What Happened to Ernie Primeau and Arfy?

This post is obviously unrelated to hair loss cures or hair loss science and research. After the recent demise of Bryan Shelton, I could not help but wonder: whatever happened to Ernie Primeau and Arfy?

From when I first started reading hair loss forums in the early 2000s, I remember ten or so people/usernames quite vividly. Ernie Primeau was probably the craziest person ever seen on hair loss message boards, and no-one will surpass or even match him in that regard. Hair loss forum veterans are unlikely to ever forget that name, especially considering that he probably holds the world record for most number of hair loss forum/discussion group posts. Ernie was obsessed with his theory that permanently removing all your body hair via plucking would grow back scalp hair.

Update: Ernie is still alive and replied in the comments section to this post, and he actually even sounds sane! There is also a picture of him here, but I can’t vouch for its veracity.

Arfy was damaged by a hair transplant surgeon during the time when they used pluggy grafts and older surgical techniques. He was quite an advocate for those who had been disfigured, and went out of his way to help people about to get surgery. He was probably as prolific a poster as Bryan Shelton for a few years. I have not read any posts by Arfy in many years it seems, although my frequency of visits to hair loss forums has varied significantly over the past decade.

Update: Arfy is also still alive and has been posting on various hair loss forums again as of 2016.

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        1. Thank you, I would like to offer more evidence that scalp hair can regrow when body hair stops growing.http://www.cancerforums.net/threads/18904-Robotic-Prostatectomy-and-Hair-Growth
          Drs at Laval U stopped the growth of excessive body hair using Flutamide and saw a dramatic decrease in scalp hair loss.
          Dr Higano noted that side effects from the use of androgen deprivation therapy include a loss of body hair, thinning of the beard and scalp hair regrowth.
          Posters at Hairsite claim they lost body and face hair and regrew scalp hair.
          Female hormone therapy can include a loss of body hair, thinning of the beard and scalp hair loss recession and in cases, regrowth.
          That is a lot of evidence.

          1. Thanks for the great post Ernie.

            I agree about the inverse link between body hair and scalp hair and have said that a few times on this blog. In case you haven’t, please read the end of my recent post on Theracell. I will google for the Laval U and Dr. Higano work soon.

  1. Admin,
    Read your article about Theracell. They are on the right track. I am amazed that more people have not removed their body hair to see if it would have any effect on their scalp hair. I am sure you noticed that the degree of scalp hair loss pretty much coincided with the degree of body hair growth. My method is slow to work, but the sooner a person who is prone to AGA starts to remove the body hair from the follicles the better the results. If a person sees a lot of baldness in the family he can prevent it by removing the body/face hair as it appears.
    I have always said that the cure will be when they can get the body to stop growing body hair, get the body to produce more 5 a-reductase, a deficiency of it is the cause of AGA, or to have a topical synthetic 5 a-reductase available, the synthetic has been made, but it is not being used for anything as far as I know. the last I heard it was sitting on a shelf at Baylor U since 1997 or 8.
    If enough people show results by removing their body hair to create interest and a profit to be made, AGA will be a thing of the past.

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