Stem Cell Research Related to Hair Finally Arrives in the Bahamas

This post was borne out of necessity just like the prior one due to: numerous mentions about this story in the comments to the last blog post; several e-mails to me about this development; and threads on all the hair loss forums about this news.

On this blog, I have in the past mentioned a few times how stem cell and other modern oftentimes untested medical procedures can take place rapidly in developing countries with lax to nonexistent (or easily pliable) regulations.  Recently, we saw an example of this when Liz Parrish decided to travel to Colombia for her gene therapy treatment.  While all of us keep talking about how great Japan’s new regulations will be for the advancement of regenerative medicine and stem cell treatments, we have forgotten to keep an eye on Central and South America (the Caribbean region in particular) where things will likely move even faster.

The Bahamas and Peter Nygard

In recent years, the Bahamas has become a significant area of interest when it comes to stem cell treatments.  I found the below somewhat cheesy Peter Nygard video from a few years ago interesting when I first saw it.  I finally have a reason to include it (keep reading after the video to know why):

The Bahamas, Okyanos and Favorable new Stem Cell Treatment Related Regulations

Okyanos Cell Therapy in the Bahamas is probably more reliable than Peter Nygard’s company.  Besides having a regularly updated blog, in 2015 Okyanos became the first company in the Bahamas to receive regulatory approval from the National Stem Cell Ethics Committee (NSEC) to provide adult stem cell therapy.  More here. Also see this latest piece on stem cell treatments in the Bahamas.

The Bahamas as a Secretive Tax Haven

This week’s biggest news story regarding “The Panama Papers” has also found a few cases of people with hidden funds in the Bahamas. In fact Investopedia’s list of top 10 Caribbean tax havens ranks the Bahamas as number 3.  If you have the money, it seems like anything is possible in the Bahamas.

Guns for Hire in the Bahamas

In fact the Bahamas has an extremely high homicide rate considering that it is home to less than 400,000 people.  Peter Nygard was even accused of hiring hitmen to get rid of a rival recently.


So why have I devoted space to all of the above, part of which reads like a gossip magazine column?  Well if you are a shady character or operate a shady company or deal with an untested and unproven technology that has no rigorous scientific backing, there is almost no place on earth where you would rather be than in the sunny Bahamas.

Lo and Behold

Lo and behold, today out of the blue came one of the most brazen announcements ever in the hair loss world (brazen because of the below quotes in blue).  UK based Thorn Medical plc announced the launch of a joint venture company called “Tricogeneca Limited”, with IK Clinics (also of the UK).  The new venture will provide stem cell treatments for baldness…. in the Bahamas of course.  The founder and director of IK Clinics is someone named Dr. Irum Khan.  On Thorn’s website, they discuss the Bahamas stem treatment approval for Thorn from March this year.

In the above linked press release, Thorn Medical’s accomplished CEO, the balding Jack Kaye, states: “We are delighted to establish this joint venture with Dr Khan. She has had great success in using stem cells for hair regrowth and we are keen to further promote this amazing breakthrough to make it available internationally, whilst carrying out further on-going development.

In that same press release, Dr. Khan states: “Our initial focus has been on treating men, where we’ve had a 100% success rate and we’re now refining our techniques for curing alopecia in women, which, although still at an early stage, has so far shown similar success.

Dr. Mahmood Bashir, who heads up Thorn Medical’s stem cell development and treatment efforts, said: “Although current techniques are still in their infancy, with only 10% of the new hair follicles cultured remaining alive, we can culture sufficient
quantities in the lab to provide a complete cure for male pattern baldness.”  [My note: Considering the number of totally unrelated businesses that Thorn Medical is involved in, I am amazed that they can culture hair follicles… something that numerous highly specialized scientists have failed to do reliably].

And for the icing on the cake, I defer back to Jack Kaye: “With our recent stem cell licence in the Bahamas and this new venture, male pattern baldness will soon be a thing of the past!

There you have it!  After all these decades of numerous super intelligent scientists working on a cure for hair loss around the world, we are finally home sweet home, four years earlier than I expected.

Dr. Irum Khan

Since Mr. Kaye stated that Dr. Irum Khan has had great success in using stem cells for hair regrowth, I went to her website.  Not a single mention of stem cells anywhere whatsoever on her site.  She offers scalp micro-pigmentation (SMP) treatments, hair transplants and medications, but no cell based treatments.  Her website has a menu titled as “Blog 2”, and clicking on that takes you a to a haphazardly created page on thread facelifts.  Clearly, her website would not be out of place in the Bahamas.  FYI: websites based in the Bahamas end in the extension .BS (I am very proud of finding that one)!  For non-English speakers, here is the meaning of BS.

On a positive side, Dr. Khan does seem like a nice person.

Back to Thorn Medical

It seems like Thorn Medical is very soon going to raise capital via a £350 million IPO.  According to another recent article, Mr. Kaye states that he expects the company’s value to double to £700 million by the end of the year.  So he thinks that his company’s partner has forever cured hair loss per his earlier quote, and he values the benefit of such a cure at around £350 million max over the course of this year?  My guess would be that it should be more like $35 billion, but I am no financial expert.

Back to the Bahamas

Joking and sarcasm aside, I guess it is great to have rogue nations such as the Bahamas where anyone can get away with anything when it comes to medical procedures (not so great for the initial scapegoat patients).  If you have the funds and the willpower, I suspect that you can single handedly influence national regulations in countries throughout the Caribbean.

204 thoughts on “Stem Cell Research Related to Hair Finally Arrives in the Bahamas”

  1. Nic, Baldings,

    I apologize, I understand your skepticism but despite the other forums and this one.. I still don’t buy it, I find everyoens skepticism to be as perfunctory as you find me to be.

    I understand investment banking through Anton Kriel.

    Can you explain this to me? What am I misunderstanding?

    Why would they openly announce their NASDAQ commencment? What do they have to gain? Your argument is they are a pump and dump penny stock?

    Also read the report admin was quoting

    At the top you read was written by Henry Gewanter …who is a whistle blower that’s respected for breaking the british MP expenses story.. You can watch him on Youtube

    Apparently this whistle blower works for Thorn Medical now with these guys whom according to both of you are scam artist
    THOSE GUYS? ARE THE SCAM ARTIST? is my thought

    and then Netshed post the Bahamian gov story

    So I know the balding god’s of internet forums Swooping, HelloUser and the sarcastic bunch of friends are die hard skeptics butt hurt from past flops.. I get it and empathize but bare with me this is my first flop.

    So what I’m getting from all of you guys is

    1. This is a pump and dump scheme in collusion with the Bahamanian government orchestrated by Dr. Irum Khan, whistle blower Henry Gewanter, and the directors at Thorn Medical to swindle stock buyers to buy shares of their company before they IPO when unbeknownst to buyers they actually can’t afford IPO even though they have made public announcements to “plan” having IPO.

    I guess I am a dumb ass then baldings, I really find this hard to believe so here goes my first major disapointment i’ll grab popcorn

  2. @Paul, its nice with the optimism but its a little hard to be patient when we hear about 50 new treatments but NOTHIING is actually coming out, and we are not getting any release either, only postponement upon postponemt.

    Someone mentioned Polichem. It would be so great if they would release their topical Fin very soon.

  3. I agree with Spanky, all we ever hear is “5 more years” or “10 more years”, I mean come on… Give us a new treatment already, it’s been 20 frickin years

  4. @Paul, thank you for the link mate:-) But I dont know enough bout the science explained to understand it. Im also realistic, very. One realistic thing I can tell you is that there is NO serious estimated release date on ANY of the treatmemts we usually chat about here on this blog. The only product in phase 3 is polichems topical Finasteride which also makes it the only thing to be positive and hopeful about.

  5. I know histogen well, I think their product is definitely BS – but having said that I think it’s more likely histogen does work on a very insignificant level like replicel. They both seem to be injecting stem cells.. …..I assume Thorn Medical is injecting full on follicles – cloning follicles from the back using SCNT which is obviously infinite supply.

    To say “we can grow arms and hearts” you can’t fake that with a comb over camera angle and lighting, like Histogen …that’s an “unfakeable” feat…..

    Bahamas Thorn Medical is allowed to practice on “both humans and animals”.. as in right now.. very very difficult for me personally to not be paying attention to this considering clinical trials could be this year.

    We will see.. like i said you can’t fake cloning body parts

  6. Good to see that Follica is still alive, and has a an aim to bring a treatment to the market in 2018, but what i’m more interested about is how effectiv will it be, how is the quality of the hair follicle they are creating, how long are they dht resistant and how much density can we expect with this treatment?
    After so long time, i expected more info about their study, but how i said at least we have some info and an aim to bring a treatment in the near future, this is good.

  7. your moderating my comments now?

    i get attacked first, ok

    you sarcastically post new blogs sorry I took you serious at first

    you should decline the comments, I obviously did more research than you. I’m out for good no comments from me from here on out thats f up

  8. Whatever next treatment comes next it better be fking GOOD! We waited too long to have Rogaine Propecia results from a new treatment. We deserve fill coverage of hair. It’s 2016. Women can have bigger tits, fatter assess and wrinkles gone, it’s mens turn to have a cosmetic breakthrough and that’s our hair back!

  9. I think admin shouldn’t published this post in this way if he already know this is BS. I was so exited after seeing this post & commented I am the happiest man ever now. But now it’s so disappointing. I had declared to my friends that I am going to back my hair soon, but it all are fairy tale. What a loser I am !

    I am sorry admin. I just made mistake to understand your post here.

  10. Hello Egghead,
    I see you don’t believe in Histogen and Replicel as they ” work on a very insignificant level …”

    First of all, does that mean you don’t trust the positive judgement of Histogen by Hellouser?

    Secondly, you say they used a combover, different lightning and angle. Maybe it’s even worse than we think, they might have used photos of 2 different patients! I think that is a bigger concern than an impossible combover, because the guy in the ‘ before’ photo did not have any hair in the frontzone to do a combover in the first place.

    Thirdly, do you think the Histogen photos presenting the results on women are fake as well?

    Finally, what are your thoughts on Replicel / Shisheido, because we haven’t seen any photos yet from them, so it’s kind of impossible to judge their work. At least we cannot accuse them of falsified photo results …

    We all need our energy for fighting against alopecia and for staying positive every day, so let’s stop fighting each other on the blog.

  11. Kelopecia crème turkey Yes..big scam…and funny name also in turkisch…there is absolute no information how THE cure work..please dont buy crèmes of sprays

    University This..Mice that…all lies people…yeditepe turkey makes money with our hopes…hate that shit always

  12. i was 20 when Hairloss begun …destroyed my live…almost 40 …Still nothing …I Think 80 we have maybe something ….hahaha

  13. I figured i was right when i read this article , about it being B.S. , but it wasn’t till i started reading the comments that i began to think maybe I misunderstood it , and it was a major breakthrough. The truth is , this still could be a major breakthrough, no one knows the answer to that yet , not the admin, not you, or me. I believe he wrote this article in a sarcastic fashion because at first glance , it had B.S. written all over it,and he is human ,And probably gets tired of the scams giving false hope just like everybody else . If you read it closely he is basically saying ,what are the odds that some company out of nowhere figured out what many other very esteemed scientists that worked on this for years couldn’t. They operate in a place with no regulation , offer no scientific evidence, and have no timeframe for releasing a product to market . In a nutshell, if it looks and smells like a rat, it probably is a rat . Don’t forget, the admin took the time to write this article because of all the questions and comments he got from us so I don’t think you should be mad at him for doing so , after all, he is entitled to his opinion.

  14. Histogen Presentation at 5th Stem Cell Product Development & Commercialization Conference


    Wednesday 27th April, 2.15pm

    Boston, MA

    Proteins Secreted by Hypoxia Induced Multipotent Stem Cells Stimulate Hair Growth in Men and Women

    Hair loss is associated with miniaturized hair follicles due to a variety of factors including hormones, chemicals, extensive heat, stress, and chemotherapy. Stimulation of telogen to anagen and subsequent hair growth involves Follistatin, FGF-7, VEGF, and other growth factors. Human fibroblasts, grown hypoxic suspension culture, revert back into multipotent stem cells within 48 hrs as evidenced by the upregulation of SOX 2, Oct4, NANOG, and KLF4 genes as well as the expression of stem cell-associated proteins including Nodal, Brachyry, Nestin, and Oct4. The multipotent stem cell conditioned media (CCM) was characterized by ELISA testing and shown to contain a number of key growth factors including Follistatin, Noggin, TGF beta1, FGF, VEGF and HGF, all of which are important in the normal hair growth cycle. We studied the effects of this human cell-derived formulation, termed Hair Stimulating Complex (HSC), in two double-blind, placebo-controlled trials in male pattern baldness. 26 subjects received four 0.1cc intradermal injections at baseline in our proof-of concept (POC) study. Trichoscan analysis of HSC-treated sites at 12 and 52 weeks showed improvements in hair growth over the placebo. At the 12-week evaluation period, HSC-treated sites demonstrated an increase in hair shaft thickness (6.3%±2.5% vs. -0.63%±2.1%; p=0.046), thickness density (12.8%±4.5% vs. -0.2%±2.9%; p=0.028), and terminal hair density (20.6±4.9% vs. 4.4±4.9%; p=0.029). At one year, an increase in total hair count (p=0.032) continued to be seen. Doubling the number and frequency of injections in a Phase I/II 56 subject study resulted in a 46.5% increase in total hair at week 12 as compared to the POC trial (p=0.0013). The primary efficacy endpoint of increased terminal hair at 12 weeks was met, with a 49.5% increase over the same endpoint in our proof-of-concept trial. At the 48 week time point there continued to be an increase in total hairs over baseline (p=0.028). Additional dose ranging clinical studies utilizing the isolated growth factors are being conducted to evaluate the safety and efficacy of this formulation in subjects with androgenetic alopecia. The CCM is also being studied in other applications where stimulation of endogenous stem cells may be of an aesthetic or therapeutic advantage.

    1. Very nice. Awesome.
      Histogen will be released as a treatment for androgenetic alopecia next year . Who doesn’t like this is because it has commercial interests behind . I am sorry. People with androgenetic alopecia finally have a new treatmentS.

    2. When Samumed results were made public, people were disappointed by the 10% hair gain ( no photos ). They did not like it because maintainance + regaining 10% of their hair would not be significant enough.

      Now Histogen states 50% hair gain ( no photos ) and people are disappointed because now it’s ” too good to be true “.
      While 50% would be a ‘ full head of hair’ to the naked eye.

      When it would be 30%, people would complain that they still have to add a hairtransplant to fill in the gaps.

      It’s never good enough, is it?

      We are now on keto and/or minox and/or fin but still losing square inches of hair … so let’s wait for the photos. If we don’t get to see them, I will agree with some of you Histogen has nothing …

  15. Doubling the number and frequency of injections in a Phase I/II 56 subject study resulted in a 46.5% increase in total hair at week 12 as compared to the POC trial (p=0.0013).

    is it really true ?

  16. Lets stay calm guys! I f****** hope that Histrogen are what they claim to be but lets not forget last time they presented something. If someone can produce the kind of growth they claim the most LOGICAL thing to do would be to present clear and sharp images with buzzcuts and hairline exposed so there is not doubt whatsoeever, end of story.

  17. Histogen is a scam and was debunked a long time ago. Gail Naughty is just rehashing the same old statistics from 7+ years ago in a bid to attract more investors.

    I would like to give Gail the benefit of the doubt and say she is not completely dishonest and just naive and overly trusting in letting fraudsters Ziering and ROLF with his scam trichoscanner be involved in the trials and in charge of the data collecting. Gail seems to go along with everything Ziering’s claims like its gospel! I even have my doubts that Gail even met the patients who were part of the trials.

    In any case, the micro-hair count photos released by Histogen all those years ago have been studied closely and it was concluded that there is no actual increase in hair count!

  18. @RoboC, im with you on this. Their product sounds like a wet dream…if only it worked. But so far they havent shown a single piece of evidence. They have only been mocking ppl with hair loss and insulting our intelligence with dubious photos taken by a guy already convicted for scamming.
    No, the best thing we can hope for is polichem or that other company trying to refine a topical finasteride product. Also, maybe JAK since its already approved for other treatments.

  19. We need the SM04554 formula, that’s the only way we can get something good this year in my opinion.. So we need to take some action NOW. If we don’t do anything, we probably won’t have any treatments until 2022 or something

  20. But Samumed is not even in phase 3 yet. As far as we know none of the treatments discussed here on a regular basis have begun phase 3 which takes atleast a year. I reckon that when a treatment has gone through the last trial there is also a shitload of paperwork and investigating the results before it can get the final approval and hit the market. Im really not trying to bring ppls hope down but we gotta stay realistic. I love to follow this blog and the progression of HL treatments but since I started reading bout the topic (which is not too long ago) it has become very clear to me that there is nothing on the horizon besides a refined (and hopefully less systemic) topical Fin and maybe just maybe JAK.

    1. Exactly, there are no new treatments coming out in a long time, and that is why we have to do something ourselves. We have to experiment with something

  21. No treatments coming out in a long time: The joke of the day. Mother of god…boy…do you know anything about the pipeline treatments about MPB? You are SO WRONG.

  22. @Paul, no offence man i like your optimistic view on things but your not realistic. A full cure is nowhere near, everyone knows that. Treatments in the pipeline means nothing as the pipeline could also mean down the drain. The testing phases takes a long time and often nothing comes out of them.
    Oh yer, I forgot about the italian doctors product, that could maybe be something. Fingers crossed for that sweet old man to bring us a little hairy goodness.

  23. What I’d really like someone to dig into is how fast a company can put a new label on a product already approved. Im ofcourse talking about JAK inhibitors. Surely someone must know something about a procedure like what we have with JAK. Like, how long did it take Merck to get Finasteride approved for hair loss? I cant seem to find any number of months years on this when i Google it.

    NB: @admin, sorry for posting to much in this thread.

    1. In the case of Finasteride, it didn’t matter, because a lot of us oldtimers hopped on it off-label or grey market as soon as it was known to help hair loss. JAKS are going to be different, because they will need to be topical with the right delivery system. Christopher1 was already taking JAKs orally and it never helped his hair.

    2. Wow , weird, i just posted about this spanky in a different article. My wife works for Abbvie , a drug company that recently split from abbott.
      Her job is exactly that , to change logos and labels of drugs , from abbotts logo to abbvies logo . Her answer is complicated , basically to just change the logo from the abbot “a” to abbvies logo is a project that takes approx 3 years , and has a budget of 3 millon dollars she manages to get it done . The reason ? Because in the fda eyes when they changed the logo on tha actual pill the wieght changed . Crazy right ? She says that this jak thing , there is no way the fda will let this just come to market without clinical trials . She is sure they will have to modify the formula somewhat to make it work, if it does at all. Secondly you would be administering it to the patient a different way then what its currently designed for .

  24. She works with the fda on a daily basis , as its required for her job . But she also brings up a good point that you want the fda to be as strict as it is because of the days we live in now , with all the counterfit drugs that have killed people lately ,let alone the inferior quality that some companies use to make profits , they cant afford to be easy going .

  25. Let’s see , I think you don’t understand anything.

    a) Current treatments for androgenetic alopecia are a shame : They have a brutal shedding and a really poor re- growth: 10-13% (best cases). If you leave the treatment everything is lost. Daily treatment. Pathetic. Not to mention the side effects that are deplorable and pathetic . And quite expensive price .

    b ) Androgenetic alopecia is really underserved. The hair transplant in some cases have disastrous results and an extremely high price.

    c ) There is a HUGE DEMAND for a new treatment for androgenetic alopecia, which has no update on their treatments from the 2000s with ” FUE ” .

    Anyone else think that people doN’t want a new treatment ?haha come on…
    If someone does not want treatment are the commercials of Minoxdi andl propecia hair and some mediocre surgeons.

    1. Hello Paul,

      Can you tell me, for how long are you involved in this hair loss issue? I believe you are following all developments in detail, maybe via specialist … Or are you active in science?

  26. You guys need to stop speculating so much. None of us knows what’s going on behind close doors of these companies. I think either SM, histogen, Jak or follica will come out with a new treatment within 2 to 3 yrs. For some reason I still have hope in histogen. Just a gut feeling. We may be surprised by some new pics in the stem cell conference in Boston later this month. I mean she can’t go full blown scam on us. That will ruin her company .

      1. Yes it’s a long time and I hope shit comes out this year. Anything that can grow freaking hair and thicken up weaker ones. Need shit ASAP! It’s sad bit histogen said back in the day they would release hsc I’m USA 2016. Timelines always get pushed back. Any word on sisheido. They may be a scam too. They haven’t started shit yet.

  27. admin, your democratic for that and I appreciate it.. now that everyone hates me
    I have some good news .. I want this to be private between admin and me so please decline this

    you do your own research on this
    Thorn Medical already cured a quadriplegic
    Sir Eric Peacoock is the grandson hier to the Daily Express fortune who is floating TM on the LSE.
    And Dr. Irum Khan and I have traded phone numbers
    about me personally receiving treatment in Long Beach Bahamas (According to Khan’s linked in they are opening

    1. Happy birthday bro! Are you serious about getting treatment in the Bahamas? Dude you know you have to take before and after pics once you get it. Fingers crossed you get awesome results! If you are bsing about it to piss us all off then that’s just dick lol, but we’ll played lol

  28. @Paul, this is getting a little annoying. Im beginning to think your trolling. Everybody wants a new treatment to come out, thats not the point. The point is what it always has been with HL treatments > nothing is actually coming out for us to buy and use, its all just in the pipeline. Like @Erich was so kind to inform us..even the slightest thing takes forever to get approved and costs hundreds of thousands of $$.
    Im so tired of companies trying to fool us every other day with news without solid proof bout treatments “right around the corner”. We are all so stressed out already cuz we have to deal with this condition, the last thing we need is to start fooling eachother with false hope.
    Actually, follicle thought just posted an interesting perspective on how to deal with news about new treatmemts…you should go read it @Paul.

  29. My wife who works for Abbvie pharmaceutical told me that they have a JAK inhibitor in phase 2 clinical trials for rheumatoid arthritis called ABT-494 , i sent a message , just for fun to the company to inquire if they could test it on male pattern baldness , and that it would be a billion dollar buisness if it worked . Anyway they sent me an email that said they would respond in 2 days , i will keep you guys posted if anything comes of it , i doubt it . Imagine that, a big pharma company like that who makes drugs like vicodin ,humira, and erythromycin, working on the cure . That would speed it up i bet .

  30. There is something I don’t understand.. Lot of companies make claims that they have this results and that, for example histogen.. Making bullshit claims… Is there a government body that checks these claims.. Or we have to just take their word…

  31. Well look at the bodybuilding industry , the hairloss industry is remarkably similar . Claims of massive muscle gain and fat loss . 3/4 of the stuff there is a scam as well . I think that they get a away with it because they are not making claims in a medical fashion and they put disclaimers that its not intended to treat pr cure any diseases . Even they get busted from time to time about mis information .

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