Silvio Berlusconi: Hair Transplant or Something Else?

Update: June 12, 2023

RIP Silvio Berlusconi

Mr. Silvio Berlusconi passed away today at the age of 86 in Milan, Italy. The billionaire media mogul and former Italian prme minister had various old age related health issues, including leukaemia and a lung infection. Irrespective of what you make of his politics, it was great to see an old man still care about his hair so much. 92-year old William Shatner remains our geriatric hair loss hero.

March 4, 2018

Before there was Donald Trump, there was Silvio Berlusconi. Mr. Trump’s first time ascendancy to the US presidency in 2016 came at what most pundits at the time considered the old age of 70. However, Mr. Berlusconi is looking at a potential fifth time entry into the upper echelons of Italian politics in 2018. At the ripe old age of 81. Elections are going on today.

Both these two very vain men are controversial billionaires with highly sordid pasts. Moreover, both leaders have over the years undergone major cosmetic procedures to enhance their scalp hair and overall appearance. Both also seem to be huge fans of the tanned (sometimes orange colored) appearance. Berlusconi digged Barack Obama’s tanned look.

Mr. Trump and Mr. Berlusconi have over the years been obsessed about their own appearances as well as that of numerous other acquaintances. Berlusconi has in the past had hair transplants, used hair dye, used hair concealers and reportedly also tried out a hairpiece. Trump takes finasteride for his hair loss.

A Younger Silvio Berlusconi is Back

In today’s Italian general elections, a resurgent Silvio Berlusconi is expected to lead his party Forza Italia to garner the largest vote share, albeit not a majority. While Mr. Berlusconi has been banned from holding public office till next year due to a past fraud conviction, it is very possible that he will pick the next prime minister of Italy.

Moreover, he will become eligible to run for Italian prime minister next year at the age of 82. Considering that Italy has had 65 changes in governance over the past 70 years, it is not out of the question that Mr. Berlusconi will ascend yet one more time next year or thereafter.

Silvio Berlusconi's Hairline in 2018
Silvio Berlusconi’s artificial looking hairline in 2018.

During the latest election campaign, Mr. Berlusconi has made a number of appearances with a way too perfect looking hairline and wrinkle free wax-like face. This has as usual caused wild speculation in the Italian media.

Berlusconi Hair Transplant

Mr. Berlusconi has been confirmed to have had hair transplants and other cosmetic procedures many times in the past. He even told members of his own party to get hair transplants in order to be elected. In his latest public appearances in 2018, he joked that he can refer people to his excellent hair transplant surgeon.


Bald Silvio Berlusconi
A balding Silvio Berlusconi before getting hair transplants.

Many people also think that Mr. Berlusconi is thickening his hair using hair loss concealers or by other means.

I would concur, since it is very rare for so-called “permanent” donor hair that is used in hair transplantation procedures to not thin at least moderately in men over the age of 80. My mother’s side grandfather had absolutely no donor hair left even in his 70s.

Moreover, Mr. Berlusconi’s latest photos and perfect frontal hair line arc seem to suggest more than just a hair transplant, although I am no expert in this matter. Whatever he has had done to himself, he clearly has much more hair (or hair-like camouflage) today in comparison to several decades ago.

65 thoughts on “Silvio Berlusconi: Hair Transplant or Something Else?”

  1. It’s a nw0 hairline but something doesn’t look natural. Probably toppik or something or he went to Spain and got Dr couto to get him his hair back. Either way he looks better now than bald. I think it’s his plastic mask looking face that doesn’t look right…

  2. I think he got SMP as well. Source: My gf. After I told her about SMP the first thing she said was: Like Berlusconi?

    I am surprised in his case why he bothered with a transplant and not just got a hair piece. I mean it’s not like it’s going to hinder his triathlon training is it?

    1. Doesn’t SMP have a more natural look though? If not, I could never do it. In healthcare under the harsh lights….Not if it looks bad.

  3. At least this is proof that there is not some Illumati rich-man conspiracy that has a secret cure for hair loss, cancer and AIDS as sometimes claimed by some people.

  4. Just posted on the previous article about my experience with a hair system. This looks to me exactly like he’s wearing a hair system, which apparently many celebrities and rich folk do. Seeing how bald he was before, he would be an ideal candidate for a hair system.

      1. For sure, though I feel if he “owned” that baldness by clippering it all to a 0 it wouldn’t look nearly as bad and still look natural.

        Additionally, I find it’s important for guys who embrace the bald to be careful about scalp sun exposure. Aside from skin cancer warning signs which you might not be able to see, the liver/sun spots many get on top adds to the aged look.

  5. That was such a great moment in Presidential politics. He further endeared himself to millions of men fighting the disappearing hairline woes.

  6. low density transplant and A LOT of hair fibers. hair systems look way better (and I don’t like them either)

  7. Rejoice, Aclaris might start jak trials for aga next month at least hopefully in second quarter. Then ALL of this will go the way of a sad chapter in the life of mankind and unfortunately we are currently stars in it but not for much longer.

    We are all going to comeback fast,

  8. Found this interview from November 3rd 2017. Swanson, the COO of PolarityTE clearly mentions that it is in active developement right now ( he said this 4 months ago)

    Okay so this question now concerns the hair follicles that were regenerated in the full thickness skin because we had some discussion over the functionality of all the skin and its appendages. We read that it did regenerate not just full thickness skin, but all of its appendages as well. So Since hair regeneration is something else that was noted by PolarityTE with plans to be sought out, is this something that will be pursued for those with thinning hair or even those who have gone bald as a result of genetics or injury?”

        Dr. Swanson: “Yea this is definitely a topic of a lot of interest from external parties like yourself as well as internally at Polarity. I think that they were talking about the hair restoration market or trying to regenerate hair of the scalp. That’s another product that is in active development now.”
           “The SkinTE product itself in those swine studies and as we expect in the human studies and use of the product will regenerate hair in there and terminal hair, but in order to really address the hair restoration market, we want to optimize one of those derivative products over time and know if we will be able to and we’re optimistic on that front, but I think that SkinTE as it stands today, needs to be altered in order to really provide those types of patients with a solution to their problem that will be satisfying for them.”

      1. This was a recorded interview. So its really a word by word interview. I found it on a acne forum.
        Just type: scarless healing acne. The first hit is a forum and then you go on page 329. There you will find the full interview. This interview is definetely legit.

        1. Hi5 dude now I bet we all start speculating on release they went from pig to human in less than 4 months already fda approved.. Autologous … I wonder what will happen

  9. So is 2018 going to be a big year or no? Like What happened to Brotzu? Uhm….Salseido? Wasn’t there suppose to be a report coming out by someone by March 9th? Sorry guys Med school has me busy and I just forget.

    1. I forgot to add….My derm will write a script for topical finasteride, I just got to find the compound pharmacy. Idk though. He claims, 5-10% have sides from Propecia. Other two derms have it at 10%. So, obviously their observations vs the clinical trials data vary greatly. I think the only reason he was willing to do it is because I had my books with me, one was medical calculations( dosages )….So I brought up topical fin( my 5th time probably lol ), and he didn’t object and said ok. Again, the sides though.
      So I reached out to one of the youtubers on hairloss, they now take topical fin.

      1. Just curious. Would your derm prescribe you with oral fin. And if so why does he object to topical fin?

        1. @Blomquist…..Yes Derm would prescribe oral fin. He doesn’t object to topical fin, via my last visit. I just need to find the compound pharmacy. I hope that help clear that up. He states that 5-10% of his patients get sides from fin….which is a far cry from the clinical data. I then seen a Top Specialist who is published on Keto shampoo, and they said 10% sides for fin. Then another derm said 10%. So I conclude that what doctors observe varies from that of clinical trials.
          To note the Derm does believe for topical fin to be effective it does have to penetrate the scalp thus going systemic( atleast some of it ). I agreed….if you understand skin. At the low layer is where blood is at. That is why injections of medicine can hit that layer and disperse throughout the body. Now my Derm didn’t say that, but in my undergrad in physiology we learned this. So I cannot see how topical fin would not go systemic. Now is there a localized affect? Would less fin go systemic? Also would you bypass some organs that breaks down oral fin? So less sides.
          – Think of this…a bodybuilder slams testosterone outside the body and goes right into the blood stream, binding. Then it bypasses some organs that orals would hit. Hence why some people inject in the Body Building world. So if you grab that as an example, then maybe topical fin presents more effectiveness, less sides….while still giving sides. One could then rebuke that argument by stating, ….. Don’t we have to block the enzyme within the body to reduce DHT.

    1. Very promising. I did not rate this company until seeing this. Unfortunately vague though with “where we saw both good efficacy and safety as well as a very high patient response”; no percent numbers or anything. I hope they are just playing safe with that statement and it is all fine really.

  10. Sorry for being off topic but does anyone know of any good dermarollers to use for hair loss? Should I use 1 mm or 1.5? And which derma roller is good?

    And what type of castor oil for topical reasons to get? Any other oils to include?

    1. These things are useless. Don’t bother. Use a thickener or concealer such as Toppik; instant results for a fraction of the price.

  11. Hi Quentin..yes my shed has stopped the past few days. It’s my 3rd week on compound minox. Losing around 10 hairs at max during showering and styling which is way way less than before. My right side hairline took a big hit and receded further and is diffuse. Hair all over feels much thinner. Hopefully I will see some growth.

    1. I have been considering buying tretinoin powder and adding it to generic minoxidil to save money. I wonder if anyone on here has done that.
      I cant imagine it would be rocket science.

  12. On April 14, Brotzu will participate in a conference on trichology. Also, Fidia will release two versions of the lotion for AGA. One for women, another for men.

    1. Did they resolve the stability of the lotion? I know they said they won’t release it unless they can get it to last long. Anyways I’m curious to see there before and after pics. My gut is telling me it will give results like kelopesia. Hopefully I’m very wrong and this stuff grows thick hair all over. The wait is getting very annoying!

  13. dont want to sound too pessimistic however Spencer Kobren thought the cure was around the corner when he started using finasteride in the 80s. and he thought he would be unemployed by the end of 90s. I literally heared the exact same quotes on one of his shows. Looks like its been close to 20years and yet no superior product than fin…
    you know, hold that thought and all the disappointments we have had in the last 15 years, I hereby conclude I dont believe we will ever have the cure during our lifetime.
    say it what u will… I just stopped believing,,

    1. Donitello:

      “Looks like its been close to 20years and yet no superior product than fin…”

      Dutasteride is significantly superior to Finasteride when it comes to hair growth.

      1. Oh great, that line will be like chum for sharks to the “everyone gets sides from these chemical castration drugs” crowd!!

    2. This is a possibility few are willing to admit. People have been searching for a cure since before the Pyramids were built in Egypt. And all of the current players have data to come out in the next couple of years and if they all fail, given they are all trying in different ways, there may not be anything else left to try for at least another decade or two; on humans anyway.

      But don’t forget the exponential rate of scientific and technological advancement in the past 2 decades. Laser eye surgery, stem cells, 3D printing. Look at the mobile phones we had as recent as 10 years ago.

      While a cure might not even exist ever, significant “workarounds” are much more likely, such as synthetic hair fibers that could last for weeks or months and just need replacing every so often. I am taking the example of contact lenses. A cure to short sightedness does not exist but undetectable contact lenses make it a mute negative. Hair loss could go the same way, at least initially.

      1. I recently visited a clinic that showed me results of Biofibre patients. The clinic said they stopped using it as both the surgeons as the patients were not happy with the long term results. Rejection of the foreign material played a major role.

          1. In the Netherlands, Amsterdam.
            I had a consultation for a regular FUE. However they also mentioned the biofiber hair, without me asking about it.

            They did it for 5 ~10 patients max. and then stopped offering it due to the infections patients got and the fake hair kept falling out.

            They first thought it would be a nice solution for people who don’t have enough donor hair …

  14. Does anybody know more about the strength of Topical Finasteride of Hasson & Wong with 2.5% finasteride in it?

    If the bottle in total is 30 ml for 1 month, so daily use is 1 ml, does the 2.5% FIN mean you will use 25mg of Finasteride per daily application ???

    I saw Follics and Polaris only use 0.1% FIN in their topical fin. That is a hugh difference, isn’t it?!

    1. The carrier formula is very different. I’m guessing the HandW formula has a much lower absorption rate. They claim it is carried in a liposomal format which helps prevent systemic absorption compared to other topicals but the science is scheptical. I just ordered the Polaris nr11 today (USA citizen living in Mexico). I’ll keep you updated on my results.

  15. that being said, CURE is actually existed in the market!!!! Have yo all checked transgender before and after photos?

    I know I will be contradicting with myself here but those hormone medicines are 1000x better than fin or dut… Seen photos of NW5 being NW0…
    @Admin: have you posted any article on this? I am curious what are your thoughts

  16. what is the forum’s or especially admin’s generall impression of Brotzu Lotion? Is it something really worth putting faith in or is it most likely scam?

  17. I know he had a hair transplant, around 20 years ago. Most probably he is using nano fibers because of lack of donor area … it’s argued if his son is wearing a wig since he has very full density.

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