLE trial, initial clinical studies carried out in Europe and Japan, are due to be presented this September in Chicago at a meeting of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery. Then, once the STYLE trial is concluded, these results will then form the basis of a submission for FDA approval

    3. I also found poor reviews of them online. One person said he had some regrowth but it didn’t last past 8 months…. or something. If you try it let us know :)

  19. Upon further research that conference that took place in Chicago occurred in Sep 2015.

    International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery is planning on holding an event in CA this October

    October 10-14, 2018
    26th World Congress
    Hollywood (Los Angeles), California, USA

  20. me: Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome, Heart Disease and Baldness are all linked, undeniably.

    Another paper this about:

    The Force Is Strong with This One: Metabolism (Over)powers Stem Cell Fate.

    New studies highlight the impact of metabolic behavior on the maintenance and function of intestinal stem cells and hair follicle stem cells. This Review summarizes and discusses the evidence that metabolism is not a mere consequence of, but rather influential on stem cell fate.

    This is why may people with hairloss have an unhealthy look about them. A bloated face and so on. They really are unhealthy. Baldness is natures way of telling females you have poor genes. Like when peacocks have molting and terrible feathers, females go for the healthier looking mate. Baldness is very genetic and it’s evolutionary reason for existing is to make it hard for people with bad genes (heart disease and metabolic disease) to procreate. Key: harder to, not impossible.

    1. Man I hardly reply to someone but this almost ridiculous:

      “This is why may people with hairloss have an unhealthy look about them. A bloated face and so on. They really are unhealthy”

      I would suggest you some sport activity, a good nutrition and personal hygiene program mate. Believe me, you mist still be looking bald but not unhealthy at least.

      1. It’s scientifically proven that folks with poor genetic issues like metabolic syndrome and heart disease tend to have baldness.

        Baldness doesn’t cause heart disease.

        Heart disease doesn’t cause baldness.

        But whatever causes heart disease and metabolic syndrome also causes/triggers baldness. Why is that? Just random coincidence? It’s also a random coincidence that baldness looks unhealthy and less desirable?

        I am not saying you can’t go to the gym and get a wife or whatever. But the above theory has more explanatory value than your theory which as far as I can tell is “dude baldness is random and it’s genetic and it’s the one evolutionary thing we have with no reason dude and girls love it dude you just get a better personality dude”.

  21. I said million times before but wont get tired of saying it more..
    there is no proven study that links heart diseases to baldness..

    however, if u look at transgender before/after photos u will see how NW7 becomes NW0.. u can easily find all those pictures all over google.

    I hope/wish admin will publish a post on this topic. I dont think it is just coincidence that all baldies have had full head of hair after turning into chicks…

    1. I have mentioned MTF transsexuals many times and written about them a few times too. Please search the blog.

      Some get superb hair regrowth after the conversion process, but most do not get it all back and end up getting hair transplants to get a full head of hair. You are only looking at the ultimate best case results, which are not the norm.

    2. what is a “proven study”? Because there are dozens and dozens of studies linking metabolic or heart disease or prostate cancer and hair loss… maybe I don’t understand what a proven study is.

    3. Correlation doesn’t necessarily equal causation

      but when that correlation is repeatedly observed over an extended period of time, it becomes undeniable that the two are a package deal.

  22. Given Aclaris;s huge Burn Rate through their current cash I was surprised they decided not to push out the JAK trial for AGA. We all got very lucky. No use reading anything into it either JAK will work OR it will not. We are there now.

    Just about 1 week to go until those Bald heads have JAK lotion on them and the rest is up to History. Those bald heads may not be Bald for much longer.

    I can’t wait until we get official announcement that they started the trial. But for now I will assume either they start Monday or the following Monday. Wow.

  23. So has Brotzu released any pics for AGA or no? If Brotzu sucks, then well, I might jump on topical fin. My derm told me I am ideal candidate for Fin. Still have good amount of hair, below 40, and etc.

    On thing to note: He said they are now telling people over 40 to get off Fin. He said he had a patient who was 60 and on it from years ago….he didn’t go into depth…but I presume it was a false PSA test and Prostate cancer…if I had to guess.

  24. Btw my endocrinologist was not big on Finasteride. The above doc who told me they are now telling people over 40 to get off……was not the endo.

  25. Lol who’s the idiot who said people with hair loss have an unhealthy look and have poor genes and are unhealthy. Yes, Lebron James and Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods have poor genes, are bloated and are unhealthy. Stop being dumb. I’ve seen fat lazy pieces of s… with acne and zits with a full head of hair, I have also seen some of the best athletes ever with balding heads, and vice versa. Arguably the dumbest comment I’ve read.

  26. Checking in for the first time in a couple of months. Not to advocate doing the same and taking viewership away from HLC2020’s blog, but I’m much happier now I’m not checking for baldness cure news every day or week.

    Move on and find more fulfilling things I say because this one is seemingly never coming. I gave up a year ago after realising we were approaching 2018 and still no cure. I’ve been much happier since. I only check in now every 4-6 months out of pure curiosity.

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