Exosome Before and After Photos: McGrath Medical

Dr. Dan McGrath from McGrath Medical is perhaps the most experienced person in the world when it comes to using exosomes for hair growth. Closely followed by Dr. Jerry Cooley. In my first post on exosomes and hair growth from 2019, I linked to several of his videos. In this post, I will show some of his more recent best case before and after results.

5cc Exosomes for Hair Growth from McGrath Medical. Full Scalp. 3 Months.
5cc exosomes on full scalp. 3 month results showing significant new hair growth and thickening. Source: McGrath Medical.

In spite of great results such as the above, I think that the original excitement in regards to using exosomes for hair loss was a little overblown. However, there continue to be new published studies and conference presentations pertaining to exosomes and hair loss.

Who knows how much of this is marketing versus actual results. But the subject matter interest from both readers and scientists remains significant. Moreover, far more doctors will jump on board the exosome bandwagon if the FDA sorts out pressing legal issues in 2021.

Below Dr. McGrath patient at 8 weeks post 7cc injection of exosomes:

7cc Exosomes. Full Scalp. 8 Weeks Hair Growth.
7cc Exosomes. Full Scalp. 8 Weeks. Source: McGrath Medical.

Anecdotal Data Point

One of this blog’s most reputable long-time readers underwent an exosome procedure on his scalp in January 2020. He does not want me to divulge his name. He had 5cc’s of exosomes injected into his scalp in addition to microneedling.

At 5 weeks post injections, he was very impressed. His words to describe the procedure were “game changer” and “my confidence has quadrupled”. His shedding declined and his existing hair became thicker. Unfortunately, 3-6 months post treatment, he felt like the results were not as great anymore.

Later on, he told me that he thinks there was only some minor benefit. Exosomes were modestly more effective than PRP at thickening his hair per his experiences with both. Make sure to also read my post on whether PRP works to treat hair loss.

McGrath Medical: Exosome Before and After Photos

Last week. Steve Cook from McGrath Medical sent me around 10 before and after photos of exosome patients treated at their clinic. Note that Dr. McGrath is not a sponsor of this blog and I am not being compensated for displaying any of the pictures in this post.

According to Steve:

    • The price for the first 5cc at their clinic is $5,000. Discounts are sometimes available for larger sessions.
    • Dr. McGrath uses Direct Biologics’ ExoFlo™ product. It is also called XoFlo™. The exosomes in this product are obtained from bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cells.
    • Dr McGrath encourages all patients to try the oral combination of finasteride + minoxidil + biotin first for at least 6 months before investing in ExoFlo. Women who can still have children will not get finasteride. If a patient does not want to take the oral medication for any reason, they suggest the topical version. After the 6 months, if they are not seeing expected results, they are encouraged to remain on the medication, but consider adding ExoFlo.
    • The procedure is largely for people who still have at least some remaining existing hair. My note: I would not go for this treatment if I was a Norwood 5 or higher on the male pattern baldness scale. For women with more generalized thinning hair patterns, this treatment may be more frequently viable.
    • Some patients do get regrowth of new hair (see below two images from McGrath Medical). However, this is not promised to anyone. My note: I doubt that these types of exceptional results are common. The first patient below is the same as in this video (I think).
2cc Exosomes from Dr. Dan McGrath. Frontal Scalp Only. 3-Month Hair Growth.
2cc exosomes injected into frontal scalp only. 3-month results.
  • Dr. McGrath has to date treated over 400 hair loss patients with exosomes. In many of them, he combines exosome treatment with hair transplants.
  • The 5cc vial contains approximately 100 billion exosomes and covers one-half of the scalp. The 10cc vial covers the entire scalp from front to back.
5cc Exosomes. Frontal Scalp. 3 Months.
5cc exosomes treatment for hair loss. Frontal scalp only. Before and after 3 months.

Darker Hair with Exosomes

Darker Hair after Exosomes.
Darker hair regrowth after 10cc exosomes treatment.

In some instances, exosomes can also darken new hair growth. This is seen in the before and after photos of the patient on the right. He received a significant 10cc of injections.

I have covered this patient’s eyes for the purposes of this blog. However, you can find full images on Dr. McGrath’s site. Including another one of a person getting darker hair after exosome therapy.

54 thoughts on “Exosome Before and After Photos: McGrath Medical”

  1. Not bad. I mean its no cure but of all of the before and afters we have ever seen these are the best outside of fin minox ht

  2. There’s definitely some merit to this. It’s NOT even close to what oral minoxidil can do and I can say that because I’ve used it.. but as a side effect free treatment that could also have a possible effect on the inflammatory component to hair loss, it’s worth trying. The price is astronomical though for the limited result.

    I may have it done in the coming weeks with dr rapapport.

      1. Admin
        No one has issued any insults to you or your updates. Rather, all appreciation for the efforts made by any new studies to reach a satisfactory result. But boredom and dissatisfaction with scientists’ research, which has not yet reached an effective treatment

  3. Mmhhh… I’m not impressed at all with this before and after:(
    If the hair loss market is making 4 billions dollars a year why should they find a cure?…
    Why should they make drugs legal?… We are screwed:(

    1. I suppose for the same reasons that the makers of spectacles and contact lenses did not prevent the emergence of laser surgery which can permanently correct eye sight. (And there are a myriad other examples of old technology being supplanted, along with markets) . The World doesn’t work that way. Read some economics. Read some history. Think about it. (Ah, that’s the postman. A business which is being adversely affected by email. Curious that they haven’t managed to stop the internet in its tracks….)

      1. I disagree, there are always exceptions … Illegal drugs is one of them and is not the only one … Wake up, we live in a corrupt society.

      2. economics and history written in books is one thing … the real world is something else … Then who told you that an action to resize the digital world isn’t already happening? …

  4. How can they charge 5k for such minimal results? It’s outrageous.
    If it was a cheap treatment I’d be interested in giving it a shot, but for the same price you can get a decent trasplant so I don’t see why would anybody try it.
    The only thing that makes me curious about exosomes is the fact that it came to the market out of the blue, we didn’t hear anybody talk about trials or whatever, at one point it was just a possibility, and I like to dream that something like this will happen with a treatment that actually makes a difference.

    1. The product itself is very expensive. I spoke with Steve at Dr McGraths practice and he told me the wholesale cost. It is a very new product and not easy to make so that is the reason for the cost. The fist picture took someone who was not a candidate for a transplant due to horrible donor area to now a candidate. I would say that it is pretty amazing.

  5. 20% cure Not an effective treatment; Strangely enough, after years of research and studies, we did not achieve 100% effective treatment. I doubt it is cancer !!!

  6. Results are meh and def way overpriced. I do see that in some of the before after the hair is darker and looks healthier. This could be good for diffuse thinners like me. Could thicken enough to make less see through in sunlight. However, I would never pay 5k for this. 500 bucks I would do it. 5k is ht territory pricing. This is what upsets me with the hair loss industry. Way too much praying on the desperate and zero compassion. Just money hungry doctors.

    1. I run one of the largest hair transplant companies in the US and this statement is misguided. What you’re failing to acknowledge here is that bone marrow derived means exorbitant costs. The producing lab has to pay donors for the marrow extraction (which isn’t cheap), run through rigorous testing and extraction processes, cryo store the EVs, and then ship overnight on dry ice with special bio labeling. $5000 isn’t even a 2x markup on a product like this. That said, I’ve personally done the treatment on myself. About 70% of the people, self included, have astronomical results. Everyone is different and hair loss is very hard to treat. Many people are also actively destroying their own hair.

  7. Everyone, please stay on topic and no insults or else comment will be deleted or not approved. Discussion of any useful hair loss treatments or news is ok, but avoid repetitive points that you make daily. If you do not like these exosome results or prices, just say it in brief rather than going on a spiel.

    1. One thing to note is that this can be used with fantastic results and EXOSOMES signaling doesn’t begin for 6-8 weeks. At that point stem cells, progenitor cells, growth factors and proteins begin receiving directive for migration. SCS and progenitor cells take a long time to fully mature. Results are seen fast, but the real results don’t start until 3-6 months and continue on and are fully received 12 months after signaling is complete. So in theory, considering Exosomes can signal for 6-8 months, you’re looking at roughly 18-23 months before full growth occurs. This is a substantial development for hair. Additionally, this could make a non-candidate a candidate by restoring donor area or making a transplant more feasible because less harvesting is required. The product will become increasingly cheaper as more competitors successfully produce these. – Joseph @MAXIM Hair Restoration

  8. Back to the Dimoxinil arguments.
    If it’s not a full restoration of a 1970’s fro, then it’s a failure.
    Those results, in such a short time with no sides, are impressive.
    In nearly all of those pictures, the person went from bald to not bald. The goal is not to go from bald to twenty years old again(which is a psychological issue I fear many seem to have and won’t be ‘cured’ even with a magical hair therapy.)
    In that last picture for example, the gentleman goes from being a harmless pensioner to chairman of the board.
    The first two sets took nearly two decades of the men.
    The ‘ Frontal scalp only. Before and after 3 months.’ is excellent. I’d love to see if he followed up with the crown.

    Everyone’s physiology is different so you are not going to get the same results, but seems a viable option.

    Merry Christmas to the admin. Consistently the most reliable blog on this topic.

    1. Thanks Adam. And great comment. I just hope that the results last if you are also taking Finasteride or Dutasteride. I would not want to take the exosome injections every year. Merry Christmas to you and all readers too!

    2. What about the 20 year folk like me who can’t get to enjoy this “twenty years old” of glory that you are talking about? For f sake, I just want something to allow me to look my age for once. Hell, I was refused in a job interview once because they said that as I looked 10 years older they expected me to have more experience (wtf??!!), and that is without mentioning some of things woman have talked about my hair (or lack of it).

      1. I am sorry you had to deal with women saying those things. If we’re honest, people commenting on our hair loss is one of the main reasons we want to remedy it. We just get tired of people making fun.

    3. Interestingly, I’ve seen females to have the fastest notable change. I restored a woman’s entire hairline to 80% in 6 weeks, her crown in 4, and fully restored her temple before I even used Exosomes on it. That said, it’s not for everyone but for some, it’s the only option to try.

  9. Admin, I get the feeling exosomes are the cousin to histogen. Results will be similiar and I can only speculate, but price tag may as well. I think the only way these type of injection treatments are sustainable are if the price tag comes down and/or if results last for at least one year. I personally would not do exosomes unless they cut the price and guaranteed results for 1.5 years. Otherwise would not be feasible financially for the average person.
    Happy holidays to all my brothers and sisters!

    1. Hopefully other lesser known exosome suppliers become bigger, and prices drop. But all will depend on the FDA regulation updates next year.

      1. What would stop a process like this from being trialed to see how hair would be transplanted? If they have already successfully tranplanted skin and got fda approval for skin grafts it would be quick to get approval for hair transplant aswell?

  10. Admin, how do you feel about some of the companies/treatments here that are obviously using different lightning in before/after photos?

    To me, this is purposely being deceiving, and from that I just automatically ignore them.

  11. Admin
    It should be an important study in the treatment of alopecia and hair loss. Source / Dr. Sara Wickström
    ● hair loss might be prevented by regulating stem cell metabolism
    ● Glutamine Metabolism Controls Stem Cell Fate Reversibility and Long-Term Maintenance in the Hair Follicle
    ● The stem cells were caused by a loss of metabolic flexibility.
    ● that stem cells and daughter cells have distinct metabolic characteristics,
    ● Our analyses further predicted that Rictor, an important but relatively poorly understood molecular component of the metabolic master regulator mTOR pathway, would be involved
    ● The key finding of this study is that this so-called fate reversibility requires a shift from glutamine metabolism and cellular respiration to glycolysis
    ● That application of a glutaminase inhibitor was able to restore stem cell function in Rictor-deficient mice.

    1. Good post, very interesting. If we are talking about Christmas gifts, the one gift I know every reader on this website wanted is their hair back. Hopefully this study and new finding help get us something in the near future.

  12. To me this is a matter of perspective. For instance, the patient who received 5cc had an outcome similar to a low density HT in the frontal and mid-scalp area. If (and that’s a big if) the results are durable, then combining this treatment with a HT could have a significant impact on a sufferers wellbeing. From
    My point of view a full head of hair (as in what you have a a child or teenager) is not what needs to be achieved. Growing older is ok and loosing some hair is fine too. Rather, having a combination of regrowth and repositioning of hairs may be the key to making many men happier. If this treatment does indeed induce long-lasting regrowth and is safe, then we would have a very powerful cosmetic tool to regain confidence and look a bit more youthful (at leat for ourselves, not that it matters to anyone else ;) )

  13. I’ve been away from this site a while. Used to be here almost everyday anxiously awaiting what wonders the world would bring us in the awaited year of 2020. Instead of a hair loss cure we got COVID. Amazing how it all goes. And so ends 2020 with no cure still in sight. I hope in the new decade especially given all that has happened, medicine really takes a leap forward and maybe out of this god awful mess we’ll get what we’ve all been waiting for. Happy New Year to you all, stay safe, stay strong and be well.

  14. Looking back at all the hair loss companies and researchers that made advancements in the early 2000’s, 2020 was a very good prediction in 2013, no one can fault you for that. I think your third post was on microneedling which as it happens, was probably the biggest advancement in combating hairloss for us. We had it all along didn’t we.

    Irrespective of the prediction, you should consider this site a success for having consistently organized and maintained an enormous sum of research and news related to hair.

    Hats off to you admin! …*and then hats back on—for now*

  15. Probably the best frontal result I’ve seen; especially considering that guy pictured only had it administered in the frontal region. I’d definitely consider this.

  16. After several interviews with other treating physicians I’ve noticed an overwhelming lack of education regarding Exosomes. Which quite frankly, are hard for many to understand. Even PRP is so frequently misused. The key to treatment of hair loss, most specifically PATTERNED loss is to treat the dermal papillae, where signaling occurs.

  17. Just a heads up, scouring the internet including youtube and reddit. I found around 8 people who have tried it from McGrath medical and none of them have had results. All disappointment. Lets hope this treatment gets better.

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