Aclaris Expecting Phase 2 Data on AGA by mid-2019

Every time I hope not to write about Aclaris for at least two months, I get disappointed. A very welcome disappointment of course. While this trend has been going on for two years, the past three months (including the latest development from yesterday) are worth summarizing below:

  • In November of 2017, I wrote about how Aclaris planned to start Phase 2 clinical trials in 2018 for its topical JAK inhibitor product to treat androgenetic alopecia (AGA). This was a major and pleasant surprise since the company had not even started Phase 1 trials at the time of writing. I am guessing that Aclaris can skip Phase 1 trials since they and many others have already tested oral and topical JAK inhibitors for other uses such as treating alopecia areata and vitiligo. To this day, Aclaris’ product pipeline page still lists its topical “soft” JAK inhibitor program for treating AGA to be in a pre-clinical stage of development. Very strange, and probably just a delay in updating their website.
  • A few days ago, I discovered that a surprising number of renowned hair loss researchers presenting at this week’s American Academy of Dermatology Conference were now suddenly declaring an affiliation (probably research funding related) with Aclaris. I wrote about this in my last post. It would be very unusual if at least several of these researchers were not testing topical JAK inhibitors on humans for androgenetic alopecia on behalf of Aclaris.
  • And finally, yesterday Aclaris made an important investor presentation in which it announced that in the first half of 2019 it was expecting results from its Phase II clinical trials for treating AGA with its topical JAK inhibitor product named ATI-50002. You can access the audio as well as the slides for this presentation via this page (make sure to look under past events for the LEERINK Partners event). On page 47 of the slides you can see the above details (h/t Malcolm and Royaume).
  • On a side note, Aclaris CEO Neal Walker just updated his blog. Something he does fairly infrequently,
  • And it is worth keeping a track of Aclaris’ first ever FDA approved product called Eskata (to treat a skin condition called seborrheic keratosis) that was released at the end of last year. The success or failure of this hydrogen peroxide based topical product will give some indication of how reliable the company is as well as how likely it is to succeed financially this year. The NY Times recently had an interesting article on Eskata titled: “Have We Aged Out of Age Spots?“. Note that Aclaris is for the first time presenting Phase 3 clinical trial data on Eskata at this week’s annual AAD conference. So they started selling this product even before presenting Phase 3 trial results anywhere it seems?

Until late last year, I was not even optimistic that Aclaris would complete Phase 1 trials for AGA this year. Now it looks like they might have already commenced Phase 2 trials in 2018 and we can look forward to seeing the final data by mid-2019 at the latest. Judging by the speed with which this company is moving along, if Phase 2 results are favorable, I would not be surprised if Phase 3 trials get completed before the end of 2020.

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  1. Very nice Admin!
    Now let’s hope that the other (potential) players in the AGA market speed up as well :)
    A market release of Follica and Shiseido in 2018 would be magnificent!

    1. This is going to be it. Forget all the cell cultures and reinjections and all of that other stuff. Its simply putting a creme on your head that somehow stops the Mechanism of Baldness, its that simple. You get all of your hair back and look like those who have never gone bald.

      I might get into acting after I get my hair back. I really think we will have it available by end of 2019. Most of the Jak’s would have been FDA approved for about 5 years by then.

      Its our Time. We shall get our hair back. The mechansim for creating baldness will be halted. Our hair will simply return to a grown cycle from that of being miniaturized.

      Get ready we are almost there.

      1. Yeah, no — sorry but it’s pure cope at this point.

        The mechanisms behind baldness are complex and poorly understood by even the most knowledgeable of dermatologists. If it was “that simple” it would have been done years and years ago.

        At present, unless they have some real impressive find up their sleeve, there is no reason to believe JAK will amount to a cure. There is still the matter of full-on resurrection of follicles that have shrunk into oblivion/fibrosis, there is still the fact that oral drugs should have worked as demonstrated by Aclaris’ own study and other studies on JAK show Neal Walker’s claim about “oral drugs can’t reach the follicle” being a flat-out lie, etc.

        I want to believe. But there is nothing here that should lead any rational person to assume JAK will be a cure; especially since any time I ask for someone to explain these pertinent problems, I’m met with hostility and dodging the questions.

        Sammumed-level results at best; betting on it.

    1. Yeah, I’ve been checking too because I was thinking of taking part if possible (in NYC area). Does anyone know if some trials don’t have to be listed for some reason?

  2. Thanks for update Admin. Yours is Truly the best website on advanced research for a treatment to regrow hair.

    To All, I say this it. Can’t be 100% right but THIS Time the odds probably favor us.

    After 1 year of mixing potential trial lotions that must have an idea about the potential for a real product otherwise why do a Phase 2? This is a For Profit company not university backed researchers just doing tie util retirement. That’s why Aclaris moves very fast, they are actually in a Hurry (to make money).

    I had backed for a while from posting trying to forget about my condition. But there is real hope, and I think think a real treatment.

    The Admin is probably spot on in 2020 all of will be in a long line to get our order for a hair treatment. I’m growing my hair long for a while once I get the treatment.

    Enjoy everyone, the most hope we have ever had, not false hope, but real 100% our own Natural Hair.

    1. I think you’re deluding yourself if you think that JAK inhibitors are the solution. Show me it works on a NW 5 and we’ll talk.

      Maybe for NW 2 and down, but I don’t think this will regrow hair on bald guys. We’ll need Tsuji for that.

      People are way too exited about JAK inhibitors.

      Won’t work.

      1. You can think what you want but you do not know the Facts. Not trying to deride you but you are out of the info loop.

        Look at Before and After photos for what JAK’s have done for Bald guys. From extremely little hair to 100% full head of hair.

        Yes that was for AA type hair loss and not AGA but it shows it can completely regrow hair on Bald people. Now they are about to start Phase 2 on AGA, us.

        1. Lol at the eternal pessimists. This site is specifically made to indulge in a little hope, but they can’t help themselves.

        2. Which info loop are you talking about?

          AA is a non-scaring type of alopecia. Much easier to restore hair in AA than AGA. They are two different conditions. Where are the pictures of “bald guys” (i.e. AGA sufferers) having regrown substancial hair on JAK inhibitors?

          I’ve seen this sort of thinking before. It’s downright self-delusion.

          I am much more optimistic about Tsuji for bald guys. JAK might be good for prevention though… maybe… Truth is, we have no idea at this point.

          1. Aclaris needs to listen to you since you have all the Facts. Surely they have wasted the past year mixing formulas preparing to spend a small fortune (of their money) on jak trials for AGA that starts in a few months.

            They might as well stop it all right now since You Happen To Know That They Are Delusional. Of course this can’t work since you know it all already.

            Maybe you should send them an email and let them know they are wasting their time.

            1. Intercytex, Aderaans, Gho, Histogen, Bitamaprost, etc… Do they ring a bell?

              Pouring millions in research in no way infers that the solution works. These are high risk projects and they are treated as such.

              It’s just self-delusion to believe that this works in AGA at this point. By working, I mean reversing anything over a NW 5.

              Right now, it’s a gamble from big pharma, and nothing else.

              1. It’s risky business that is for sure. Edison tried 20,000 filaments until he had the right one thus the light bulb got invented.

                Let’s not be jaded from the past thinking this is just history repeating itself with these other firms. Something has got to work at some point. Something causes baldness and something can I cause it.

                I think jak is going to be the real solution. It works for Aa might as well work for aga as Beno brothers prove aga is reversible from their experimental cancer drug (and maybe other factors).

                The cure is out there somewhere. And I say it’s jak.

                1. This is why I can’t wait until 2020. Either a cure will be out or there will be less players to read up on after the big names of today drop out.

                  1. Didn’t see this conversation at first,

                    but yes lol at the “it works for AA might as well for AGA” argument.

                    No offense Nasa_rs, but that shows that you haven’t really put much thought into this or done any reading of AGA research and your fervent support of JAK is just blind hope.

                    Do agree that we’re not far from a functional cure, but I can’t agree with your proposed method.

  3. I have come to the point where all these companies go into phase 2 then disappear….I want to see 10 solid clear non combo over nw5 males that can regrow dense thick hair to a nw2. That is a cure. We shall see if aclaris can do this and see if Christiano was right. If this just ends up growing 10% regrowth then we’ll it’s better than nothing. I’m more worried about the potential side effects of immune altering drugs. This would probably be a topical we use for 3 months. Doubt its a daily topical…but what I do know lol

  4. This is exciting and promising! I still think Follica and Aclaris’ JAK inhibitors combined will be the next big thing but only time will tell!

  5. Bimethylpolysiloxane. I proved to the research that this substance found in McDonald’s potato oil is a promising treatment for baldness. This article is in an Egyptian product. We want to know how to use this article and how to use it to get the best results.

  6. If the results come out mid 2019 and IF they spectacular, like for AA type hair loss. Then I feel very confident we will have it in our hands by end of 2019. This is for a topical lotion where side affect potential is greatly diminished although not gone.

    Thus my New Combs, shampoos, and hair highlights will be good to go for end of 2019. Ahh, 18 more months and a Great Rebirth Begins, Long Flowing Full Set of my Original Hair.


  7. The treatment will not be our cells re-implanted into our heads or anything else. Simply a lotion that Stops the mechanism of hairloss.

    The treatment simply will be a lotion applied to the scalp 2-3 times per week. Then baldness disappears as all of your miniature hairs regrow into long thick hair again.

    I am going to very soon look look real Cool again. 18 months,and counting. Yes that’s my guess.


    1. Sadly it is not going to be the cure. There are studies that have shown that oral JAK inhibitors work better for AA. Logic would tell you that if JAK inhibitors worked for AGA, oral would work better then topical and since oral didn’t work for AGA, I’m not optimistic on the chances of topical JAK’s for AGA. The mechanism of AA and AGA are different. AA is a straightforward autoimmune disorder. AGA is probably a disorder of stem cell senescence induced by hormonally activated transcription factor alterations, in which the immune system plays a weaker role. I’m betting on Follica, Shiseido and Tsuji. I am also very optimistic on the approach frequencytx is taking, which can also be applicable to baldness.

        1. I don’t think they’re at all similar.

          The mechanism of hair growth from benoxaprofen might be similar to that of PUVA (psoralen + UVA). A study on the toxicology of benoxaprofen says this:

          “Benoxaprofen is highly phototoxic, the toxic agent being the free radical decarboxylated derivative of the drug which in the presence of oxygen yields singlet oxygen and superoxy anion [26]. Irradiation of benoxaprofen in aqueous solution results in photochemical decarboxylation via a radical mechanism and in single-strand breaks of DNA, as do other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as ketoprofen and naproxen, which are even more active in this respect than benoxaprofen [26]. The unexpected phototoxicity of benoxaprofen seen in some human patients, can be explained by the similarity in the molecular structure of benoxaprofen with that of the known photosensitizing chemical, psoralen, seen in the overlay of the two structures in Figure 3. The poor clearance of benoxaprofen, its accumulation on repeated dosage, the consequent possible induction of cytochrome P450I and formation of reactive intermediates with covalent binding, could explain the possible binding of a derivative of benoxaprofen in the skin which persists for long periods of time to undergo subsequent photochemical decarboxylation and oxygen radical formation, with consequent inflammation and tissue damage.”

          Source: Lewis, Ioannides, and Parke – “A retrospective study of the molecular toxicology of benoxaprofen”

          So benoxaprofen has some chemical similarities to psoralen, and like psoralen, can cause photosensitivity.

          Now here’s a quote from a study on benoxaprofen and hair growth:

          “Hypertrichosis and accelerated hair and nail growth have not previously been described with benoxaprofen. All but one of the above patients had photosensitivity, and generally the new hair grew on sites exposed to sun.”

          Source: Fenton, English and Wilkinson – “Reversal of male-pattern baldness, hypertrichosis, and accelerated hair and nail growth in patients receiving benoxaprofen”

          PUVA – psoralen + ultraviolet A (which is in sunlight of course) – can also cause excessive hair growth.

          “In a previous study, we reported clinical evidence occurrence of hypertrichosis due to PUVA therapy [6]. Moderate to severe hypertrichosis developed in two-thirds of the female patients receiving PUVA therapy. Women who were treated with UVA without systemic psoralens only rarely developed hypertrichosis.”

          And on male arm hair:

          “The details of each patient’s treatment together with the average hair length before and after PUVA therapy are shown in Table 1. In all seven patients, the post-PUVA mean hair length was significantly greater than the corresponding pre-PUVA value. The increase in hair length after PUVA is shown in Fig. 1. This increase ranged from 17 % (patient 6) to 71% (patient 7).”

          “PUVA therapy has a definite stimulatory effect on keratinocytes in the basal-cell layer of normal epidermis, resulting in a higher mitotic count, acanthosis and thickening of the epidermis. The penetrating potential of UVA light through human skin is relatively higher than that of UVB light. Photoactivation of psoralens may thus take place at the level of the hair bulb, and it is conceivable that stimulation of hair growth ensues, resulting in hypertrichosis. The present data demonstrate that hypertrichosis is a more or less consistent finding in PUVA-treated patients.”

          Source: F.H.J. Rampen – “Hypertrichosis: A Side-Effect of PUVA Therapy”

  8. Even if it just works for AA, I won’t be upset and will be happy for all the AA sufferers. There is a teenage boy I see on the way to work who has AA. I just look like an older man. He looks like the bad guy out of the Blade 2 movie.

  9. This is interesting however I’m with some others in that I will hold my excitement until I see consistent visual proof that it is effective for mpb and most importantly, that it is safe.

  10. exactly agree with mjones. I can write down at least 10 companies who went on to phase2 and then disappeared. during the trial, they come to know that it would not satisfy the market need and decided not to go forward,
    there have been countless of attempts before why jak?

    yes I read what nasa_rs wrote. it cured 100% AA patients, but this is AGA! let me turn around this question and ask treatments for lung cancer can also treat e.g. kidney?
    what makes u think it will work for AGA other than broscience here? dr cristianoldo has just a hunch…

  11. I disagree with NASA on reinjecting cells you know if we had full privy of RIKEN 4 years in the future do you really think its going to be mediocre results? Cloning thousands of hair follicles can’t be disregarded especially when the size and length can be controlled

    1. I like the simplicity of simply using a creme that stops the mechanism of baldness, thus your hair regrows back. I think that beats having cells injected into your head. But hopefully there will be choices and everyone can pick what they like the best.

  12. Interesting message in the blog. He’s basically saying that these treatments are costly and that as consumers we will have to pay. I had heard that JAKs were cost prohibitive and that insurance most likely won’t pay for it for cosmetic reasons like hair loss. His message only confirms that. If that is true, there may be a tx, but it doesn’t do much good if we can’t afford it.

      1. If Jak costs 700 dollars a bottle nobody will buy that sht. Unless it’s a 3 month duration of use each year then that’s a different story. I would buy it. But if it’s a daily use lotion then not many could afford 700 bucks a month. Jak are expensive. My biggest concern is how safe that stuff is. Everything topical enters the immune system, even if just a little. I agree with nasa to an extent. It will work but I don’t think nw6 to nw1.

  13. Theories often don’t work in the real world. Proof. Solid proof is what’s needed at this point! Nothing more, nothing less. Otherwise it’s all just endless guessing, round, an round, an round. I hope to hell I’m not sitting here in front of a keyboard in ten years time looking up news of some new company in phase whatever, meanwhile taking ‘scalpies’ of my sad-arse dome with it’s one remaining hair! However, I still try to remain hopeful that at least ONE of these company’s actually come out with something sooner than later. Something that’s proven to work for the majority, not just the lucky minority. In the meantime I’ll continue to look after my hair…(singular).

    1. If it bothers you that much, just buy a wig. You can have as many new follicles as you want and you can switch hair colour.

  14. I still think we will see Brotzu in the next months. Even the Italians raise and sign petitions to speed up the process. :-) A simple Lotion to put on Skin is still the best solution.
    And Italian Newspaper cover it a lot recently ….

    1. That Italian newspaper is claiming that the stability of the lotion is weak. Saying that it’s a challenge to keep the lotion active. Pretty much means they can’t get it to work even though it works. I’ll be very shocked if that hits the market. I can’t see a non prescription lotion taking over susheido, aclaris, SM etc. In terms of effectiveness. Something tells me they are going come out and say “sorry guys but we tried to solve the stability of the lotion but it won’t meet our standards for market release. We our discontinuing research” If this actually comes out I will buy the admin his first bottle of brotzu:)

      1. Maybe they should distribute the 3 components to mix the Lotion fresh in the local pharmacies. …. Somebody should give Fidia a call and suggest that to them :-)

          1. No guys…they won’t do any of that. If they release it then it will be the full solution not half made and half for you to mix at home. Let’s not be dilutional lol. It’s either full product or no product from brotzu. Plain and simple.

    2. My first post. Thanks admin and all for the great level of info and feedback.

      As Italian speaker, I see in those articles that the lotion is supposed to work only if the problem started less then 5 years earlier. In all other cases it’s not supposed to work.

  15. MJones,

    I saw that you were planning for an HT, but only if Follica and/or Shiseido will fail to deliver before 2020. Are you still maintaining with Fin and Min, or are you losing a lot of hair at this moment?

    After 3 years with Min I can state it has done 0 for my hair at the crown, my crown hair keeps shedding at the same rate as it has been during the years before Min. So Min without Fin has no effect. However, that ain’t a surprise.

    So I might go for a FUE HT this summer in Belgium, and grow it out until summer 2019. In the meantime I will start with a supplement which claims to have the same effect as Fin. Hopefully I won’t get the familiar sides as I had 5 years ago. We are all eagerly waiting for Follica and Shiseido I guess, it would put our minds at rest, knowing that a decent AGA solution is available in 2018.

    1. Netshed, a scar from an FUT is big to start with but after a year you can’t see mine even with a shaved head. I tell you this because the surgeon may recommend to you, as he did to me, to have an FUT instead of an FUE because the FUT is able to transplant more follicles.
      But my opinion is not to go for the HT in Belgium. Wait until 2020 until these big players have either released a cure or folded, then make an informed decision.

      1. Hi Scott,

        I understand what you mean, as my primary intention is to wait for Follica and Shiseido.

        Still, in the meantime I am visiting several HT surgeons, just to tell me what my options would be if I would go the HT route. I am 35 and the surgeons I have visited all say I will need 1250-1500 grafts max. They assume my age is appropriate to undergo a first surgery and that FUE is the best technique in my case. I could do this 6 or 7 times (if needed) as my donor happens to hold many grafts.

        Anyway, I will start with a supplement in the short term, maybe it regrows some and I will survive 2018 and 2019 without undergoing a HT.

  16. Hi Netshed. I’m losing ground unfortunately on fin and min. Diffuse thinning crown and hair line. I started Rogaine liquid 8 weeks ago and all it did was make shed a ton. I know you are suppose to go through a shed period but f that. I’m worse off than I was before I started. I’m back on foam only. Hopefully the shedding will calm down. I’m still on Propecia. I’m planning on fue but holding off. I’m not stable anymore with my hair and diffuse so not sure if it will look good. I’m starting collagen to see if that helps a bit. I was shedding with the foam and losing ground but not as bad as when I started liquid. I started losing tons of healthy thick hair and it took away a lot of density I had. I’m really pissed. Hopefully it was come back again in the next couple months. I believe in a shedding phase but not losing 50 hairs while showering each day. That’s an allergic reaction or telogen shock from Rogaine liquid. We need better treatments. I never shed when starting Propecia. Rogaine foam I shed when starting it 4 years ago but nothing crazy like 50 hairs while showering. Crazy stuff man. Rogaine liquid also gave me an unbearable itch and dandruff.

    1. Hey there, i shed for almost 3 months when starting minoxidil, i went from a nw 2 to a nw3 and then at 6 months i was at a nw1.5
      Maybe its a good sign that you are shedding so much, if you have hair longer than 1 inch then i would not recommend the foam.
      I always felt the foam was good for maintanence but never regrew any hair for me.
      Have you looked in to other brands of minoxidil? And what shampoo are you using?
      Australian company called activance makes a great shampoo. The one with the blue label is best.
      I was on fin for 18 months before it started to work for me and i also notice that some brands of generic fin are just junk.
      Maybe its in my head but i dont think so

          1. Its not a brand name its made by the pharmacist.

            Currently using minoxidil 7.5% with retin a 0.02% in a solution of 70% alcohol and 30%ppg

            I am considering adding 0.03% bimatoprost to try and grow some new temple hair but i dont know if it is worth it because my hair is fine at the moment, i have had a little bit of shedding due to dandruff because i have been unwell but nothing major.

            Im also thinking of adding 3% peppermint oil or pure mint crystals because every time i use a peppermint shampoo it just feels amazing, im not sure if it helps at all but some people seem to think it does help

            1. The only thing I get from Rogaine Foam 5% is a cosmetic effect. It looks like the hair soaks up the alcohol or something, which makes my hair look thicker when I apply it at night. However, when I look in the mirror in the morning I am shocked that my balding spot looks worse. When I apply foam again and let it dry, it looks fuller again due to this cosmetic effect.

              My crown hair loss isn’t stable either, so I am not quite sure whether a 1500 FUE at age 35 is a good idea.
              I will visit a third clinic soon to have another consultation.

              The first HT surgeon talked about some of his patients using Bimatoprost, however they show almost no regrowth and BIM is way to expensive. Topical Fin is a subject of discussion by the University of Gent (Belgium), however they conclude we have to wait for Polichem to launch their product if we want a decent and safe product.

              Rijksuniversiteit Gent Belgium:

              1. Only latisse is really expensive. I am paying aud 100 for my current 100ml fomula. He said the bit would only ne 20aud more

                1. I dont like thw foam for the reason it makes my hair dry and break. The best thing that has made my hair look thicker and aldo made my scalp extremely clean is the combo of activance hop allergenic shampoo and activance hypo allergenic leave it treatmeant. Makes your hair grow 3 times faster too

              2. Same here netshed. Foam gives my hair a thickening effect for like an hour then I wake up and my hair is worse…I still use it because my hair has somewhat maintained or decreased slowly below baseline. Without it I was getting extreme scalp pain and burning. I miss the days of when Propecia worked for me. It was a good 12 years of maintenance of nw1.5. Now using this Rogaine crap is just annoying. One of these stupid companies better release a new treatment this year because I’m just fed up. Really thinking of shaving it all off and just say f it!

                1. Why dont you derma roll every second night and dont apply minoxidil on those night?

                  I dont understand how fin just stopped working for you?
                  You should get blood work done. All hormones, all thyroid and see if you are defficient in anything. Get one test done on your dht levels and then get another test done on your dht levels after not using fin for 2 weeks.
                  I take zinc 50mg every day for 3 months of the year, that has dht blocking abilities
                  Collagen amino acids seem to repair any damage that minoxidil does to my skin/hair, should help with the facial aging skde effect.
                  A few gentle shampoo, my favourite is activance and then nizoral a few times a week.

                  Why dont you try dut or ru58841?

  17. For the JAK issue I would not be surprised when Pfizer brings something huge. Its a big player in the JAK industries and has besides Xeljanz several JAK drugs in Phase 2 and 3 for conditions like AA, Psoriasis and Atopic Dermatitis which ar related to hair loss. Maybe some of these already have a side effect for growing hair. Also it would make sense if they start trials for AGA when its proven JAKs work as Aclaris announced. By the way Xeljanz is a Blockbuster with many years of trials in several conditions worldwide. If they develop a topical with it they could go directly to Phase 2 and in countries like Japan they could market it within the next year.
    See Pfizer Pipeline …

    1. Yeah I might be wrong but I don’t think jak falls into the japan fast track category

      Aclaris is 2019 stuff 2020

      Shiseido and brotzu is this year or so they say

  18. Peter de Keizer (Erasmus University Rotterdam) confirms Foxo4 DRI (Proxofim) is available via a company in Lelystad (Netherlands), online it can be bought here (Chinese company):

    In fact, it is very easy to produce Proxofim. He does not encourage to use it (even when you are a terminal cancer patient who has lost all hope) however you can’t stop people from buying it via to internet.

    For a certain period, he has worked in the US with a retired billionare who was missing his thyroid, which inspired him due to his ‘Silicon Valley mentality’. This man asked Peter again and again when he finally would start to commercialize his scientific findings (not only those related to Proxofim). Peter says he and his colleagues will start their own business, find investors and initiate trials in collaboration with the best researchers in Rotterdam.

  19. Esktata is not “hydrogen peroxide based,” it is literally just hydrogen peroxide. Seborrheic keratoses are already easy to treat at a dermatologist, this is a worthless invention and a laughingstock among dermatologists.

    I’m skeptical about topical JAK inhibitors for AGA given that oral JAK inhibitors don’t work.

    I was just at the AAD. There is no such thing as an “affiliation” with a pharmaceutical, but yes- a few centers are running the clinical trials for this topical JAK. If I hear anything early I’ll let you know.

    1. I realized- what you are calling “Affiliation” is probably disclosure of a conflict of interest, which is published on the AAD site. This is a list that shows which of the AAD speakers receive financial support from drug companies (including research money).

    2. Pretty sure I read 40 percent hydrogen peroxide and not 100 percent, hence my use of “based”. Please do let us know of anything of importance that you learn at the AAD.

  20. I was a little surprised to see expected Aclaris results in mid 2019………..I was hoping for some pics mid to 3rd quarter 2018. And I was way off on my hopeful expectations regarding RCGD 423 “Our goal is to finalize selection of the lead molecule and get proof-of-concept toxicology data in a pre-clinical model. We hope to begin clinical trials in approximately two years.” This quote was in reference to the orthopedic use of the molecule but I assume that a similar time line applies to clinical trials for hair growth.

  21. Quentin- I got blood work done a few years ago when I noticed Propecia effects losing ground. My dht levels before losing ground were around 18 to 20. Then a year after losing ground my levels were at 34. Propecia levels when working to lower dht should be at 18 or so. The year that Propecia lost effects I was drinking whey protein isolate. This is known to increase dht. I didn’t know till after the fact. I packed on 10 lbs of muscle mass in a month while taking that protein so you know my dht test levels increased. So I stopped taking the protein and my doc suggested adding a Propecia pill at night. So one in morning and one at night. My dht levels dropped to about 22 or so. All my other levels are fine like testosterone which is high. Which is supposed to be while taking Propecia. I was and still am very low on vitamin D. I am borderline deficient the past 4 years. I started supplementing 5,000iu vitamin D3 each day now for the past 3 weeks. Haven’t seen any difference in my shedding. Still losing ground. My thyroid came out fine. I personally believe that stupid protein shake messed up my balanced dht levels with propecia and kckstarted my halted mpb progression. So I’ve been foam for 4 years with some maintenence but my hair line is getting wiped out. I’m losing diffusely along crown. I won’t use dut or RU. Not going to mess with that stuff. Rogaine liquid made me shed like crazy past 8 weeks so I dropped it and now worse off. Hoping to gain back what I lost. Going to my pharmacy to ask for compound minox tretinoid. Oh I started talking collagen last night. My hair shafts felt super thick after an hour of taking the supplement :)

    1. So much I want to say. Bro you can’t add 10lbs of muscle in a month…it’s scientifically impossible…unless your jabbing a gram of Anabolic steroids a week.

      Your dht levels….what scale was normal? For instance. ..35-80 can be normal on some blood work. Mine is 40 and I am maintaining..I take zero drugs though. Was thinking of taking fin. Idk.

  22. I would have faith that JAK inhibitors could be a cure and that the only remaining issue was finding an effective way to apply for AGA patients, because for some reason the AGA balding mechanism is different and requires drugs at a different skin layer. All of that said, the big problem I see is that JAK inhibitors are not even close to being 100% effective for AA patients! If it doesn’t have a 100% responder rate for AA, then what can we expect for AGA?? We just have to hope that there is one more breakthrough that improves effectiveness for all hair loss types… or JAK inhibitors is not the cure we’ve been hoping for.

    1. Agreed. Even if it works, I would be very surprised if it worked well on more than 50 percent of people. Perhaps only in those who have itchy inflamed scalps in tandem with AGA?

      I doubt that Dr. Christiano would be so keen on this avenue of research unless she had not seen some excellent AGA responders along the way. She implied as such in the past, but was a bit vague.

      1. Admin, My opening “sentence” wasn’t all that coherent, so thanks for figuring out my post! I agree with you in that it seems like jak inhibitors are good for only the inflammation type hairloss. I happen to know that if something isn’t a cure for “everyone”, then it won’t be a cure for my high NW. I’ve reduced my probability of a jaks cure from 50% to 20% just based on lack of effectiveness for all AA patients.

  23. I’m back. Took a year off from coming on here to see if things have changed. Honestly, nothing has changed. However, this post seems promising and Jak seems to be trending in a positive direction towards an actual treatment. The results from this trial will be veryyyyyyy interesting to say the least. If Jak fails Nasa should be on suicide watch. I would be absolutely shocked (in a a good way) if a cream can magically give a bald dude a full head of hair. I wish people would stop using the word “cure” for hair loss. There is a massive difference between a treatment and a cure. Even if Jak works 100% it is still a treatment because you are dependent on Jak to keep your hair, if you stop using it you lose your hair, hence it’s a treatment. If you used Jak once twice and it re grew you hair and you never needed to use it again, thats a cure. I am semi-new to this game. I have only been on here for 3-4 years? So Jak is the first real treatment that seems to be moving forward and gaining momentum and doesn’t seem 10 years away. One thing is for sure tho, we will know in 2019 if its the real deal. I suggest some people in here do the same as I did, take a year or 6 months off of coming in here every day. You forget about it and the time goes by much faster. Who know you may come back to some good news. Also to the people who are thinking of hair transplants and being on fin and rogaine and other drugs, man just buzz your head (not shave), get a tan, lose some weight and straighten or whiten your teeth. That goes a long way.

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