Does Prostaglandin D2 Hold the Cure for Male Pattern Baldness?

Dr. Luis Garza, yet one more well know US-based hair loss researcher, recently published quite a thorough article regarding PGD2 and its link to hair loss.  The material in this article is fairly scientific, and an image on the last page of the article is probably far more confusing than useful for most laypeople.  In any event, worth a read:

Does Prostaglandin D2 hold the cure for male pattern baldness?

Dr. Garza’s team has probably done more research on PGD2 and its link to hair loss than any other group in the world, but their conclusion at the end of the above article is a bit discouraging:

The tools are limited, but the task is simple: just find the needle in the haystack

The section in the article on outstanding questions that still need to be addressed is quite lengthy, and I am therefore not very optimistic about this particular avenue of research leading to any hair loss cure within the next few years.  Nevertheless, worth following Dr. Garza’s updates and summary of his students’/interns’ recent projects at the bottom of the page I linked to his name at the start of this post.

One thought on “Does Prostaglandin D2 Hold the Cure for Male Pattern Baldness?”

  1. Until reading this article (and your synopsis) I had thought that Dr. Cotsarelis was the leading authority on PGD2 as a hair growth inhibitor. This article is clearly later than the study published by Dr. Cotsarelis in March 2012 and Dr. Garza’s conclusions seem to be decidedly less rosy (certainly judging by interviews Dr. Cotsarelis provided to certain press). Perhaps Dr. Cotsarelis’ attention has shifted to focus to skin-perturbation and follicle neogenesis as part of his Follica venture.

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