Updates from the 27th ISHRS World Congress

Update: Dr. John Cole is organizing his own conference in Thailand as soon as the ISHRS conference ends.

ISHRS 2019

I have been covering the annual International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) congress since 2013. It is the most important conference in the hair loss world in my opinion.

The latest 27th edition is taking place in Bangkok, Thailand starting today. It runs from November 13, 2019 — November 17, 2019. I will update this page with the main developments as they occur.

Update: The Golden Follicle award went to Dr. Robert True (US).

Update: The Platinum Follicle award went to Ratchathorn Panchaprateep (Thailand).

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33 thoughts on “Updates from the 27th ISHRS World Congress”

  1. I know a few here are planning on trying Cassiopea’s acne
    (1%) drug for hairloss when it is on the market next fall. Is there any reason to believe that using that 1% topical 2x a day might lead to any hair growth? Or do we have to wait for the 7.5% (hairloss version) to be released down the road?

    1. Yes, based on the results of the trial, the 1% cream should be at least partially effective. However, it will be more difficult to apply effectively than the eventual 7.5% solution. In the meantime, I’m going to give Zix a shot.

        1. It’s crushed zinc and vitamin b6 in ethyl alcohol and water. There are various formulas on the Internet. I was a very good responder to finasteride but had to quit due to terrible side effects. I’m tired of my hair continuing to fall out, so I thought I would try zix while I wait for something better to come along that doesn’t have sides. I read about one person who used zix and microneedling and had really good results, so I’m thinking it’s better than nothing.

    2. Waiting eagerly for that because I think once the cream is released clascoterone will become more readily available, less expensive, and compounding pharmacies may be able to use it. I am not sure because I am not an expert but that is what I expect/hope will happen. Even if none of that happens, surely someone will come up with a way to increase the cream concentration and maybe make it more suitable for scalp application. Somehow it will have to make things easier, right now it is not at all convenient to use.

      1. I might try the 1% 2x / day in a year with the Rogaine 5% foam. That’s obviously something that was not tried yet in trials. It will pass the time until a better drug comes out in 2022.

        I have a stubborn receding hairline that isn’t responsive to anything – although for some reason my temple hairs have come back the past few years.

  2. Based on the current list of speakers listed on the ISHRS site, this conference includes the least innovative topics I’ve seen featured in many years. What I’m seeing is allogenic transplants in mice, PRP, and adipose stem cell injections.

    Just wondering if any innovative treatments will be discussed in addition to the above topics.

  3. Will anyone try to promote a standard protocol for PRP? Exosomes are exciting but I don’t see them becoming affordable anytime soon.

  4. Admin,
    So this is the reason Dr. McGrath might have traveled to Thailand ? interesting, if he does participate will look to see any updates he might provide on Exosomes treatment. or maybe they attend hoping to find out about a new breakthrough they can utilize .

      1. I believe Dr. Cooley also went to the conference. Anyone wondering whether Follica will add exosomes to the “compound” used when disrupting the scalp?

  5. Love the fact Dr Cole is setting up a meeting on his own! He’s been researching and pushing the envelope for years to try and find better treatments. The fact his clinic makes the vast majority of their money from transplants but wants better options speaks volumes. He is diligently researching exosomes and can’t wait to hear the scientific results.

  6. Admin, when do you think allogenic procedures will become available? And how do you compare it to direct cloning? I heard one of the companies that the media is talking about is already working on it.

    1. Hi Greg,

      I hope we get some good news from this conference as that is one of the main presentations.

      Also, did you read my past post on allogeneic hair transplants?

  7. Wow its great to see how important and serious hair loss treatment and cures are to these surgeons and researchers. Just singing away and having blast while women are going bald and young men hitting bw7 at 22 and destroying their quality of life. These docs are making bank from the same old fue fut for the past 25 years. If you aren’t on Propecia or minox and you just started balding, I’d highly advise you start asap and hope it halts your loss. I don’t see anything groundbreaking like tsuji or hair cloning anytime soon. If we are lucky we will get follica with 30cm2 hairs. If we are lucky…..

    1. Not exactly a “simple follicle” though is it? It’s actually one of the most complex cells of the body.
      I like the 10000% remark. Those norwood 1 illuminati guys really know how to hold a grudge :-)

    2. Well like electric cars, they could have been on the street for a long time now (and I don t mean in a number of 10 or 20) but as long as they squeeze till the last drop of petrol we still have the standard cars on the street. I guess Minoxidil / surgeries are still appealing (sarcasm). Is not like they don’t like sleeping on a pile of money from never ending Minoxidil or surgeries which are expensive af.

      I mean yes a follicle is complex but really a heart is also complex and one must be naive thinking you can reproduce a heart, if only was that easy but they did it. Soon we’ll have flying cars and follicle enigma, still can t be cracked (sarcasm again).

      Conspiracy or not I believe in capitalism’s power tho and squeezing money as much as possible till the last bit is something that happens everywhere in any industry. So it’s almost 2020 and we still have 2 options Minoxidil which might work or not or surgeries very expensive and with quite some high risks, and no I ll never try fin or other crap that will mess with my body. I kept reading about sort of companies and most of them one by one went down. I really hope that some company will put an end to this misery but I have doubts.

      1. I think that the companies Allergan is sponsoring as well as those in Japan like TissUse and tsuji are well on their way of curing it. It’ll just be a few months before we see the first results and as more results come in they’ll debug the procedures. That’s the real thing that’s holding everyone up – the trial results. And now is just the first time in history that there is so much research and interest in hair loss cures. Only time will tell, but looking at it objectively, there are a lot more players in the game and the research on cloning and such has matured.

  8. Hello,
    I started reading the book ‘10% human’ in which the gut microbiota is explored in connection to various conditions such as obesity, allergies, etc. and was curious if there is any research not only of the microorganisms on healthy scalp and hair but also exploring the connection between thick hair and the gut. It appears that there are few researches on this but it looks a promising field to me and better than surgery/finasteride/minoxidil etc. If anyone is interested here is the paper that I found: https://sciencenordic.com/denmark-forskerzonen-gut-bacteria/pattern-hair-loss-could-be-due-to-gut-bacteria/1455739

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