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Restoration Robotics (“HAIR”) IPO

2019 update: Restoration Robotics has merged with Canada based Venus Concept (VERO).

Restoration Robotics is a privately held company that manufactures the world leading ARTAS robotic hair transplantation system that I have discussed on this blog several times in the past. This robot has revolutionized follicular unit extraction from the back of patient scalps during an FUE hair transplantation procedure. In future, ARTAS may also become an expert at hair placement in the front and crown of patient scalps.

I just found out that Restoration Robotics will undertake an initial public offering (IPO) on the NASDAQ stock exchange tomorrow October 12th, 2017. The company’s stock ticker will be “HAIR”, which was surprisingly not already taken. They aim to price shares at between $7 and $9 and will issue 3.1 million of them. Restoration Robotics had $20 million in revenue last year, but was not yet profitable.

I have done limited basic stock trading in my life, but will be keen to follow this IPO tomorrow even though I do not intend to buy. I do want to learn how an IPO works at the get go and follow real-time trends. For any financial experts who care to comment:

  • How easy is it for the common man to purchase stocks during an IPO? Any website recommendations?
  • Will “HAIR” start trading as soon as the NASDAQ market opens at 9:30 am or will it be later in the day?
  • Did Restoration Robotics have to make public significant financial details regarding its past few years of operations/performance before being allowed to proceed with the IPO?

ARTAS Twitter Account.

ARTAS Robot Recipient Site Creation

The increasingly popular ARTA FUE hair transplant robot has to date only been used for the purposes of automated extraction of hair from the donor region at the back of a patient’s scalp.

However, in the near future, ARTAS will also be used to create recipient sites. And thereafter, to insert grafts into those recipient sites. i.e., within a few more years, we might be able to witness fully automated hair transplants.

The renowned hair transplant surgeon Dr. Robert Bernstein has a detailed page on robotic FUE hair transplantation on his website. Towards the end of that page, he states the following:

“Bernstein Medical is beta testing the ARTAS System for use in recipient site creation. Dr. Bernstein introduced this new technology at the Restoration Robotics user meeting in California on February 8, 2014. The capability should be available for general use by the fall of 2014”.

This is a ground breaking development that might be realized a bit sooner than I was expecting. Dr. Bernstein is a medical consultant to Restoration Robotics, and also an investor in the company according to his website.