Are Men Losing Hair Earlier than in Past Generations?

For many years, I have observed that men seem to be losing their scalp hair earlier than in past generations, and also in far greater numbers. I have also seen this phenomenon in women in more recent years, although the generalized thinning type of hair loss typical in women is sometimes harder to notice from a distance with the naked eye. My initial observation regarding increased hair loss in younger men was based on three key factors:

  1. Seeing at least half the men in my father’s and grandfather’s generations still having excellent hair in old age.
  2. Seeing very old group photos of people from 100 or more years ago from around the world having very few obviously balding people in them. Sometimes even none.
  3. Noticing NBA basketball players going bald at much more rapid rates than in the past. Because fully shaved heads in the NBA have become very popular over the past three decades and Afro hairstyles have almost gone extinct, this point is hard to prove and I could be wrong. However, a number of basketball players have discussed their hair loss openly in recent years after shaving it all off or trying to hide it like Lebron James.

The second point above is all the more impressive when considering the fact that no-one in those 100 plus year old photos would have had a hair transplant at that time. Moreover, hairpieces would have been far more obvious in that era and easily noticeable. In today’s group photos, it is quite likely that at least one person in the group has a had a hair transplant, or is using a hairpiece, or is using a hair loss concealer. For example, in recent US politics, Donald Trump and Joe Biden come to mind as men in the upper echelons of power having at least some type of surgery to give them new hair up front. Both of them when appearing in group photos are deceiving us.

My above three original observations were further solidified by two further developments in the past decade:

  • Around 10 years ago, my older female hairdresser told me that she was seeing more and more male high school children going bald. She said it was quite shocking. She did not mention younger females having thinner hair at a greater rate than in the past, but I think that is also happening.
  • In more recent years, I have read a number of articles discussing how Japanese men were going bald at much greater rates than in the past. In fact, it seems like balding in your 20s and early youth was an exceedingly rare phenomenon in Japan prior to World War II. A famous scientist by the name of Dr. Masumi Inaba published a book in 1985 in which he concluded that after World War II, Japanese men were going bald at a much more rapid pace due to a westernized high animal fat diet. Even Japanese men who moved to the western world started balding more rapidly according to Dr. Inaba. Some people think bad diets are causing excess inflammation in human bodies along with insulin resistance, both of which could be adversely impacting hair.

While researching this post, I also found a 1990 paper from the Netherlands that immigrant communities were experiencing higher rates of hair loss than in their home countries.

Besides the dietary theories of why premature balding and androgenetic alopecia rates are increasing at younger ages, another theory that has also found some support is that low levels of Vitamin D from limited sunshine availability in the western world has led to Caucasians having much higher rates of balding in comparison to other races. This has now been further exacerbated by the modern heavily indoor-based lifestyle across the world.

Yet other hypotheses have focused on changing hormone levels in humans due to various chemicals in our environment, food and water. Increasing stress levels in modern societies have also been used to explain higher rates of hair loss. None of these theories are set in stone of course, and it has not even been conclusively proven that hair loss rates are definitely higher in the current generation than in past generations.

All Men Bald in Future
Ultimate evolution of male hairlines?

Genetic theories on hair loss have focused on the fact that balding can be passed on from either side of the family, and it does not require both male grandparents to be bald for a male grandchild to also be bald. i.e., balding is a dominant trait and therefore likely to increase in each generation. However, the genetics of male pattern hair loss are not so clear cut according to this article. On many online hair loss forums, people have joked in the past that the final step in human evolution is when everyone (or at least all men) look like in the above photo. So it makes sense that each generation is balder than the prior one.

Chinese and Indians Going Bald Younger

The reason for my writing this article is due to yesterday’s news from the South China Morning Post that a shocking 60 percent of university students in China were losing their hair according to one survey with 4,000 participants. Per Dr. Fu Lanqin:

“My feeling is that this generation is losing its hair sooner than previous generations.”

China is the world’s most populous nation, and historically, Asians lose hair at much lower rates than Caucasians. However, a 60 percent hair loss figure for young university students in China seems much higher than what we would see today in the western world’s colleges.

India is the world’s second most populous country, and in recent years, a number of articles from that nation’s newspapers have mentioned increasing hair loss in younger people. One of the more interesting ones found that young Indian men from the IT sector were especially prone to balding.

Koreans Too

An article published in 2018 suggests that Korean men are also losing their hair at an earlier age than in the past. The usual reasons of bad diets, stress and sedentary habits are given for this increase in premature early balding.

It seems like whoever finally comes out with a hair loss cure will have an unlimited supply of young clients.

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  1. I agree with stress, crap gmo foods, low vitamin D levels and hormones in our water. Of course not everyone loses their hair but if you have the gene these factors may onset it much much earlier in your life. The good thing about this article is that money hungry companies will have a huge demand and clientele for mpb cures and treatments. So they better stop bsing and start releasing some treatments this year.

  2. I, and people I know, have also made this observation.

    I definitely think that the younger demographic and the “age of the selfie” have helped fuel the advancements in hairloss research we’ve been seeing the last couple years now.

    There is and will be a larger market for hairloss treatments.

  3. IMO, stress and hypertension are underestimated. It does not mean work pressure, but the constant fight-and-flight mode some people find themselves. Rats react by losing hair when constantly in fear.
    Also, IMO sexual activity, esp. a without partner, might strongly correlate.

  4. I agree with this. My father started thinning when he was ten years older than i was when i started thinning.
    A few things i have noticed…
    When i eat lots of sugar, things like chocolate and fudge i get an extremely itchy scalp the next day. Also extremely itchy around my face wherw my beard is.. Lots of flaking skin, its gross.
    Possibly the increase in sugar in people diets have an impact on hair. In saying that both chocolate and fudge are full of fat also so who knows.
    I am still positive that acne and hairloss are connected. I had mild acne as a teenager and now i have mild hair loss. My older brother had no acne and has no hair loss
    I posted about tretinoin before and how well it works to stop my hair loss.. This is an acne medication.. People also use azaleic acid and retinol with great success.. Both acne medications. I must also mention i was prescribed a topical ointment for the ingrown hairs on my neck. It was an anti biotic ointment that cleared up my neck in a week however that week i lost an unbelievable amount of hair on my head. It could be just a coincidence but who knows.. Zinc is also used to prevent acne when taken orally. Seems tobe good for preventing shedding too. Especially after fap

    1. Hey man, about acne (this is my case), I had no acne whatsoever during puberty and started balding around 16. It could very well be connected, but not in every case

  5. In India young people facing graying of hair at teenage. Now its normal. In past our parents scold us.. See your hair is graying. But now they also accept that every body has gray hair.

    I think the heavy use of pastisides in farms ruins our food. And that food we eats and its changes our hormone. May be baldness is inherited but that gene should activated at later age. In current time that genes are activated at early age is due to pastisides in food.

    Some time i also thinks that high testasteron level is due to telivision shows..
    Some creepy news and adult content which makes every peoples testasteron high. In older time there were not TV or Internet to see this type of content. Aggression is also high in young people.

    May any company crack the code asap.

  6. How about the effects of internet pornography? It has become a phenomenon in the 2000’s. Orgasm converses normal testosterone to DHT.

    Free internet pornography —> Lots of masturbation orgasms —> Lots of DHT —> More balding young men

    1. I was thinking of adding something related to that controversial theory to my post when I wrote it, but then decided against it. Moreover, some reports indicate that so much internet porn has led to sexual dysfunction in many people, and a rise in asexuality, herbivore men etc…

    2. But isn’t that an over-simplified view of hair loss based on what we know? MPB doesn’t happen because of “more” DHT, it happens because certain people’s genes are susceptible to being overly sensitive to that DHT.

      I suppose if you can broadly assume that masturbation and or sex habits are widely similar among large demographics of young men, then that increase in DHT could theoretically start a snowball effect that leads to hair-loss in subjects that also have predisposed androgen sensitivity. The problem is there are several dozen genes now “associated” with androgenetic alopecia, pointing to a much bigger, more complicated picture of that chain of events that kicks off MPB.

    3. Conversely, when DHT is suppressed via finasteride, people get the negative sexual/physical/mental side effects which are now becoming well-known.

      There’s nothing “abnormal” about DHT; it’s apparently a necessary part of men’s hormonal systems. What’s abnormal is the genetic condition wherein it triggers some (possibly inflammatory/autoimmune) process which results in the miniaturization of some hair follicles, but only in the characteristic Norwood pattern, and only on the head.

      One suspects that an effect this specific must have served some adaptive purpose at some point in human evolution, otherwise it would have been selected out long ago, because of its negative effects. Humans have much less body hair than almost any other mammal; presumably the reason scalp hair has been retained is for protection against heat, cold, and sunburn. If it sometimes refuses to grow, not over the whole head, as in alopecia areata, but in a very specific pattern, there must be a reason for that, or there must have been a reason, at some time in the past.

    1. Did you know there is pretty much zero iodine in australian soil? So you are not getting it in the foods in australia. Try an iodine supplement

    2. I live six months a year in Europe and when I’m there my hair loss gets worse.
      I think it has to do with climate or water quality.
      The other six months I live in California.

      As someone wrote before .. sugar does not help balding, nutrition plays a fundamental role in hair loss.
      if we are genetically predestined to lose our hair we will lose them, but with the right nutrition we can do a lot to slow down the process.
      2018… Shiseido should give us a good news …

  7. I have noticed in Ireland more bald men now than in old photos, including family photos. Also poorer countries have less bald men, even accounting for age demographics. The link between poor countries today and Ireland of 1800s is social mobility. Social mobility for most people in Europe started in late 1800s. I don’t know if it is the stress, or perhaps using a part of the brain not used historically. Academics, also seem to go bald. Almost every famous scientist and economist had some hair loss. Even those without the distinctive pattern of MPB.

  8. Well if it’s distributed world wide equally regardless of diet ethnicity air etc etc etc etc what could it be? Radiation pollution from fukushima and chernobyl is the only new atmospheric addition to the globe at large.

    Maybe when the pentagon gets done disclosing aliens we can ask them.

  9. this is definitely something we can never prove.
    what we can prove is that men in this generation living longer than past generations all because of advanced medicine.

    I think with fin and minox and other hairloss products, this generation must be lucky than the previous ones.
    but again this is indeed neither nor statement. we can not statistically prove it for hairloss. however definitely we live longer than people from 200-300 years ago

  10. Makes sense, if premature balding is a warning sign for T2 diabetes/metabolic syndrome then it would follow that we see more of it with the increase in those conditions. I bet there’s some insulin-related trigger that makes you more sensitive to androgens.

  11. Both my grandfathers were completely bald. My father is bald and my brother started balding in his 20s. I’m 37 and only the last 2 years have I noticed my hair starting to thin (but not really gray or recede yet). 23andme says I have an 80% chance of not balding. So… I seem to have bucked the trend so far though I’m guessing I’ll join the ranks in the next few years. I think much of it has to be due to trends in inflammation.

  12. I so wish we knew more. I feel I started balding very young, definitely younger than my dad. He held onto his color longer too. I have so many dreams of a brighter future. We gotta keep holding on, while always appreciating what we DO have. If I were to lose my loved ones tomorrow, or suddenly find myself terminally ill, I’d deeply regret spending the precious time I have now wishing for more hair. I gotta remember to keep things in perspective.

    1. That is where I am currently at, Daniel…trying to keep things in perspective and not lose/waste more precious time like I have been.

      But a few things I continue to come back to when I start thinking that I’m eating, drinking, thinking or breathing wrong…for the most part, hair on the top of the head is what is in jeopardy (in a very common exact pattern) while the sides can look healthy as can be(and they survive just fine when transplanted to the top). I just don’t see why that area should be in jeopardy at all…ever. BTW this is one of the best, down to earth threads I have come across with realistic, interesting views.

  13. so this past week it was confirmed i have chronic inflammation. I was already genetically predisposed to having mpb as it was slowly occurring from age of 16 however the last 2 years it took a very severe and aggressive turn even with taking finasteride. I do not think it is mere coincidence i’ve felt the effects of chronic inflammation for about a year and half and hair being lost in the traditional mpb pattern but the process being sped up very fast.

  14. How about this for a controversial thought. If it is becoming more and more common due to all the possible reasons above then do we still need a cure for hair loss? Social exclusion affects the few, not the many.

    1. It thinks it’s also about how you feel about yourself and not societies view on it. If being bald causes you to look significantly worse or emphasises perceived defects in your visual appearance I don’t think society being ok with it would help your view of yourself.

      There a millions of people in the world who look normal to society (whatever normal is) who have a bad self image which causes pain in their life.

      There is societies acceptance and there is your own acceptance of yourself.

      A hairloss cure , forgetting society, will benefit people’s own views and beliefs about themselves.

  15. Off topic…it’s been exactly two weeks on Rogaine liquid and my hair seems thinner. I only put a few drops on the right side of my scalp where im thinning. Now it seems my left side is thinner in density avd hair like took a hit. I’ve noticed shedding start 4 days into treatment. Nothing crazy but more than usual. Is this a good sign or should I drop it? Oh plus my dandruff kicked back up since starting liquid Rogaine…

    1. I tried the liquid for a bit and my overall hair was a lot thinning and it just felt awful aswell. Since switching back to the foam it seems to be of much better quality and slightly thicker (although this may just be an illusion). I personally seem to get on with (and prefer) the foam to the liquid

    2. Dude, I used minox for about 7 months before I got thickening. It was weird, I figured I wasn’t responding because I was getting thinner like you and then randomly it was like all of my hair was looking great. Give it a little longer

  16. Inflammation.

    Anyone here using stuff like Ibuprofen for a longer period of time? I wonder if using Ibuprofen will stop the inflammation on a cellular level and therefore the balding process.

    1. It was just a thought. Never mind, there are more websites stating that painkillers may cause hair loss, instead of preventing it. Pretty weird

    2. Raw pineapple is almost as good for inflammation as these drugs and you don’t want to end up like Whitney Houston dead in a bath tub, so if you think there is something in it then eat/drink raw pineapple every day, not the drugs. After doing it for a number of years though it did nothing for my hair.

  17. The stRands of my hair feel thicker though since being on liquid which is the funny thing. Rogaine is so confusing. Thickens up hair, thins out other parts, giant mess as a hair loss treatment. I wish it would either thicken up and grow hair without shedding phase or just not work at all. Making hair worse is just unacceptable. I never shed hair when starting fin. It just stopped my hair loss in a month and grew back some and maintained for years. Rogaine foam and liquid both thin me out then thicken other parts then diffuse where I apply it. It’s like what do you do? Come on sisheido, follica!

  18. @Farhan, that’s same with me too before moving to Australia my hair was healthy, soon after landed in Australia my hair went downhill straight away dandruff, thinning, hair fall, grey hair. Not very sure if the food in here or what.

    1. I noticed mine picked up when I travelled . I put this down to a drastic change in temperature which may have caused some normal summer shedding, but due to MPB the regrowth of the hair was less dense and so I believe the heat has caused follicles to shed and then regrow but with the affects of MPB

  19. I think acne and hair loss is correlated.

    I also think the anti biotics I took when I was younger for my acne triggered my hair loss.

    Am I crazy to think this?

  20. This “masturbation causes hair loss” myth needs to DIE. Why do people keep repeating this? There is no scientific or logical reason why people still believe this.

    1. These myths, just like the “sex with a virgin cures AIDS” myth in Africa, exist because there is no cure; only hope.
      Until Aclaris or Shiseido nail the cure the hair loss myths will persist. And then once there is a cure, nobody will care what causes it. Nobody cares about how yellow fever and typhoid are caused; why should we, we have vaccines for them. “Stop boring me, just give me the shot” :-)

  21. Do you guys think Follica will start it´s pivotal trail first half of 2018 or already has maybe? I really hope they won´t delay again. But still we cannot really expect any remedy to hit the market in 2018. So sad.

    1. While we may not be able to expect a remedy (maybe shiseido) for 2018, a number of hopefully treatments will have data readout that could show an effective treatment. For me knowing that a product has been verified as a cure will remove the anxiety associated with hairloss, then I will happily wait until a release date

        1. That’s right, if you can’t produce the slightest shred of evidence to support your claims, then insults will have suffice.

          Notice the quick retreat, when challenged, from “it’s all to do with”, to “less rapidly”, typical of people who realize that they have no argument, but don’t want to admit it, for fear of seeming like knuckle-draggers.

    1. Apparently his son beps was on hlt with some cryptic message. Sent the thread into a frenzy, same with both Italian forums. Nobody knows what he was trying to get at. Then he said they are working on the final stages of stabilizing it. On what is the question. So really nothing new, could be some guy sitting back getting a laugh

      1. Really strange. He also posted some study about topical cetritzin. The question is why?? I hope he is just a troll, but if he is true and they are still not done with their stability study it will take at least until 2019 to be released. Marketing etc. will take a lot of time.

  22. Admin, off topic. I’ve been using dry shampoo between hair washes. I have an oily scalp but don’t like to wash my hair more than once per day. The dry shampoo definitely gives an appearance of thicker hair and absorbs oil so may have a small anti DHT action. I also use Nizoral once or twice a week for the same reason.

  23. guys
    R&D is not something done in behind doors anymore. there is no door even no walls anymore. What does it mean in plain english? It means its progress monitored daily by CEO of the company. And we all know how CEOs react to it. they have 1 hair to 100 because at the end they need to collect money from shareholders. no one would say my company is not worth investing. – if we all agree until here then…

    if Aclaris or any company actually found something of a cure like, we would see the CEO in every channel, newspaper and magazine cover… I mean he would be more famous than John Snow nowadays. do we see him? No! then it means there is nothing significant around.

    Again, why we should be seeing him? Because CEO nowadays are all doing PR for its upcoming products. If you really see a chicken hatching golden eggs, trust me, they will be all over the news to collect funding.
    p.s. my comments are not for Shiesido. Japan culture is different than europe and america

    1. Well they haven’t started phase 2 trials Donitello. Once they actually test it on mpb patients then we will know if it’s a blockbuster or not. When they tested it fit Areata it was during their phase 2 trial or phase can’t remember Im sure Nasa knows but it showed dramatic restoration of hair growth and it was all over the news. Now if Jak can do this for mpb this spring during phase 2 then I’m pretty sure it will be all over the news.

  24. I’ve mentioned the McDougall diet (70% starch and NO oil/animal products) re curing dandruff, when I did it it also cured my oily scalp.

    The starch diet is about eating food that doesn’t go above the density of starch (which is generally 1 calorie per gram). Oil and protein is much higher than this. It’s as though the body is put under strain to process anything denser.

    I’ve read here and there of an oily scalp causing hair loss but there doesn’t appear to be any science to back up that theory. Intuition tells me there’s a connection. I ate a lot of junk food and protein shakes around the age of 20, and rarely cooked for myself, which is when my hair loss began. I would eat a lot of incredibly high calorie dense food – proteins and oils.

    From a ‘use it or lose it’ perspective the body might say “you’re clearly well looked after with all these rich foods you’re eating, i’ll divert resources from keeping your hair to processing it all”.

    He does mention the Japanese study also:

    Re the dermatological problems for immigrants the fact is the modern ‘western diet’ is rich in oil and protein, so that’s what we’d be looking at if we’re talking about diet. One of the Mcdougall’s pieces of evidence is the general health issues that later generations of immigrants to the West (he rarely mentions hair loss).

    Either way the starch diet is healthiest in my opinion and I recommend trying it for general health. It can be a tough diet to follow initially but it’s very easy (and cheap!) to follow it for about 90% of the time. I am embarking on a stricter version of it shortly.

    IMHO if there is a non-genetic component to MPH (which there must be if it is occurring more frequently), this is a significant one. Regarding stress, IMO the diet helps with that too.

    Just a thought!

    1. I’ve read here and there of an oily scalp causing hair loss but there doesn’t appear to be any science to back up that theory.

      This is a commonly observed correlation, but so what? What causes the oily scalp? Why does it almost always occur in the same pattern, as in “male PATTERN baldness”? Either something causes the oily scalp, which then causes MPB, or something directly causes both oily scalp AND MPB.

      In either case, what is that something? Why is this genetic trait so common? Why does it persist, rather than having been selected out, soon after it appeared? Why are there no answers to these questions?

      1. Yes I was a bit lazy there in my phrasing. I really meant there is a correlation between the two.

        But to answer the question of what causes an oily scalp…it’s oil.

        1. Even if true, that still doesn’t explain the characteristic Norwood pattern, or why some men don’t go bald no matter what they eat.

          By most accounts, the diet that humans evolved to eat over hundreds of thousands of years contained less carbohydrates, and more meat and fat, than what most people currently eat, so claims of an all-starch diet being inherently more healthy or natural, seem rather implausible.

          If there really is a correlation between MPB and diabetes, as has been suggested, it’s excessive consumption of starch (see “glycemic index”) that promotes that, rather than fats and oils.

          1. My guess is that humans eat more carbs, more fat and more protein than our ancestors.

            I hope to try intermittent fasting this year and emulate what our ancestors were forced to endure.

          2. Here’s another account of our ancestor’s diet:

            It’s not GI but density that we should perhaps be looking at. The GI index misleadingly places a mars bar below a baked potato!

            As for why some do and some don’t, sure genetics must have its part, some might be able to cope with harsher environmental factors (perhaps they are the ones that inherited the ‘paleo’ genes).

            Eat potatoes for a week and you’ll see your body just feels calmer.

  25. dutasteride gel /
    Since dutasteride is superior to finasteride
    Is there a member Forum Use this product?
    What are the side effects of gel; far less than topical?

  26. Never too old to regenerate? Wound induced hair follicle neogenesis after secondary intention healing in a geriatric patient?
    Wong TW1, Hughes M2, Wang SH3.
    Author information
    Wound healing is a natural process to restore the structure and function of injured or diseased tissues. Repair of a skin wound usually leads to a scar while regeneration implies fully recovery of function and structure of the damaged tissue. Adult skin wound usually heals with scar while fetal skin heals scarless. Hair regeneration in elderly scalp wound has never been observed. We reported an 80-year-old patient with a large wound on the scalp after excision of a basal cell carcinoma healed by secondary intention wound healing. The patient’s wound healed very well aesthetically. Interestingly, on approximate post wound day 180, a hair was observed to be growing towards the surface and eventually erupted in the center of the wound. The hair remained black at 42-month follow-up. This case demonstrated that neogenesis of hair is possible even in geriatric patient. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first report of hair regrow in human skin after wound healing.

    1. Very interesting, although 1 hair seems a bit too little to get excited about.

      I have even read in the past that some people grew new hair after they were in a cast and the cast was removed.

      “To the best of our knowledge, this is the first report of hair regrow in human skin after wound healing.” — sounds hard to believe that is a first ever report.

    1. Total snake oil scam. 200 bucks too. These con artists are upping their game. The fda really needs to shut these people down.

  27. I wish the TGA here in Australia would shut down or enforce tougher labeling requirements for things like évolis, Viviscal, Fushion Hair Tonic, Saw Palmetto supplements, LLLT, PRP, etc that all claim this, that and the other unless there is SOLID evidence of efficacy-and not vague misleading results from a university study from god knows where?! I personally don’t know ONE person who ever experienced regrowth or maintained one lousy hair from any one of these products or procedures?

    1. I agree with this. Advanced hair studio is a total scam. Also ashley and martin is way over priced! The only australian product i have used that has actually worked is activance. And even that just speeds up hair growth but does not grow any new hairs. It could be possible that activance speeds up the time it takes for new minoxidil hairs to show up but im not sure.
      It contains rhodanide, something that i feel all hair loss shampoos should contain.

      1. I agree with the comment on advanced hair studio, as a very stressed out early twenty something my dad in trying to help me researched advanced studio and even paid for me to use their services as he could see what an impact this was having on me. I was literally only in the very early stages of losing my hair, receding but hidden quite well under curtains (my hugh grant years) we thought it would be the strand by strand procedure but they basically just glued an entire wig over my exsisting 95% head of hair. I got ten minutes away from the place and broke down on him, u could stick your fingers underneath my new scalp. We turned round went back and I had it removed. I actually came away with less hair as the glue they had used wripped it all out during removal. That was 20 years ago, hair loss is crap it sucked my confidence away in all aspects off life, I know there are many worse things but this really has affected all of us. I believe a cure is on the horizon to what extent remains to be seen. I just hope it’s soon as would still like to look my best before Father Time makes it irrelevant. Great blog

  28. We are in the worst industry right after weight loss industry. Both huge scams that will probably never release a full cure do to all the money they make from scams above. Sad. The govt needs to ban all fake treatments.

    1. A full cure to weight loss has always been present. Baldness is losing the genetic lottery, but obesity is a choice.

      Look at black and white photos of our grandparents and their parents. Very few fatties; it kills the genetics argument stone dead. Go to rural China or Uganda or Kenya today and compare them with their counterparts in the US. Little or no meat, little or no dairy, and plenty of rich plant-based foods. Read the China study. The biggest guy in my home town today would have been one of the worlds fattest men 100 years ago.

      Baldness however affects both sets of people, so its a choice between fat bald and skinny bald :-)

    1. I agree Daniel. Much more effective success stories with weight loss. You can simply put the fork down and get that stomach bypass surgery like Al Roker and lose 200 lbs. We just have ht and you can end up scarred, lose more hair to shock loss and if it works it’s for the very few with solid thickness with some receding or crown balding. Not for nw5 or higher.

      As for brotzu…I’m surprised this is even being discussed. I’m calling 90% ineffective treatment hyped up by forum members and not fidia. I won’t be upset with fidia if they say it doesn’t work it’s the people in the other hair loss site that have 600 pages of bs and some dude claiming to be bronzu son haha. I mean if that doesn’t scream catfish or scammer then I don’t know what does. Why would his son go against fidia and give out secrets to his dad’s potential baldness breakthrough….people can be very naive when desperate.

        1. Its not going to work man. It’s made up hype. Just like the Turkish foreskin lotion. Let’s not kid ourselves with brotzu. Let’s ficus on the real players like follica, sisheido, riken, aclaris.

  29. First US Provisional Patent filed July 2017 for hair re-growth.using a Nano-protein (as used for 3d printing of body parts) with PRP, directly injected into hair roots. 100% successful hair regrowth in over two hundred patients on study . Study uses Hair follicle as an organ, to document this Technology, for future age reversing Bio-genetic developments .Technical information can be found on company’s web site

  30. It took a while for me to realize that out of all of the drugs, lotions, potions, etc. that claim success that if ONE, just ONE was totally effective as in a full head of hair again, threads such as this would not exist.

    As of now, my hopes are in the “take hair cells and multiply them in a dish, then inject back into scalp” method. No taking from back of head and there would be enough to do the full job. No drugs….just new, plentiful uneffected hairs.

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