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Creating the Ultimate Hair Loss Drug Cocktail

Several years ago, I was considering writing a post on creating the ultimate hair loss drug cocktail. Ideally a topical product, but oral also okay.

The active ingredient list would run into the dozens. Each would be based on the numerous new research and study findings covering various pathways and mechanisms of hair loss and hair growth. Many of these new findings have been covered on this blog during the past six years.

However, the task at hand and necessary research would take me weeks. And I would still miss a lot of research and ingredients. I am also not sure if one can combine so many active ingredients into one pill or topical lotion. Note that some newer topical finasteride producers are combining five or so molecules in their combination product.

The Ultimate Hair Loss Drug

Several months ago, someone sent me the below pasted email, hypothesis write-up and spreadsheet. English is not this person’s first language, but I appreciate the effort and motivation.

I had to paste five screenshots of the spreadsheet at the bottom. The font might be too small in one or two, but try to expand each image. Perhaps this could be a start in creating the best ever hair loss drug cocktail?

Hello Sir,

I have list of possible drugs that can be used to treat androgenetic alopecia. We all know that in androgenetic alopecia, hair grow but kept in telogen state, that is, it is in the active repressed state.
In other words it is just a wrong signaling that inhibits the growth of the hair.

Here I am attaching an Excel file with all the available drugs on the market with info regarding their action. I found them after going through various scientific research paper across various journals. Since, I am not a chemist, that is why i do not know how to purify these medicine and how to combine them in correct order to achieve a desired formula to make some type of topical lotion or cream.

I request you that if you think this list of drugs can help in any way to anyone, please publish it on your website. If you like to add something or make some correction to it you are welcome.

My hope is that some one out there can figure out the right drugs combination to eradicate this problem.

For make you better understand i am explaining my hypothesis to you in brief….. hope you have enough time to read and understand this.

Hypothesis Overview

  1. Inhibit 5α-reductase by topical 0.1% dutasteride solution (there is a positive feedback loop associated with Dht and Pgd2, which is dht increases PGD2 levels which in turn cause skin keratinocytes to produce more testosterone and more testosterone again available to convert to dht by action of enzyme 5α-reductase).
  2. Inhibiting PGD2 , which increases Testosterone level and also causes inflammation by activating cytokines and Reactive oxygen species.
  3. Inhibiting TGF-B if possible or its precursor ‘Furin’. TGF-B induces Catagen and Modify extracellular matrix of surrounding tissue.
  4. Activating Cyclic Amp & GMP pathway, which in turn induces vasodilation and increases the level of positive growth factors including IGF1,2.
  5. Activating Wnt Signalling using any of available drugs like lithium chloride, Valproic Acid or Methyl vanillate.
  6. Inhibiting or lower ROS ( reactive oxygen species ) by Acetyl cysteine or any major anti-oxidant from the list.
  7. Inhibiting STAT3 And STAT5 Signalling.
  8. Using Ciprofloxacin to Improves the Stemness of Human Dermal Papilla Cells and its proliferation by akt signaling

Initial List of Ingredients for a Hair Loss Drug Formulation

Hair loss drug list.
Hair loss drugs that would affect growth factors, signaling pathways and more.

Drugs for hair growth signaling and inhibition 1

Hair loss drug cocktail ingredients 2

Hair loss drug cocktail ingredients 3

Hair loss drug list ingredients 4