Angela Christiano, Brett King and JAK Inhibitors

Dr. Angela Christiano, Dr. Brett King and JAK Inhibitors

The biggest news this month is Spencer Kobren’s latest interview with Dr. Angela Christiano. Half way through the video he specifically asks her about the potential of JAK inhibitors in treating androgenic alopecia. In my opinion, Dr. Christiano seems somewhat optimistic, although she wavers around the question a bit. JAK inhibitors seem to affect follicles via shifting them to growth phase from resting phase as well as via a positive impact on the underlying dermal papilla cells.

Hopefully this means there will be at least some benefit to all patients irrespective of the type of hair loss that they are suffering from. I still see it as a coin toss (i.e., a 50 percent probability of it helping people with male pattern hair loss too). On a related note, Dr. Christiano was also granted a patent on the use of JAK inhibitors to treat “a hair loss disorder” on December 1, 2015. The patent was filed on May 2, 2013.

Also extremely significant, Dr. Brett King has now successfully tested a topical cream formulation of JAK inhibitor ruxolitinib on a female patient suffering from alopecia areata. Her eyebrow hair grew back fully, while her scalp hair grew back partially. The cream has to be applied twice daily, which makes sense since Dr. Christiano in the earlier mentioned interview said that the half life of JAK inhibitors is very short.

A cream will in all likelihood almost entirely eliminate the chances of serious side effects. Even win oral JAK inhibitors, side effects seem rare so far. I recently even saw TV ads for arthritis JAK inhibitors, so hundreds of thousands of people are already taking these drugs orally.

Other Hair Loss News

— “Hellouser” has updated many more videos to his youtube channel regarding his interviews and presentation recordings from the recent 9th World Congress for Hair Research.

— Upon first hearing about PSG’s David Luiz claim that he has found a cure for hair loss, I was certain this was junk science or a scam. However, at the end of the article I read that the treatment in Brazil involves moving cells from the hip to the scalp. Considering that I have given so much attention to PRP and fat/adipose cells, I decided to keep this news here. I have no idea why the cells are taken from the hip and not elsewhere. Mr. Luiz does have superb hair, and I can see why (despite all his wealth and fame) he cares so much about keeping it that way.

And now on to medical items of interest:

An interesting interview of Martine Rothblatt by Ray Kurzweil. Martine is a MTF transsexual, and I have mentioned several times on this blog about my theory that transsexuals have very high intelligence levels. Also see this must-read 9 page article on Martine.

— A new interview of Elizabeth Parrish by Dr. Ed Park. You can perform a search on this blog for Ms. Parrish to see her past videos.

Google planning a needle-free way to collect blood. Are they one-upping Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos? See the end of my post on getting cheap blood tests.

Dr. Craig Venter recently made a very interesting presentation on precision medicine and extending human longevity. We are lucky to live in an age where we can watch these superb videos for free online.

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  1. admin god bless you for all the time and patience you have…if god grants me two people that he can cure hair loss the other guy will be you…cheers mate

  2. “C. Venter at 53:00, We can predict the shape of eyebrows, and scalp, the eye color, and height. Skin color, and ethnicity, but we still can’t predict baldness”

    I am now convinced baldness was a virus put by aliens into our genome, when humanity solves that. Check mate, we are at the edge of science!

  3. Amazing interview! It’s seems like Dr. Christiano thinks (or should I say knows) jak inhibitors will work for AGA. Now we have to wait for a Pharma to get involved… and the years keep passing by… what a piss take!

  4. nothing new :(
    replicel / shiseido: nothing
    Jak: nothing
    Tsuji: nothing
    Histogen: nothing
    unlimited donor: nothing

    admin: you keep thinking about a cure in 2020 ????

  5. In syria minoxidil is produced and used for alopecia areata, and used off-lable for AGA, this seems jak inhibitors will work for AGA.

  6. If a great treatment comes out in the next 2-3 years, ill be so happy that I will donate $500 to the admin.
    A lot of effort has gone into this and you should definitely be rewarded.

  7. Christiano definitely knows whether or not jak inhibitors work for aga. She is either trying to raise money with this public announcement or she really has a cure on her hands and is going through the slow ass process of getting through trials and red tape. Either way it’s exhausting and we are losing more hair by waiting

      1. Prob 5 to 10 years to go through pre clinical and regular trials. Maybe just 5 since it’s a current product already in use

  8. It’s either we jak on or jak off depending on the outcome of christiano research lol. I want my hair back so I can jak on not lose it and jak off in my room balding lol

    1. Don’t give a damn who cures it so long as someone does. I just wanna see it happen. Wanna see a world rid of bald/balding males. We deserve better. It’s been happening for such a long time and ruined so many people, that I just wanna see it gone. Nature is not flawless and we must improve on it. Inheritable conditions must be removed from the genetic pool for the benefit of all. We can improve the quality of life of all humans by genetic therapy – anyone who opposes this (done properly) is a fool that will change his tune the first time him or his children inherit some kind of disease. Until then, JAK, PGD2, DP2, whatever, just bring it, let’s get some hair back…

  9. Well said Jack! Now let’s pray Dr Christiano shows us that it works and that she can get this to us before histigen or replicel! I want to stop thinking of hair loss and live a normal happy life. It’s given us ocd, depression and extreme case suicide to some people. This disease needs to be eradicated ASAP! HT is not answer or solution, it’s a surgery for the desperate who have no other choice and a profit for doctors. We need and deserve better now! I want to see pics of jak growing thick full normal hair on a bald nw6 man by the end of this winter. We all know christiano already ran a test on this on a mpb man. Let’s see these results. If she brings us a cure then let her be the richest woman in the world because she will deserve it and a Nobel prize as well!

  10. I just listened to the interview. Sounds good but it’s at least 5 yrs away like she says and that’s if someone started trials today. :(

  11. Thanks Admin! I appreciate that you manage to dig up interesting new information each week. I always enjoy stopping by your website. Let’s hope these JAK inhibitors are tested soon and found effective for all forms of hair loss. That’d most definitely be an amazing thing. Thanks again. Happy Holidays!

  12. Hi guys, we are all anxiously waiting to see if these jak drugs work on mpb, yet no-one is testing it, y dont we just raise the money and let hellouser test them if he is game. Start a thread weekly pics etc, I’d donate £100 to get it started.

    1. I’m willing to be used as a Guinea pig if others pitch in for the cost of tofacitinib, it’s very expensive but I would never be able to afford it on my own.

      1. @Hellouser if it’s really you then you should make a thread on HLT to see if someone would donate toward the experiment.

      2. I would contribute to Hellouser testing this and updating with progress. However, expensive drugs which have short halflife and has to be taken twice a day (forever?) is not what we’re looking for.

        I am more curious about Samumeds, Replicels and Histogens solutions. Specially Replicel, if their treatment put androgen-insensitive cells from the back of the head to the bald areas and it works, it should be a true and lasting cure.
        Then again, if the theory that it is rather the environment than the actual hairfollicles which is causing the problem is correct, then Replicel would also be a temporary solution.

        Anyways, nice wrapup of the brief items of interest for December, admin! Looking forward to what Q1 of 2016 brings!

        1. @Tracker In the hair loss game it’s all about buying yourself time until the ‘proper’ treatments come. If you could get decent regrowth on JAK inhibitors for the next 5 years you’re telling me you wouldn’t do that? Plenty of us here are still young and need as much hair as possible right now to live through our youth decently, we don’t have time to wait for these miracle cures, so I personally would use whatever I could get even if the means were not ideal. I already apply Minox twice a day, if JAK inhibitors gave much better results I don’t see how that would be bad. You can’t afford to be picky with AGA.

          1. Off course, if it gives great regrowth and price comes down. But if it’s crazy expensive and might work with small results, then no.

  13. Hey guys again it’s been I while. I have been doing a lot of research about my particular hair loss I’ve even gone to clinics such as a dermatologist and MHN hair loss and maybe someone can answer this.

    Can you lose your hair by the natural oils produced by your scalp such as over production b/c I realized that I am very greasy

    1. greasy scalp cause seborrea, with flakes types dundruff , with hair stuck on it, and each time you get away this flakes you loose your hair with it .I AM SPEAKING ON MY ON EXPERIENCE.
      Keep your hair very short, wash with cold water,and use antidundruff shampoo(often shampoo dont do nothing).
      I have not find yet a way to grow back my hair that i lost from this condition.

  14. I think that’s the way forward, I also found a jak inhibitors very similar to rux, it’s £500 for 50mg how long would that treat someone if made into a topical?

    1. Azz87, I don’t know the answer to your question but can you tell me what the name of the jak you’ve found is please? What is the website called where you’ve found it? Thanks.

  15. I don’t understand why 3-5 years? These drugs have already been tested for other things on the scalp. Why would we need to wait for MPB? I bet it’s not true.

  16. And guys..I don’t think you can just apply a JAK to your head, and expect it to grow hair. They are mixing the JAK with other compounds.

    1. That’s what I was thinking too ddog but Dr Christi said 3 to 5 years sooooo. Who knows! I stop giving a shit. Let it take 30 years. It seems like they just don’t want a cure for hair loss and love fking around in research labs

  17. Plus my gut tells me jak will work to restore hair loss. All the key indicators are there for success. I still think samumed will be our next treatment before anything else

    1. Totally forgot about that rapunzel. Let’s hope bro! She better not pull some bs and say a different vehicle is needed for aga and we have to wait 5 more years. When is she starting trials for rapunzel AA treatment?

    2. Off course! it works for Areata then it probably will be released ASAP.. and then we’ll see if it works for common baldness too.

  18. Guys unfortunately the only reason why we haven’t gotten a cure for MPB is b/c pharmaceutical companies won’t allow it. Hell I wouldn’t put past the fact maybe there has been a cure for MPB for years maybe but, they are trying to find away to patent it and make it so we have to take pills, creams, or injections periodically. And I don’t know about you but I am not going to take medicine everyday, or every week, or every month just to keep my hair.

    It’s just like what Chris Rock said “the money isn’t in the cure, the money is in the medicine”

    1. You just forgot that the market is not buying any medicine… but would buy if it could cure it. Or treat it if you prefer.

      How many people, balding or bald, do you think really do something about it? It’s a very small percentage. Some say it’s less than 10% of all the sufferers. So, what market is that??

      1. I agree with this perspective. Most of the population knows that the treatments that are out there are crap. So really, these treatments are only getting 10% of the hair loss market. If they had a really solid treatment, they could get a lot more clients. The theory that something is being blocked is bogus. I fear, for some reason, that the majority of smart researchers out there just don’t care about hair loss and are spending time researching real health issues. They fail to understand the psychological impact hair loss has on people.

    2. I totally agree with you Edward. I have been saying this for a long time on here and it’s nice to finally have someone who supports my theory or fact :) It can’t be this hard to grow fking hair. I just hope whoever holds the cure will release it in some sort of new treatment where it will grow us all hair back. I don’t care if it’s a daily monthly or whatever amount of times as long as it grows my hair back.

  19. I agree @mjones I just that out of all the ppl and or companies working on the cure at least one will think of humanity instead of their pockets. Maybe someone can pull a Jonas Salk and cure this disease.

    But in all honesty I wouldn’t hold my breath on any American company trying to find a cure b/c they will only try to patent it. I have more faith in Europe or East Asian scientists to come up with a cure.

    Damn it I get so frustrated that they still can’t find a cure for MPB. This disease has been plaguing us for 2000+ years and all we can come up with is minoxidil which doesn’t work for everyone and for the ones that do very little results or finesteride which has the possibility to leave you impotent regardless how low the probability is.


  20. Can someone tell us what was Dr. Christiano last year doing? Did she make a clinical trial for jak inhibitor for treating AA? Did she got a patent for producing topical jak inhibitor solution? Did she approve that jak inhibitor
    solve AA?, if it was approved for jak inhibitor can solve AA, why we need 3 to 5 years to see it in the market, we are confused we thought that we will soon jak inhibitor solutions for trearting AA soon in the market and then we can use it for AGA as off-label use.

    1. I was just going to say this…if approved ever for AA, and it happens to work for AGA, then off label use could easily happen right?…, so HOPEFULLY it works for both, or even if it works just for AA I’m happy they finally have a good treatment because as much as AGA sucks, it’d be more traumatic for sure to have AA I think.

  21. Millions of people think like you. The industry of hair loss is really pathetic. We must boycott propecia and hair transplants. We want a new and better than Minoxdil and Propecia. It’s not understood why so many delays. I think we deserve a GOOD treatment. After so many deceptions and snake oil treaments…The hair industry needs to innovate and a game changer.


    1. Thank you i think you just woke up the whole hair industry, and thanks to your inspiring speech the face of the world is about to change forever.

  22. I gotta say, after listening to the interview with Dr. Christiano, I do have a lot of optimism for Jak inhibitors. They hold a lot of promise for numerous hair and skin disorders and if they can walk the fine line between maximum hair growth and skin cancer we could have our next treatment. Only time will tell.

  23. The problem is that ppl don’t want a cure bad enough. Until ppl by the millions all over the world that suffer from MPB say that they want a cure then a cure will never come. B/c remember there are plenty of baldmen who just except their baldness and work with what they got. Right now their is a division between ppl that want a cure and ppl who just don’t care all of them are bald by the way.

    1. Accept only because there’s no option. Once there is, nobody will prefer being bald. This is obvious to anyone. There’s no one that is proud of being bald!

      1. Totally agree julian. People know the current treatments are not worth the side effects. The only real treatment we have is propecia and it only works best at the early signs of mpb nw1 to nw 3. It allows you to keep what you have for 5 to 12 yrs if you respond. Regrowth is minimal. People want a treatment that can actually grow real thick normal fking hair that can make us a nw 2 again. Rogaine is just a joke. Works for a couple years in 30 percent of people . It can fk up your hairline etc. The demand is HUGE for a new treatment. Hair is sexy. It builds your face, character, boosts self confidence. If there was a treatment that can regrow tons of hair people will be lining up the pharmacy to buy it whether it cost 50 bucks a month or 400. So these scientist better get their ass moving and stop jerking off and release a treatment asap! Tired of spending 45 mins evert morning blow drying my hair to make it look less thinning. Tired of avoiding bright lights, avoiding jumping in thr pool or ocean so people won’t see my thinning, tired of not living like a normal dude. I hope a big Pharma company sees my post so they can know what we all go through with this disease! Bring out new treatment in 2016!

          1. Haven’t heard from NASA is some time. I hope he is out and about having fun and not putting jak inhibitors on his scalp. Hopefully he will wait for Dr Christiano to reveal whether or not jak works for mpb and not Christopher trial or whoever was doing from that other forum.

    2. I don’t think it’s that easy

      What hasent been discovered in Hair regrowth is regeneration process. Which when wil be discovered will be a big step in medecine and a cure for many different diseases and others.

      I don’t think they are intentionally trying to stop researches in this.

  24. Companies know there is a tremendous demand for a game changer. They just are cautious to invest unless there’s strong evidence of real potencial… Scientists have to demonstrate they’ve got a breakthrough to attract investors. It’s very complex.

  25. I suffer from AA and I agree with all of you. We need a cure as soon as possible. I,m 28 know and I feel sad when I see what’s happening to my hair. Perhaps in 20 years I don’t mind not having any hair. But today yes, it’s very important for me. Do you know when will it be possible to buy a cure for AA in the Market. (I’m from Spain). If you know something else, please write me . All my life has been in AA. We need a cure !

  26. Cots cote cots cots needs to bring out his treatment in 2016. He must do next year before histigen and replicel gets released in 2017. From what I have gathered cots completed all 3 phases so not sure what the hold up is. Doing last minute touches?

  27. Hi,
    First of all I want to thank Admin for this website as it is a great summary of all the hairloss news from the web and elsewhere. I really “enjoy” reading this blog regularly as it gives some hope for an Androgenetic Alopecia solution in the, hopefully, near future.

    Here is my history:
    Region: North-West Europe
    Age at this moment: 33
    Age when balding probably started: 25
    Started treatment: 30, because then i first noticed a slightly thinning crown
    Baldness class: I think 3Vertex
    Baldness severeness: I think I lost 80% by now in the crown region, an area of 50m2, despite the use of hairloss products, and it keeps thinning unfortunately. Some spots of 3 cm2 to 4 cm2 are almost completely bald.
    Hair color: turned during the last 3 years from ashblond to grey, grey and even more grey, so losing melatonine.
    Scalp condition: I developed during the last 3 years psoriatic eczema, not only on my scalp, also at my hairline on my forehead and behind/on my ears
    I am sure that all these conditions are related to each other, as it all started simultaneously. Everything is prone to inflammation it seems.

    Used hairloss products:
    Hairmaxx Laser Comb Professional for 12 months > useless, it didn’t stop the hairloss nor the eczema
    Saw Palmetto Supplements > the same severe side effects as finasteride, especially during the first 6 weeks after I stopped using them, so I got side effects while using them, but they got worse the first 6 weeks after stop using the pills.

    Current treatment (for the last 12 months):
    2 x a day Rogaine, greasy filthy Rogaine, however I noticed that it slightly improved the front, while I apply it for the vertrex. Really weird, so it slowed down the front shedding, while the vertex can’t be controlled. It’s just the opposite!
    Every other day Revita shampoo en blowdrying my hair. Thanks to the makers of Revita as it diminishes my scalp psoriasis that much, it itchess and burns less. However some spots are so thin my skin bleeds after shampooing.

    However, despite the Minoxidil and Revita, still totally losing the vertex and there seems nothing to do about it. While DHT and PGD’s might be the starting point of miniaturization, I still believe it’s the immune system that finally attacks all the already shrunken follicles. The reason why I think that is the fact that first I notice itching, burning, thickeling spots on the vertex, they feel as they are bruised, like I bumped my head into something. Just a few hours later it gets worse and worse, untill it’s feeling hot and burning. Later when I comb my hair, I see exactly at that area a new tiny bald spot. If that is not inflammation then I am an idiot! Very interesting detail, the psoriasis is less severe at the almost bald spots. So after the job is done by Mister DHT and PGD, then Mister Inflammation and Mister Immunesystem kick in and shut everything down. After that the itch, burn and pain are gone including the psoriasis, almost.

    As I am probably losing stemcells / progenitor cells like we probably all do, treatments like Replicell and for now Histogen would be very welcomed by me. Hairtransplants are highly overprized and I hope the prices drop drastically when alternative treatments or complementary treatments hit the market. Some HT docs tell they garantuee a regrow of 80% in the donor area due to their high quality FUE’s and special needles. Although that MIGHT be true, the fact is that they are the most expensive HT surgeons. They are able to reach 35% density for small spots per session they say, which means you have to come back several times. Altogether the pictures of hairtransplants on the internet are most of the time pretty disappointing. While almost nobody with MPB is able to maintain his hair, because fina and minox are not designed for hairloss in the first place, hairtransplants are doomed to fail in the long run, as they are not able to keep up with the future balding regions. So we need complementary treatments badly.

    Even when I have to travel from Europe to the USA or Canada I still would like to get Histogen for instance. However I heard recently that a Belgian MD is testing/ using Histogen, so we might be lucky if we are not forced to save money for Transatlantic flights. However the efficacy of Histogen was still under scrutiny of this Belgian MD, and at the same time the person who told me did not mention the name of this MD. For now, I am not sure about the picture presented previously by Histogen … Show at least a part of the forehead for instance with some reference points.

    At the same time I am very interested in the JAK- inhibitors, especially when I hear that conditions/diseases like psorasis, vitiligo, rheumatoid arthritis and AA might be treated with it. Although I have AGA/MPB ( with Inflammation) it’s weird that my psoriasis (auto immune) started simultaneously as well ass the greying. The last thing being losing hair pigment, what about the connection with losing skin pigment (vitiligo)? Those JAK inhibitors might solve my psoriasis, my inflammation in conjunction with AGA, and the greying of the rest of the hair. All in all, I look 10 years older and sometimes ill due to these conditions I developed during the last 3 years. Thank you DNA!

    An acquaintance of my parents has rheumatoid arthritis since we know her. A few years ago, all off the sudden, she developed a small ( 3cm2) round bald spot on her crown. Simultaneously she had psoriasis like skin trouble in that small area and increased inflammation. The dermatologists took a small biopsy from her spot, but they were not able to give it a name, they only prescribed cortisone injections. The cortisone messed up the spot even more and therefore she denied new injections. They said they needed a larger biopsy to finalize their examinination, but she understandibly denied this request as she would get an even a larger bald spot due to the new skin biopsy.

    Sometimes I really do think researchers but also MD’s don’ t read the scientific literature that already exists in their field or they are doing trial and error on patients themselves. At the same time most of the highly qualified students in Health Medicine choose for professions in the field of oncology, diabetes, cardiology and not for dermatology as they might think that solving skin problems is not as life saving for the human population as “real diseases”. They forget that our skin is the largest human organ and at the same time the most visible part of the body, which means that skin problems are most of the time visible for the entire community.

    Also funding is most of the time only granted to fields where the life threatening diseases are cured. Adding to that the Health Insurance mostly only covers drugs that aim at treating diseases and not so called conditions. The only skin related disease that is really taken serious seems to be skin cancer. Of course we understand(!), because skin cancer can be life threatening, but don’t forget that a large portion of skin cancer on the head in elder people is a consequence of lifetime exposure of the scalp to daylight and sunlight! If skin cancer is an increasing concern in recent years they better find a adequate treatment/solution/ cure if you want to, for all kinds of hairloss and bring it with reasonable prices to the worldwide market within 24 months!

    Health insurance covers stuff like quit-smoking drugs or pregnancy therapy, while those costs should be on the patients his own expense, because these health issues are not inherited, they are most of the times the consequence of choices you made yourself in the past. AA and AGA are things nobody will ever choose themselves, nor will it ever be socially accepted. Patients and society are FORCED to accept it because of the lack of solutions. That is a different story.

    As health research always aspires to positively contribute to the worldwide society with drugs and therapies which have a SIGNIFICANT IMPACT on the QUALITY OF LIFE of a LARGE POPULATION especially with GENETIC DISORDERS, every human being should know by now what research needs to fix next and pretty fast!

  28. I don’t know whether this has been posted earlier. Not related to AA or AGA, however very significant therapy for patients who are facing chemo hairloss.

    It’s about the DigniCap, made in Sweden, a cooling system that chills patients’ scalps to reduce chemo hair loss, which has been approved by the FDA.

  29. Hey guys again just curious which side does hair loss come from family that is? Because many ppl have different answers either your father or your mothers father IDK

    1. I got it from my maternal grandfather just like 1 of my uncles from the motherside. So both on the female side.

      No one is balding at my fathers side.
      As it started early (25) it just seems my fathers good hairgenes are totally overruled, while he has a full head of hair in his late 60ties.

      I could not see that one (baldness) coming.

  30. We are so close… just need one final test of the JAK drugs on male pattern hairloss.

    JAK Inhibitors are going to work and I have been saying that for over 1 year. I think Christiano expects that JAK type drugs will cure male pattern hairloss.

    If they come up with Tofacitinib cream then we can use it for male pattern hair loss through our doctors.

    All is my opinion.

    1. It will prob take longer for jak to get approved for AA. Would be nice if it were 2016. They have to go through 3 clinical trials

      1. get over it. we live in a world of lawsuits. It may not mean anything to you what I say but others will use anything against you 10 years hence.

  31. The aa formula and aga formula of jak inhibitor will be different. Christiano said that the dosage for aga would have to be higher.. Also, I don’t know what type of delivery method she will develop for this. It has to be used or the hair grown will be lost just as seen with alopecia areata patients.. she hinted about other methods, but it’s still to early. Keeping up the hope.

    Btw, I’ve been on seti now for about 20 days. Took a week to get a reduction in scalp oil, but after that my itch was reduced significantly. I still shed, but it’s a start and does work to get rid of excessive loss from inflammation. Keep up the faith guys.


    1. DOES seti really works for reduction of scalp oil , because i have a lot sebum and it cause seborrea inflamation and hair loss??
      have you had any sides?
      how do you apply it?

      1. Yeah man. I take it orally at about 600mg a day. It’s to weak out of all the pgd2 drugs we are looking at though. Lot of hype about it, but it will help. It is for me at least.

  32. Dr. Christiano can’t go ahead and test their compounds, because it is hard to do so. People should know that science is really hard and take time. Even for some one as recognized as her, it’s incredibly hard to convince pharma to come and fund something that MIGHT have some effect.

  33. Hey just purchased 100mg of tofac in powder form , should arrive after crimbo, now just gotta figure out how to apply it

    1. Be careful of anything purchased if not from usa. Best to talk to a doctor. But also keep us very informed.

      I think at this point everyone should wait until at least the end of 2016 before trying these JAK Inhibitors. We just need one scientist to do a 3-6 month trail to see if it will work for Male Pattern Hairloss and to find out the correct dosage and how to effectively apply it.

      1. What a shitty result, what a boat load of shit result, it’s the same thing, by the way in some of the later pictures his hair is worse.. Big BS!!!

        but excuse me, don’t sue me because…

        All is my opinion.

  34. FADI those pics suck. There is no difference and the guy is still balding. This is not a treatment and please don’t advertise weak hair loss solution like this on this site. We must only praise real working treatments that show moderate to full regrowth. That picture was lousy results if any. Plus follicept was shown to be not effective. Sorry for the post mam but we can show excitement for solutions like this or else this is all we will ever get. If he regret his temples then I would be impressed

      1. Fadi, those pictures were taken all in the same day, weren’t they?

        The guy is even balder in the last ones.. lol

        ok, don’t be angry,

        All is my opinion.

  35. she said that it could take 3-5 years for RUX to get on the market if a company started NOW Nasa..

    I think Histogen and Replicel are about the closest things to market Histogen being in mexico winter 2017 “if we are lucky” and Reploicel 2018 in Japan if we are lucky.

    The rest sam, rux, follicum, seti etc look like forever away

    1. I really don’t like how histogen wants to release their HSC in Mexico. Whenever I see Mexico and medical together I imagine shady treatments that aren’t safe to use and only Mexico would allow it. Histogen should really focus on Canada for a place to release HSC. We could go there and not get our kidneys taken out by some Mexican drug cartel

      1. They actually do a lot of procedures well in Mexico. Of course you are going to hear of some scare stories, just like you hear about them in America. lol I have friends that have gone to Mexico for various procedures, stayed at resorts, and came back with a good overall experience, especially dental.

      2. My friend, you are being really biased here. Canadians are not angels sent from God, nor any people.

        You should know better before saying things like that.

        Prejudice is a twin brother of ignorance and stupidity.

        1. Are you saying Canada is equivalent to Mexico in safety and regulatory standards?!?!?! Not prejudice, that’s reality. Canada is just as good if not better than the US. Mexico is sketchy as hell, go to both countries. If your still think the same, there is something wrong with you.

          1. I am saying Canada is better for medicine and procedures than Mexico. I am not being prejudice by any means just stating safety standards Mexico has compared to Canada and the USA. I feel more safe getting a procedure done here in thr USA or Canada. I don’t appreciate you calling me stupid Julian.

    2. Looks like it Egghead. Who knows we may have a surprise by follica or samumed if they sped through phase 3 like the other phases.

  36. Egghead – who cares when the product reaches the market.

    If JAK Inhibitors solve male pattern hairloss and we know the dosage and can get it prescribed from our doctors for other medical purposes. then, I promise you I will be using it LONG (years) before it actually reaches the drug stores.

    1. Christiano won’t release her exact protocol for mpb nasa. She won’t give away her secrets. We will just be guessing what the vehicle is and how to properly apply it.

      1. We know the main ingredient. We just need proof that it works then the Internet geniuses will very quickly solve the rest.

        Although, there is STILL now proof yet that it works for male pattern hairloss. But if it does work then this board is Extinct.

        I still say JAK Inhibitors will be the Cure and I think it is finally here.

        But curious, someone stated that Christiano says it does work for AGA but that the dose needed is higher. Does anyone have a link to that statement from an ARticle or Interview?

  37. Here. Hsir follicles never die. They just become super tiny and stop producing hair. Follicle will die when you die. It’s an organ in our body

    1. mjones can you tell me about hair roots no follicles when roots die in men with pattern baldness ?
      i think after maybe 4 years.
      am i wrong?

      1. They don’t die bro. They just miniaturize. Find a bald relative in your family who is like 60yrs old who has been bald for 30 yrs. Look st their scalp under bright lights and you will thousands of colorless little peach fuzz hsir all over his bald dome. Those are hairs being punished by mpb dht. Root still there and follicle just hair not allowed to become dark and long

  38. It is so strange that I never noticed before I realized I have MPB, but I was at a show yesterday, and you look around at the crowd. Every man in the audience is dealing with some level of MPB. It is all just part of getting older, but we look at it like an irregular curse, but it really is normal. I just hope they find a way to correct it, like crooked teeth and braces or acne.

    1. This Finastopic contains 1% Fina and 3% Minox, I read somewhere on a Spanish forum.

      Is this product really something to be considered or is the composition way to weak to even halt hairloss, let alone to generate some regrowth, who knows … I believe some hairloss centres / clinics are already using these kind of mixtures for years

      However, my Spanish isn’t that good unfortunately, so I can’t read the comments on those Spanish fora/websites

  39. I would rather say that someone should release something that makes women totally bald..then the world will go crazy for new treatments…there will be coloured ribbons, neck bands and hash tags supporting them

  40. Topical fin has been bull shit for a long time.. Idk why it’s being brought into the world now… Ru or another RECEPTOR blocker is what you need if you’re going to anything along the topical AA route…

  41. Soooooooooooo tired of this shit! Why can’t they just fking bring out a better treatment already. 1998 and still with propecia. 20 yrs and it takes this long to figure out how hair works lol. 5 yrs more then another 5 yrs for the cure. When we keep getting the runaround like this it’s not a good sign. If they don’t have a MUCH better treatment with pics by next year and I am talking about seti, sm, follica, jak,replicel where it can restore hair back at least two Norwoods then we are pretty much fked till they bring out gene therapy.

    Ps. NASA please don’t post jak inhibitors will work on 2016 automated post lol.

    1. I agree with mjones he have right.
      I am so tired like he.
      Every day we talking about jak inhibitors but where we are no?
      Christiano say jak can work on mpb and that is all, that is enough.

      1. I hope so FADI. It’s just taking wayyyyy too long and we are all losing ground quick. It may be too late for most of us if something new cones out in 3 to 5 yrs

  42. mjones – the cure is probably staring you right in the face YES Jak Inhibitors are probably the 100% cure. It has not been proven for male pattern baldness but it has worked on AA hair loss.

    Thus it is the only thing I am zeroing in on. I only want something that REALLY works and that is probably the JAK Inhibitors. You may hate that fact but you will love it when it regrows your hair in 2016 (at least for me).

  43. Hair follicles never die but scinetists dont know how to wake up them or maybe know, but yes treatment is beter than cure is not?
    People wake up, we must send e mail dr christiano or go there on universita.
    What we waiting for?

  44. Jeah what are we waiting for,common lets go all together to christianos home and ask her about jak. She doesnt answer much about jak and aga and she doesnt even answer the emails about it, many members from btt and other forums complaining about that. hellouser was is in hairloss congress a couple of months ago and he said that he has tried 3 times to interview her and didnt get an interview.
    Thats not so easy.

  45. Nasa pkeeeeeease stop posting the same post every 5 mins man haha. We get it you want jak to work. We all do bro but stop saying 100x a day. Say something else please :)

  46. She already answered this and basically no they won’t, not right now. AA and AGA is totally different, people don’t seem to realize this…

  47. Christiano doesn’t say that they probably won’t work for AGA. She knows so much about hair that I feel this does give us hope.

  48. Guys this is all research and development. Christianto isn’t releasing info because she is optimistic it will work, but cannot confirm that it will. Mice and men are very different creatures, so what looked like very good results on a rat could be mediocre or slim to none on a human. After all, when have you seen a mouse running around with male pattern baldness? So maybe the rat grew hair in 10 days, but I highly doubt even if it did work that it would show results in 10 days for a human. You think someone that had hair in a resting phase for 10 years is all of a sudden going to sprout a head full of lettuce after slapping a magic potion on their head? We aren’t chia pets people.

    She probably will be testing this for about a year-similar to her testing on AA. I highly doubt you will hear more about it until the results are in and she is sure of her data. I would much rather her keep the news to herself and just continue working than keep throwing out false lines of hope anyway. She said it might work and is testing it and left it at that. Bombarding her with emails isn’t going to expedite the process.

  49. Yeah I think it will work for definite,but to what extent who knows? Hopefully similar results to AA, can anyone tell me how you would mix the raw form of tofac and what concentration would be a good starting point? I know it risky to say the least ,blah blah blah……….but not gonna get answers twiddling our thumbs and at least if we test it ourselfs theirs no reason to not share any progress.

  50. Why are people trashing Nasa? I rather hear his posts than put up with mjones stupid conspiracy theories about the hairloss market. Seriously, it’s cringe worthy.

    1. Kain Thank You.

      Yes I am repetitive about JAK Inhibitors BUT they are the Best Possibility to Regrow ALL of our hair back PLUS they are here now already FDA Approved.

      Why people keep talking about anything else until we know about JAK on male pattern hairloss is beyond me. The fact they those drugs have grown all hair back on people at least with AA type hair loss and a possible connection to 2 men from the 1980’s who had male pattern hair loss and took a new JAK Inhibitor Drug (Beno) and regrew their hair. Why do we want to know if these modern day JAK Inhibitors work on male pattern hair loss. Instead they talk about Propecia lotion or Minoxidol lotion. Waste of time!

      Christopher1 is experimenting with JAK inhibitor in lotion form. At least that man is trying to solve it for us. Yet everyone wants to talk about everything else. Wait until JAK inhibitors do not work then talk about these other things.

      JAK inhibitors are by FAR our best shot at solving hairloss. Everyone should find or demand an experiment on it.

      1. Nasa, I like your optimism

        We all agree that we want an affordable, effective, safe and fast discovery. If Jak is the solution (I think you might be right) we would love it. If it’s Histogen, we would love it. If it’s anything else … we would love it.

        However I think most of us will not bet on just 1 horse for now. And while we are waiting for the ultimate treatment / cure, we try to save as much hair as we can.

        Therefore we might be teased from time to time to consider other options. Then again, we are happy that others on the forum then share their experience or knowledge about these mixtures.

        1. mjones – thought yours was an excellent post.

          Yes agreed, it will surprise everyone 2016 is the date male pattern hair loss is cured absolutely 100% treatment. I am ready to go to the doctor once I know it is proven to work on AGA… you know the rest.


      2. Ok.. there are differences between AA and AGA and it’s not guaranteed it will work, with the same success. A major difference is that arrector pili muscle, which in normal follicles is attached to its bulb and when the follicle becomes small (both in AA and AGA) detaches from it (only in AGA). So, MAYBE, because of this, for example, the results MAY not repeat in AGA. Or maybe it will return to its position and the follicle regains its integrity again or is able to regrow without the aid of this little structure.

        So it’s not like it works for AA and it will work the same way for AGA.

        1. I don’t think the arrector pilli muscle is a big deal. The JAK users who burned their skull back in the 80s had lost their hair for many years, but regrew a significant amount. I doubt the pilli muscle reattached itself because of the effects if the fire. I bet JAK does something to excite the muscle.. who knows.

    2. Hey kain Jak inhibitors will be the cure. Just wait and see. Cure 2016. Right in your face and you don’t know it. We don’t have to wait many years for jak. Christiano is using it now. All is my opinion. Jak is the cure 2016.

      Sorry but my conspiracy theory bulls hot is 100x more interest than robot posts from NASA.

      Don’t be hating Kain hahaha

  51. If they could get the trials done for AGA already… It’s supposed to be quick to lnow if it works or not. As long as they find out it works I wouldn’t give a waiting 5 years untill it gets released… At least we would know there is a light at the end of the tunnel and that by itself would take a huge load of stress off of our shoulders and start thinking about other stuff.

  52. wow ..look guys JAK might be “the cure” … but Christiano said herself in that interview 2 weeks ago “We have taken it as far as we can” she said they are waiting for a huge company to step in .. AND “IF THEY START TODAY WE MIGHT HAVE IT IN MARKET IF IT WORKS IN 2020”

    NASA, MJONES JAK won’t be in your hand 2016 it has to go through the whole phase 1 2 3 bull shit first. did you even listen to the interview? Your putting your heart and soul on the table and don’t even use your head with facts. Don’t build your emotions to hurt yourself in the future listen to the women your citing .

  53. Theres way too much player hating here. We are all in the same damn boat and clearly already have enough to be stressed about. We all want a cure and we all want it now. It is good to be optimistic like NASA- as I said, hairloss gets us down enough as it is or we wouldn’t be here right now. Its nice to have some positive feedback for once. And I think JAK is looking up for us. Cure? Maybe not..but even something with propecia benefits without the sides will do for most.

    With that being said, I kind of have to agree with Mjones on his conspiracy theory as well. We can clone a f****** human ear with medical technology today, but can’t figure out how to keep keratin and excess protein growing on our heads? No that doesn’t make any sense. Way too many people profit from hairloss right now, pharmaceutical companies, doctors, fue docs, natural supplement companies, random websites with snake oils, wig/toupee companies, etc. And when the cure comes only ONE company and manufacturer will reap the benefits for a very long time until the patent runs out. No more wigs, or fue, or prp, or minox, or fin. Everything will be rendered obsolete and billions of people will lose jobs, companies, etc and you all know it. I have a feeling plenty is known already about how to stop hairloss and its just been swept under the rug.

    Even so, it doesn’t matter because we are all stuck waiting, and everyday more and more people start balding. So I like coming here and reading the updates and giving my input, hoping that one day ill open the page and see an awesome post with an awesome hair treatment. Until then though, we should all definitely keep our eyes open and keep eachother updated. No need to bash anyone!

  54. And I don’t agree that we would have to wait until 2020 for JAK. Yeah it might not be FDA approved until then, but I tried RU and its never been approved nor will it be. I know people buying setipiprant right now and using it and that’s not approved either. There are ways to get these early from research websites. They sell them for research purposes, and I know how ill be doing my research if it is proven to work. We just have to wait until more info on dosage and vehicle comes out and I can guarantee you will see it on a research website for sale. May be expensive, but may not.

    1. I may be wrong. I agree with the swept under the rug comments too. Just like how dentists are full of shit about teeth but thats a whole other issue. I think we won’t have to wait till 2020. the latest i think is 2017 and I’m not being desperate I’m being realistic. i read on the article admin posted or perhaps another one in the news that the cream has been used on alopecia areata and it had passed phase 2 or 3. So even if its released just for those people, male pattern baldness sufferers like myself can get hold of them and try them. I have to say I’ve heard and seen a lot of shit on hair loss remedies and cures. but something about jam inhibitors makes so much sense and feels right to me in terms of a cure. Also i know alopecia areata is because of the immune system attacking hair but i really do think male pattern baldness, although genetic has something to do with the immune system also. Especially in me as I get really dry skin and red sore patches now and then which is all symptoms that jak halts. Similair process regardless I feel. And christiano knows this. :)

      1. even if it comes out for alopecia aerate as a topical cream and you need a prescription ill complain about the skin problems, i already mentioned and maybe i can get one :p providing it isn’t ridiculously priced like the tablets. I pray that it goes down if it becomes a topical. I don’t understand how drug pricing works, will the value eventually go down???

  55. If JAK inhibitors cost 2k a month, who can afford that? We’ll end up taking them for three months to get our hair back – then we’ll have to jump back on Propecia to keep it.

  56. Maybe someone can explain to me because im not sure I understand…Dr. Christiano seems to say that the reason you haven’t seen regrowth in patients who take jak inhibitors systemically (for their original purpose) is because it needs to hit the hair follicles directly/topically…but that doesn’t explain why dr kings aa patient from last year had full regrowth from taking it systemically or why his newer female patient was taking the lotion then saw regrowth only after they put her on systemic delivery as well. I’m confused.

  57. To Daniel and Tom,
    There could be many reasons such as, the topical lotion wasn’t formulated for optimal absorption. The in mouse study, the Tofacitinib was 3% and it was formulated in DMSO, which greatly enhances absorption of topical drugs. So the concentration may not have been adequate. I still think that the best bet is for topical Tofacitinib to be approved for chronic plaque psoriasis. Then it will be avaialble for other indications. I’m going to try contacting Pfizer and see if they are doing a phase 3 study since they already have phase 2 completed. See below.

  58. Christopher1 should be reaching ~ 8 weeks with his personal study. I think he is using 0.5% Tofacitinib in distilled water and ethanol, and was planning to increase it to 1% if he didn’t see results with the 0.5%. Hopefully he will post soon, but it appears that the treatment needs to continue for ~ 12 weeks before results are visible.

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