Creating the Ultimate Hair Loss Drug Cocktail

Several years ago, I was considering writing a post on creating the ultimate hair loss drug cocktail. Ideally a topical product, but oral also okay.

The active ingredient list would run into the dozens. Each would be based on the numerous new research and study findings covering various pathways and mechanisms of hair loss and hair growth. Many of these new findings have been covered on this blog during the past six years.

However, the task at hand and necessary research would take me weeks. And I would still miss a lot of research and ingredients. I am also not sure if one can combine so many active ingredients into one pill or topical lotion. Note that some newer topical finasteride producers are combining five or so molecules in their combination product.

The Ultimate Hair Loss Drug

Several months ago, someone sent me the below pasted email, hypothesis write-up and spreadsheet. English is not this person’s first language, but I appreciate the effort and motivation.

I had to paste five screenshots of the spreadsheet at the bottom. The font might be too small in one or two, but try to expand each image. Perhaps this could be a start in creating the best ever hair loss drug cocktail?

Hello Sir,

I have list of possible drugs that can be used to treat androgenetic alopecia. We all know that in androgenetic alopecia, hair grow but kept in telogen state, that is, it is in the active repressed state.
In other words it is just a wrong signaling that inhibits the growth of the hair.

Here I am attaching an Excel file with all the available drugs on the market with info regarding their action. I found them after going through various scientific research paper across various journals. Since, I am not a chemist, that is why i do not know how to purify these medicine and how to combine them in correct order to achieve a desired formula to make some type of topical lotion or cream.

I request you that if you think this list of drugs can help in any way to anyone, please publish it on your website. If you like to add something or make some correction to it you are welcome.

My hope is that some one out there can figure out the right drugs combination to eradicate this problem.

For make you better understand i am explaining my hypothesis to you in brief….. hope you have enough time to read and understand this.

Hypothesis Overview

  1. Inhibit 5α-reductase by topical 0.1% dutasteride solution (there is a positive feedback loop associated with Dht and Pgd2, which is dht increases PGD2 levels which in turn cause skin keratinocytes to produce more testosterone and more testosterone again available to convert to dht by action of enzyme 5α-reductase).
  2. Inhibiting PGD2 , which increases Testosterone level and also causes inflammation by activating cytokines and Reactive oxygen species.
  3. Inhibiting TGF-B if possible or its precursor ‘Furin’. TGF-B induces Catagen and Modify extracellular matrix of surrounding tissue.
  4. Activating Cyclic Amp & GMP pathway, which in turn induces vasodilation and increases the level of positive growth factors including IGF1,2.
  5. Activating Wnt Signalling using any of available drugs like lithium chloride, Valproic Acid or Methyl vanillate.
  6. Inhibiting or lower ROS ( reactive oxygen species ) by Acetyl cysteine or any major anti-oxidant from the list.
  7. Inhibiting STAT3 And STAT5 Signalling.
  8. Using Ciprofloxacin to Improves the Stemness of Human Dermal Papilla Cells and its proliferation by akt signaling

Initial List of Ingredients for a Hair Loss Drug Formulation

Hair loss drug list.
Hair loss drugs that would affect growth factors, signaling pathways and more.

Drugs for hair growth signaling and inhibition 1

Hair loss drug cocktail ingredients 2

Hair loss drug cocktail ingredients 3

Hair loss drug list ingredients 4

41 thoughts on “Creating the Ultimate Hair Loss Drug Cocktail”

  1. Want the real best hair loss lotion ? go for the old Xandrox Dr Lee formula, it was minoxidil, tretinoin , valerato dexametasone . Nothing better than this, you can put all that crap toghether and will not be better than this more than 25 years old lotion.
    Add dutasteride or finasteride , but, most probably, will go systemic.

    1. Yeah, Xandrox had your favorite drug finasteride as well. Dr. Lee had formulas without finasteride but they weren’t marketed under the “Xandrox” name. Finasteride was one of the ingredients that made Xandrox so effective, along with Dr. Lee’s ability to have high strength minoxidil (15%) stay in suspension with superior penetration. And that my boys is a minoxidil history lesson!

    2. Hey, I am another Dr Lee refugee. I still have a bottle and see nothing about valerato dexamwtasone or tretinoin. I used the non fin version and it says minoxidil 15%, azelaic acid 5%, a trace amount of sulfuric acid.

    1. Using twice a day since 2014, still losing my hair . Tried different brands like kirkland, rogaine and some generic brand which I don’t remember (all these was from ebay). Currently using prescripted by doctor, made by local pharmacy store. Probably I need to switch to finasteride or something else

  2. I wish Dr Lee lotion was still available. Sucks he got shut down. Why can’t any other compound pharmacy replicate it?

    Minox cab be used once a day just as effectively. Just add a little more to your once daily dose.

  3. Interesting idea; I definitely appreciate the effort put into this research. However, unless the results are extraordinary, I doubt I’ll be putting such a risky cocktail into my body, even just topically. I understand others are willing though, so I wish them all the best should the opportunity arise to take it.

    1. But in the past 10 years none company had ever started a clinical phase and finished it succesfully. We have Shiseido, Follica and Cassiopea that did it. The results of their phase II/III will define if the road is glorious. In the while enjoy the life…

        1. Yes, but i believe that inhibitors aren’t going to give us a big deal, like also Cassiopea.. but this latter is more and more close than Aclaris to arrive in the market with a benefit!

  4. No doubt that a cocktail with multiple mechanisms could work great (hopefully topical to avoid sides). That said, I’m still hoping that new hair follicles can be multiplied outside of the body. That’ll be the only cure guaranteed to cause no side effects or cell damage (cancer). The tech to make new hair follicles has been around for years; not sure why it’s taking so long to make it efficient and effective. Let’s just keep hoping to hear some great news from Japan.

  5. Shiseido, Follica and Cassiopea that did it… YES THEY DID IT THEY DID IT… come on man! can’t you smell it…

  6. While this is a good list and some nice research we should not be limited to drugs. There are alot of products out there like essential oils that deals with several inhibitors like tnf-a and tgf-b.

  7. Turkish company develops treatment for baldness as an alternative to hair transplantation
    The company, which operates in the United
    States, launched four months ago tests in Turkey, in partnership with the Faculty “Jarrah Pasha” medical, of the University of Istanbul.
    The new treatment consists mainly of a special substance, which helps to grow hair in the head, after being regularly applied to the skin.
    The testing and testing phase is continuing in 14 health centers, spread over 10 Turkish cities, to date, 625 people.

    If the tests are successful, the resulting material will be effective in the treatment of bald people without the need for hair transplantation, and will be the first local production in this area.
    In an interview with Anatolia, test coordinator Dr. Sardar Oglu said he expected the phase to be completed by August 2020.
    He added that the preliminary results show the success of treatment in principle, and that the use will be of both sexes.

      1. Yeah it’s definitely samumed. Is he alluding to the fact that they have now finished the phase 2b bit of their phase 2/3 trial? It would make sense that they would have more results to share by now.

    Very positive Phase II twelve months dose ranging study results for Breezula®/Clascoterone solution in treating androgenetic alopecia

    1. I am impressed by the number of participants they used in the trials (344) and the transparency in their results.


      “Skin is one area where we are applying our knowledge of using small molecules to facilitate the body’s innate regenerative capacity to reverse biological deficits to restore healthy tissue and function.

      One of those opportunities is in alopecia, a common condition that causes hair loss. Androgenic alopecia affects as much as 50% of men and 25% of women over 50 years of age. We are studying the application of a PCA regenerative approach to address this condition, as well as exploring how PCA could be applied to other skin disorders that could benefit from stimulating cells to naturally drive repair.”

  9. Frequency has had this on their website since February of 2018 so they have been researching this for at least a year and a half. I don’t see this as a short term solution with plenty of trials ahead but I do like the progenitor cell approach as it solves the replication issue. They appear to be having at least some success with ear hair regeneration (since it is attracting capital) so conceptually you would think it could also work for scalp hair.

  10. Phil good find! Thats positive and realistic news. 7 to 12 years for a drug to be fda approved is just too long. I love how when ebola or zika broke out thebig pharma approved vaccines instantly within a few months. Zika was a new virus and the pharma companies developed and passed vaccines within weeks. How is that possible? Yet mpb drugs have to pass 3 phases. Makes you wonder how corrupt the business is….

    1. That ties in nicely with the recent announcement from Frequency about their Partnership with Astrellas, Japanese pharmaceutical, that will oversee and commercialize development of their treatment outside the US. Potentially much quicker path to approval for their ear hair regrowth molecule (and scalp hair if they find the right molecule). Here is a nice article on the partnership:

    2. Ebola is a disease that kills, rather than just giving you something to get upset about. It is also highly contagious. I was in Sierra Leone in February and visited a village that got hit hard by it. If temperatures continue to rise and the fruit bats migrate, you will eventually see it spread to Europe and in turn the US. It’s not a matter of corruption but a matter of sensible priorities.

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