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A Cure for Baldness Less than 10 Years Away

The media is continuing its frenetic coverage of the two big hair loss cure related news items from a month ago:

  1. Stemson Therapeutics and its stem cell hair loss treatment.
  2. Columbia University and Dr. Angela Christiano’s 3D printing hair technology.

The latest major publication articles covering the above two stories have contrasting tones. This is evident from their respective titles:

Who will Cure Hair Loss First?

Hair Loss Cure
Baldness cure.

The sad part of countless such viral hair loss cure related news stories is that they do not even mention the two entities with the brightest prospects:

  1. Dr. Takashi Tsuji and RIKEN (Japan).
  2. Shiseido (Japan).

Both the above are well ahead of Stemson and the Angela Christiano/Columbia University team when it comes to timeline of product release. In fact, Dr. Tsuji has stated his goal is to release his hair multiplication treatment by the end of 2020. Shiseido is aiming for a worst case 2022 product release.

Note that are also many other researchers and companies working on a cure or better treatment for baldness.

Cure for Baldness Less than 10 Years Away

In any event, I chuckled when I read renowned hair transplant surgeon Dr. Robert Bernstein’s quote in the earlier linked “The Atlantic” magazine article:

“For a long time, we’ve been saying this is 10 years away. But now it actually might be less.”

Personally, I believe we are much close than that in finally ending androgenetic alopecia.