Hairclone is now Accepting your Follicles

I first covered UK-based HairClone in 2016. Later in the same year, HairClone’s very friendly CEO Dr. Paul Kemp kindly answered a number of reader questions.

Although Dr. Kemp has been in touch with me a few times since 2016, I have been reluctant to write more posts on HairClone during the past several years. I did not want to repeat the same follicle banking related news unless there was truly a groundbreaking development. Dr. Kemp was formerly the CEO of Intercytex, and I hope he uses his past experiences to prevent another disappointment for us hair loss sufferers.

HairClone Begins Follicle Banking

In any event, it seems like HairClone has not disbanded or gone silent, but is moving forward full steam. The company is starting its follicle banking service after getting UK  government approval earlier this week. In fact the company will be the world’s first ever hair follicle banking system. Press release: HairClone follicle banking.

HairClone Follicle Banking
Hair Follicle Banking Process.

The logic behind banking your currently healthy hair folicles is similar to the logic behind banking young sperm, of your young eggs, or even newborn umbilical cord blood banking.

Both males and females over age 18 will be able to have around 50 follicle units extracted, cryopreserved and stored for future use (when hair multiplication or cloning type treatments are available). Cryopreservation and storage of hair follicles at -150C at essentially “stops the clock” when it comes to further hair loss, thinning or miniaturization.

Dr. Kemp sent me the below email a few days ago:

Dear HLC2020 Admin,

It has been some months since we last chatted but I just wanted to let you know that we have been working hard and have now been authorised by the UK’s Human Tissue Authority (HTA) to begin to bank cryopreserved follicles. In order to gain this approval we had to carry out extensive validation studies to show that we could reproducibly extract human follicles, cryopreserve them, ship, test and thaw them then extract viable cells that could be culture expanded. We first submitted the licence application in January and then there was a series of questions some of which needed additional work but the result is an incredibly well understood robust process so the time was well spent.

The HTA stress that this does not authorise or approve treatment and gaining that approval is the next stage in our strategy. We are all set to develop the GMP validation data for culture expanded follicle cells and just need to raise the funds to do this. As you know, we tried to do this through crowdfunding but unfortunately weren’t successful so are looking at alternative funding sources. This has given a significant delay to our original timelines.

Banking will be available through our clinical partners and banking associates who will be licensed procurement centres and we plan to increase the number of these partners and associates over the coming months.

Cryopreservation and banking is just the first step in the process but important elements to note are:

  • It will be available to both men and women.
  • Banking will allow multiple treatments from one initial surgery.
  • Banking at the earliest possible stage “stops the clock” on further ageing of the cells.
  • As patients with banked follicles have already undergone the surgery step they will be first in line for cell expansion when treatments are authorised.
  • The follicles remain the property of the patient so could be used in other treatments if the patient prefers.

The next stage is to work with our clinical partners to develop a system to rebuild miniaturising follicles. Follicular neogenesis is also an interest of ours and we are carrying out some work on this but our first goal will be to rescue a patient’s natural hairs. As all patients are unique, we envision that this could also be used in the future in combination with hair transplants to increase the area that could be treated.

I have attached a press release that provides more information and please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions.

Paul Kemp PhD
Co-Founder, Chief Executive Director

37 thoughts on “Hairclone is now Accepting your Follicles”

  1. So basically one has to fly to UK get your hair plucked and stored? Unless my tired eyes missed something.

    What’s scary is an airplane company on Facebook ads….got over 300k of crowd raising for stock in a month on social media lol. Over 3 million in 2 months with outside facebook. The point is ppl don’t have to know about airplanes…but if they know a small risk they are willing to lose can have a huge benefit/reward..they will risk.

    I like the idea, if it even would work. Cryo is an unknown. If Tsuji himself thought this could be a benefit etc…then bam. However, not sure about this. As a nw 2.5.. tbh if something gave 20-30% regrowth without sides…I can ride 7-8 years. I know most wouldn’t view that as a cure…I get that if you’re nw 5 or 6. I do. I personally only took fin every other day for 1 month…and just my brain in cardiovascular class wasn’t as sharp. I couldn’t figure it out. A’s in Pharmacology…every bio science like advance physiology, Human growth and development, anatomy and physiology, microbiology, physics, nuclear chemistry, etc. I was thinking at that time wtf? I tutored nurses for grad school. I only deduced it was finasteride because that was the only variable. No sexual horror stories etc…

    I do wonder at times if I should take fin. A 2.5 nw.. diffuser….within 4 years…below 35. Idk.

    On topic, I think the company needs a supportive voice of if this will work. As evidence by their raising capital. Nonetheless, not a lead to a cure, but preservation in hopes of future tech. We have had worse news lol.

    P.S on Jaks. I got ripped for it a year ago, by a user, forget who’s ok…however, I don’t see it for AGA. Jaks are used for rheumatoid arthritis. #1. #2…it has a black box warning in drug medical hand books. I know from clinicals in surgical rotation. I cannot think of a prescriber who would give a Jak inhibitor w a black label warning for, “Cosmetic”, purpose. #3…for those comparing AA to AGA. AA is viewed as a disorder/disease. Notice a trend with medications that get backed for diseases or disorders. View Viagra…for a dysfunction….so clinically easier to back. Well as long as AGA is a “Cosmetic”, issue. Tell me…would anyone risk their license and years of college debt and study to prescribe a Jak inhibitor for a cosmetic issue? Although, cosmetic is a loose term bc hair loss can cause anxiety, depression, insomnia etc…which are indirectly disorders. I am NOT replacing medical advise, but until AGA gets a public opinion beyond cosmetic….then I can’t see Jak( pun intended ). Great for AA though.

    If there is a safer delivery of Jak and it works…I hope what I wrote is wrong.

  2. I think I’ll risk being in line a little longer they wont be cloning whole hair follicles just cells so this isnt complete deal for anyone above a nw3 you’ll have to supplement with hair transplant anyway and I’ve seen no proof of efficacy.

  3. For all you veteran hair loss sufferers aka Yoda. This is not new advancement. There was a company based in Seattle back in like 2004 I believe. They opened a cry service to freeze men’s hair for future cloning. It got a lot of awareness, even in the news. I don’t think many people did it because it was weird and it was very expensive. 15 years later we are repeating the same thing but now this hair clone company is progressing to be the ones to clone the hair or whatever…..I don’t know…any company coming to a hair loss site to raise money sounds desperate. I hope I’m wrong about a lot of my assumptions but I’m usually right unfortunately. We need something that give 20 to 30% density like the commenter said above . This circle of bs is getting very old.

    1. And on top of that, claiming that for 200K they could not launch the service is indeed a lame excuse to cover the fact that they do not have any working treatment. I mean how is it possible that they are not able to get 200K, even if they have to walk in any banks and provide some warranties from the direct shareholders would be a 10 mins job. The reality is that freezing cells is a very easy job but delivering a working treatment is totally different one, anyone can guess what is their real business model.

  4. I was just wondering if any of you guys could give me pointers on where to buy finasteride online; would like to know it is from a good company. Thanks!

    1. Do not use finasteride! I took it and three years later I still suffer side effects. I’m a shell of what I once was and can’t even feel the emotion of love. I wish someone told me what I’m telling you. It’s not one per cent that suffer side effects, it’s much more and permanent side effects are more common than you think. Go to propecia help. Anyway you can make your own decisions I just thought I would try and warn you. Best of luck.

  5. Oh man it looks like in that broken broken English translation there is a conversation between two Japanese forum users that retrieved a maybe interview with sagumi organ technologies saying that it’s going to be 10 times more expensive and available to the public in ten years only available next year for rich entertainers etc because organ cultivation is expensive.

    HatedaBS are you sure this is a transplant surgeon throwing shade it sounds legit.

    1. It’d have been believable if he hadn’t ended the convo with urging peeps to get hair transplants.
      He’s obviously a shill and people are going nuts for no reason.
      Oh, well, people at HLT ain’t the brightest.

    2. if it’s available to entertainers for an exorbitant fee, that’s still better news than it not being possible to do.

  6. Apologies, but I don’t see any value in this whatsoever. Even the most severely bald heads still have at least 50 dht resistant follicles growing until age 100. There are nearly always follicles to extract and clone at the time the cure arrives. I don’t know what it is they think they’re selling, but it’s pointless to me.

    1. I thought that too. Is this on hopes to fund part two? Although that may never arrive? Technically by banking your hair they have fulfilled their part and really with the other players where they are at and the funding behind them these guys are way off.

    2. No, their idea is valid.
      Your 25-year-old stem cells are of higher quality than your 45-year-old stem cells.
      What’s fishy about them is that they can’t get proper funding.

      1. Haha.. For someone who hates the BS.. well.. You can figure out the rest. It sounded good, though.

        If you hate the BS, then you should hate this hair follicle freezing company. Money making scams piss me off to no end.

        No one will ever be thankful that they froze their follicles for a low low price. A real cure will steamroll over their younger follicles Lol.

  7. On a more serious note, by the time a treatment comes out to utilise your stem cells for this and other things, they will be able to use stem cells of other people anyway. Freezing your own would then be a redundant technology.

  8. I don’t understand what’s the advantage of having your hairs plucked and stored now instead of in 10 years or whenever it’s ready. I mean you’d still have hairs to use just not from the crown/front area so what’s the difference? It seems to me just a way to raise money in advance like Tesla was doing where customers could pay 1000$ for the right to order a car when it’s ready. Am I Missing something?

    1. Your 45-year-old hair is of lower quality than your 25-year-old hair.
      Storing stem cells from a young age could actually be very beneficial, but they couldn’t get proper funding, which is a red flag pour moi.

    1. I’d recommend waiting for an official announcement from Dr. Tsuji. A lot of rumours have been spread lately, but none of them confirmed. Let’s hope for the best. In Tsuji we trust.

      1. Even considering the exorbitant price this would be it. Like once the cat is out of the bag there is no turning back so i would pray this is true.. Use up those excess grafts now knowing that in a few years you can replace them :)

        1. @Andy But if the stuff the guy said in that video is true then balding will very soon become a choice. All prices drop overtime. It’s the matter that something like this exists and will be available (if the video is correct) that really counts. But yeah, an official announcement would be best from RIKEN. Video says that they’ll make an announcement in late 2019. Only time will tell but hey that video at least warmed many of our hearts.

    2. @Paul, that’s a huge price range. I’d be interested to see the rationale behind doubling the price to almost $400k. Also, will this technically be available to anyone who can afford it or will they ONLY take Asian patients. Hopefully Tsuji sets the record straight and dispels rumors.

      1. Yeah, the price (well, potential price) is far from ideal. But I am far more interested in finding out 1) Does it actually work? 2) Will it be available to people outside Japan?

        If a proper, legitimate cure exists, I would be ecstatic. Beyond ecstatic. I’m sure many, many people would. To me, that would be life changing. If I had to get a huge loan, or a couple of huge loans, I would be okay with that. If money is the only thing standing in the way of fixing your hair, that is a much better situation than not having the option at all.

        Any idea when we will hear from Tsuji?

  9. Here is the gist : we have failed to sell you a real treatment or cure but we still have some very high quality labs to just give up, so we can store start a new service called : we can store your follicle !!
    What a lame way to convince even the most idiot kid

    1. Fully agree with you ali, I am really wondering who are those guys falling on this. The weakest proposition I have seen in years, they should really think that hairloss sufferers are a such a bunch of idiots ( and unfortunately some people are so desperate that are really buying whatever cheap talk they are selling them) that are going to pay money for something that maybe in the future is going to be released and for which no evidence has been provided.. we are really touching the bottom

  10. There is no utility in banking.

    Pattern hair loss is not a hair “aging” problem, it’s a hair DHT sensitivity problem.

    The hair on the back of our scalps is perfect for cloning and transplanting when this tech becomes available.

    Banking adds nothing.

  11. @Guest99 If it were in Yen, that would be between $1,500-$3,000 USD. Sounds a bit low. I think the sweet spot to make sense for the company and consumers would be $50k USD. But many would gladly pay 6 figures to get their hair back, me included.

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