Free iRestore Laser System Prize Drawing

All iRestore laser hair growth sytem prize drawing entries are closed as of September 6th. Please read the next post for winner notification. Make sure to also read my summary of the best laser hair growth devices.

iRestore Laser
The iRestore Laser Hair Growth System.

iRestore New Hair for the New Year Giveaway

Several days ago, someone from a public relations company contacted me and asked me if I was willing to give away a free iRestore laser hair growth system to one of my readers via a random drawing. This is part of a promotion called “New Hair for the New Year” with the logic being that the iRestore laser will take 12 weeks to show results, just in time for the coming new year. I accepted the offer, since these laser devices are quite expensive and not guaranteed to work on everyone.

Do note that there is some evidence (e.g., see my LLLT post and here) that low level laser and light therapy (LLLT) does benefit hair growth. Lasers are unlikely to ever stimulate hair growth in areas that are totally bald, but there is a chance that lasers will make your existing hair stronger. In fact I have noticed that that my own hair feels stronger and denser when I have been outdoors in the sun for half the day, although there is perhaps no strong connection between sunlight versus focused proximal laser light.

Reddit and iRestore Reviews

The iRestore laser device is FDA cleared for sale in the US. You can find many iRestore discussions and before and after photos on Reddit if you conduct a search.

However, be careful to not fall for any fake reviews, especially on Amazon. The official website of the company is legit. The company currently has two models in the Eseential and the Professional:

  • iRestore Essential Laser Hair Growth System. Costs around $500 when on sale (including discount and add-on coupon). Average rating of 3.9 out of 4 stars based on 3,700 reviews. It has 51 medical-grade lasers and LEDs.
  • iRestore Professional Laser Hair Growth System. Costs around $800 when on sale. Average rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars based on 605 reviews. It has 282 medical-grade lasers and LEDs.

Prize Drawing Rules and Notes

  • This sweepstakes/prize drawing is for US residents only (although if you are a nonresident who has a reliable physical US address, you can still participate).
  • All you have to do is post a comment to this post and state that “I want to enter the prize drawing” or something similar such as “I am in”. Note that if you have never made a comment on this blog before, I will need to approve your first comment and it will be on hold for a bit or might go to the spam folder. Also note that if you are posting a comment, you do not need to fill out the URL box (just leave it blank please) when prompted. When you fill out the name and e-mail boxes when writing a comment, you can enter a fake name, but please enter a valid e-mail address.
  • If you do win the prize, I will announce it on this blog and e-mail you, and then you will need to e-mail me your real name and real physical address. I will not share your information with anyone other than the company that sends out the free iRestore laser device.
  • Do not enter more than once!
  • The drawing is supposed to be random, so what I will do is that once I have all the entries (most likely I will wait for anywhere from 5-10 days before closing), is pick one name at random. However, if the name I pick is someone who has made too many foolish comments on this blog in the past (i.e., one of just 5 or so people that I recall in three years of writing this blog), I will redraw to find a more suitable winner.
  • If commenting for the first time, I also highly recommending sticking to the same username once you pick one. And try not to pick something like “Mike” “Matt” “Joe” etc… that has already been taken before and causes too much confusion. At least add a number to the end of a name if its a very common name like the ones that I just listed.
  • Finally, I am trusting that this company that has contacted me will make sure that the device gets to the winner on time. They have assured me that it will get there within several days of my notifying them of the winner, so hopefully the lucky man or woman will get it in two weeks from today at the very latest.

FYI — in case you win, you will have to verify that you are the same person by posting another comment next week via the same computer/IP address (I can see those each time you comment) and same name. Any suspicious entries/repeat entries from new first time commentators will be ignored. For first-time commentators, please put in your exact correct e-mail address instead of a fake one when prompted before making a comment. I will be emailing you if you win.

183 thoughts on “Free iRestore Laser System Prize Drawing”

    1. I’ll try anything that has some science to it and has low risk–count me in. If memory serves me Dr. Feller wrote a scathing piece on laser therapy with lots of scientific mumbo jumbo that debunks the therapy. But I will say the helmet looks cool!

  1. Unrelated comments will be deleted unless pertaining to the subject matter (i.e., topics such as LLLT, iRestore, UV light etc… are ok as is of course any comment about wanting to participate in the drawing).

  2. Great initiative, gutted for us Europeans I guess but lovely to see a company finally confident enough in its product to put it out there to the test. Good luck guys and winner keep us updated!

  3. Enter me into the prize drawing please! Thanks Admin! (yes winner should update us, have a nice forum blog with decent pics!) ;)

  4. Did lllt alone for 6 months n my hair was only gettin worse at the same pace it was before I started. Waste of money. How the fda approves stuff like this I will never kno

    1. @MD,
      I didn’t want to say this, therefore I stated before that I think this drawing is a great promotion. (I don’t see my comment anymore).

      However I got one LLLT device from another brand, €600, same results as MD prescribed, no results.

      But I hope some people benefit from LLLT though. Maybe those with mild hairloss.

    2. The FDA doesn’t certify that it works, only that it’s not harmful. LLLT DOESN’T work on men, though there is some minor evidence that it works on women – which is exactly the same situation for PRP.

  5. Long time reader of this site and love reading about all of the possible excitement for us in the future perhaps…with Riken, Shiseido, Histogen, etc. Hope everyone here is doing well and I hope that I can be entered into the drawing as well.

  6. I want to enter the prize drawing.
    I want to also let it be known that if I did win I will post updates on this blog regarding my progress. If it works I want everyone to know. Thanks admin

  7. I want to enter the prize drawing. Would also post updates… skeptical of the whole thing, but if it was free why not try it?

  8. Admin I’ll sit out on this but let me say by far you have the best site and you are really bringing much more to the table as an admin than anyone one else please keep it up. On a side note to make u laugh I always notice u list huge breakthroughs ex … something like immunotherapy will cure cancer by next year and it just doesn’t seem to get many comments.. I could see next ..Ray Kurzweil discovers compound to reverse aging and live forever and guys would be like so what give me back my f….. hair lol! Just goes to show how bad hair loss affects us all! On another side note I have a friend who knows someone who has new info on Polichem I will see what i can dig up.

    1. They are starting phase 1/2 . And looking for investors for the following trials. I don’t see it saying they are completing phase 2. Plus that second picture of the guy looks shady. Before pic his hair is black and after picture his hair is light brown? Wouldn’t his hair just be black with more coverage? The lady’s pic looks legit!

      1. I apologize. @mjones.
        Yes, they are now beginning phase 2. However, I think they have reached the necessary funding to conduct the clinical trial. The product will be available in four years. However I hope it’s not too late….because….Brotzu, Follica, Histogen, Replicel be the market in 2018.

        1. According to FT if Fidias trial goes well and shows efficacy it could be released early 2017 as a cosmetic. But out off all those I think the best one in theory to work is follica

  9. Holy cow! Dr Weinstein said:

    “100% of the people that have used [RT1640] have had satisfactory growth and a significant percentage have had complete hair regeneration.”

  10. I have a question. I think it needs the laser light to reach till the follicle to make some positive effect? So how does wearing this device will make it possible if you still have hair? The current hair might be thin but it is enough to block the light reaching the follices?

  11. I want to enter for the drawing.

    I have bad seb derm and lasers have shown some promise towards it. Never had the funds so this would be awesome. Good stuff admin.

  12. This thing is kinda expensive compared to the comb…like why? They don’t prevent baldness, they don’t regrow lost hair, they just make the hair you have slightly healthier and thicker but it still falls out with time, I’ve used the comb since I was 18. Still going bald.

  13. Ruh, I will leave that link up, but please discuss in the hair loss chat on this site. These new companies have yet to even start phase 1 trials and I do not want to disrupt the subject matter of this post (and I do not want to waste time when drawing the laser helmet winner’s name trying to sort out too many unrelated comments). Some people have also doubted the before and after photos in that link.

    1. Well if you dont have lot of cancer cells roaming around your body, wounding would not do anything to you. People like prettyfly83 have been using a dermaroller for 3 years.. that’s 1 per week x 4 (4 weeks per month). x 12 months x 3 years.. and he has more and more hair…. with no cancer.

      Let’s be reasonable and have little fear.

      1. What is the regimen of prettyfly83, only dermarolling 1x a week? Does he use drugs?
        Is his head completely covered now?

        Almost nobody in this blog mentions dermarolling as his/her current regimen.

        Or am I mistaken?

        1. What? Everybody knows that the guy is a dermarolling god and yes he uses minoxidil. He went from a complete baldy to a balding man if you know what I mean.

    1. You already registered before. And posted three additional unrelated comments in this thread and the same link twice…all deleted. And your IP does not track to the US so you do not qualify for the prize. Are you bored?

  14. Does anyone widh to give some input in regards to latest posts a couple of posts up.. It’s about a link between wounding and cancer being formed from stem cells from hair bulb.. I would really like someone with some knowledge on this to kick this off please.. Who knows maybe that is why Follica hasn’t pulled the trigger

    1. Good question, like to know that as well. Wounding leading to a higher cancer risk due to hair follicle stem cells would be the end of Follica.

      However JAK inhibitors suppress the immune system, leading to a higher cancer risk as well.

      I still think that the immune system blocks anything that is growing too fast, so suspicious tissue will be destroyed or shut down (shot down in case of hair follicles) if the immune system interprets signals from that particular tissue correctly (cancer) or wrongly (hair follicles).

      One hair loss expert told me 4 years ago that, ” enough companies have found credible solutions to overcome AGA completely, however, they still aren’t sure whether it causes cancer or not, because (hair) (tissue) growth can be something positive but also extremely negative”.

  15. Netshed thank you!!!

    Yes my concern with jak inhibitors would be same risk they pose systematically which would be lymphoma. This is a great convo to start.. This is why a seti or brotzu or polichem would be probably safer tahn somw other options even with autologous solitions will still pose a risk involving some intial wound however if this talk about that activating an oncogene to go awry im not sure because millions of hair transplants have been done and im sure a connection between wounding like that or even prp and basel cell carcinoma. I wonder though will adding a compound like fgf9 hurt or will adding a compound like stemox at home which many of us have done including myself push things to go haywire…just food for thought

    1. We still don’t know which compounds Follica will use, however I cannot imagine that they use needling+MIN (others have done that already).

      There should be some other compounds you need to put on your scalp after Follica wounding. (I believe Rivertown uses MIN+SPIRO+their own RT…., without disrupting the skin).

      At the same time, if wounding+drugs actually triggers hair follicle neogenesis/formation, I don’t believe it really increases the cancer risk on your scalp.

      On a babies scalp, follicle formation takes place as well, and I have never heard of young children with scalp cancer, folliculair cancer due to abnormal growth of hair (stem) cells.

      If follicle formation in case of babies doesn’t cause cancer, why would it in case of adults after wounding.
      Wounding takes place everytime we scratch or wash our head, especially in case of those with severe Seb Derm.

      Skin tumors on the scalp however, mostly manifest at older age due to UV damage, but that is something different. We all know that.

      That is just a consequence of the fact that AGA is still not solved. I think we need to be more afraid of basalcelcarcinomas on our baldings scalps than tumora caused by AGA treatments or cures. But that is my opinion.

      Sorry Admin, totally unrelated, but the cancer risk, as always, should of course not be underestimated.

  16. Netshed my man!! I feel the same way as of right now too!!! Thanks for indulging me my friend.. And Paul Pheonix if u feel inclined please luk ur feelings on this..

  17. Does anyone here have any clue where and if they have Octa sabal plus pumkin seed oil( the korean supplemet used in the study) available for sale? I cant find it anywhere.

    1. If follica approach caused tumors he wouldn’t be jeopardizing his name and career. I think they have a good thing on their hands. Regardless of my dumb dermatologist and her lack of knowledge on hairloss, we have potential good treatment lined up. The one thing I have noticed is that only cots, Christiano, Jak, SM has been mentioned in major news channels. I don’t recall histogen, rivertown, replicel being mentioned in any news channel except for like random Internet sites. Do you think it’s because they know it’s bs treatments. Maybe sisheido was mentioned but I remember for sure seeing SM, Follica, Jak and Repunzel on MSNBC and BBC.

      1. All I know is that we have to take >95% of the info from the internet, and that I am not impressed by the European effort that is being made to solve this AGA crap. We have to wait for something coming from USA or ASIA.

        However, I don’t care who will come up with the ultimate solution, as long as it is released ASAP. I just hoped there would be more sympathy coming from the EU continent.

        I never wanted to get a HT, but the developments are too little and too late. If you have bad luck your DNA is balding you faster than the scientists are working.

        Early 2017 I will start investigating my HT options, and probably plan for the procedure in the late summer. I don’t like my balding-monk-look anymore.

        Only if Histogen is released on time, it might prevent me from going the HT route. If its delayed, I am out.

  18. Count me in. I think that if I win this, I will attempt it with needling before treatment to see if the result will amplify. I updated my email address.

  19. Yes sorry admin…

    Maybe in the future we should start up a convo about safe treatemnts and high risk ones that may or may not have cancerous risks.. Netshed thank you so much for your input.

    For now im inclined to feel more like yourself whereas I believe if our fear of this was factual and proven we would have many documented incidents of transplants or prp or just cuts to the head forming tumors.

    1. There are people on this board which have more knowledge than me when it comes to these kind of studies. Paul Pheonix for instance.

      Although it’s an article from years back, I still think it’s a very interesting subject, especially in relation to Follicas approach.

      In general, not the wounding but potentially dangerous drugs or compounds used for the different AGA treatments might become triggers for tumors. However they always research/tackle the safety issues during trials. And the FDA will be watching closely.

      If the wounding really would be that dangerous, we would see a lot of skin cancer victims among people who got FUT procedures. All their malicious cells would ‘jump’ towards that open tissue.

      Again, the risk of getting basalcellcarcinomas on the naked scalp due to sun exposure is much higher than the risk of getting these tumors from scratches, cuts and HT procedures.

      So please hurry up scientists, we are balding and burning in the sun!

  20. sorry Admin last unrelated for this thread from me.. would you be able to help me going to repost my question ………..Does anyone here have any clue where and if they have Octa sabal plus pumkin seed oil( the korean supplemet used in the study) available for sale? I cant find it anywhere.

  21. same question to you Admin like the ones you asked yoga was bold… i see comments on follica and wounding and tumor growth.. u didnt delete them however you delete the other most.
    what is the reason? are you bored?

    1. “yoda was bald” posted links to the FT blog three times in just one day…once even in an old totally unrelated dutasteride cost post and once in the PRP post and once in this latest laser post. Then he registered for this prize draw TWICE while not even living in the US.

      You are both wasting my time and both have been moved to the moderation queue so your comments won’t be automatically approved anymore. One more misstep and you are totally banned.

  22. At a dead end with my hair I have tried every spent so much time and money on hair products, I’m constantly reading reviews on products and would absolutely love one of these so I’m in! Thanks

  23. I would like to enter the draw but unfortunately I’m from canada.

    On a side not I tried H&W topical fin but unfortunately experienced similar sides as oral after 1 week, which was confirmed by a blood test that it went systemic (40% decrease in DHT)

    I am currently on month 4 rogaine and seeing some results.

    My regimen until something better comes will be the following:
    – PRP injections scheduled in 2 months, followed by 2 injections per year
    – Rogaine foam 5% in the morning
    – LaserCap starting 1 year after the start of PRP

    I think this regimen might prove useful for someone like me that can’t tolerate fin and that is at early stages of this stupid MPB
    I bought a USB microscope on amazon and I will monitor progress periodically

    Hang around guys the cure is coming :)

    1. Thanks for the great update. I will ask the laser helmet company if Canada is ok…if yes I will add you to the prize draw list.

      1. I’m also in Canada. I can participate?

        I showed my interest in the first comments but you may have me removed from the list because of my nationality…

  24. Thank you very much admin I appreciate it!

    You’re doing a great job and we will remember you once this puzzle gets solved !

  25. Hey admin, do you know if this laser cap works better than the hairmax laser comb? What are your thoughts on it. I have been thinking of buying one and if it’s worth the money since lasers are fda cleared not approved.

    1. I have a Hairmax Laser Comb if you want I can ship it to you.

      Edited by Admin: Please no all caps sentences, and discuss with mjones in the hair loss chat on how you will ship and what you will charge. Will delete further comments from here.

  26. I reckon you’d do well to ship to the UK. It’s only a little splash away. What’s a body of water among balding buddys? That said it’s a funky looking cap. Not sure I could pull it off. My kids would put the photographic evidence on Facebook..

  27. I’m in Canada and would like to try this.
    Just an FYI, I have tried the Hairmax laser comb which I think helped for a little while maybe ~1 year but now it does nothing.

  28. What’s cool about a helmet like this is you can put it on for the length of time required every day while you do something else in your morning routine. 5 years ago I bought the hairmax laser comb which was exhausting to use; you have to use it by hand for 15 minutes whilst moving it very slowly across your scalp ~.5 inch every 4 seconds. Needless to say, it became way too tedious and I ended up not using it anymore.

      1. Believe it or not I got comments from people saying my hair looked darker and they didn’t know I was using it. It was just so tiring I just couldn’t do it anymore

        1. Hmm darker is good. My hair was dark brown now it’s turning lighter in color all over. I’m just afraid of a shed which I can’t afford to have. Did you have a shed using it? I just want to use it on my right and left temples where it’s really starting to thin out.

          1. I would need to use an area of 3 square inches on left and right temples. So I wouldn’t need to do it for the full 15 min as directed

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