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Brief Items of Interest, December 2015

Hair loss news first:

— The biggest news is Spencer Kobren’s latest interview with Dr. Angela Christiano.  Half way through the video he specifically asks her about the potential of JAK inhibitors in treating androgenic alopecia, and in my opinion Dr. Christiano seems somewhat optimistic (although she wavers around the question a bit).  JAK inhibitors seem to affect follicles via shifting them to growth phase from resting phase as well as via a positive impact on the underlying dermal papilla cells.  Hopefully this means there will be at least some benefit to all patients irrespective of the type of hair loss that they are suffering from.  I still see it as a coin toss (i.e., a 50 percent probability of it helping people with male pattern hair loss too).

— On a related note, Dr. Christiano was also granted a patent on the use of JAK inhibitors to treat “a hair loss disorder” on December 1, 2015.  The patent was filed on May 2, 2013.

— Also extremely significant, Dr. Brett King has now successfully tested a topical cream formulation of JAK inhibitor ruxolitinib on a female patient suffering from alopecia areata.  Eyebrow hair grew back fully, while scalp hair grew back partially.  The cream has to be applied twice daily, which makes sense since Dr. Christiano in the earlier mentioned interview said that the half life of JAK inhibitors is very short.  A cream will in all likelihood almost entirely eliminate the chances of serious side effects (even in oral JAK inhibitors, side effects seem rare so far — and I recently even saw TV ads for arthritis JAK inhibitors, so hundreds of thousands of people are probably now taking these drugs orally).

— “Hellouser” has updated many more videos to his youtube channel regarding his interviews and presentation recordings from the recent 9th World Congress for Hair Research.

— Lee Buckler becomes CEO of Replicel.

— Upon first hearing about PSG’s David Luiz thinking that he has found a cure for hair loss, I was certain this was junk science/a scam and not worth adding to this section.  However, at the end of the article I read that the treatment in Brazil involves moving cells from the hip to the scalp.   Considering that I have given so much attention to PRP and fat/adipose cells, I decided to keep this news here even if I have no idea why the cells are taken from the hip and not elsewhere.  Mr. Luiz does have superb hair and I can see why despite all his wealth and fame, he cares so much about keeping it that way.

— I give this one a 1 percent chance of working, but might as well include it here after allowing David Luiz his moment of fame on my blog –> An Emirati fighter pilot finally discovers a cure for hair loss after trying since 2003.

And now on to medical items of interest:

An extremely interesting interview of Martine Rothblatt by Ray Kurzweil.  Martine is a MTF transsexual, and I have mentioned several times on this blog before about my theory that transsexuals tend to have very high intelligence.  Also see this must-read 9 page article on Martine.

— A new interview of Elizabeth Parrish by Dr. Ed Park.  You can perform a search on this blog for Ms. Parrish to see her past videos.

Google planning a needle-free way to collect blood.  Are they one-upping Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos (see end of my post on getting cheap blood tests)?

Dr. Craig Venter recently made a very interesting presentation on precision medicine and extending human longevity.  We are lucky to live in an age where we can watch these superb videos for free online.