Stem Cell Hair Research Arrives in the Bahamas

On this blog, I have in the past mentioned a few times how stem cell and other modern oftentimes untested medical procedures can take place rapidly in developing countries with lax to nonexistent (or easily pliable) regulations. Recently, we saw an example of this when Liz Parrish decided to travel to Colombia for her gene therapy treatment.

While all of us keep talking about how great Japan’s new regulations will be for the advancement of regenerative medicine and stem cell treatments, we have forgotten to keep an eye on Central and South America (the Caribbean region in particular) where things will likely move even faster.

The Bahamas and Peter Nygard

In recent years, the Bahamas has become a significant area of interest when it comes to stem cell treatments. I found the below somewhat cheesy Peter Nygard video from a few years ago interesting when I first saw it. I finally have a reason to include it (keep reading after the video to know why):

The Bahamas, Okyanos and Favorable new Stem Cell Treatment Regulations

Okyanos Cell Therapy in the Bahamas is probably more reliable than Peter Nygard’s company. Besides having a regularly updated blog, in 2015 Okyanos became the first company in the Bahamas to receive regulatory approval from the National Stem Cell Ethics Committee (NSEC) to provide adult stem cell therapy. More here. Also see this latest piece on stem cell treatments in the Bahamas.

The Bahamas as a Secretive Tax Haven

This week’s biggest news story regarding “The Panama Papers” has also found a few cases of people with hidden funds in the Bahamas. In fact Investopedia’s list of top 10 Caribbean tax havens ranks the Bahamas as number 3. If you have the money, it seems like anything is possible in the Bahamas.

Guns for Hire in the Bahamas

In fact the Bahamas has an extremely high homicide rate considering that it is home to less than 400,000 people. Peter Nygard was even accused of hiring hitmen to get rid of a rival recently.


So why have I devoted space to all of the above, part of which reads like a gossip magazine column?  Well if you are a shady character or operate a shady company or deal with an untested and unproven technology that has no rigorous scientific backing, there is almost no place on earth where you would rather be than in the sunny Bahamas.

Lo and Behold

Lo and behold, today out of the blue came one of the most brazen announcements ever in the hair loss world (brazen because of the below quotes in blue). UK based Thorn Medical plc announced the launch of a joint venture company called “Tricogeneca Limited”, with IK Clinics (also of the UK). The new venture will provide stem cell treatments for baldness…. in the Bahamas of course. The founder and director of IK Clinics is someone named Dr. Irum Khan. On Thorn’s website, they discuss the Bahamas stem treatment approval for Thorn from March this year. Edit: Company site is now gone.

In the above linked press release, Thorn Medical’s accomplished CEO, the balding Jack Kaye, states: “We are delighted to establish this joint venture with Dr Khan. She has had great success in using stem cells for hair regrowth and we are keen to further promote this amazing breakthrough to make it available internationally, whilst carrying out further on-going development.

In that same press release, Dr. Khan states: “Our initial focus has been on treating men, where we’ve had a 100% success rate and we’re now refining our techniques for curing alopecia in women, which, although still at an early stage, has so far shown similar success.

Dr. Mahmood Bashir, who heads up Thorn Medical’s stem cell development and treatment efforts, said: “Although current techniques are still in their infancy, with only 10% of the new hair follicles cultured remaining alive, we can culture sufficient
quantities in the lab to provide a complete cure for male pattern baldness.

And for the icing on the cake, I defer back to Jack Kaye: “With our recent stem cell licence in the Bahamas and this new venture, male pattern baldness will soon be a thing of the past!

There you have it!  After all these decades of numerous intelligent scientists working on a cure for hair loss, we are finally home sweet home. Four years earlier than I expected.

Dr. Irum Khan

Since Mr. Kaye stated that Dr. Irum Khan has had great success in using stem cells for hair regrowth, I went to her website. Not a single mention of stem cells anywhere whatsoever on her site. She offers scalp micro-pigmentation (SMP) treatments, hair transplants and medications, but no cell based treatments. Her website has a menu titled as “Blog 2”, and clicking on that takes you a to a haphazardly created page on thread facelifts. Clearly, her website would not be out of place in the Bahamas.

On a positive side, Dr. Khan does seem like a nice person.

Back to Thorn Medical

It seems like Thorn Medical is very soon going to raise capital via a £350 million IPO. According to another recent article, Mr. Kaye states that he expects the company’s value to double to £700 million by the end of the year. So he thinks that his company’s partner has forever cured hair loss per his earlier quote, and he values the benefit of such a cure at around £350 million max over the course of this year?  My guess would be that it should be more like $35 billion, but I am no financial expert.

Back to the Bahamas

Joking and sarcasm aside, I guess it is great to have rogue nations such as the Bahamas where anyone can get away with anything when it comes to medical procedures (not so great for the initial scapegoat patients). If you have the funds and the willpower, I suspect that you can single handedly influence national regulations in countries throughout the Caribbean.

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  1. Most happiest news i have heard in my whole life. Finally job done admin. Many many thanks. You are really a saint to us. God bless you. God bless thorn medicine. I’m just crying…:)

  2. I didnt really understand what you ment here due to all your sarcasm, do you think this would help us or not?

  3. “There you have it! After all these decades of numerous super intelligent scientists working on a cure for hair loss around the world, we are finally home sweet home, four years earlier than I expected.”

    Mr M this is your answer.

  4. admin you should keep this blog up forever so we all can have a reunion april 6th 2020 and laugh at the blog name

  5. Well sure its strange but culturing cells is easy work and you would want someone like Khan to inject them or whatever. But there is this sentence which I cant decrypt

    “Although current techniques are still in their infancy, with only 10% of the new hair follicles cultured remaining alive, we can culture sufficient quantities in the lab to provide a complete cure for male pattern baldness.”

    So what is going on? Culturing hair follicles??? Are they claiming theyre doing the 3d culturing trick to get brand spanking new follicles??? I mean you cant claim and fake that. What is going on?

  6. i believe its a compounding treatment rule, meaning if a single treatment can only yield 10% hair growth, multiple treatments would be needed to yield sufficient results, possible 10 treatments for a 100% yield. im just speculating and i could be wrong but thats what i took away from that statement

    1. That was not the issue I had with the statement at all.. what is a new cultured follicle? How did it come about? Last time I heard you need to culture the cells in a 3d sphere then inject it into the skin and voila you have a weird new hair follicle growing that you cant control the angle of and the gene expression is all weird. Fue extract it and reimplant? What are they really claiming they can do? Perfect ex vivo hair creation? EH?

  7. There is absolutely an absence when it comes to an explanation how their procedure will be.
    From what i’ve understood so far is that they wanna create hir follicles in the lab and then transplant them into the bald places, since dr khan is an HT surgeon, it makes sence.
    When they can create fully functional hair follicles in the lab, its incredible but i am really not a fan of Hair Transplantation, i dont think you can have a natural look, for people with very high norwood scales its even harder to fill the whole bald head with natural density and the cost would be min. doubled, because you have to create follicles via stem cells and thats only the half way because you need a good surgeon for transplant and they cost a lot, so i dont wanna be a heartbreaker but dont be so hopefull with these. I’ll hope we will see good news from jak or follica in this year.

  8. It is not a scam neither what they claim. It is just the final approval of this past news. We can conclude they have a theory (good one) and now need to conduct trial. Nothing new in the market I am afraid.

    Thorn Medical PLC Granted Provisional Approval to Conduct Stem Cell Research and Therapy in The Bahamas
    Published on:Friday 28th Aug 2015
    The Ministry of Health, Bahamas has granted Thorn Medical PLC provisional approval to conduct stem cell research and therapy on animals. It has also provisional approval to begin acquiring the licenses necessary to build a facility and other related processes necessary to conduct stem cell therapy and research across medical disciplines on humans in The Bahamas.

    Approval is subject to Thorn Medical providing the Bahamian Ministry of Health and/or the National Stem Cell Ethics Committee with a re-submission of its application by the 15th October 2015, to include the additional information requested; namely details of research and treatment protocols, and quality assurance manuals of the clinical trial procedures.

    Upon receipt of these documents, the National Stem Cell Ethics Committee will complete its consideration of Thorn Medical’s application with a view to endorsing its initial recommendation for approval.

    Jack Kaye, Chairman and Chief Executive, Thorn Medical PLC says: “Thorn Medical has a clear focus on improving human wellbeing and is dedicated to breaking down the barriers to providing more efficient and effective healthcare worldwide. This approval is a major step forward in enabling us to deliver these goals, allowing us to potentially develop stem cell treatments for conditions and diseases in animals, as well as humans, tendon and ligament damage, osteoarthritis, osteochondrosis as well as stroke, neurodegenerative conditions, brain and spinal cord injury, diabetes and heart disease.

    We are confident that, subject to final approval, with this pioneering agreement, we will establish the foundation for The Bahamas to become one of the world’s leading centres for human and animal stem cell research and therapy.”

  9. its possible that the 3d cultering issue was resolved a long time ago, and the purpose of using a place like the bahamas is to avoid red tape that the USA and EU have which holds back the procedure. again im just speculating but i dont see them going to all the trouble if there wasnt sufficient readoning ot profit to move forward so fast

  10. Lol… I’m not going to take anything serious if they use Kanye in their promotional video. Plus really… Kanye hasn’t really made anything noteworthy since Graduation in my opinion other than hype and outlandish statements.

    Sorry guys… I’m throwing in the towel on this one until there is actual data. In Kanye’s own words “You ain’t got the answers Sway!”

  11. What about potential cancer related to stem cells use?
    No regulation means a big gap regarding potential side effects.
    This news is not clear.

  12. Does Thorn Medical even know about Dr Cotseralis, Dr Christiano and the other established research teams? Heck, even Histogen?

    They all say they need more funding partnerships and in the case of Histogen, somewhere to launch their HSC product.

    Dr. Irum Khan the hair transplanter has not cured baldness. That is a fact. Her online résumé, website and videos are all very iffy.

  13. Jack Kaye is balding in the front too by the way, so this hasn’t been out for years or anything it’s happening right now

  14. baldings you can stay bald and skeptical
    if this company is a scam I would be surprised
    their applying for nasdaq have multiple MD’s and experts internationally.. Theres already hundreds of millions of dollars invested in the company located in the first world UK, their locating their operations to the Bahamas because of stem cell legislation…

    Tell me how the f could it be a scam lol.. seriously.. what the hell logic is going through your mind to say that I’m asking seriously not sarcastically

    1. I don’t think he is calling the UK company bullshit… but the other company already in the Bahamas… that hype video with Kanye soundtrack to it? That… that is nothing by hype. Hard to take a company serious when it looks likes an 19 year old, 1st year video student made it.

      Prove me wrong, show some data. An old guy that says he is reverse aging isn’t proof to me. Even if he is somehow healthier, there could be many factors to that.

      Need a lot more data before I take this seriously. Or… I’m going to use their soundtrack at my party this weekend.

    2. Oh, I’m sorry am I disturbing this moment of blissful ignorance for you?

      If this doesn’t seem at the very least suspicious to you then you’re even dumber than I had thought. There are too many red flags to even begin counting. And your argument for why it isn’t a scam? Because they are applying to be a publicly listed company? Because they are valued so highly? Welcome to the real world where businesses lie for money and to increase valuation. Unless they produce pictures, I will remain a skeptic while you can continue feeling on top of the world. Only one of us will be disappointed when we don’t hear from this company again.

    3. People are trying to play it both ways. When some companies are tight lipped about their methods, people assume that it is bull. When some others, like Cots and Christiano, are tight lipped, people assume it is because they have something remarkable, and they don’t want to risk their investment… Which is it, huh?

  15. I don’t think this is a scam, but I don’t see how it will benefit any one of us anytime soon. The cost is going to be through the roof for this, probably way more than even FUE, and we would have to travel to the Bahamas to get this done-possibly multiple times if more than one treatment is required. Im having a hard time following everyone’s excitement. Am I missing something?

  16. I really hope this isn’t bs. I have no problem paying 50k for a full nw 1.5. If they are lying and using baldness cure claim as a marketing promotion of their company then they should be penalized and fined heavily for false advertising and should be shut down. They can’t be screwing with people’s hope

  17. One thing though, I still believe they have the cure for hair loss and that it has been blocked legal and fda regulations. I know you guys hate my conspiracy theories but they have been working on stem cell hair cloning rejuvenation since 1991, they must have figured it out by now, I mean come on. The fda or whatever legal group probably thinks that it’s not ready for prime time release yet.

  18. K two things, curious and baldings…

    1. That ridiculous video of old finish bro from the fashion industry who’s paying off hitmen to take out his dooshy billionaire neighbor – that’s not thorn medical. That video was released years ago because old bro bro wanted to brag like a megalomaniac becasue thats what 70 something dooshy rich bro bro’s do with their time. That’s a guy who influenced legislation to get controversial stem cell therapy passed. (the SCNT kind) which the religious people and their infinite wisdom blocked in the USA early in George W Bush’s first term.

    2. Putting your company IPO for the nasdaq isn’t applying for a job at mcdonalds dude.. it takes over 45 million dollars just for the application process and you have to be well capitalized for initial release (as in hundreds of millions of dollars) for liquidity reasons. Last I checked the NYSE and NASDAQ had similar standards. You can’t be a mom and pop scam stem cell shop offshores and put your company on the nasdaq. And for you to even suggest likewise makes you look like an amateur
    skeptic jack ass .. you called me dumb first.. first punch.. sorry dude your projecting.. your the dumb ass baldings

    to curious and baldings – all I’m saying is Thorn Medical is a real company with real educated staff from Britain .. no arguing with that.. Not saying anymore or any less than that.

  19. First post here, been following for a long time.
    What’s making me sceptical of this is the fact that they’re claiming great results, yet haven’t released a single picture. Wouldn’t it make sense to release pictures if it worked so well?

    Agree that an IPO is no joke, but one also has to think about them wanting to “hype” the company for the IPO.

  20. egghead for sure we should have some type of reunion for all the active and non active members of this amazing blog. Side note: u should have a nice hair cut prior to attending the reunion.

  21. but how this cure works? lotion, hair transplant ….. ?

    and when it gonna be available ? do i have to travel to BAHAMAS to get this cure ?

    and the most important is the $$$cost$$$$ ??

  22. Agreed Julian. Not to mention, my take on this is that it doesnt actually help our own hair grow back, but instead they are culturing hair follicles in a lab and these will then be transplanted? So its a big step as in we will never run out of donor hair, but its basically just a glorified FUE then no? Sounds good and a lot of people will jump on it, but to me I dont see how its a cure. Flying over seas to have cultured follicles transplanted into my head numerous times doesn’t seem to be the answer, not for me at least and certainly not for anyone that has money problems.

  23. Heres story line Steve, for poor english speakers here is a summary

    1. Billionaire Peter Nygard influences the Bahamian government to pass controversial legislation related to SCNT stem cell therapy outlawed by religious politicians in USA 16 years ago.

    2. Peter Nygard makes cheesy video bragging about it on youtube 2014

    3. Bahamian law attracts huge labs conducting highly advanced stem cell research in contrast to USA.

    4. Irrelevant to everything 1-2-and 3.. British stem cell company well capitalized with scientific staff reputable history, on bloomberg profiles, applying for IPO at the end of last year, Thorn Medical announces they cured male pattern baldness. Which is as “Brazen” of a claim or in other english words as strong of a statement a company of that caliber can make.

    5. This blog breaks the news

    6. Everyone that can barrely speak english or second rate amateur skeptics comment to further the confusion. Suggesting that Peter Nygard is the CEO of Thorn Medical (lol) or Mjones with his typical illuminati conspiracy ..

    Clear the confusion

    There is a professional credible company from the United Kingdom with hundreds of millions of dollars applying for NASDAQ approved by the Bahamian government to practice and develop a stem cell therapy for male pattern baldness that is literally 10 years ahead of it’s time according to what’s happening in Japan with Tsuji.

  24. If anything the British deserve a cure for baldness. 90% of the men there are going bald or have horrible teeth. I’m not surprised they are in the forefront of curing baldness. I mean I am happy on whoever cures this crap disorder but would like England to be the main ones

    1. I already emailed the company.. I know the CEO’s personal email right now.. I dont know.. I’m not saying this is going to work like a miracle … IT MIGHT

      I’m definitely trying to tell everyone on this blog that Thorn Medical is not a bucket shop, this is as big of a company as Aclaris

  25. Guys – I’m seriously not trying to be the Optimistic-Police

    just saying before you trust any negative comments here you should question whether their legitimate commentors or not

    1. Yes, because logic goes out the window if it is said by a legitimate commenter or not? I wasn’t going to respond to your asinine reply, but you keep getting dumber and dumber. My initial post was “My scam radar is going off”. Meaning, that people should be hesitant before getting so excited about this. And I still do believe that, and I think most people would agree with that.

      Bold claims have been said by many who also were not very transparent and withheld information and pictures. Until we see pictures we should be more reserved in our enthusiasm since we’ve been lied to before. Pictures speak 1000 words and if someone did actually have a cure that worked 100% of the time one would think that pictures would be the first thing he/she posts.

  26. This is normal. People with androgenetic alopecia are tired of lies and treatments that do not work. It’s logical.

  27. yall are fuvking dumb lol… admin sorry im trolling now.. or atleast it feels like it .. im out

    thank you for your work

  28. All I know is that if one company is finally in position to grow hair in a lab, and provide transplantation, this bring us a little closer to where we want to go.. Unlimited hair without strip scars.

    To me, the first step to getting our hair back is to be able to produce hair. You can’t regrow hair on a scalp if you can’t even figure out how to reproduce it in a lab.

    We may be finally at a place where scientists understand as much about hair as they may need to to get out scalp to regrow it. If not, at least they are in position to grow it in a lab for unlimited transplantation… in 5 years, we may be able to get hair as thick as we want – thicker than before – artificially, of course, but it is better than not having the option.

    1. This is what I thought about the last article/post though which seemed more realistic and legit, 5-10 years and be able to grow unlimited fully functioning hair available to be transplanted with no big donor scars and realistic looking fullness.

  29. “Welcome to the real world where businesses lie for money and to increase valuation” – Baldings

    lol f you dude I’ll get banned for this – this guy thinks you can be a bucket shop and apply with the SEC to be a public traded company.. yeah dude your damn right I think your a dumb ass

    1. Hey Egghead,
      I’m not here to fight you man but I hope you know that not big business that is done is legit and there is a shit load of speculation when it comes to stock, ipo’s and gambling that happens on wall street. 2008 should ring a bell but if you need something more recent check out the wallstreetbets on reddit to see the cesspool that thrives via wall street. It’s pure speculation coming from “bro bros” that are looking to get rich quick and could give a about actual real value. And want to see a legit, publicly traded company doing shady business – check out the recently bankrupted SunEdison. Their story is amazing and disgusting at the same time.

      I’m not saying this isn’t the cure but I want more data before I make any judgement. In the mean time “get em high” – kanye

  30. Um, the admin is being sarcastic? Or, am i not understanding this article the right way? To me it sounds like the admin is saying that , In the home of snake oil , some company is claiming to have the cure using methods that countless other scientist dedicated to solving aga have not been able to figure out . I really hope its me being stupid and not understanding this article the right way .

    1. I definitely thought it was a well written piece with sarcasm running through it. He highlighted the ease at which things can get done in the Caribbean and why said things should be questioned considering it’s easier to release products and claims compared to the western countries.

  31. It’s the new scam formula:

    1. “Stem cells”
    2. ?
    3. Profit!

    I wonder how many more of these will pop up?

  32. writing first time – just my 5c of positive / negative feedback that you could see if reading company’s financials on the website.

    The company does not have any cash (~$400k)- its assets are ~£70m ($120m ) which are effectively the price which was agreed when company bought patents/ building (not sure which) from Westhouse Medical Services PLC in 2014. In other words this company is the heir of Westhouse Medical Services PLC (same CEO btw).

    There are no hundred millions IPO etc – I am investment banker who does those (not in biotech though) and there is no chance of IPO happening in the coming years. I believe they have some money and buy opportunistically (i.e. in 2012 Westhouse bought from sunridge some glaucoma patents for $2m).

    I don’t know how much money one needs to have to develop stem cells follicles cultivation technology (honestly not an expert) and how advanced those guys are but I think hardly we will benefit from this company in the coming years.

    1. Yeah, I’m also an investment banker. Well, I will be one starting in the fall and egghead doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about..

      Where did you find this company’s financial statements? This company is so odd since it’s not even just a biotech company. It is also involved with clean energy…? Seems suspicious. If you go to that ladies website there is no indication of any cell based treatment – only FUE/HT. And her website is a piece of shit which is another reason for suspicion.

      But Egghead has the CEO’s email, so we’re good.

  33. We need more info on this. I really hope that it works..
    Unfortunately, it seems like the admin was being sarcastic in his blog post


    First paragraph states “to work on a number of innovative and bold new opportunities in international healthcare.” Claiming to cure baldness is certainly bold. Whether they can do it or not remains to be seen. But do a quick google research on Thorn Medical and you’ll find they are a legit company looking to do just these kinds of things. Cure or not we need more companies like this that will continue to at least push for a cure and draw more interest. Even if they have nothing I consider this good news in that more and more interest is being drawn to the cause.

  35. I cant believe the comments im reading here:/ Honestly, whats up with you ppl? Havent any of you learned anything from the past hairloss news failures? How can any of you get your hopes up about this when there is ZERO EVIDENCE that this company have anything at all to show? We might as well be cheerful and sing with joy every time nasa_rs claims that JAK will cure hairloss in 2016. I love this blog and dont wanna break balls but plz lets not fill eachothers heads with false hope.

  36. I already lost interest in this company. It’s bs advertising to hype them up . Let’s go back to focusing on jak. At least there is some solid science and trials backing it up.


    1. Is there anyone who wants to elaborate on the fact that the Bahamas sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the University of Miami Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine, the school’s Interdisciplinary Stem Cell Institute … and the reasoning of some people we cannot trust the Bahamas when it comes to stem cell therapy … or we cannot trust them in case of stem cell therapy related to hair loss … that reasoning would mean that the University of Miami is not reliable, wouldn’t it? … while for instance Antonella Tosti (University of Miami) is on the top list of the 9th World Congress for Hair Research, the congress which Hellouser visited in Miami last autumn.

  38. So some think this is promising on here , some think its just another scam . Me personally , im just sitting here trying to figure out what in the hell is going on . Half the post seem positive and the other half are negative . Sombody please help me – lol !

    1. Throw this one with the other wild cards. Dr Brotzu, the old Italian doctor. The Turkish baby pecker cream. Now this. Sit back and see. I am rooting for the Italians out of these three. Now I will drop my pants bend over and wait for a ass chewing from some of you because u don’t agree.

  39. It really is amazing at how much mystical potions,and snake oils,there is out there. You would think one of them would work a little just out of pure luck,and coincidence. I mean look at all the different crap we have put on are heads and in our bodys . We’re actually talking about using a cream from turkey ,made with the foreskins from babys , this is some crazy shit, but if it works i will be in line with the rest of you buying it up . Im not sure if i should be disappointed in myself for admitting that or not.

  40. Yes some are just bat shit crazy. I will keep my eye on the Italian His was like so many others a accidental surprise. Also read Fidia bought the rights to his product. Which leaves the question why would they if it did not show growth.

  41. Dr Brotzu any news?
    His team was meant to bring a product on April.
    No Italian media cover this investigation.
    Another scam/false alert.

  42. Dr Brotzu has sadly passed. He succumbed to an infection caused by DHT eating, Jamaican scalp mites whilst experimenting with PRP.

  43. Change of topic. Admin have you heard of any news with Samumed supplemental phase 2 trial that is supposed to end this month? Ant updates on it?

  44. Everyone needs to stop focusing on Thorn. If it were true then it would have been on the nightly news. Instead it’s on some bs website . They are trying to advertise. No pics no proof equals scam

  45. Sounds like BS as there’s no background work that anyone knows of consistent with the following:

    “…Dr Khan. She has had great success in using Stem Cells for hair regrowth and we are keen to further promote this amazing breakthrough to make it available internationally, whilst carrying out further on-going development.”

    Someone in the UK should give Dr. Khan a call at the number on her site ikclinics and feel them out. Never know what’s going on under the radar (and illegally) in labs around the world, and someone may have everything ready to go and ready to capitalize in a haven country without the restrictive laws, which is what this news release represents. It’s very unlikely, but it’s worth remembering that in the quest for riches not everyone plays by the rules.

    1. TJT I hope it’s real and she has a real cure that works. However, I have been in this game a long time now and I have learned to not get my hopes up, especially for random companies touting a baldness cure without proof. I pray that it’s legit because there is nothing more I want than my hair back.

  46. For those confused I believe the 10% survival rate is in reference to the amount of cells that mature into fully functioning follicles in the culturing process, not how many would survive after implant/transplant into the scalp. e.g. If they attempted to “grow” 100 thousand follicles, 10 thousand would reach maturity as viable, usable follicles.

  47. honestly if bigger government bodies look into this baldness issue it would have been cured by now.. they just don’t care about baldness that much….they have already cured Zika virus within months…. and this thorn thing is just scam …maybe they are talking about a refined fue procedure..thats all…

  48. Guys, are some of you considering FUE if it ends up looking like it’ll be > 10 years until a better treatment arrives? I’d really prefer to avoid any hair grafting procedure but my hairline retreats more every year and I’m worried I’ll become desperate at a certain point.

    1. Dude if you have frontal receding just get a fue dont even think about it…it gives great results and less downtime…hardly two weeks and it works….if something later comes up…you can use it for crown and other parts …but for now i think fue is the best thing you can do…but get it from an expert in fue….

      1. Thanks for the advice but my concern is unnecessary scarring and possibly limiting my future options if/when a good treatment that can reawaken dormant follicles arrives and my scalp is cosmetically destroyed by grafts. I kinda want to wait for the ideal treatment but not forever.

    2. Daniel, Im going in for FUE for next year. I want to live my life today and stop wasting my years hoping for a cure or treatment that may never come in my lifetime. Just do your research and choose doc wisely.

  49. The Yeditepe University product that was going to be released this month, any news/update?
    Another scam?

  50. Good question eduardo!…on another note, cotsarelis hasn’t said anything on a long time. I think he he is just dabbling in research now since he doesn’t have major funding and other large players are involved.

  51. dont worry cots will sure come up in some good morning america news soon….with a tag line… ” Is this the baldness cure, stay tuned next on good morning america”

  52. @farhan, Do you know some good FUE clinics in Europe? Also, I see many FUE doctors put their patients on Finasteride. Is this really necessary? Im only considering FUE cuz I dont wanna risk tampering with my health using Fin. I only have some frontal loss which I could probably regrow most of with Fin alone…but im paranoid bout post finasteride syndrome.

    1. They ask you to take fin to save the other.. Transplanted hair doesn’t need to be on fin… Check fue society.. I think there is someone on Belgium.. Just google it mate.. I only took fin for one week and honestly I didn’t think about chicks that whole week.. Started watching gossip girl… I stopped it never taking it back.. Honestly get fue from a reputed surgeon and you won’t even feel it… It will take like two weeks and you will be back to normal..

  53. Good day guys,

    I was wondering, when an effective treatment and/or cure does come out, how will the team be able to deliver it to so many people? Especially if the process is stem cell based and complex (which it is likely to be) and can only be performed by a very select team who could only treat x amount of patients a day.

    I fear that the waiting list if they ever do find a cure would be so huge, with literally tens of millions of men wishing to be treated.

  54. For this and another things Hair Loss industry is a shame.

    Ten years and we don’t have a progress. 10 years of hope and we have nothing. TEN YEARS! SO SAD,

    1. As Farhan posted earlier, governmental subsidized research should have tackled this AGA / AA issue decades ago, but GP’s and MD’s don’t care about conditions, they only care about diseases which will severely handicap or kill you if left untreated.

      When 30% of (wo)men by the age of 30, and 80% of (wo)men by the age of 80 would go totally blind because their eyes are sensitive to DHT, then they already would have solved the puzzle.

      Governmental bodies forget one important thing: Suicide numbers will go down drastically as soon as a decent hair loss treatment and/or cure is available for the general public.

      By the time a decent solution is on the market, this blog is not needed anymore, and a lot of different internet support blogs will be visited much less as well.

      Let’s hope the solution for all of us is close, especially for those who are extremely negative. Although I cannot blame them for being negative … we all are tired.

  55. I’m very interested in how things will turn up in next couple of years and what would our go to options look like.Not sure about this but Jak looks promising for the near future. I’m willing to place my bet on fue+maybe some new topical by 2020.But who knows with everything going around lately I wouldnt be surprised if a real cure or some kind huge regrowth treatment would be out before our marked year

  56. Something like this will be the cure. More so from the previous post though, this one, seems sketch. But growing your own hair off your scalp and available for transplant, an unlimited source. Who cares if we’re in our late 30’s or 40. You’re not dead yet and if you skip fin. your penis should still be fully functioning. Build on yourself and then with hair in 10 years you’ll be set, but after 10 years I doubt most of us will care much about it anymore since we’ve adapted lol.

  57. If I hear the 5 more or 10 more years phrase I will scream lol. When a researcher or company says this, it means they have nothing working and are just starting to put together a hair loss treatment. Companies that give target dates like sisheido, histogen, etc or companies in trials like SM, and Follicum are companies we should really focus on more. Everything else is still in it’d infancy. I hope nasa is right and jak is our cure. That is the only treatment that has the potential to turn on all our follicles to growth mode. If it doesn’t work then we will have treatments like SM, Follicum that will work but only be like a better Rogaine. At this point I will take anything. Something must come out this year. Getting very irritated just watching my hair thin out while on the big three. That should have at least halted further hair loss. Anywho, let’s hope for good news very soon. :)

  58. Turkey university cure is à Joke…….2 student …I say again 2 student girls have found THE Hairloss cure crème ..Every university in turkey mag work with à company to sell à creme.

    They worked 3x thats long…in turkisch. ..ill investigate to THE button..

  59. All I know is that the pharm industry will be hard pressed to find better treatments/cure if Donald Trump is elected president.

    The stress of the job will take its toll, he’ll be forced to wear a toupee, and you can bet the media will be more focused on his hair than on foreign policy.

  60. Why are ppl calling Brotzu a scammer? From what i’ve been reading there is really no reason for this italian doctor to try to scam anyone.

  61. Kelopesia wont do nothing but dr brotzu has a very good reputation and its treatment is expected to give better results than minox fin … But the high hope remains for jak inh …

  62. Ok guys going found the news about follica. Basically they are saying their ski. Disruption technique does something and that adding minoxidil to the would causes 4x’s the effect. Well thats awesome for minox users but what about the guys such as me that get face face and wrinkles from minoxidil?????? This doesn’t make me happy one bit.

  63. Follica plans to initiate a registration study in the second half of 2016, with dataread-out in 2017.• If the data are favourable, Follica would potentially plan to seek FDA clearancein 2017, with commercial release to follow as soon as 2018.

  64. Snap!!!!!!

    Emailed this to admin last night. Follica are still very much alive and always have been. How good that treatment is, no one knows but lets stay upbeat.

  65. So I guess the whole Thorn Medical cure thing is just a joke then? Man.. Why would they even make such claims if it is not true? So disappointing… I guess their reputation will be ruined now

  66. Paul, follica news does not excite me. Does it excite you? We have known for a while now that wounding and minox yields better results. I cant use minox and they say the wounding alone isnt enough for a good result. Ugh

  67. @Tom. Be patient. We will see. Don’t worry and be happy new treatments are coming. News is good news.

  68. Nic, Baldings,

    I apologize, I understand your skepticism but despite the other forums and this one. I still don’t buy it, I find everyone’s skepticism to be as perfunctory as you find me to be.

    I understand investment banking through Anton Kriel.

    Can you explain this to me? What am I misunderstanding?

    Why would they openly announce their NASDAQ commencement? What do they have to gain? Your argument is they are a pump and dump penny stock?

    Also read the report admin was quoting.

    At the top you read was written by Henry Gewanter… who is a whistle blower that’s respected for breaking the British MP expenses story. You can watch him on Youtube BBC:

    Apparently this whistle blower works for Thorn Medical now with these guys whom according to both of you are scam artist and then Netshed post the Bahamian gov story.

    So I know the balding god’s of internet forums Swooping, HelloUser and the sarcastic bunch of friends are die hard skeptics butt hurt from past flops.. I get it and empathize but bare with me this is my first flop.

    So what I’m getting from all of you guys is

    1. This is a pump and dump scheme in collusion with the Bahamanian government orchestrated by Dr. Irum Khan, whistle blower Henry Gewanter, and the directors at Thorn Medical to swindle stock buyers to buy shares of their company before they IPO when unbeknownst to buyers they actually can’t afford IPO even though they have made public announcements to “plan” having IPO.

    I guess I am a dumb ass then baldings, I really find this hard to believe so here goes my first major disappointment i’ll grab popcorn.

  69. @Paul, its nice with the optimism but its a little hard to be patient when we hear about 50 new treatments but NOTHIING is actually coming out, and we are not getting any release either, only postponement upon postponemt.

    Someone mentioned Polichem. It would be so great if they would release their topical Fin very soon.

  70. I agree with Spanky, all we ever hear is “5 more years” or “10 more years”, I mean come on… Give us a new treatment already, it’s been 20 frickin years

  71. @Paul, thank you for the link mate:-) But I dont know enough bout the science explained to understand it. Im also realistic, very. One realistic thing I can tell you is that there is NO serious estimated release date on ANY of the treatmemts we usually chat about here on this blog. The only product in phase 3 is polichems topical Finasteride which also makes it the only thing to be positive and hopeful about.

  72. I know histogen well, I think their product is definitely BS – but having said that I think it’s more likely histogen does work on a very insignificant level like replicel. They both seem to be injecting stem cells.. …..I assume Thorn Medical is injecting full on follicles – cloning follicles from the back using SCNT which is obviously infinite supply.

    To say “we can grow arms and hearts” you can’t fake that with a comb over camera angle and lighting, like Histogen …that’s an “unfakeable” feat…..

    Bahamas Thorn Medical is allowed to practice on “both humans and animals”.. as in right now.. very very difficult for me personally to not be paying attention to this considering clinical trials could be this year.

    We will see.. like i said you can’t fake cloning body parts

  73. Good to see that Follica is still alive, and has a an aim to bring a treatment to the market in 2018, but what i’m more interested about is how effectiv will it be, how is the quality of the hair follicle they are creating, how long are they dht resistant and how much density can we expect with this treatment?
    After so long time, i expected more info about their study, but how i said at least we have some info and an aim to bring a treatment in the near future, this is good.

  74. your moderating my comments now?

    i get attacked first, ok

    you sarcastically post new blogs sorry I took you serious at first

    you should decline the comments, I obviously did more research than you. I’m out for good no comments from me from here on out thats f up

  75. Whatever next treatment comes next it better be fking GOOD! We waited too long to have Rogaine Propecia results from a new treatment. We deserve fill coverage of hair. It’s 2016. Women can have bigger tits, fatter assess and wrinkles gone, it’s mens turn to have a cosmetic breakthrough and that’s our hair back!

  76. I think admin shouldn’t published this post in this way if he already know this is BS. I was so exited after seeing this post & commented I am the happiest man ever now. But now it’s so disappointing. I had declared to my friends that I am going to back my hair soon, but it all are fairy tale. What a loser I am !

    I am sorry admin. I just made mistake to understand your post here.

  77. Hello Egghead,
    I see you don’t believe in Histogen and Replicel as they ” work on a very insignificant level …”

    First of all, does that mean you don’t trust the positive judgement of Histogen by Hellouser?

    Secondly, you say they used a combover, different lightning and angle. Maybe it’s even worse than we think, they might have used photos of 2 different patients! I think that is a bigger concern than an impossible combover, because the guy in the ‘ before’ photo did not have any hair in the frontzone to do a combover in the first place.

    Thirdly, do you think the Histogen photos presenting the results on women are fake as well?

    Finally, what are your thoughts on Replicel / Shisheido, because we haven’t seen any photos yet from them, so it’s kind of impossible to judge their work. At least we cannot accuse them of falsified photo results …

    We all need our energy for fighting against alopecia and for staying positive every day, so let’s stop fighting each other on the blog.

  78. Kelopecia crème turkey Yes..big scam…and funny name also in turkisch…there is absolute no information how THE cure work..please dont buy crèmes of sprays

    University This..Mice that…all lies people…yeditepe turkey makes money with our hopes…hate that shit always

  79. i was 20 when Hairloss begun …destroyed my live…almost 40 …Still nothing …I Think 80 we have maybe something ….hahaha

  80. I figured i was right when i read this article , about it being B.S. , but it wasn’t till i started reading the comments that i began to think maybe I misunderstood it , and it was a major breakthrough. The truth is , this still could be a major breakthrough, no one knows the answer to that yet , not the admin, not you, or me. I believe he wrote this article in a sarcastic fashion because at first glance , it had B.S. written all over it,and he is human ,And probably gets tired of the scams giving false hope just like everybody else . If you read it closely he is basically saying ,what are the odds that some company out of nowhere figured out what many other very esteemed scientists that worked on this for years couldn’t. They operate in a place with no regulation , offer no scientific evidence, and have no timeframe for releasing a product to market . In a nutshell, if it looks and smells like a rat, it probably is a rat . Don’t forget, the admin took the time to write this article because of all the questions and comments he got from us so I don’t think you should be mad at him for doing so , after all, he is entitled to his opinion.

  81. Histogen Presentation at 5th Stem Cell Product Development & Commercialization Conference

    Wednesday 27th April, 2.15pm

    Boston, MA

    Proteins Secreted by Hypoxia Induced Multipotent Stem Cells Stimulate Hair Growth in Men and Women

    Hair loss is associated with miniaturized hair follicles due to a variety of factors including hormones, chemicals, extensive heat, stress, and chemotherapy. Stimulation of telogen to anagen and subsequent hair growth involves Follistatin, FGF-7, VEGF, and other growth factors. Human fibroblasts, grown hypoxic suspension culture, revert back into multipotent stem cells within 48 hrs as evidenced by the upregulation of SOX 2, Oct4, NANOG, and KLF4 genes as well as the expression of stem cell-associated proteins including Nodal, Brachyry, Nestin, and Oct4. The multipotent stem cell conditioned media (CCM) was characterized by ELISA testing and shown to contain a number of key growth factors including Follistatin, Noggin, TGF beta1, FGF, VEGF and HGF, all of which are important in the normal hair growth cycle. We studied the effects of this human cell-derived formulation, termed Hair Stimulating Complex (HSC), in two double-blind, placebo-controlled trials in male pattern baldness. 26 subjects received four 0.1cc intradermal injections at baseline in our proof-of concept (POC) study. Trichoscan analysis of HSC-treated sites at 12 and 52 weeks showed improvements in hair growth over the placebo. At the 12-week evaluation period, HSC-treated sites demonstrated an increase in hair shaft thickness (6.3%±2.5% vs. -0.63%±2.1%; p=0.046), thickness density (12.8%±4.5% vs. -0.2%±2.9%; p=0.028), and terminal hair density (20.6±4.9% vs. 4.4±4.9%; p=0.029). At one year, an increase in total hair count (p=0.032) continued to be seen. Doubling the number and frequency of injections in a Phase I/II 56 subject study resulted in a 46.5% increase in total hair at week 12 as compared to the POC trial (p=0.0013). The primary efficacy endpoint of increased terminal hair at 12 weeks was met, with a 49.5% increase over the same endpoint in our proof-of-concept trial. At the 48 week time point there continued to be an increase in total hairs over baseline (p=0.028). Additional dose ranging clinical studies utilizing the isolated growth factors are being conducted to evaluate the safety and efficacy of this formulation in subjects with androgenetic alopecia. The CCM is also being studied in other applications where stimulation of endogenous stem cells may be of an aesthetic or therapeutic advantage.

    1. Very nice. Awesome.
      Histogen will be released as a treatment for androgenetic alopecia next year . Who doesn’t like this is because it has commercial interests behind . I am sorry. People with androgenetic alopecia finally have a new treatmentS.

    2. When Samumed results were made public, people were disappointed by the 10% hair gain ( no photos ). They did not like it because maintainance + regaining 10% of their hair would not be significant enough.

      Now Histogen states 50% hair gain ( no photos ) and people are disappointed because now it’s ” too good to be true “.
      While 50% would be a ‘ full head of hair’ to the naked eye.

      When it would be 30%, people would complain that they still have to add a hairtransplant to fill in the gaps.

      It’s never good enough, is it?

      We are now on keto and/or minox and/or fin but still losing square inches of hair … so let’s wait for the photos. If we don’t get to see them, I will agree with some of you Histogen has nothing …

  82. Doubling the number and frequency of injections in a Phase I/II 56 subject study resulted in a 46.5% increase in total hair at week 12 as compared to the POC trial (p=0.0013).

    is it really true ?

  83. Lets stay calm guys! I f****** hope that Histrogen are what they claim to be but lets not forget last time they presented something. If someone can produce the kind of growth they claim the most LOGICAL thing to do would be to present clear and sharp images with buzzcuts and hairline exposed so there is not doubt whatsoeever, end of story.

  84. Histogen is a scam and was debunked a long time ago. Gail Naughty is just rehashing the same old statistics from 7+ years ago in a bid to attract more investors.

    I would like to give Gail the benefit of the doubt and say she is not completely dishonest and just naive and overly trusting in letting fraudsters Ziering and ROLF with his scam trichoscanner be involved in the trials and in charge of the data collecting. Gail seems to go along with everything Ziering’s claims like its gospel! I even have my doubts that Gail even met the patients who were part of the trials.

    In any case, the micro-hair count photos released by Histogen all those years ago have been studied closely and it was concluded that there is no actual increase in hair count!

  85. @RoboC, im with you on this. Their product sounds like a wet dream…if only it worked. But so far they havent shown a single piece of evidence. They have only been mocking ppl with hair loss and insulting our intelligence with dubious photos taken by a guy already convicted for scamming.
    No, the best thing we can hope for is polichem or that other company trying to refine a topical finasteride product. Also, maybe JAK since its already approved for other treatments.

  86. We need the SM04554 formula, that’s the only way we can get something good this year in my opinion.. So we need to take some action NOW. If we don’t do anything, we probably won’t have any treatments until 2022 or something

  87. But Samumed is not even in phase 3 yet. As far as we know none of the treatments discussed here on a regular basis have begun phase 3 which takes atleast a year. I reckon that when a treatment has gone through the last trial there is also a shitload of paperwork and investigating the results before it can get the final approval and hit the market. Im really not trying to bring ppls hope down but we gotta stay realistic. I love to follow this blog and the progression of HL treatments but since I started reading bout the topic (which is not too long ago) it has become very clear to me that there is nothing on the horizon besides a refined (and hopefully less systemic) topical Fin and maybe just maybe JAK.

    1. Exactly, there are no new treatments coming out in a long time, and that is why we have to do something ourselves. We have to experiment with something

  88. No treatments coming out in a long time: The joke of the day. Mother of god…boy…do you know anything about the pipeline treatments about MPB? You are SO WRONG.

  89. @Paul, no offence man i like your optimistic view on things but your not realistic. A full cure is nowhere near, everyone knows that. Treatments in the pipeline means nothing as the pipeline could also mean down the drain. The testing phases takes a long time and often nothing comes out of them.
    Oh yer, I forgot about the italian doctors product, that could maybe be something. Fingers crossed for that sweet old man to bring us a little hairy goodness.

  90. What I’d really like someone to dig into is how fast a company can put a new label on a product already approved. Im ofcourse talking about JAK inhibitors. Surely someone must know something about a procedure like what we have with JAK. Like, how long did it take Merck to get Finasteride approved for hair loss? I cant seem to find any number of months years on this when i Google it.

    NB: @admin, sorry for posting to much in this thread.

    1. In the case of Finasteride, it didn’t matter, because a lot of us oldtimers hopped on it off-label or grey market as soon as it was known to help hair loss. JAKS are going to be different, because they will need to be topical with the right delivery system. Christopher1 was already taking JAKs orally and it never helped his hair.

    2. Wow , weird, i just posted about this spanky in a different article. My wife works for Abbvie , a drug company that recently split from abbott.
      Her job is exactly that , to change logos and labels of drugs , from abbotts logo to abbvies logo . Her answer is complicated , basically to just change the logo from the abbot “a” to abbvies logo is a project that takes approx 3 years , and has a budget of 3 millon dollars she manages to get it done . The reason ? Because in the fda eyes when they changed the logo on tha actual pill the wieght changed . Crazy right ? She says that this jak thing , there is no way the fda will let this just come to market without clinical trials . She is sure they will have to modify the formula somewhat to make it work, if it does at all. Secondly you would be administering it to the patient a different way then what its currently designed for .

  91. She works with the fda on a daily basis , as its required for her job . But she also brings up a good point that you want the fda to be as strict as it is because of the days we live in now , with all the counterfit drugs that have killed people lately ,let alone the inferior quality that some companies use to make profits , they cant afford to be easy going .

  92. Let’s see , I think you don’t understand anything.

    a) Current treatments for androgenetic alopecia are a shame : They have a brutal shedding and a really poor re- growth: 10-13% (best cases). If you leave the treatment everything is lost. Daily treatment. Pathetic. Not to mention the side effects that are deplorable and pathetic . And quite expensive price .

    b ) Androgenetic alopecia is really underserved. The hair transplant in some cases have disastrous results and an extremely high price.

    c ) There is a HUGE DEMAND for a new treatment for androgenetic alopecia, which has no update on their treatments from the 2000s with ” FUE ” .

    Anyone else think that people doN’t want a new treatment ?haha come on…
    If someone does not want treatment are the commercials of Minoxdi andl propecia hair and some mediocre surgeons.

    1. Hello Paul,

      Can you tell me, for how long are you involved in this hair loss issue? I believe you are following all developments in detail, maybe via specialist … Or are you active in science?

  93. You guys need to stop speculating so much. None of us knows what’s going on behind close doors of these companies. I think either SM, histogen, Jak or follica will come out with a new treatment within 2 to 3 yrs. For some reason I still have hope in histogen. Just a gut feeling. We may be surprised by some new pics in the stem cell conference in Boston later this month. I mean she can’t go full blown scam on us. That will ruin her company .

      1. Yes it’s a long time and I hope shit comes out this year. Anything that can grow freaking hair and thicken up weaker ones. Need shit ASAP! It’s sad bit histogen said back in the day they would release hsc I’m USA 2016. Timelines always get pushed back. Any word on sisheido. They may be a scam too. They haven’t started shit yet.

  94. admin, your democratic for that and I appreciate it.. now that everyone hates me
    I have some good news .. I want this to be private between admin and me so please decline this

    you do your own research on this
    Thorn Medical already cured a quadriplegic
    Sir Eric Peacoock is the grandson hier to the Daily Express fortune who is floating TM on the LSE.
    And Dr. Irum Khan and I have traded phone numbers
    about me personally receiving treatment in Long Beach Bahamas (According to Khan’s linked in they are opening

    1. Happy birthday bro! Are you serious about getting treatment in the Bahamas? Dude you know you have to take before and after pics once you get it. Fingers crossed you get awesome results! If you are bsing about it to piss us all off then that’s just dick lol, but we’ll played lol

  95. @Paul, this is getting a little annoying. Im beginning to think your trolling. Everybody wants a new treatment to come out, thats not the point. The point is what it always has been with HL treatments > nothing is actually coming out for us to buy and use, its all just in the pipeline. Like @Erich was so kind to inform us..even the slightest thing takes forever to get approved and costs hundreds of thousands of $$.
    Im so tired of companies trying to fool us every other day with news without solid proof bout treatments “right around the corner”. We are all so stressed out already cuz we have to deal with this condition, the last thing we need is to start fooling eachother with false hope.
    Actually, follicle thought just posted an interesting perspective on how to deal with news about new treatmemts…you should go read it @Paul.

  96. My wife who works for Abbvie pharmaceutical told me that they have a JAK inhibitor in phase 2 clinical trials for rheumatoid arthritis called ABT-494 , i sent a message , just for fun to the company to inquire if they could test it on male pattern baldness , and that it would be a billion dollar buisness if it worked . Anyway they sent me an email that said they would respond in 2 days , i will keep you guys posted if anything comes of it , i doubt it . Imagine that, a big pharma company like that who makes drugs like vicodin ,humira, and erythromycin, working on the cure . That would speed it up i bet .

  97. There is something I don’t understand.. Lot of companies make claims that they have this results and that, for example histogen.. Making bullshit claims… Is there a government body that checks these claims.. Or we have to just take their word…

  98. Well look at the bodybuilding industry , the hairloss industry is remarkably similar . Claims of massive muscle gain and fat loss . 3/4 of the stuff there is a scam as well . I think that they get a away with it because they are not making claims in a medical fashion and they put disclaimers that its not intended to treat pr cure any diseases . Even they get busted from time to time about mis information .

  99. I did the doctor talks.
    The risk of cancer stem cells.
    After a certain period of change and cancer.
    200 years later, perhaps enough technology.

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