Christophe Guillemat and Stem Cell Transfer (SCT) Hair Transplants

Over the past two years, perhaps the single most popular subject that I have been asked to provide my opinion on and have not is with regards to Dr. Christophe Guillemat (of the CFS Barcelona clinic in Spain) and his Stem Cell Transfer (SCT) hair transplantation technique.

Till now, I have avoided discussing this man because there was similar excitement about Dr. Coen Gho and his donor hair regeneration technique some 5-10 years ago, and to this day I am not sure if Dr. Gho is really getting any significant level of hair regeneration consistently (assuming the partial hairs that he transplants to the frontal and crown regions of patient scalps all grow in the first place).

The biggest problem with such claims of donor hair regeneration is that patients can not really precisely tell what portion of their donor hair (if any at all) regenerated, so we are reliant on a surgeon’s word. Donor region pictures of the back of the scalp also never tell you for sure what portion of hair has regenerated.

Even with zero hair regeneration in regular hair transplants, donor regions typically never look like they are balding in spite of having much less density than prior to transplantation.

Dr. Gho has attracted a lot of skepticism over the years from other hair transplant surgeons. Moreover, I would have thought that by now he could have made a fortune if he were to have taught his potentially revolutionary technique to other surgeons for a very high fee, instead of still continuing to perform hair transplants himself. Nevertheless, I do not doubt his technique entirely, since there does seem some sound logic behind the idea that leaving some stem cells behind could lead to donor follicle regeneration.

Dr. Christophe Guillemat and Stem Cell Transfer (SCT) Hair Transplants

Going back to the subject matter, I finally decided to cover Dr. Guillemat because five days ago he published a groundbreaking (or fluff) blog post that is a must read. You will need to translate it into English via right clicking in your browser and selecting “Translate to English” or via using the Google Translate webpage. Dr. Guillemat wrote the post after seeing extremely positive results in three patients’ donor hair regeneration one year post stem cell transplantation.

The title of Dr. Guillemat’s blog post when translated reads “Resounding success in hair generation with stem cells“! Some of the other overly extravagant sentences in the translation that I have pasted below made me laugh with disbelief, but I do hope that they are all true and I prove to be very wrong in my skepticism:

“We’ve got an average of 82% of hair regeneration with stem cells in the donor area !!!”

“It is the first time in the history of hair transplants that such an important hair regeneration is achieved” — Note: I wonder if Dr. Gho agrees?

“In short, the process works and can say that we are at the beginning of a new era for the correction of baldness”

“To this day, there was no technique that allows hair implants recover such amount of follicles in the donor area!”

“The stem cell transfer is a reality”

“Revolutionary technique that allows patients to repopulate a bald area without losing their hair capital in the donor area.”

To be fair to Dr. Guillemat, despite the overly emotional language, he does mention some limitations and areas that need improvement:

  • Only 50-60 percent growth in recipient areas and 82 percent hair regeneration in donor area (both numbers will need improving).
  • Cell transfer is a much more delicate procedure in comparison to entire hair follicle transfer.

Dr. Guillemat is going to publish more patient information, photos and videos on his blog in the coming days. If you are really interested in this technique, you should also read his past blog posts, see some of his YouTube videos and follow him on Twitter.

27 thoughts on “Christophe Guillemat and Stem Cell Transfer (SCT) Hair Transplants”

  1. Hi everyone.

    It’s a big surprise to see Guilleumat here. I’ve been following his work for ages, with hope. I’m also from Spain and I’ve visited his clinic several times. All I can say is that this is a reality. However, this technique must improve a bit in order to give better results. He’s been saying that it will cost a little bit more than a normal hair transplant. But it’s worth it. We’re so close to have ilimited hair to cover huge bald surfaces!
    I speak spanish and I can answer some questions you may have about this. I know 100% of the details that Guilleumat have been given.

      1. Can you explain you said – He’s not a doctor?

        also I don’t completely understand his technique. Is he extracting a small amount of hair from the donor site injecting them into the balding areas (recipient site) while also extracting stem cells from those hair and injecting them back into the donor site(back of the scalp) in order for the donor hair to grow back?. I’m confused?

  2. I find it interesting that Dr. Guillemat is answering every question on his blog.. it make me think he’s doing serious work and not a scam

    i hope i’m right… we need new treatments

    1. Tio, esta bien que pienses que es falso, pero no deberias decir que si es scam que si tal, a mi me parece una persona seria, siempre respondiendo de forma personal a cada mensaje, inventarse eso es perjudicial para ellos, porque perderian credibilidad y es una clinica con lista de espera, yo aun ni he pasado por alli, pero estoy pensandome mucho una FUE con ellos porque me parece profesionales y que no quieren venderte nada que no vaya como anillo al dedo para ti y sobretodo tratar todo con seriedad como he visto con varios clientes en su foro, que en unos lados le han dicho que pueden ponerle 3500 ufs y el despues de observarlo ver que no podrian hacer mas de 1800 ufs, en fin muchas cosas que hace ver que son una clinica que no solo busca dinero ( que todas lo buscan ) pero esta a mi parecer tambien se preocupa por el paciente. yo estoy pensandome si hacerme FUE con ellos o esperar a SCT, la verdad que lo que tengo es algo mas de entradas y menos cantidad alante, aunque aun bastante aceptable, pero por ponerse solucion pronto, entonces creo que me vendria mejor FUE, por precio y por efectividad ( a dia de hoy )

  3. I met the company. They are always working in this kind of scams. No thrichogen photos? Poor photos? Why? If you update the surgeon why you dont take good photos?

    Sry for my english

  4. ¿Siempre respondiendo de forma personal de cada mensaje?… tu escribele una critica en su blog y ya veras cuanto tiempo tarda en editartelo…

    ¿Serio?…. te parece serio la forma de documentar una caso asi con esa ridiculez de imagenes q no prueban nada?

    Esta clinica es de lo peor q te puedes encontar en España en cuanto a implantes capilares, zonas donantes maltratadas y receptoras carentes de densidad y faltas graves de supervivencia… las operaciones las delegan en asistentes y el Dr solo te dibuja la primera linea y ya no lo ves mas…

    Tengan cuidado con esta esta gente en especial con el tal Guillemat este q por no ser no es ni doctor…

    1. primero de todo, no tengo nada con ellos, pero he visto los casos que tienen y tampoco se puede decir que son malos, que pruebas tienes tu para decir que si zonas donantes maltratadas, poca densidad y demas criticas? por curiosidad, repito que es porq me estoy planteando una FUE alli.

      1. ellos han hecho un transplante a Jesus Gamez, jugador del Atletico de Madrid y estaba bastante aceptable, por lo que no entiendo las criticas..

  5. ok 82 % in the donor area but 50 % in the recipiant area

    And when they extract the same zone a second time? does the air follicule grow with 50% in the recipiant area or less??

    I wonder if the result doesn’t decrease when they re extract the same follicule…

    ( sorry for my bad english)

  6. If anyone underwent a HT performed by Guillemat or Gho, maybe they can share their experience here and send their before and after HT photos to Admin.

  7. You ask any HT doctor proof of the percentage of donor hair was survive to tranplant and you will se that this claims of % are all made without any real data.

    More BS here….

    1. Thanks Mike! Do you know when the website was updated? I am not sure about this, but if mjones turns out to be correct about Follica, I will be extremely annoyed and pleased (to get new hair) at the same time.

      Dr. Cotsarelis still had a bald patch in his crown region the last time I saw him on video…wonder if he has managed to grow new hair there?

      1. This has been within the past 24 hrs. I randomly visited the site yesterday and it was some weird holding page so I knew something was up. New hires also at various levels. Some great experience but frustrated at lack of real clarity over what exactly they are using. Why, what did mjones say?

        1. mjones made way too many nonsensical usually off-topic comments (he has more comments on this blog than anyone else, including myself, despite being temporarily banned several times). He was a huge proponent of Follica and its CEO Dr. Cotsarelis.

          mjones repeatedly mentioned his Greek origins (as well as the fact that Dr. Cotsarelis was Greek), yet he chose despite the last name “jones” as part of his username herr…strange.

          For months he told us that he had an appointment to see Dr. Cotsarelis, then said the appointment was postponed, and finally said it was cancelled since mjones became busy with his job.

          Someone suggested that he was bipolar. Hope not.

          1. Oh I see. Well, he may be right but they look like they are gearing up for some announcements. But like before, I’d really love to know more. Fingers crossed it can help the vast majority of people with truly game changing treatment.

            They talk the talk. Now we’re getting closer to seeing if they walk the walk.

          2. mjones was the coolest guy on here – i miss that crazy sob. i remember one time he said he wish he could get abducted by aliens to learn the cure for baldness from them so he could cure us all and then disease all the secret elite multi billionaires hiding the cure…. you can’t get better than that. hilarious

  8. Donor area (if their story is true):
    They can extract 3 times the same (partial) graft if they are able to get 80% regrowth, because: 80% * 80% * 80% = 51% remaining density in the donor area, which is enough to keep the full-head-of-hair-look in your donor area.

    However they never partially extract all possible grafts during every HT. Meaning that, during the second HT they might select/use other grafts than those who were partially extracted during the first HT from your donor. And so on.

    Therefore it is believed that you could at least have 6 HT’s without totally depleting (bald spots) your donor area, that is if you are a good HT candidate in the first place of course.

    Recipient area: most photos show that (for a much higher price than a normal FUE HT) the yield in the recipient area is disappointing. This might be caused by low graft survival (which I don’t believe because hair often keeps growing in the recipient area without any shed after this stemcell HT) or by the situation in which only 1-hair-grafts are moved during this kind of Stemcell FUE (which I believe more).

    Critics state that they trick us by dividing a 3-hair-graft in the donor region into a 2-hair-graft remaining in the donor and transplanting a 1-hair-graft to the recipient region.

    That last theory might underline the very disappointing densities which are often achieved in the recipient area. Together with the fact that these stemcell FUE’s cost more than a regular FUE, it is very much possible that not your donor area will be depleted but your bank account will.

    However, the four advantages of these stemcell FUE’s should be:
    1) Donor hair regeneration
    2) No visible dot shaped scars in donor or recipient, faster healing
    3) High hair graft survival rate
    4) Immediate growth in recipient, less shedding

    Anyway, there are still a lot of questions …

  9. For me this divice will be like laser stuff… And will be FDA aproved… But it works?
    Is like woman cosmétic, they told your skin will get younger but you know is not true. But you still but it. Include myself xD

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