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Has Jordan Peterson Gotten a Hair Transplant?

If you reside in the US or Canada, you have almost certainly heard of Dr. Jordan Peterson. For a few months last year, I was really into watching his videos, but then got bored and a bit disenchanted for various reasons. Today, Youtube recommended me an old video of his from a 2010 lecture. This is what his hair looked like in 2010:

Jordan Peterson Hairline in 2010
Jordan Peterson’s receding hairline in 2010.

A closeup of Mr. Peterson’s old hairline shows clear balding:

Jordan Peterson Balding Hairline
Jordan Peterson balding hairline closeup.

In recent years, Jordan Peterson has lost a lot of weight and at the same time gained scalp hair! Just like Drew Carey. Image below is from 2018. I would not be surprised if Mr. Peterson got a hair transplant, since his frontal hairline looks a bit too perfect now.

Jordan Peterson Hair Transplant
Did Jordan Peterson get a hair transplant?