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Dr. William Rassman: Hair Transplant Legend

William Rassman Book
Dr. William Rassman and Dr. Robert Bernstein’s book: “Hair Loss & Replacement for Dummies”.

Over the years, I have mentioned US hair transplant surgeon Dr. William Rassman a number of times.

Even though he is among the world’s true pioneers in hair transplant surgery, I primarily mention him due to other reasons such as:

  1. His comments on Reddit.
  2. His Balding Blog.
  3. His association with Amplifica.

Dr. William Rassman: A Delayed Bio

I am really impressed at Dr. Rassman’s continued motivation and sharp mind. He must be over 75 years old by now, considering that he got board certified in 1976. And that too after first being involved in heart surgery, and then serving in the US army in Vietnam. Among other highlights:

  • In 1992, Dr. Rassman founded the New Hair Institute (NHI).
  • In 2003, Dr. Rassman received the prestigious Golden Follicle award from the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons (ISHRS).
  • In 2008, Dr. William (Bill) Rassman and Dr. Robert (Bob) Bernstein published “Hair Loss and Replacement For Dummies.”
  • In 2002, the same two doctors plus others co-authored a paper on Follicular Extraction (FUE) surgery for hair transplantation. I should note that the invention of FUE hair restoration surgery first occurred in Japan via Dr. Masumi Inaba in the 1980s. The procedure was later popularized and improved upon by Dr. Ray Woods of Australia in the 1990s.
  • Dr. Rassman also has numerous patents to his name, and has been a key factor in many US hair transplant industry trends over the years. Including FUT (strip) megasession surgery.
  • He had a crown hair transplant on himself in the past. See my post on hair transplant surgeons who also had hair transplants.

The reason I wrote this bio today is due to a great new interview of Dr. William Rassman by Dr. Gary Linkov. The video is embedded further below. Thanks to reader “YoYo” for posting the link in the comments to the Amplifica post yesterday.

In the video, Dr. Rassman is pessimistic about hair cloning and hair multiplication. I think he underestimates the potential of companies such as Stemson Therapeutics, OrganTech (Dr. Tsuji), Shiseido. And possibly several other newer South Korean entities.

He gives full credit to Dr. Maksim Plikus, who leads the Amplifica and SCUBE3 research. It is encouraging that Amplifica will keep testing and developing new molecules. In 2024, we will hear more from them about the results of the initial work.

This whole week was full of great YouTube content that had me busy doing updates. I keep hearing that blogging is going to become extinct in the age of video and all the subpar AI content proliferation.

If blogging does go entirely out of fashion, I hope it happens at the same time as a hair loss cure gets realized.